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NCAA I-A Football: Get rid of the CFP!!!
Posted:Dec 3, 2017 1:32 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2018 8:37 pm

I talked about this topic last year: NCAA IA Football Time for a REAL playoff.

After what can only be characterized as a TOTALLY BOGUS (e.g. corrupt) process for the fourth edition, I strongly believe the time has come to do away with the bowls and polls and institute a REAL playoff system for Division I-A college football, as Divisions I-AA, II and III did years ago.

Why? You have an undeserving good ol' boys Alabama team who didn't even win their division nor conference selected over the Big Ten Champions, The Ohio State University Buckeyes; and also that the ONLY REMAINING UNDEFEATED I-A TEAM WAS LEFT OUT (The University of Central Florida Knights).

Ohio State had wins over 3 ranked teams, all in the Top 15 (2 in the Top 4), Alabama only 2 (all in the 16-25 range). Comparable FPI and Strength of Schedule, too. So what if Iowa blew out OSU earlier in the season? OSU is the ONLY team with a Top 10 offense AND defense.

The real eye test that mattered was completely ignored by the CFP committee: Ohio State's offense and defense did what they needed to do against Wisconsin. Alabama's offense and defense fell apart against Auburn.

And of couse, selecting Alabama over Ohio State failed the SMELL test, BIG TIME!!! (Insert poo emoji here. ~^~ )

If UCF beats Auburn in the Peach Bowl, I shall consider them, the only undefeated team, as the TRUE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.

We need a 16-team playoff, so each of the 10 conference Champions is included, plus the best independent team, plus the best five of the rest. NOW!!!!!

JAN 1, 2018 UPDATE: UCF 34, Auburn 27. UCF, TRUE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!. Meanwhile, back in the fake "playoff", Georgia won a 2OT shootout with Oklahoma, 54-48; Alabama wins a hohum 24-6 match with Clemson. Two one-loss teams from the same conference meeting for the "national" championship? No thank you $EC. UCF IS UNDEFEATED!!!

BTW, Ohio State beat USC in the Cotton Bowl, "Rose Bowl East" because of the faux playoff.
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Greeks overreact to... fake oral sex at a church?
Posted:Oct 17, 2017 3:12 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2019 7:15 am

Reading around the web this morning, I came across a funny yet not so funny story...

Apparently, the Greek community of Lindos, Rhodes is banning ALL foreign weddings at the St. Paul’s Bay Chapel because a British couple took a photo of the new bride staged to perform oral sex on her new husband outside the church. They said it was meant to show their cheeky sense of humor, and that they regretted it once the locals heard about it from British media.

Lindos’ economy is largely dependent on weddings, and 99% percent come from the UK.

Do you think the the Bishop and Mayor are overreacting?
For Real?!? Part 2: Spotting the fakes! (UPDATED--JUN 2017)
Posted:Aug 17, 2011 11:14 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2019 2:59 pm

I am starting to reorganize the list into better categories, because the tips are timeless.

The number of fake profiles (especially in the WSM category) has mushroomed ... again. AdultFriendFinder could use some good deflector screens, like the ships in Star Trek. LOL

When I posted the first five tips back in August 2011, I was aiming to share what I had noticed in over a decade of browsing personals sites. As I reorganize this list with now nearly 20 years under my undies, I had no idea it would have 28,000 views and counting! The month a tip was originally added to this list is in parentheses after it.

Please note that these tips are only guidelines. There may be an exception to any of these tips that has a perfectly reasonable explanation. Also, some sites offer base profiles separate from ads placed under those base profiles. I use the terms interchangeably here.

Tips for spotting the most prolific of the fakes:

1.) Lots of profiles from very small communities. (Knowing your geography really helps here. ) (August 2011)

2.) Profiles ending in a number, usually 3-5 digits, where the number has nothing to do with the person's real area code, age, or postal/ZIP/PLZ code. (August 2011)

3.) Ad content with different personal stats than what's in the personal attributes, or different geographic area for someone who doesn't travel there. (Lots of duplicate profiles fit this pattern, too.) (August 2011)

4.) If you get a reply wanting you to go to a cheaters website or paid webcam site for further contact. (August 2011)

5.) If you get a reply from a lonely hearts female (i.e. from Russia or the Philippines) who wants a green card. (August 2011)

6.) Ads with excessively poor grammar, like they were run through a translator and copy-and-pasted to the profile. Ads like this have sentences that frequently start off with "Am" (not "I am") or contain the phrase "seeking for". Both in the same one? Jackpot! (May 2014)

7.) Ads that try to spell out EVERYTHING they want in a partner. 9 times out of 10, it's a copy-and-paste with only minor tweaks. Once you see the patterns, they're easy to skip over. And, sad to say, many of these women are from lower economic countries like Nigeria and Ghana, and there may even be some from Russia and the Philippines. (December 2014)

8.) Ads with fake, edited or stolen photos. My friend Sexy_SandraD offers these tips to spot them:

-[post 3224903] (December 2014) -- Chrome browser users can highlight a picture and use the right-click menu to gOOGle search to see if an image has appeared elsewhere on the web; there are other sites you can upload saved images to, to do similar searches.

-[post 3665365] (July 2015) -- Look at pictures carefully to see if a picture has obvious signs of digital editing, such as enhanced or reduced curves on the person and any background objects like a door frame show the same effects as well.

-[post 3756208] (January 2016) -- Look at pictures carefully to see if they were cropped from available web images in an attempt to avoid the search from tip 8.1 flagging their reuse; and those with blank cards where a username can be edited in to fool the confirmed photos.

9.) Ads intended to deceive regarding the user's gender, such as from a single male or female purporting to be part of a couple or group, a male purporting to be a female, or a transgender purporting to be a female or male without completing their jurisdiction's legal requirements for doing so. (October 2015)

10.) Ads that are recruiting for a bogus group of exclusive swingers. I have seen a dozen different templates, and rest assured they are as bogus as a $3 bill... (October 2015)

11.) Ads from a couple where both have the same birthday or both list "January 1". Seriously? What are the odds in real life of that happening? (October 2015)

12.) Ads with no description. How did they get around the minimum character requirement?!? (October 2015)

13.) Ads with no or very few personal attributes shown. (October 2015)

14.) Ads with a subject line "do you want to try my pinky pie?" or similar phrase. (June 2016)

15.) Ads where the text says "am (insert person's name here) by name". (October 2016)

16.) Ads from male scammers. In addition to tip 9, my friend hinj1 offers these additional tips to spot the uniquely male scammer: [post 3897792]. (October 2016)

17.) Ads where the subject line starts with "If I hotlisted you I'm in your city/town/area..." (January 2017)

In addition to tips 3, 9 and 16, we must also add two twisted variations of those tips (Thanks to author51 and Recalcitrant72 for information that inspired them):

18.) Ads from stalkers. (March 2017)

19.) "Revenge porn" ads from jilted ex-lovers. (March 2017)

20.) (A variation related to tips 4 and 5). Ads from people who give you a bogus contact email address, such as from long-retired domains. This includes multiple first names using the same bogus address, e.g. the copy-and-paste replies where they start as one name and sign off with another. (June 2017)

If 1, 2 or 3 is true, you are probably looking at a fake profile. Dittoes for tips 9 through 17.

If 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 20 is true, RED ALERT!

More than one? B A T T L E S T A T I O N S! -- Report and Block ASAP!

For tips 18 and 19: report, block, and call your local law enforcement. These are serious crimes in many jurisdictions.

If you have any other tips, please feel free to post them.

Now, is anybody here for real?!? I still am.
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Don't ya just love original post titles? Or not...
Posted:Jan 16, 2017 4:53 pm
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2017 12:09 am

This is for all the folks sick and tired of repeat blog post titles that are not part of an ongoing series.

How many "Don't ya just love a nice (insert body part or group of people here)?" posts do you really need anyway?

Please show some originality!
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner Road
Posted:Jul 6, 2019 7:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2019 6:39 am

In the latest news of the absurd...

People against Eating Tasty Animals sent a letter two the Mayor of Caldwell, Idaho requesting that "Chicken Dinner Road" be renamed "Chicken Road" because they reject "speciesism" and two celebrate "chickens as individuals, not as beings two kill, chop up, and label as ‘dinner.'"

The road was named in the 1930's for local resident Laura Lamb's fried chicken dinners.

Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas responded two the PETA letter on social media, pointing that the road in question is actually in the jurisdiction of Canyon County, not the city of Caldwell. His next line is a classic: even if it was in Caldwell's purview, there would be "NO WAY, NO CHANCE I would ever consider this truly unbelievable request!!"

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner Road.
Ad flyer wisdom
Posted:Jun 17, 2019 10:40 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2019 6:04 am

Wisdom from this week's local ad flyer:

- When life closes a door, open it again. It's a door. That's how they work.

- When you clean out a vacuum cleaner, you become a vacuum cleaner.

- Adding two letters to "short" makes it "shorter". LOL
A wacky idea: Salad Frosting
Posted:Jun 11, 2019 3:10 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2019 5:35 pm

While browsing the news today I came across one of the wackiest ideas yet...

Since tend to eat anything with the word "frosted" or "frosting", why not get them to frost salads in an attempt to get them to eat healthier foods?

Thus have the marketers at the Kraft division of Kraft Heinz repackaged ranch dressing in squeeze tubes and called it Salad "Frosting" (the quotes are in the name as pictured).

Eating salads is good, but not when they're frosted with fat-laden salad dressings.

Definitely a wacky idea.


(Because of the squeeze tube package, this can also be great for those of us adults who use food in sex play, such as carrots and cucumbers. )
A misleading question...
Posted:Jun 3, 2019 5:27 am
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2019 3:08 pm

The local ad flyer strikes again! LOL

Q: Which four letter sport starts with a 'T'?

There are NO four letter sports that start with 'T'. (And as much as we would like tits to be a sport, they are not. LOL )

I call this a misleading question. If they had phrased it "Which four letter sport starts with a tee?", the answer, Golf, makes perfect sense.
Don't ya just love a good Apollo anniversary?
Posted:May 26, 2019 1:50 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2019 3:55 pm

It started in October, and the biggest one comes up in July... Apollo 50th anniversary milestones.

Apollo 7, October 1968: First manned flight of the redesigned Command and Service Modules (CSM).
Apollo 8, December 1968: First manned flight of the Saturn V rocket, and first manned spacecraft to orbit the Moon. The Earthrise photo from this mission inspires the environmental movement.
Apollo 9, March 1969: First manned flight of the Lunar Module (LM) in Earth orbit.
Apollo 10, May 1969: First flight of the LM in lunar orbit.
Apollo 11, July 1969: First manned landing and exploration of the Moon.
Apollo 12, November 1969: Second manned landing and exploration of the Moon.
Apollo 13, April 1970: NASA's most successful failure, as the third planned manned Moon landing mission is aborted due to failure of the SM; NASA and contractors work with the crew to bring them home safely.
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When numbers don't add up...
Posted:May 24, 2019 7:11 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2019 6:37 am

Hello friends, it's been a while since I've done a new blog post. Life is what happens to you while you make other plans, and I've had a few figurative wars to wage offline.

Today's entry:

Our local ad flyer with trivia and quiz questions recently posted a quiz with an incorrect answer.

Q: A man is hired to paint office numbers from one to one hundred in a building. How many times will he paint the number nine?

A: (incorrect) Nineteen, one each in each group of ten from 1 to 89 and ten in the nineties.

Those of you adept at math can already see that they are one off. The correct answer is twenty, because ninety-nine has an extra nine.

Actually, there is another possible correct answer: forty. This happens if the painter uses the same stencil template for six and nine, so he paints twenty nines upside down as well.
It was 60 years ago today... Explorer 1.
Posted:Jan 31, 2018 9:17 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2019 12:50 am

Honoring 60 years of American spaceflight.

On January 31, 1958, the U.S. Army Ballistic Missile Agency successfully launched America's first orbital payload, the Explorer 1 satellite designed by Cal Tech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory; it was America's most important IGY contribution, and paved the way for creation of NASA, from remnants of the NACA and their military liaisons.
Guitar heaven?
Posted:Oct 3, 2017 9:16 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2017 3:38 am

There is something wrong with the Grim Reaper when he lets Keith Richards live while taking Walter Becker and now, just weeks shy of his 67th Birthday, Tom Petty (1950-2017).

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