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While I was Dreaming
Welcome to The Dreamery. There have been a few changes, but my blog is still simply a random series of Thoughts and fantasies, examining my past and my impossible future. Nothing on this blog is a lie. When I say nothing that follows is made up you can be sure it is the truth. Even the dreams are real dreams that I have had . And all the fantasies are my real fantasies.

There are however some questions which may never be answered:
Is it possible to actually laugh your arse off?
How sick is a parrot?
Are sandboys truly happy?
And just how mad is a box of frogs anyway?

And mostly, I do have it all in perspective!
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Sunset and Hope
Posted:Dec 11, 2006 10:13 am
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2009 1:15 am

Folowing on from my post earlier today, I had to drive to Marlow on business. On my way back there was a beautiful sunset. A curved blanket of cloud framed the earth just above the western horizon, with clear sky beyond. It felt as if I was looking over the edge of the world, like the view from an aeroplane, very inspiring.

A little further along the minor road, before I got to the dual carriageway, there was a trafic jam. As I got to the point where the trouble was, I saw a motorbike crashed in the middle of the road, and someone lying there, paramedics just arriving. Someone people and their families had just had their whole lives changed in a few awful seconds.

I am so incredibly lucky, I have a great family, no money worries and I can work when I like, play when I like. If anyone reads my blog and thinks "there he is, head in the clouds, what problems has he got really? What a whinger!" then I suppose they are right. But I know that. I know I have been dealt a very good hand in life. Putting my emotions on the page is part of why I'm here, blogging. I want to lay it all out there for myself and for anyone who's interested. But I am not going to forget that by comparison with 95% of the world's population, I have it very easy.
I tried to call The Lioness
Posted:Dec 11, 2006 5:54 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2008 4:00 am

I have a lot of messed up thoughts churning round in my head just at the moment. Much of it stems from my inability to deal with this love affair which ended over fifteen years ago. I don't always feel I am the man I want to be, someone I was when I met her, and when I was with her.

So at last I decided I have to be brave and call her, I have no expectations, but it must help me to get my feelings in perspective. After all she knew me better than anyone when I last felt completely at ease with myself, so if she can't help me, who can.

So I ring the number, and get unobtainable. I checked with directory enquiries and "that number is ex directory." I went numb. My heart started hammering in my head. A few years ago I had had the same idea, and I called. We spoke, but she was on her way out and obviously didn't really want to speak to me. She did say it would be ok if I called again though, but I wasn't sure she meant it. I scared myself though, like I still wasn't really ready to deal with it. So I didn't call again until now.

I suppose I left it a long time! But now I'm wondering, "Did they change their number and go ex directory because of me?" I can't believe she would think I mean to cause any trouble. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but couple this with the other stuff I've been worrying about recently and I feel like absolute shit. So I've written to her asking for her help, or at least to tell me if she doesn't want me to try to contact her. I am not that hopeful of getting a reply. I have lived with this pain for years, and I know that as bad things in life go, this is really just a pin-prick, but I am still shocked by how much it can hurt me after so long.
Sonnet: It is not us.
Posted:Dec 9, 2006 4:20 am
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2011 3:23 am

When I was studying English at school I put quite a lot of time into Shakespeare's sonnets and always wanted to write one.

I wrote quite a lot of utter crap ones but in about 1992 i wrote most of this one, then left it unnatended for fifteen years! I have just finished it off and am quite pleased with the result so I thought I'd like to share.

Technically a shakespearian sonnet should have fourteen lines with the last two rhyming, but this is a simpler form of only twelve.


Though I mourn, I ask of you no grief:
Let the departed rest, wake not their sleep.
Our love has had its time to savour life
But now must pass, its place in Heaven to keep.
Give me no more the thrill of mortal lips,
Give up no prayers our love's lost soul to save.
Place no more upon my heart your kiss
Send out no flowers to grace our passion's grave.
Weep not your tears for me that I am gone
Nor ponder in your heart on past desires.
Fix now your thoughts on life, not what is lost:
It is our love that's died, it is not US.
Cautionary Tale or Perfect Match?
Posted:Dec 7, 2006 10:18 am
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2011 4:18 pm

Fictional humour isn't always my strongest point but I had this idea so I thought....what the hell.

Although this story is intended to be true to life, none of the characters depicted below is intended to bear any resemblance whatsoever to any users on AdultFriendFinder, particularly anyone who might be offended.

Annabel stood on the doorstep with her laptop under her arm, nervously twisting a wisp of her dark brown hair. The door opened and she knew instantly that her long journey had not been wasted. He was fabulous. A chiselled jaw, smoky blue eyes like Robert Redford, tall lissom; dangerous.

She knew everything about him, his habits, likes and dislikes, what he stood for, the way the slight throatiness of his voice would make her stomach clench and melt as soon as he said hello. She had known who he was but only now could she feel what he was. He was everything. He looked at her; not so much undressing her with his eyes as looking into her heart. He smiled.
"Anna, I'm Saturn5" he said, "- Max, that is!"
He stood back to let her enter, then easily slipped his arm behind her shoulders and kissed her gently on the lip. She felt a surge of adrenalin in her chest, then went so limp she nearly dropped her laptop.
"Oooooh, hello, it's good to finally be here" she gushed wildly, "will all my stuff be ok out there in the car for now?"
"Of course, it's pretty quiet here. Come in and make yourself at home. Would you like a drink?"
"Mmm, yes please, southern comfort if you have it!"
He smiled and went to a cabinet by the window. The curtains were drawn hiding the cozy room from the road, and there was a fire burning in a small Victorian style grate. Very romantic.
"Can I just log on and check my blog?" asked Annabel as he was pouring the drinks.
"Sure, do you need to use my computer?"
"No," she went on, "I can do a wireless connection on this."

She logged on and went straight to her blog post. my new adventure. 15 new comments.
"Perfectsmile says hello," she said over her shoulder, "I told her I was coming to meet you. She says booty is in the eye of the keyholder, whatever that means....and slipperychick says she's very jealous and she wishes she was there too, lol."
Max put the southern comfort down on a coaster next to her and sipped his Jack Daniels, scrolling his eye down the page, seeing familiar photographs and smiley emoticons, plus a few unknown half-faces.
"I think we should look at this one," he said softly, leaning over her. She could feel his breath on her cheek and his chest against her shoulder as he covered her hand with his and slid her finger gently across her mouse pad. He clicked her button and another post sprang up.
Blogs-Annawantsu2-The Way I Feel, The Way You Feel,- my secret passions.

I am a very passionate person. If we were together how would you awaken my secret passions?

Sexyslave2007: Lovely post sweetheart. Hugging you.

Slipperychick: Oooh well now you're asking anna, maybe I could tempt you beyond curious to a little girl on girl action. Or if not i could get earthshaker to come over and get you going for me! ROFLMAO

itsUineed2006: Well annawantsu2, first I would read poetry to you.

Earthsh8ker: Quoting slipperychick. If only I could anna, you know I'd be there for you. Stay happy loved one.

RedRawErection: I�d slam my hug throbbing cock so deep into you and slam it and slamit agan until you beged me to stop. Wanna fuck?

Saturn5: Hi there annawantsu, I love your blog. You write with such heart and passion. I don't think you need me to awaken anything. lol Annawantsu2 replies on 17.11.06: Oh Saturn, but just if I did need you, what then?

Annabel lifted her chin, and found Max looking down at her. She tilted her head back even more and he kissed her, deeper this time, sliding his tongue over hers. She knew the next words on the page by heart: "I would lead you softly down a grass covered path to ecstasy, holding you in my arms like a blanket of love holds the warmth of your body."
She turned towards him and smiled then kissed him again more urgently, arms round his neck. "Then I'd launch my pocket rocket!" He had won her over with his blend of romance and humor, now it was time to see if he could deliver.
"Why don't we take our drinks up to the bedroom?" She said huskily.
He took her arm and she rose with him, picking up the computer with her free hand and gingerly slipping her fingers inside to keep the lid open.
The bedroom was paradise. Deep red curtains, an antique cotton quilt over silky sheets.
"It's time," he said simply, unbuttoning her shirt and pulling his over his head. She lay on the bed as he took off the rest of his clothes, the laptop open in front of her.

Perfectsmile4u: I know how passionate you are anna, that's why you mean so much to me. I truly hope you find a man who can give you every thing you deserve ~jane

Monstercock: ready n waiting when you are babe. Mail me.

Uglygutbucket: Emotion is the fuel of passion annawantsu2, you should know that.

Max lay down beside her and ran his fingers along the inside of her thigh, over her hip and stopped to circle her perfect breast. He bent his head and began to suck softly on the hardened tip of her dark nipple. She flicked her eyes to the screen and reached out with her fingers.
"quoting perfectsmile4u," she typed, "thank you jane, i think i might have already found him."
Max's hands roamed over Annabel's body, lighting little fires of sensation all over her skin then slaking them with his tongue. She began to grow hot with desire, but still her fingers flickered over the keyboard, mirroring his touch on her skin. She typed as he made love to her, answering comments, checking her friend's blogs.
Max pulled her head towards him and fed his stiff penis between her soft red lips, groaning with pleasure as she sucked on his solid pole. He reached down between her legs and rolled her little swollen button desperately, and she gasped with delight. But her eyes never left the screen.
He lifted her hips and moved behind her. She took her weight on her elbows, and he pushed his whole length into her drenched love site in one long slow stroke. Her fingers went wild on the keyboard, blogs and email flashed before her eyes as he surfed her.
Finally his climax overtook him, cum streaming out of him as he heaved back and forward, until exhausted he crashed onto the bed beside her.

Annabel smiled a satisfied smile as she typed her next entry, his cum still running down the inside of her thigh:
Blogs-annawantsu2-The Way I Feel, The Way You Feel-my new adventure part two:

"i stood nervously at the door, hoping i hadn't been wrong about him. i needn�t have worried......
Distance and Committment
Posted:Dec 6, 2006 10:45 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2007 9:59 am

This is a subject on which I would really value your insights

A friend of mine told me recently that she thinks I like to have distance in my relationships. That set me thinking. I am usually fairly self aware. It is not often that I need someone else to tell me how I feel about things. But it is true, I have had several not exactly long distance, but certainly separated relationships over the last fifteen years.

Why is this? It seems like coincidence. As we get older the people we meet tend to have made their own lives, they probably have their own places to live. So it is not such a surprise to find one or both parties are happy not living together. And yet I admit I would not be so keen to be committed any more. Once I thought that if I loved someone then I would be happy to commit to them, marry them, live happily ever after.

I realize I don’t feel like that any more. Is it because I am not with the right person? Maybe. Or could it be that once we have seen love fail, we realize that we cannot guarantee the longevity of a relationship by commitment, however genuine that commitment may be. I am not talking about monogamy here, the kind of committment that says "I will not cheat on you." I am talking about the marriage and I will stay committed to you for life kind.

You see I wonder if commitment is sometimes more about fear? We are so scared that the person we love might change, or grow tired of us, or that we might grow tired of them, that we seek to prevent it happening by making a commitment; by promising that we will stay together. I’m not suggesting commitment is consciously about fear, but if our love is strong and lasts then that keeps us together any way. If the love fails, the commitment becomes a burden, and, these days, usually fails too.

So maybe distance helps me to stay away from a situation where I would be asked for commitment. And yet I still feel committed anyway. I have only told five women “I love you” in my life, and I would still cross the world for all of them. If I say “I love you” I mean it, and I stick to it. Of course that’s me, not everyone. But if “I love you” is commitment for me, why the distance?

The suggestion is that I want to be free in case I get a chance to see the Lioness, (long ex love of my life for anyone who doesn’t know.) Maybe, I accept that I am a little fixated with her memory from time to time, but I honestly think that these days I would find it difficult to commit, even to her.

Because as we accumulate experience of love, we learn that sometimes it lasts and sometimes it doesn’t. Failure of relationships can be by mismatch, fault, neglect, carelessness, or just time. And sometimes they last for ever. But we can not know which it is going to be, however good a judge we think we are at the time. So is “commitment” the province of the young? And if it is, what replaces it for those of us who have learned that “commitment” cannot save us from the pain of a broken relationship, but still want to really mean it when we say “I love you.”
Posted:Dec 5, 2006 3:47 pm
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2007 11:41 am

This is a kissu only post!
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Autumnal Poetry
Posted:Dec 5, 2006 3:14 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2007 11:37 am

I wrote this one autumn about twenty five years ago. I didn't think much of it then. Now it's one of my favourites. Did I miss something in my own writing then, or am I seeing something now just because I have known it for so long?
What do you think, any good?

Degrees of Green

Inside, dull, remote,
Looks outside:
Seeing the brittle trees and crispy grass
And rabbit runs and smoke
But not the wind.

Outside, bare and cold,
Flinching against each gust looks in:
Feeling the flickering fire, the still, warm air
The comfort, time to spare,
But not the loneliness
Apologies - I Went Barking Mad
Posted:Dec 5, 2006 7:41 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2007 3:04 am

Many of you will have noticed that I am a highly charged emotional person.

Well yesterday some unwelcome news caught me off guard, and I went into a complete mental spin, and though I don't want to belittle the genuine pain I was feeling, I did slightly over-react fairly spectacularly even for me.

So my apologies for the one or two rather odd blog comments I left for people, and even bigger apologies to the few friends I poured my heart out to. I know I over-reacted but you all know why. Well not you all, but the ones who are reading who know what the hell I'm rambling on about; you all know.

The amazing thing is this: Some of you are incredibly kind hearted sensible people who actually were worried about me and rushed to try to help. Now I have seen this happen elsewhere in blog-land, but I always assumed that was because the people it happened to were incredibly well-loved long standing mega-popular people. But now it has happened to plain old Dreamer, who's always in an emotional stew about everything anyway, and still everyone wanted to help. That's a tribute to the open heartedness of people in blogland.

One or two of you gave me truly perceptive and helpful, understanding advice, you can not imagine how grateful I am. The fact that I am here writing this feeling much better and believing everything will turn out alright is largely down to you.

So thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. And my apologies; next time I'll try to wait for a real disaster before I cry out to you again.

Meanwhile I find I have been nominated! [post 617732]
If only I had one of those washboard six-pack stomach shots on my profile I might stand a chance of getting a vote or two. If only I had a washboard stomach!
Seriously though it's in a great cause, so do make sure you go and vote, even if it's not for me. HUGZ to you all.
Sex in the Bath
Posted:Dec 1, 2006 8:16 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2007 9:40 am

I hesitated to inflict another Lioness story on my friends, but then I thought this blog is as much for me as for them, right? And how I remember her is part of who I am, and knowing there are people out there who are reading these memories, and understanding, is really helping me with something that should have been put into perspective a long time ago. So leave your comments, I value them.

None of what follows is made up.

It was early October. Our affair was growing in intensity day by day. I already knew she loved me, and I loved her more than I know how to describe. It was the end of a long hard-working day, but the journey on the underground together already had us intoxicated with each other. We stood by the sliding doors. It was after eight o’clock ‒ we had stopped for a drink with a friend ‒ and most of the commuters had gone home. We were tired and we could have sat down, but we were standing for a reason.

I stood with my back to the glass partition, and The Lioness stood in front of me, leaning in. She had one arm over my shoulder and the other braced against the glass by my side. I had hold of the upright chrome bar with my right hand; my left arm cradled her waist. And we were kissing. The train lurched and bumped like only a tube train can. Every time it slowed she was pressed against me with what felt like double her weight, but the weight shifted and lurched, and she pressed and slackened against me as the driver played with the brakes. It was electric. Her lips were as soft and searching as ever, but her body was hard and rubbed against me in a way I had never felt before. Our movements were controlled by the train, so it felt as if we had become one body, one sense of touch and sensation, one person, exploring ourself. I knew she could feel it too, she ground her hips into me, and I buried my face in her hair breathing her smell deep into my lungs. I can picture her there to this day; tall, elegant; those lightly curled waves of long, sun-highlighted hair framing her face. I can see the clothes she was wearing and remember how that scent worked in me like a drug. When we arrived at her house, there didn’t seem to be anything to do with the evening except to make love.

But first, as she always did, the Lioness wanted to be clean. We went to the bathroom and ran water into the bath. She undressed in front of me, making a big show of unhooking her bra, standing with her legs apart and letting her gorgeous breasts come free. When we had first made love she had been shy about her body. Now she was fully aware of how beautiful she was, and she enjoyed showing herself off to me. She fixed her eyes on mine and stepped into the water, beckoning me to join her.

There was bath essence in the water, giving it that silky smooth softness, with bubbles on the surface. We lay at opposite ends with our legs intertwined and washed ourselves and each other. The soap and the bath oil made her skin feel softer and sexier than ever. Her breasts were streaked with foaming water and if she didn’t already know how turned on I was, she could see now, because the head of my straining cock was standing out through the bubbles. She smiled wickedly, said:
“I know what you want,” seductively and reached forward pulling me towards her. She slipped one knee either side of me and pulled my face to hers, kissing me, thrusting her tongue between my lips. My feet slid to the other end of the bath and then I felt her fingers around the shaft of my cock. She pulled my hips forward and without a pause fed my cock into her pussy. I could feel the hot water lapping around my balls and hips, and the heat of her pussy all around my cock. I pushed forwards and I slid all the way into her. And then I came. Just like that, without any warning. The Lioness was gazing into my eyes like she always did, with a look of amazement on her face.
“Wow,” she said. “That’s beautiful.”
I was almost making an apology, but she was delighted.
“Oh ___,” she whispered my name, “I love it when you come in me, it feels so good.” And she was pulling at my hips, milking all the sperm out of me that she could. I would find out on later occasions that sex in the bath with her would always make me come like that, instantly, as soon as I got inside her.

She reached behind her head, pulling the shower attachment from its cradle. She smiled as I looked at her, turned on the shower and played it over her breasts, mixing the water and feeling the temperature. Then she handed the shower head to me and raised her hips above the water.
Her pussy lips were pulled apart from where I had been inside her, and the bud of her clitoris was showing under its hood.

I turned the spray on her and focussed the strongest jet of water on her clit. She smiled happily again and closed her eyes, arching her back and breathing a huge sigh of contentment. I kept the spray focussed and played it steadily over her clit in a pulsing motion, thrumming her with the water jet. She was completely relaxed except for the effort of keeping her clit above the steadily rising water line and I watched her, spellbound as she drifted from happily content to ready to come. The water was up to the over flow and going from hot to warm when she stiffened and let out a satisfied whimper of orgasm. It was so soft and gentle. There was no thrusting or rubbing, no desperate panting and heaving, just a long slow glow, and she bit her lip gently and looked at me.
“Mmmmm.” She said.

We got out of the bath, dried ourselves and climbed into her bed. I was hard again from watching her come, but this time it wasn’t going to be quick. I started by licking her thighs and her knees, turning her over and kissing all the way up her back, “accidentally” letting my cock bump against her pussy as I nibbled her shoulders and sucked at the soft skin of her throat under her chin. We kissed, gently touching eachother’s tongues and lips. I turned her over again and my mouth picked out a course down her body, stopping to suck on a nipple, gently biting into her firm belly, then down, finding her lips already wet, but wetting them more with long slow strokes of my tongue. She moaned when my lips left her pussy, but arched her back when I bit into a nipple again and then gasped as my cock began to push its way into her. I thrust slowly and deeply into her for a while, then pulled out and moved higher still. She smiled as she guessed what was happening, then opened her mouth and sucked me in between her silky lips, gulping, hoping she could make me come before I decided to move on again, down past her hard, straining nipples, pausing to soothe them with a pinch or two before sliding my cock back inside her, then withdrawing again when I felt myself losing control, building her up again with my tongue on her clit while I regained my hold on myself.

I continued like this for what seemed like wonderful ages, tongue, fingers, cock each taking their turn inside her, each time spending longer and longer revelling in the feeling of my penis sliding all the way into her. I slid both arms under her back and hooked my fingers over her shoulders to pull my self in. I felt as if I wanted a twenty inch cock to get right through into her core. Her hip bones fitted perfectly just inside mine, and when I pushed deep in her they pressed a sensitive place on each side, intensifying the sensation flooding through me.

Every time I thought one of us was going to come I slowed the pace or moved to another position until she was literally begging me;
“____, please, please, I’m so close, oh god you bastard!”
I felt her hand creep in between us and begin rubbing at her clit, but I pushed it away and pinned her arms over her head, kissing and licking at the soft shaved skin under her arms. That started my head spinning and I felt myself starting the climb towards orgasm. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted to hold her and watch the ecstasy flushing her beautiful face so I began to slam repeatedly deep into her.
I released her hands, but she was screaming already, “Oh GOD, YES,” and she didn’t need her fingers anymore. I could feel, see, and hear a series of waves of orgasm rippling through her. She pinched at my nipples, the way she always did to make me come and at last I exploded into her, clutching her shoulders again to pull myself in as deep as I possibly could, shaking as we shared a massive orgasm.

I don’t remember how many times I fucked her that night, but it was a lot. Every time one of us thought we might have had enough the other wanted, needed more, and the fire would begin again. It was almost as if we knew that our time together would one day come to an end and we wanted to fill every available minute satisfying our passionate love for each other.
Blog-Job Challenge
Posted:Nov 29, 2006 2:27 pm
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2007 9:39 am

Have you ever given anyone a blog-job?
Funflirty and I came up with the term by accident after she made a typo on her blog.
She has a classic example of one on her post [post 606553]

My definition of a blog-job is a shortish erotic post placed on someone elses blog, written specially for them and based on their fantasies or sexual preferences.

2sweetnwild4u left me one on my Blow-job enquiry post, The Blow Job Enquiry
Sassicat begged me to leave her a Stormlover story on her blog.

So have you ever left one for somebody? If so tell us where so we can go and check it out.

If not I CHALLENGE YOU to go to someone’s blog, someone you find sexy perhaps, or someone you want to tease, (you can leave one here for me if you can’t think of anyone else!) and give them a sexy blog-job. Leave a link to this post blaming me for putting you up to it! Then come back here and leave a link telling us where you’ve posted it so we can all go and read it too.

Friends: Go forth and bloggify!
Sexy Music
Posted:Nov 27, 2006 12:20 pm
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2007 9:51 am

Can I please have my friends and silent readers comments on an important issue!

A what is your favourite song, (I know it's impossible so I will allow you three, and you can come back with more if you want to.)

AND, what music can actually turn you on? This could be mood music, something which you associate with a formative experience (virtually anything by Santana does that for me), or it could be sexy music,EG "love to love you baby" Donna Summer, "french kiss" by lil louis, or "Je T'Aime" by....er....Jane Birkin and....(can't believe I'm having trouble dredging this up....) french bloke, someone put me out of my misery here!

For those interested mine (At this exact moment, could change tomorrow )would be,

Favourites: Waiting for an Alibi - Thin Lizzy
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
The way we were - Gladys Knight

Sexy: Lady Mamalade - La Belle
Love will lead the way - Mariah Carey

So tell me about something I don't know, especially you silent readers...remember...I can see you've been here!
In love with Suzy Kolber?
Posted:Nov 24, 2006 4:16 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2007 2:11 pm
Friends, I need help, I have strong feelings about a TV sports presenter living on the other side of the Atlantic!

Suzy, Suzy, what's your blog handle, are you on the AdultFriendFinder somewhere?!!!

She has that soooo cute twang to her voice, I watch the football every week just to get a glimpse of her gorgeous face with that foxy smile.

I want to unwrap the soft layers of wool and fur she wraps herself in when she's at a game somewhere cold like Chicago or Green Bay. Oh God Green Bay are on Monday night next week. I'll go weak at the knees if she interviews Brett Favre; she goes so flirty when she talks to him.

She stands so close I can imagine her standing next to me, her perfume would be drifting into my lungs, she'd look at me with those sparkling eyes.

She's so sweet and soft, I want to fold her in my arms and kiss those freezing cold lips, letting my tongue.......STOP it Dreamer!

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Thanksgiving Confusion!
Posted:Nov 22, 2006 1:54 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2007 3:14 am

Being English I know nothing at all about Thanksgining, except what I have learned from the movies and pop culture:

1. Everyone tries to get home for Thanksgiving but it snows and the transport system is overloaded. (Trains Planes and Automobiles)

2. If you visit a friend who runs a restaurant and lives in a church for Thanksgiving you will be arrested for littering and have to pick up the garbage in the snow, but you will at least get a Thanksgiving dinner which couldn't be beat. (Alice's restaurant)

3. If you are an NFL football comentator you will go into rhapsodies every year about a dish called a "Turducken," described as a duck inside a chicken inside a turkey.(Al Michaels and John Madden ESPN)

I am posting this on my blog in the hope that some of my transatlantic friends can enlighten me more.

Are there any other facts about Thanksgiving, serious or otherwise, which I should have learned from the movies?

What is thanksgiving really all about?

Is it more important than Christmas?

How do you cook a Turducken?!

Confused of Berkshire.

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