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Sex in lifestyle  

hornycouple610 65M/63F
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8/13/2006 6:20 pm

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4/3/2016 5:12 am

Sex in lifestyle

until we got into the lifestyle our sex life was somewhat ho hum, since we joined AdultFriendFinder and have gotten to meet and play with other couples our sex life at home has greatly inproved and we are refinding the love we had for each other when we got together 9 years ago. We love the lifestyle but also agree that if swinging starts causeing any problems in our marrage then it will be time to give up the lifestyle.

hornycouple610 65M/63F
26 posts
9/5/2006 9:13 pm

We are also finding more companionship within the lifestyle. Our social activities have definately increased. Meeting new people has been one of the best parts. We have made some wonderful friends. It is not always about just having sex. The friends we have made are people that are fun-loving and fun to be around.
Another good thing is that we are having new experiences. There was a swing involved in one recently. What fun! Who new that dangling in mid air could be that much fun to experience or watch either. This is not bad for a couple of kids from the sticks.

rm_SwordofWords 67M
21 posts
3/14/2007 5:27 pm

Once at an event, usually I'm more of an observer,
someone noticed my glance. Well at various angles she is quite beautiful. But being polite, I, like a gentleman averted my eye.

Fun was had by many, and this tired little canary retired to
his room. Then...

In walk...her. "I say you looking at me." And you owe me that kiss (we were playing a game...and...) Bound by honor, seduce by her scent,
maybe it was really bound by her scent, and seduced by honor, gently
lips touched, the embrace tightened, and the dance began. Tongue to tongue...tesing into my house...then being teased back into hers, captured by her in an intoxicating embrace. The power to create a
pillar of ivory was in the capture and of course I had no choice but
s u r r e n d e r to the sweet, wet prison. And as any honorable prisoner should, venture d o w n to only the place that had been longed to be sent.
The taste was plump and juicy and yielded to my promise...a promise of a taste..but a taste that makes oone eat a watermelon: maybe a lick to capture the juices, but then a gentle bite tosavor what nature had given, only to feel the watermelon give her all. NOW.
Then I wished I had brought a plant...to enjoy that which I could not recieve myself. Like several slices, I gorged myself to excess.
Being a good Keeper, an unvoiced promise was released upon the ivory tower. So smooth. So soft but firm. The small tower had been scaled...and released..scaled agian, until the confession of a maon was released..
"A reponse! I knew it was in there!" The power on the ivory created a tremor followed by the Great Earthquake. And magma to lava that cooled to pearls of desire.
But the soldier noticed an avenue of escape. A special avenue that had to be used. Such soft billowing hills hiding the secret exit and entrance. With his finger he noticed the door unlocked and yeilding. Yielding to the key form the pillar. North of the soft hills were let loose the winds of wanting. And the captured prisoner complied. The rainy cavern of delight releases. Another confession ensues.
She capture him again with the kiss. He bravely fight back with a combatant of his own. And the night fades. And she lets him go

TravelingMan524 68M
238 posts
5/15/2009 7:18 pm

I couldn't agree with you more.

Have also found that the sex is much better with people who are friends not just sex objects.

Keep having fun !!!! Hope we can meet some time.


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