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Limp dicks and the single guy  

hazardkycpl 42M/39F  
31 posts
4/7/2011 11:38 pm
Limp dicks and the single guy

Why is it alot of singles on these sites have erection problems? the last few we have met, could not get or maintain a hard on, I mean if your in the lifestyle and a couple invites you to join them, you are expected to preform, if you have problems then you should take care of them before trying to meet people.

2ofuslooking 53M/55F

4/17/2011 10:38 am

We ran into that problem last time out./8

stuntcock7 48M  
1 post
5/13/2011 9:41 am

I couldnt possible understand why a man could not get hard with a body like yours. They must be gay. No real man would stay soft with a hottie like you. Now early release that would be a BIG problem, the first four times anyway.

Knoxslutwife 45M/41F  
181 posts
7/3/2017 6:43 pm

even when you spell it out and ask them, they lie about ed problems. My wife is very tiny and very very tight, if the guy isn't rock hard, he won't be able to fuck. he may work it inside but she'll just hold him in place. Doesn't matter how much we stress this, let them know all fun is safe wit ha condom or not. they all swear they are lead pipe larry until the moment of truth and then they are mr softee. huge letdown and a waste of everyones time. This is guys from their early 20's on up, seems to happen 90% of the time too. Now I have always been in 3somes with my wife, so I can't say how nervous I'd be joining another couple to have sex with his wife, but I would at least be up front about it. so far so good, hasn't let me down yet lol Good luck to you both on this, it sucks when it happens and very very awkward.

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