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The unexpected visitor.....  

hotmilf1980 35F  
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10/17/2017 1:45 pm
The unexpected visitor.....

It was a regular, uneventful, and miserable Thursday. The weather was wet and dark, and I was sat with my sisters in Starbucks, enjoying a coffee, complaining about how I needed some excitement in my life!

As if on cue, my phone pinged - it was Sheffguy! (You may remember him from featuring in past blogs... The Museum Visit )
"Whatcha doing?" he said. So I told him.
"Guess where I am?" he said.
Before I had chance to respond, he sent a picture - of the train station down the road from me!
Sheffguy?!... Was here?!

I rushed home as quick as I could, and greeted a rather wet (from the rain) Sheffguy!
I ushered him inside, offering him a towel to dry off, all the while throbbing between my legs. Why had he turned up? It was so arousingly unexpected!

We spent the day drinking tea, shooting the breeze - he even fixed my computer! (No, not a euphemism. The guy actually fixed it for me!) The whole time he was here my nipples were hard and wanting to be played with.
I remember looking at the clock, and realising that time was getting on - he had a train to catch back home and the were due back from school within the hour.

I can't recall who made the first move - but it started with a kiss... a long, hard, lingering kiss that made me pulse and dampen. I forgot how good a kisser this guy was! So drawn in I was by his lips, I moved to straddle him as we continued tasting one another.
His hands were all over me; on my waist, in my hair, cupping my face... and I remember feeling him harden beneath his jeans, pushing against my very heated crotch.
I didn't think I could get any more turned on, but Sheffguy slipped his hands into my tshirt and released my breasts from my bra. My nipples were puckered and hard and crying out for his warm mouth.
He took them in his mouth, a moan escaped my lips as he did so, and I pushed down onto his groin, wanting to feel him against me, wanting him inside me!
I stood up briefly, still kissing him, and he slipped my pants down to the floor, not taking his lips from mine, and started to unbutton his own. Both naked from the waist down, I straddled him once again, this time feeling his cock press against my lips. They were so wet and ready, it didnt take long before his cock found its way inside.
That first moment as he entered me, my whole body lit up, every nerve tingling; a surge of arousal poured through me.
Oh yes! This is what I had been craving ever since I saw him standing at the door!
It was as if time slowed right down - I can still feel him edging into me, pushing his cock in between my folds and squeezing into my cunt - so tight it fit and every inch more he gave me made me gasp and grip the back of the sofa.
Sheffguy took my nipples in his hands, tugging and rolling them in his palms, every tweak made my pussy clench tighter. I felt completely at his mercy as he kissed, licked, sucked and played. I was so close to coming! His hands started exploring more, cupping each breast, moving down to my waist, over my ass.
They stopped. His hands. I remember looking him in the eyes, trying to gauge why he had stopped - then I saw it. The naughty little glint in his eye. Oh I knew what he was going to do!
Before I could finish my though, his hand struck my cheek - hard! A fiery sensation burnt through my skin and leapt across my body! Another moan escaped my lips. "Fuck!" I gasped!
I was so turned on, I kept thrusting as he kept eye contact, and I knew another spank was imminent...
My breath was taken away, the force literally leaving me breathless and giddy. Then the burning again... I was struggling to contain my orgasm!
I no longer wanted to! I grabbed hold of the sofa, and thrust harder against him, his cock stretching me with every push; my clit rubbing hard against him, my tits bouncing in his face as I threw back my head, screaming his name, a torrent of swear words escaping my lips as I felt myself build into an almighty orgasm.
Oh the sensation!!
Wave after wave of glorious pulsations scored through my limbs, my pussy clambouring to grasp his cock as I throbbed and came, covering his cock in cum, trickling down his shaft.
My breath was ragged, shallow, short.
I slowed my thrusting - I was too sensitive to carry on. Orgasms like that leave me gasping and tender.
But I was not letting Sheffguy stop yet. He was looking at me hopeful, wanting it to carry on. I wasn't going to disappoint, despite my weakened state.
"Want to bend me over and fuck me?" I said.
His eyes widened in surprise and arousal. "Hell yes!" he said.
I stood up, and he followed, coming up behind me.
He spanked me again. "Dirty little slut" he said to me, which just got me all fired up again.
I bent over, spread my legs, and he slipped his still hard cock right back inside me.
BANG. He thrust.
BANG. BANG. With every movement he made, I could feel my body reacting, restarting its engine, gearing up for round two, wanting so much for him to claim me as his naughty little wife
He. Was. Relentless.
Sweat was pouring from him as he guided my hips into him, pulling me hard against his cock, over and over. My legs were shaking from the power behind his pounding, and they buckled more than one. My breasts were swinging back and forth hard and fast, and I tried to catch them in my arm, but I needed the brace against the sofa.
The spankings came intermitent and unexpected, making me cry out in pleasurable pain. Eventually I broke.
My legs gave way, my head crushed against the cushions, my knees shook feverishly. I was so goddamn wet! He was so fucking hard!
He pulled out, turned me around and kissed me on the mouth, cupping my ass as he pulled me close. We spun round, and I pushed him back onto the sofa.
The clock was ticking. We didn't have long left.
I knelt before him, wanting to take his sodden cock into my mouth, to taste myself, to taste him. My hands stroked his balls, sticky with my cum, as my mouth devoured his length. Right to the back of my throat. And out again. My tongue worked its way across his engorged head, swollen and sensitive to the touch, as he flinched with every movement my warm wet mouth made.
I took great pleasure in sucking him - watching him as he watched me. Smelling my scent all over him like I'd marked my territory.
His cock was mine and mine alone.
I sat up, and took my breasts in my hand, and slipped his cock in between them. He gasped as my fleshy mounds massaged his cock, milking him to the edge...
"I'm going to come" he said, almost a whisper. So back went on my mouth, and I sucked him until I could feel him explode.
And he did.
I aimed his pulsating cock at my tits, shooting his load all over me, watching as it dripped down onto my nipples, and he groaned in pleasure......

Turned out to be a rather eventful Thursday after all ......

The Hot And Horny Housewife

RobK2006 53M
5580 posts
10/17/2017 8:14 pm

That was incredibly hot sex! Thanks.

arousedN 49M
542 posts
10/18/2017 3:44 am

That was so damn hot sex, loved reading it again and keep writing Happy Naked Wednesday hugs & kisses >>!

RobK2006 53M
5580 posts
10/18/2017 5:29 am

I just read it again. Made me hard.

hotmilf1980 35F  
6 posts
10/19/2017 1:01 am

Aw thanks guys. Sheffguy is happy you enjoy his pillaging of me
And i love that you get all fired up over my naughty afternoon exploits x

The Hot And Horny Housewife

SexyChaman95 39M  
5 posts
10/30/2017 12:33 pm

This has made me cum without even rubbing myself. I read it again and again. You know how to write ever inch of your sexperience! >>!

I want to the Sheffguy, Thwak, bang bang..

ludwig202 68M
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3/18/2020 7:42 pm

hello thank you for the friendship
your photo on the title page is excellent

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