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hornyoldperve 56M
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3/19/2020 4:22 pm

Seated on the lounge. I want you to guide me. Both verbally and physically. Start by talking with me about how you want me to make you feel and asking how I am feeling.
Your body language becoming more open as well as your legs. Flash your panties at me , but not too subtle. Make eye contact with me. Our eyes both full of lust and desire.
Unbutton your top, revealing your bra. Notice me looking at it and release a breast from within the bra. Play with the nipple and ask me to touch it with my tongue. You let out a deep sigh as my wamr tongue touches your nipple. Tell me to close my lips on it and suck. Guide me how hard to suck. Your legs open and close repeatedly. I can smell a hint of your womanly scent. gently massage my scalp as you hold my head against your breast.
Stand and raise the front of your skirt revealing your panties. With a damp patch. Ask me to put my face near and to smell your scent. Direct me to lick the damp spot. Pull the panties aside and rub yourself. Showing me what you want me to do and where you want me to rub with my finger. Lay on the lounge and direct me to half stand half kneel between your open legs and to kiss the front of your panties. Pull the panties aside and direct me to lick your pussy lips. Open them with your fingers and urge me to lick inside. Tell me to close my lips on your swollen clit and to suck. Allow me to taste you. Encourage me with dirty talk. Instruct me how to bring you to orgasm.
Pull me up to kiss your mouth tenderly. You’ve now lost any inhibition and you sit with legs wide open. You tell me to stand and you pull down my shorts and jock to reveal my cock, already oozing precum. You can tell I’m embarrassed and you say you are turned on to see that what we have done so far has excited me so much. You lean in and as you look up at my face you gently lick the head of my cock. I almost explode. You tell me to just relax and enjoy. To let you look after me. You begin to lick the length up and down. You then wrap your fingers around it and<b> stroke </font></b>it a few times before taking it in your mouth. You suck and move your lips up and down until you sense I am nearing the point of no return. You ease of a little and take the opportunity to ask how Im feeling. You then rub my cock all over your breasts before pressing your breasts together and holding my cock between them. Your tongue flicks at the tip of my cock.
You ask if Im ready to move on further. I hastily agree that I am. You remove your panties and sit back on the lounge with your legs wide open completely exposing and offering yourself to me. You tell me to move so my cock is near your pussy and you guide the head to your pussy lips. I lean into you and your pussy lips envelope my cock. We fuck feverishly. Frantically until I feel a welling in my balls and I explode in a shuddering loud orgasm. You kiss me again and tell me not to move. You hold me inside you until I relax and slip out.
As we come down from our first fuck we talk about how we felt etc. As we talk I watch as you rub at your clit and play with the cum that seeps from between your pussy lips. You see my interest and watch my expression as you gather some on your fingers and put them to your lips and suck them clean. You ask me to kiss you. I hesitate at first but then I lean in and we kiss. Your tongue touches mine. The kiss grows in intensity. We break from the kiss and you ask if I could taste us. I said yes. You ask how I feel about that and I tell you that surprisingly I feel quite ok with it. You ask if I like to see my cum seeping from your cunt. The first time you used the word cunt and it somehow adds a new dimension to our conversation and playing. It somehow makes it more ‘primal’ I guess.
You again ask how Im feeling and if im ready to get a bit more adventurous. I tell you that Im ready for anything with you. You smile and stand before turning around bending over in front of me. You tell me to crouch down behind you and to watch you. I do as you say and watch as you rub at your pussy lips. More cum oozes from between them you ctah it with your fingers and smear it between your legs and back to your arse.
You ask me to rub your butt cheeks. Then to kiss them. Then you ask me to run my tongue over them. Then to trail my tongue down between them. You are getting more demanding and I am becoming hard once more and feeling more adventurous. Before long you are holding your cheeks apart and I am running my tongue around your hole. Then I press my face against your arse and lick at the cum you have spread between your legs. You direct me to tongue your arse as you finger yourself to another orgasm. You ask if Im ready to cum again and I grunt a yes. You tell me to move closer behind you. You reach between your legs and once again guide my cock into your pussy. I grab your hips and we begin to rock back and forth. You moan encouragement. Telling me to fuck your hot wet pussy. “Harder, faster. Give it to me” you groan through gritted teeth. Then you tell me to slow to long slow strokes. To feel your pussy massaging my shaft as I move in and out..
You then tell me to pull out and you turn around drop to your knees and take my cock in your mouth once again. You milk it with your fingers and mouth until I cant hold back anymore and I explode in your mouth. You try to take it all but some dribbles from your mouth. You look up at me and chuckle a cheeky grin spreads across your face.

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