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Day 8 & 9
Posted:Sep 23, 2021 7:19 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:43 am

Day 8 was a busy day, lots of running around, we chatted with a nice couple a while new to the life also, we fired up our cam and played for about 30 min then the other couple wanted to do a cam to cam so went private and all four of use enjoyed the show.

Day 9 we chatted with another couple and before the night was over we did a cam to cam with them. Ended with an amazing cum shot all over her clit that she rubbed in until she came two times back to back hard as hell.

9 days strait, we have been going at it like teens. I am loving this side of my woman. We have always had a very healthy sex life, about 3/4 times a week for years. 9 days strait, and a few times a day for some of those days. Yes please...
Day 7
Posted:Sep 21, 2021 6:00 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:43 am

Appointments, and family day. We spent time at the park just being goodly family people. Before we even got out of the park as we are driving home she has me pull my cock out and takes a few pics while I am driving. Again (new to public flash).

A quiet evening, watching some cam shows and we have our own private fun.

I am loving this site. 7 days and we have both got off every day, and a few days more then a few times....
Day six
Posted:Sep 21, 2021 5:55 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:43 am

Went on a walk nice 3 mile nature walk today, She did a little public flashing for me and let me take a few pics, (again another first for her).

That evening we watched some cams together and just got each other off at home with no one watching.
Day five
Posted:Sep 19, 2021 6:01 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 4:55 am

early afternoon, she tells me she is heading to get a bath, but she wants me to look and see what messages are on AdultFriendFinder, 20 minutes later she calls me to the bath and said "get the camera ready". Hello, set up and started another show, an amazing 2 hours taking turns giving around 100 viewers an oral show for the books. Amazing. Keeping in mind before this week, she was not really into marathon sex. I am loving this edging and playtime. She squirted a few times for her fans, then started taking directions from the fans while sucking my cock, slap it on your tongue, slap it on your face, rub it on your tits, take it all, deep throat, suck the balls, she did almost everything asked. She even took suggestions as to where to blow the load that ended up going into an open mouth, on the tongue and all over her face as she slowly milked a huge load out of me. She had her pussy played with, ate, and her glass dildo, to a very nice completion...

Ordered new cam equipment soon.
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Night Four
Posted:Sep 19, 2021 5:54 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2021 5:44 am

Night Four, Round three.

She worked up the nerve to got and meet with another couple, her knowing there may even be another guy friend coming to enjoy the other couple while we are there. I think the idea of watching the other woman being pleased kind of turned my woman on, a lot. Mine has no Bi Desire, we get there, have a few drinks, have some 420, and get relaxed, some conversation for an hour or so, then while still in living room something happened I was not expecting, She reached over while everyone was still dressed and just starts rubbing my cock through my pants while the other three just talked and casually looked over from time to time, About five minutes of that and she starts watching the single guy as he starts rubbing his cock through his pants as well. Two minutes later she has my cock out and is just rubbing it while we are talking. Five minutes later and my cock is in her mouth, remember this is her first time doing anything in front of anyone and she started it!!! My cock is the only thing out right now, but not for long. The single male pulls his cock out and starts stroking followed by the other couple all getting started while his wife sat in a recliner, I slip her pants down and start to play with her pussy, as the other guys come around for a closer look of the show and within two minutes she gushes all over her pants, the floor, and my fingers (licked clean). Ten minutes later the single guy has sat in a chair between the two couples and is just watching some sucking and stroking while he is rubbing on the other girl a bit. Then mine asked, can I rub his balls while I suck you, _YES... a few minutes of that, then I told her you can stroke him if you want, and her hand slid up and she started really getting into it. She started deep throating my hard cock and really was enjoying. 15 min or so went by and I whispered you can suck on it a bit if you want, and she turned and started giving him a very nice blow job while she rubbed my cock. After about five minutes I asked if I could eat the other woman and finger her a bit and she said YES, while she sucked the single guys cock, I then take my cock over to her mouth that was still full of cock, and add my cock, she starts going between the two cocks, taking both heads and putting them in her mouth at the same time, rubbing the heads together a bit while she licked back and forth between them for about five minutes, followed by me going back to the other wife for more pussy eating, this time her husband stood up and took one side and the single guy another and mine on her knees between them both, going back and forth. I joined and put three cocks in her face at once, and she sucked all three back and forth for a while then we took the party to the bedroom. The five of us laid in that bed sucking and playing orally for almost 3.5 hours. She sucked the single guy until he blew his load on her tits, when to my surprise she licked a bit of his cum off the tip of his dick and kept sucking a bit, I took my cock and plunged it deep into her pussy reverse cowgirl while she kept sucking his cock. Her pussy had been licked by three men, squirted about 20 times by now and was so swollen I could not last much longer (just short four hours without cumming) and I filled her pussy up. She spun around and started sucking my cock almost immediately, and kept sucking while the other couple started their fucking, and within a few minutes I unloaded another time into her mouth, omg I love when she gives me that second nut. The single guy left shortly after his shot, and us two couples kept playing a bit longer, then time to get ready to get dressed, she grabs her pants and they could be rung out with squirt. Dripping from that first and second shot. So she puts her shirt on and smiles and asks are you ok with me not wearing pants home. Well Hello... Thank you for the fun times. Just wow.
day Four
Posted:Sep 19, 2021 5:26 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2021 5:35 am

Early this morning my beautiful woman got up and within 20 minutes was asking who was online, if any of her fans has messaged or sent pics, and within that first hour she was ready for another cam show. We watched a few couples and a few single guys on video and she was even more excited when I said why not chat, tell them hello, ect. She did; kind of shy at first but once she saw I was good with it she was getting into it and from the finger I had just resting on her pussy lips, she got wet!!! We start our first show on Chat-ur for just five minutes before being kicked for another verification process issue (fixed now), of her washing her amazing pussy, that earned her about 100 tokens in just that five min. lol. What a good thing this has been for her moral and body image. (we both put on a few lbs while I was batting cancer - all clear now). Move to bedroom and start streaming to our AdultFriendFinder fans and she has me start by shaving her pussy while people tune in. Five min of shave and some nice conversation with viewers, leads to another pussy massage for about an hour followed by a hand job for almost an hour followed by her reverse cowgirl riding me right over the edge for the beautiful creampie finish. (Keep in mind each time we cam, we watch others first, take notes so to speak, and she gets more excited and more at ease with each passing show. Loving it...

Up next, we are contacted by a very nice couple who invited us to their place for an evening of whatever happens, we all chat a while but my woman got cold feet early and I am not going to push her at all, this is our fantasy and its not worth messing up a great thing, I have her, why be greedy.

But within the hour she tells me go set up the cam, and right as we are about to start round two she tells me we are 90% a yes to meet with the other couple that night. I told her I was game and proceed to play that pussy like a fiddle, she offers me one but I say I want to wait so im not shot out before the evening (Yes I know). I play with her but we have some technical differences on AdultFriendFinder (kept trying to cam to cam and it locks our computer up, So before long she contacts a fan on facetime (dont ask, my phone - we dont give number out) and her and I both played with her pussy while the. another guy jacked off for her, that made her so hot watching him cum for her, hearing others tell her how amazing she looks, how perfect her tight pussy is, etc.
day two and three
Posted:Sep 19, 2021 5:08 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2021 5:28 am

Day two of our adventures, seeing her pretend not to be excited was almost as much of a turn on as anything, she started her day but saying I dont want to talk much about yesterday and dont want us getting on-line much today. Within an hour she has me on line checking out couples in our area, watching more streaming couples, while talking about it all the time. I was far from offended.

Day three early in the day, she tells me she thinks she wants to do another cam, today, she is still shy and does not want to show her face. Im good with that, so we start the chat-ur and start a show there, but I had zero clue what to do there, so after 5 min we got kicked for verification issues, so switched back to here. She made 97 tokens in just that five min. Damn, I was excited. We switched over and before long she was watching a cam of a guy jacking off till pop and she got really wet and in the mood, so we start our show here, and as the cock pics and even ladies who would chat us up made her more and more excited, Another hour of pussy massage (fingers, mouth) a few squirts but this time she started relaxing and taking direction from fans, it was amazing, she was cumming into her own. Once she exploded the final time she went off to get cleaned up then came back and simply said your turn we fired up the cam again and she rubbed my throbbing cock for an hour until I exploded. She sat trying to read the small print on the computer screen and tried chatting with people while we played, it was amazing. This time she let people also see her tits and she jacked me all over them to finish me off. Amazing.
Our new adventure
Posted:Sep 19, 2021 4:59 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 4:53 am

A little back story to start, my amazing woman and I have been together for 4.5 years. I try to be extremely open and honest with her. One day while driving home from a trip the subject of group sex come about and I told her some stories of before we had me, while I was on here, I had met with about 10 or 11 couples and had a few regular female FWBs all kind of going at the same time. She found it really hot, and seemed to want to know more. Keep in mind that she has never done anything outside the vanilla type thing and with only a few people before we had met. Now this was about three weeks ago.

Skip forward one week, and we have signed up for an AdultFriendFinder account together and we start looking, set up a Chat-ur and watch a few live actions and she asks if we can do one. Umm hell yes, I set up the cam, and just took about an hour simply playing with her pussy for the world to watch, she go so wet, she loved seeing dick pics and people chatting with her, while I played with her (Slow and gentle pussy massage, fingers, tongue). She squirted five or six times, and was so happy and excited. It was funny when people would tip and she would hear the buzz she would stop and look and even asked is that a good thing, what keeps happening. LOL. So Cute. She exploded so hard she was done, and just went limp. We shut down the cam and she was content.

Two hours later, my woman smiles and tells me, go get the video ready I want to stroke your cock on cam, uuum yes please, so here, we go. Slow and sensual, one full hour hand job for the world to see. She milked me all over.
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