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Stormlover; A Fantasy, Continued  

hotdreamer1000 60M
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10/23/2006 6:16 pm

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8/8/2007 2:33 pm

Stormlover; A Fantasy, Continued

Stormlover says,
"There's time, Dreamer-boy,” but there's something in the intensity of her kiss that betrays the need inside her. She has just given me the orgasm of my life, and I need to feel her coming for me....

She breaks the kiss and drops her face to my neck, nuzzling against me, the soft weight of her body lying along mine, her knee in between my legs. I know she is giving me time to recover, but I don't want to let her cool down, so I kiss her again, running my tongue over her teeth and pressing it hard against hers. She folds her arms around me and still kissing, I let my hands begin to explore her body again.

I hook my thumb under her arm-pit and feel the warmth there. She murmurs a little and taking that as a yes I push her elbow up over the pillow and let my eyes gorge on the shape of her shoulder and under arm. I run my tongue across the perfectly shaved skin and she shudders, then I press my mouth hard against it until she is squirming with sensation. I know how this feels, almost like being tickled, but intensely erotic as well, and it sensitizes the neck, which is where I go next, kissing and licking and nibbling. She squirms some more, I know I am tickling her, but I keep going until I start to get the response I had hoped for.
“Oh, oh please don’t stop.” Her neck will have become hyper-sensitive, and if I am lucky any moment now she is going to experience a kind of tingling, thrilling sensation I call a neck orgasm.
“Oh God Dreamer how did you do that?” she gasps, and I look up and smile before going back to her breast to bring the sensation back to normal; too much could be de-sensitizing. Her nipple hardens under my lips so I flick it against my teeth with my tongue sending a ripple through her body. My hand traces a circle round her other breast, trying to stay away from the nipple, but I cannot make myself tease her for long, and soon give in to my desire to feel her moving against me. I draw the back of my hand over the nipple then twist it gently between my fingers, all the time continuing the rapid flicking of the other with my tongue.
She lets out a satisfied sigh as if that is all she has been waiting for, but then I realize she is pressing herself against me harder, trying to rub her clitoris against my hip. I pretend I haven’t noticed and slide my arm beneath her shoulder lifting her to me and then turning her over so that I can run my finger all along her spine. I lean forward and begin to kiss at the back of her neck. I breathe the smell of her skin deep into my lungs and it gives me a rush of desire that spreads right through me. My fingers run down along her side and then to the top of her thigh and towards her groin. She pulls up her knees to lift herself and breathes,
“Yes Dreamer, please,” but I resist touching her there yet; my hand slips under her to trace lines on her belly and up again to her breasts. My cock is against her thigh. I am glad I have already come or I couldn’t keep playing with her like this.

She has forgotten trying to please me and is giving herself completely to her own sensations. All the same I am already hardening again when her fingers close around my cock and she lifts up the head to rub it against her clitoris. The wetness feels hot and soo slippery. I pull away and turn on my back, lifting her knee and sliding under her. I put my lips to her breast and run my finger over the entrance to her pussy. She is soaking wet, and as I think of this the rain begins again at the window. I slip my finger in a little way to wet it then touch it gently against her bud. There is a groan from somewhere above me, then she begins to move her hips, showing me how she wants to be touched. I continue a while, but I want to taste her juice so I slide down the bed and raise my lips to hers. Soon I am licking as hard as I can, but it is obviously not hard enough because she presses herself to me and rolls her hips searching for the perfect touch. She is super turned on and I am also getting serious help from the storm. Thunder crashes again. She breaks the contact and pulls me back up to her face. By now it is dark outside.
“I need you in me Dreamer.”

I am lying on my back and I know it is time to let her take control again She sits one knee either side of me and lifts her hips. I know this moment so well and yet Stormlover makes it into something special. She raises the tip of my cock and rubs it over her clit one more time, then slowly slides herself onto it. She seems to suck me into her, then pushes down until I am deep inside. The sensation is incredible, I feel as if I have become part of her and I wonder if it feels that way to her. She begins to rock her hips back and forward, lost in the rhythm and her feelings and the storm. She is breathing harder now and making longer strokes, raising her hips then plunging me into her again. Rain lashes the window and she throws her head back gasping at every stroke.
“Oh yes Dreamer, YES!”
Her hand is between us now rubbing her fingers over her clit, till at last her hips begin to jerk uncontrollably, she cries out again, “Oh, oh!,” gasping between each sound. I can feel her orgasm, and she drives herself through it in ecstasy until she finally falls forward, burying her head in my neck, and lies there finished, her breathing softening again.

But I am still hard inside her. I wait a moment, then decide this woman knows her body, so I turn her again and raise myself over her, looking down questioningly. She can not see me but, unbelievably she knows what I am thinking.
“It’s ok,” she says simply, and I slide into her again, in and out slowly each time, feeling her beautiful soft inner skin tight against my cock. I had not been very close, but mentally I want to be, so instead of straining I try to relax completely, I do not want to come by pounding into her. For a little I am not sure if this will work, but it feels so soft and intimate that I just ride with my feelings and relax even more. Then I feel that distant stirring inside me that tells me I can come again. I bend to her mouth and find her lips in the dark, my tongue darting into her in imitation of the rhythm of our bodies. Stormlover is beginning to breath harder again too, then she whispers in my ear,
“I’m coming again too, Dreamer.”
I am not expecting this, but her words flood through my senses bringing the feeling nearer. Suddenly she raises her hands to my chest; palms flat against me she begins to shudder again, waves of orgasm ripping through her. Her fingernails scratch at my nipples and her gasps send me over the edge, my cum bursts out of me and I press inside her as deep as possible, wanting to get as much into her as I can. She puts her arms around my waist and holds me in her until my last few spasms subside, then I lie down half on top of her, waiting until I soften and slip out before finally I shift my weight from her, rest my head on her shoulder and relax completely.

When I was a I used to listen to a line in a favorite song by the Eagles: "I've been searching for the of the Devil himself, I've been searching for an angel in white. I've been waiting for a woman who's a little of both and I can feel her but she's nowhere in sight."
Now she was lying next to me in my bed, her beautiful eyes gazing at me wonderingly. The thunder and rain had stopped, but maybe the storm was only just beginning.

She was breathing softly again. I lifted my head and kissed her gently.
“Welcome to England, Stormlover.”
“Mmmmm..Dreamer," she whispered, "What shall we do tomorrow?”

sassicat 55F

10/23/2006 11:21 pm

Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i felt every touch, lick, breath...........
every keystroke was like your hands on my waiting body, dreamer.

yes, the storm is just beginning....your witchy woman is lying next to you....ready for another storm..

when you see a chance, dig your spurs in and ride

sassicat 55F

10/25/2006 12:48 pm

one of these nights, we'll make love like this dreamer...
just like in your dreams.....just like i like it too, nice, slow and so sensual....
we'll take each others' breath away......

when you see a chance, dig your spurs in and ride

hotdreamer1000 60M
11652 posts
10/25/2006 5:46 pm

One of these crazy old nights, we're gonna find out pretty mama what turns on your lights...

stormyonegood 66F

10/26/2006 3:11 pm

Wow....very hot....I have a question for you, How long does it take to get to England from Chicago Illinois?....Because there is a Storm brewing here....wink...

hotdreamer1000 60M
11652 posts
12/18/2006 3:02 am

    Quoting  :

"Playing like a movie in my mind."......Who's got a way with words now Rose? Thanks for a real compliment.

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