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Encounter with Sheffguy.....  

hotmilf1980 35F  
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7/13/2017 11:07 am
Encounter with Sheffguy.....

So today, I met up with one of my, shall we say, regulars from AdultFriendFinder.

Having fucked a few times, and managing to get my mouth around him before, I thought it was time we saw whether we were compatible outside of the bedroom.

So we arranged to meet in Liverpool for a day out. And this is how the day went....

Being not from this area, I decided to meet SheffGuy at the station, and welcome him with a big bossom-y hug, so that he wouldn't get lost - and let's face it. I wanted to squish my tits against him and hope that it elicited a hard cock in his trousers he would be fighting to constrain all day!
And there he came - striding across the platform like a man on a mission. He pulled up in front of me, and after a brief hello, I leaned in for 'that hug'.
Sure enough, I heard him gasp in my ear as I pushed against him, feeling his fingers tighten into my waist and his cock push against my thigh...
Mission One - accomplished.

So we decided to take a stroll around - Sheffguy wanted to check out the museum as there was an exhibit he wanted to take a look at. (I know what exhibit I wanted to look at... )
The gallery was rather empty so we wandered the upstairs ourselves. There was a sexual tension in the air, and every time I looked over at SheffGuy he was staring at me.. running his eyes over every inch of my body. I knew he wanted me. I could see it.
But we kept walking, and exploring. Every now and then Sheffguy leaned over and whispered in my ear 'your looking very fuckable today' ...
It was too arousing. I hadn't been fucked since the postman!
I glanced quickly around, saw that we were alone, then looked up at the ceiling - pesky security cameras. But I needed him inside me!
I grabbed his hand and led him quickly out of the room and pulled him into a little closet, shutting the door.
It was dark, I couldn't see a thing. But I could hear his breath as he grabbed hold of me and pushed me hard up against the wall. I thanked myself for wearing a dress that day, as his hands ran down my waist and gripped the hem of the skirt. He hoisted it higher as he kissed me, long and hard, and I felt his fingers find their way into my panties. I was already slick and wanting, and his fingers slid inside easily, making me moan.
One finger.
Two Fingers.
In and out, his thumb rubbing against my clit as he caressed my g-spot with his fingers.
I reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, slid them down over his ass, freeing his throbbing hard cock. I tried to kneel, but he held me firm, and turned me around, pushing me against the wall.
'Spread your legs' he whispered.
It was intoxicating - not being able to see, but hearing him breathe and move behind me. His hand softly caressed my bum cheek, and his other reaching around, freeing my breast. HIs lips were on my neck, his hands on my skin, my breathing becoming faster as he built me up.
Then - SMACK - his hand lashed across my backside, making me yelp in pain and arousal.
SMACK - again! I could feel my pussy throb and drip, wanting to be taken and owned...

It was like Sheffguy read my mind. Flipping me back to face him, he lifted my right leg, grasping the back of my knee, and hoisted it up higher. Moving his mouth to my breast, he thrust his cock into me! Over and over.
Thrust - after thrust - after thrust.
My head banging against the door, my arousal becoming more vocal, he pinned me tight to the door and lifted my other leg, using his weight to thrust up into me and keep me suspended against the frame.
'i'm cumming' I gasped, as he thrust harder, my tits bouncing wildly, both now free of the dress. 'i'm cumming!'
I felt it. I felt him. I felt his cum pour into me, hot and sticky, pounding and relentless. The heat causing me to orgasm hard over his cock. Hearing the squelch as he slowed down, I could feel his legs buckle beneath him.

I slid down the door, satisfied and sticky. We quickly dressed ourselves, and left the room...

The Hot And Horny Housewife

RobK2006 53M
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7/13/2017 5:06 pm

Very hot!

ukcontraband99 48M
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7/14/2017 1:24 am

What happened to the postman blog?

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