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women in general  

hasacock22 59M
8 posts
5/15/2016 12:18 pm
women in general

I have one thing at this time to say to those women out there the put themselves on a pedestal if you spend your time always looking down on people you will never be looked up to but viewed as something else and it wont be a woman

lyavu 48F
1535 posts
5/15/2016 12:44 pm

It will never change. It has been there and will never go away. Society has made women feel like the own it. Some women just feel that way I have friends that act that way. All you have to do is ignore them keep moving. Why waste ur time?

JasmineUSA 67F
187 posts
5/15/2016 12:58 pm

One of the good things about AdultFriendFinder is iggy = ignore!A true woman isn't into games and or BS! I think you mean girls!

Nuqhorny 56F
112 posts
8/24/2016 2:42 pm

it will never change

M & S{=}

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