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I dared to visit [blog partygirl3869]'s blog post [Truth or Dare.....Come on...I Know You Aren't Scared....or Are You] and she dared me to write a story about a woman on that post, so here it is. It's an anagram of course; can you guess who it is? I think she's beautiful.

Maud Mencord had been very ill, but now that she was well on the way to recovery she decided to take a trip to a place that has become known on another blog as "The Wrong Continent," to see if she could find an adventure which would help her get back into the swing of things.

She arrived at the airport and the security guard asked her to stand with her arms spread so that he could check her for hidden weapons. He did his best to be professional but Maud was wearing a skin tight red dress, by which very little was hidden, let alone a weapon. He was terribly handsome and she wished they had more time because the thought of his Hidden Weapon (which was no longer quite so hidden)was turning her on, but he was busy and she was late for her flight so she couln't take it any further. However as her surname suggests, Maud Mencord has always had a way of stringing men along, so she slipped her phone number into his hand for future reference.

On the plane she was served by an air hostess who had a button missing on her shirt. She had not noticed but Maud saw that every time she bent over a passenger's seat the starched white of her blouse parted to reveal glimpses of her flat stomach and lacy bra. Maud could see that some of the male passengers were asking for drinks a bit more than usual, and she herself had to squirm in her seat once or twice, partly (but only partly) to get a better view.)But maud had only ever been bi-curious and so although she was by now feeling quite horny she decided not to take it any further with the hostess.

The man sitting next to her was tall and very good looking, he had eyes nearly as blue as Partygirl's and seemed much more interested in Maud than in the hostess, so she talked to him about life, the univeres and everything until it was nearly time for the plane to land. But he was obviously going home to his family so Maud felt she shouldn't try to take things further with him. So by the time she arrived at The Wrong Continent she was feeling really very horny.

She left the airport, picked up her hire car and drove (carefully because it was the wrong side of the road as well as the wrong continent) to the small town where she was going to stay. It was a beautiful afternoon and she soon found herself walking alongside a sparkling river in front of a smart cafe. And there, standing staring into the river stood A MAN!
"Hello" said Maud quietly.
The man's dark brown eyes looked into hers and he was immediately struck by her beauty.
"Hello," said the man, "I can hear by your voice that you are from The Wrong Continent. What brings you to our little town?"
"I am recovering from an operation and I'm looking for an adventure to help me feel well again," said Maud, hungrily looking into the man's eyes and assessing his firm chest and slim powerful bum. (Thats "butt" to you Wrong Continenters.)

There was an awkward pause; the man, whose voice was well spoken English, was obviously suffering from the famous British reserve. At the same time Maud looked to him to be more than recovered enough for the things he was thinking about. But surely she didn't mean that the way it had sounded he thought. Maud could see that he found her irresistible, and by now she was AS HORNY AS HELL! She leant against him and pushed him firmly up against the wall. Her soft lips parted slightly as she undid one button of his shirt and slipped her fingers inside. She began to touch her lips to his when he said,
"wouldn't it be indecorous to kiss here in public?"
"Damn decorum," said Maud huskily, and pressed her mouth to his, her tounge darting between his lips. She was determined to take this one further......

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Thanks for visiting PG, and for the licks. Any chance, if you have a moment, can you teach me how to do that links thing? And anything else you may like to teach me while you're at it!

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Yes of course, you are most welcome, as long as you let me read any future versions!
So nice to see you back here again, and with a lovely new picture; I had no idea you were so beautiful.

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