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Be careful what you wish for... a mini-essay on 'chemistry'  

hotfun_1966 54M
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11/9/2010 5:52 pm
Be careful what you wish for... a mini-essay on 'chemistry'

This month's blog entry: a mini-essay on 'chemistry'...

In over a decade of browsing various personals sites, one word pops up often, and in some cases it is only alluded to. That word is 'chemistry'. Note I put 'chemistry' in quotes because it is so-called chemistry; a fantasy at best, a nightmare at worst, and rarely anything in between.

All I can tell them is this: Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it, and the results are so unpredictable, they will not be what you expect!

Those who think 'chemistry' is the be all and end all of relationships seem to forget three important things:
1) Not all 'chemistry' is instantaneous;
2) 'Chemistry' can break down; and
3) 'Chemistry' can explode!

One only needs view reality TV on Discovery and TLC for examples:

- Michelle Ruark didn't remember the first time she met Jim Bob Duggar. The second time they met, they started down the road to "19 & Counting" (plus one grandchild already and #2 GrandDuggar due in June!).

- Then you have the case of Jon & Kate Gosselin, parents of twins, wanting to have one more . They got sextuplets, their own TV show, and a divorce. ("Jon & Kate Plus 8"/"Kate Plus 8". This season's ratings are so bad, we may finally see the last of them. lol )

- Last, but certainly not least, we have the case of an alpha-male father (Paul Sr.) in Orange County, NY who never acknowledges the worth, potential and contributions of his sons (Paul Jr., Mikey and Danny) to the family motorcycle and iron-working businesses, and now has alienated all three of them because of that and his explosive temper. What kind of father skips his 's wedding? Aren't you glad you're not part of the Teutul family? ("American Chopper" and its current incarnation, "American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior")

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