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Does it get any better than this?
Posted:Mar 13, 2021 1:40 am
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2021 3:48 pm
The deeply inhaled smoke escaped from her lips with an audible sigh. Her head sunk down onto the pillows as she collapsed on her belly beside . As I looked her she smiled the most satisfied of smiles. She was in the clouds and sailing to her own tune. My gaze moved across her body downward slowly as I drank in every inch of bare skin that lie beside . Her back had a way of sweeping down to the most perfect butt that had defied age in the or years that I had known her. Still, her body was that of a much woman and the envy of women even still.
My right hand traced down her copper skinned back until it came to rest on her firm round buttocks. I close attention as i searched her eyes for the slightest sign of approval. Her amazing steel blue eyes gazed back at , unwritten approval so obvious in her smile. That was all the encouragement that I would need. Molding her beautiful ass cheeks in my hands seemed like the most logical continuation of this dance. She moved gently beneath my hand as her smile widened. The softest of moans escaping as she gently writhe. I would have honestly been happy to remain just as this for much longer, but she had plans of her own.
She turned closer to me and exposed her firm breasts and her flat beckoning tummy. She looked like a goddess. I am not going question -why- she is with a man like me , I am just going be a little shocked but enjoy it for what it was. To ask why would create a possibility of losing so I refuse to even consider. I don't necessarily believe in God but if there is one, I would encourage him do things like this more often.
She used both hands as she directed my head to her chest. My lips firmly gripped the nipple of the breast she was feeding I was becoming dizzy from the excitement and passion that was crazily pushing me on. Her passion was sparking so much of my own. We both felt it and we both reveled in its being. I would have happily been smothered by her demanding attention. She held me close until I could feel her strong hand pressing me downward. Yes! A more willing participant could not be found.
I knew she was excited, her breathing and little whimpers gave her away. It trembled through her bones everywhere. I knew where she wanted me.
It was taking me some time as I placed a trail of kisses many times across her belly. Have I mentioned yet the perfect skin looking like a still lake surface. I could see tiny wisps of almost invisible light fuzz stand when a gentle breath run across them. Her fragrance was intoxicating! A gentle teasing of Cinnamon was embraced by my excited nostrils.
I so mindfully placed what seemed like a million kisses upon her belly. I could not help but imagine a plane on an airstrip as it lands. I was consumed as I consumed her.. I knew where her hands were leading me as she was rising to her boiling point, but I was not in such a rush to get there. Of course I wanted to get there as badly as she wanted me to, but had we not reached this burning moment because of of the moments taken before? Let the fires build! Yes, let the fires consume us... lol
Her bush was gone, shaved away with such a smoothness that it may lead you believe she never had a bush before. My god her pussy was perfect! So beautiful! Fine but puffy outer lips tracing out the pattern of inner pedals so pink and glistening. And like framework, overhung by tiny cloaking folds trying hide a seemingly shy but aroused clitoris. I wish I could tell you of a taste. Maybe I should make it up but there was not one. The Cinnamon perfume still consumed most of my senses but she was just so wet! She was amazing!
Her breathing sped the closer I got. Underneath the tip of my tongue I was able to trace her fine pink lips up to her growing clit. I liked to pretend in my mind that there was a single drop of olive oil resting upon the edge of her clit. My job was to use my tongue to gently push that fragile bead of oil up her clit, without breaking it, to its top, and let it slide down again. Over and over again would I have to race that bead of oil back down her clit so I could push it back up again. Sometimes I would break pattern by using my tongue like a ladle between her lips before returning to her clit. Always spurring me on were her fingers tugging on my hair. I was in heaven!
Something inside suddenly brought me back to earth. I am guessing the blood normally in my head was being short changed by now. But it came back in a rush as I realized...
When she lay writhing earlier with my hand on her ass, I was happy. When I was kissing her breasts and her belly, I could not think of anything that I could enjoy more. But then, when I was guided to her pussy, my belief evolved again to believe that I could not enjoy anything more. What could be next by any compare? What could possibly be even better than this? I had no idea what it would be until it just happened.
I cannot say if it was conscious or if it just happened on its own. My body itself up until we were laying to . My penis had just slid into her as I . She was so wet that even the tightness of her insides could not hold . You have no doubt heard of the saying, --fit like a glove-- Do I dare even consider what could be even better than this? No, I think I will just enjoy this for the duration.
Her legs instinctively seemed to embrace me with even more force than her arms did right now. Her head was tossed back mostly in passion I am sure but she was also trying to become more comfortable with my large size penetrating her tender folds. I moved slowly back seeing her more able to relax. I taste the sweat on her neck as I pull back further still, but for a moment. Without any will of my own I am drawn back deep inside of her again. The dizziness returns and I try to fight for control as I feel her body pulling me back in again and again. I must gain some composer and control because the passion has a mind of its own. I am far from wishing this to end and must do something quick!
I pull out almost abruptly as I roll onto my back. She knows just what she is doing as she sits tall on my shaft. In such a quick and deliberate move she has me stuffed deep inside her again. She looks stunning as she rides me without restraint. Her tits bounce slightly which is such a surprise being as big as they are. They stand like ski slopes with the most perfect nipples I have ever seen. My thought now is that I wish I had more hands. I wanted to massage and caress her tits while at the same time I had such a desire to hold her firm little ass cheeks in my hands, helping her to rise up and down on my cock. Her juices were beginning to run down the shaft of my cock, across my balls and ass cheeks. Now if you try to tell me that anything could be better than this, I would probably you.
How long we went on I could never tell you. No one wanted it to end and so it would not. Her breath was hurried and I could tell she was tiring from all of her efforts atop. With no warning she rolled off to her hands and knees. I wish I had the words to describe the in her eyes as she looked back to signaling of my next obvious invitation. Of all I did that , this was the quickest. I got behind her in record time. Almost as in a way of recognizing my speed in rushing there, slowly and deliberately I reentered her still amazingly tight pussy. I could tell that she felt every inch of me as I pressed onward, deeper. The feeling was incredible to us both. She pressed back at me with more demand than I could have imagined. Our pace would slow and then become rapid and powerful again. and on we went. What could ever even possibly feel better than this? I grabbed hard onto her ass cheeks in an effort to hold myself on the bed. Have I used the word amazing too much already?
I knew I had to stop. Just for a moment. Just for a breath. To take a second to gather my head and pull myself back together. I pulled gently because the risk of just stopping while inside of her would have never worked. I could feel her pussy pulsating with a mind of its own. As if it were trying to literally milk my cock dry. I was not about to let this end. So, just a breath.
My cock was harder than it had been in many years. Perhaps it was the half of Viagra I had taken when she first arrived. Maybe it was all just due to her. Either way, it was making us both happy. Her juices had coated it thick with a glistening sheen. I was so hard and pointed right up as it rested on her ass. I held her by her sides from behind and could feel her pushing back upon . I immediately realized that the head of my cock was resting directly upon her anal opening. She was pushing back and the juices of her pussy created a natural lubrication which easily allowed me to enter her ass as she continued to push back . This was new! Never had I been in a woman’s ass before. Always had I been afraid to ask or was never directed there because of the size of my penis. I had always felt it too big to have a woman want it there.
I stood there still not wanting to move but to allow her to decide how to go forward. Deeper and deeper she slowly took me. I had no idea how far she would go but when she reached what she found her limit she slowly pulled her ass back from me. I was losing my fucking mind! Again and again she took me in deeper and deeper. Her rhythm increasing each time. Her moans turned to groans as she reached her arms above her body with her tiny ass cheeks in the air. Louder and louder she cried . She was so far gone with passion you could not have caught her with a train. Fuck ! Fuck ! she screamed as she pounded back . I grabbed her hips and used all of my strength for what seemed forever but was in reality a few minutes. I exploded deep inside of her . I now know why we it --exploded--, I truly felt like my cock had self destructed in her ass. I was of breath, I was exhausted, I no longer had the ability to stay upright.
I collapsed the bed. My mind was spinning. I think I finally knew how she felt when she first collapsed on the bed exhaling the smoke of her first moments. I was in the clouds and sailing to a tune I had never heard before. I knew that there was no where else to go from here. What could possibly be even more amazing than this? I was sure that there was nothing else. Well sure that is until she lie down beside and rested her head on my chest. My arm went around her in its last contribution of any energy. I could hear her struggling to regain her own breathing. We lay there and nothing else would ever feel so good.
Some would say that this would be the perfect end. And it was. As we lay there I could not think of one instance in my long, long life that had been so wonderful. A woman half my age taking the time to bring such joy to an old man. Would the initial shock of my fading off to black be a scar to her or would the knowledge that she had given me the most wonderful gift, in my final moments be enough to make her smile one as she remember. Nothing could be more wonderful than that in which I had just lived. But that wont stop me from moving on to the next moment, hoping again that I am wrong.


AdultFriendFinder Absolute Futile Fishing
Posted:Mar 6, 2016 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Dec 15, 2020 5:29 pm

I cannot count the number of people on this site wanting to 'seriously hook-up". Tire kickers and voyeurs l bet, every single one. Where are the serious couples not looking to waste my time and theirs. I have chatted with many and been courted by a few but not a one has stepped out from behind the curtain to really get together.
I don't expect to jump right into the sack with anyone! I want to spend time with them talking and laughing. Getting very comfortable and attracted to one-another as the conversation continues. The first erogenous zone is the mind.
Are my pictures misrepresenting? Yep, nudes and not so nudes. But that is what this site is about. Finding adults for adult situations. Get the freaking off the street. I want you to see me naked for sure, in hopes you are attracted but I am not just blindly (disease riddenly) jumping in and out of beds.
So yes, if you seriously want to meet someone special, be sure to actually meet over a coffee or beer. And if you don't want to meet simply toss them a line telling them that rather than tugging on their rod!
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Another day in Paradise...
Posted:Feb 25, 2016 4:13 am
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2016 5:12 am

Good Morning World, I hope I find you well. As for me, if I felt any better I would have to be twins! I am now the No.1 fan to 3 of the hottest couples on this site. Now, we haven't yet communicated, (taking time to discuss I wager) but I am optimistic!
All three couples are very close and very sexy!
The more of this site that I discover, the more fun and the more contact I am having. Sadly, not all will be matches. But again, I am optimistic! Think of it, has being pessimistic ever made you happy or gotten you laid?
So wish me luck as I hope my next post can be a 'testimonial' as to what a great time I had with ...
Loving this 'Tip' bonus
Posted:Feb 24, 2016 2:55 am
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2021 3:56 am

Now that was fun! Finally I was able to connect with one of the couples l have been trying so hard to reach. Apparently AdultFriendFinder has some technical issues with the IM.
Anyhow, imagine my surprise to find that I had received a couple thousand tip points during my little playtime. I haven't researched it out much yet, but so far, I like em.
I am now the top tipper for 3 couples that l hope to connect with sooner or later to chat and we shall see how it goes from there. (You will have to watch for their testimonials however cause l ain't gonna kiss and tell... Woot Woot)
Another day searching...
Posted:Feb 22, 2016 8:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2016 10:15 pm

Well, another day is nearly over and although l have sent numerous messages, received countless views, the serious about meeting, elude me. Is my profile too short or is it insensitive somehow? I receive both support and negative feedback on my pictures but for now they stay.

so l write a blog, another desperate attempt to gain attention. in hopes of hooking up and ultimately, meet that special someone.
Do People Ever Hook-up?
Posted:Feb 21, 2016 12:56 pm
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2021 9:09 am
I wonder how many hours are wasted versus how many successful hook-ups have come to fruition.

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