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To the day the music came back to life.  

gymrat1974 45F  
970 posts
1/14/2020 10:44 am
To the day the music came back to life.

A friend of mine informed me he wants to insert a remote controlled vibrator in me and have me sing a song of my choice. Though hesitant about this, I have given serious consideration to the song. I think I will go with American Pie. I love the song and it goes on forever! However, part of me thinks it will be sacrilegious to get off while singing about the day the music died. Either way, I will be justifiably sad when it’s over. Incidentally, have any of you noticed how I talk myself in and out of things on a continual basis?

At any rate, I think it will be crazy and sexy and I will get to participate in some of my favorite activities...singing, orgasms, and slight exhibitionism. Maybe I need to rehearse before the show.

Apollorising58 59M  
4314 posts
1/14/2020 10:46 am

I would like to see you rehearsing before the show!

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gymrat1974 replies on 1/14/2020 10:49 am:
Lol. Ok. Well, that’s one rehearsal to go on the books.

1bighammer1000 54M
3249 posts
1/14/2020 10:56 am

Yep that would be a great show 😘

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

Tallandsmiling53 58M
82 posts
1/14/2020 11:01 am

Better off with Bohemian Rhapsody....fast, slow, huge bursts of energy....

gymrat1974 replies on 1/14/2020 11:04 am:
Hahahahahaha. Encore?

gymrat1974 replies on 1/14/2020 11:05 am:
And when I suddenly can’t think enough to remember the lyrics, it will be a bit more difficult to know I’ve made up a few of my own.

ltrskr 71M  
3895 posts
1/14/2020 12:41 pm

"Good Vibrations" The Beach Boys........

Showing my age, NOT!

boobwhisperer69 57M  
5848 posts
1/15/2020 8:48 am

How bout Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison????

gymrat1974 45F  
443 posts
1/15/2020 11:01 pm

Mysterious Ways by U2 and I Touch Myself by the Divinyls might be fabulous for the warm up.

gymrat1974 45F  
443 posts
1/19/2020 3:36 pm

I was suddenly just given the notion that It Feels Good by Tony! Toni! Toné! could be a good warm up tune as would be Is it Good To you by Heavy D.

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