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Girl with kinky desires
Posted:Jun 29, 2020 11:18 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 1:12 am

It was late about 3am we stated messaging, I didnt think anyhting would happen as she lived over an hour a way. She said she was home alone and wanted me to come over. I was tired but gave in, im such a softy. I show up and she opens the door in a green nighty. She was 5'10 blow hair blue eyes with nice curves. I was excited she invited me in.
we talked for a miunite before my hand made its way up her leg. I got to her pussy and begain to rub when she asked me if I was into kinky things, I said yes most things, she said ok this may seem weird. She told me she wanted to be treated and act like a ridden, bridled, croped, and fucked in the ass as hard as I could. I siad its new to be but ok, We move to the floor where I pull up he nighty exposing her pussy. I wanted it so bad, but I went along and got her bridled up, it was in her mouth perfect she couldn't talk and I had complete control. I began to rub her pussy and clit and occasional spank her with the riding crop, she began to nay and shake her head like a as I hit her, I could tell she loved it. By this time I'm leaving red marks on her ass cheeks with the whip and my fingers are drenched in her pussy. So I hit her pussy quite hard and told her crawl around me. she began crawling across the floor I said faster and hit her pussy again, she nayed. I grabbed the halter and pulled hard for her to stop. I grabbed her from behind rubbing her nipples in my hands and rubbing my cokc on her pussy. I surprised her when I shoved the whip handle into her pussy she shook her head like a and I pushed he along using the whip and told her to getty up. she began to crawl again as i fucked her with the whip handle, I could tell she was hot the handle was getting all cummy and white when I would pull it out. I stopped her again and mounted her like a steed in heat from behind, I shoved myself deep into her wet pussy. I fucked as hard and fast as I could and blew my load really quick, I pulled out and went straight into her ass. She flinched and moaned as i pulled her halter closer as I went in. I was all the way in her tight little ass. I began to pound away using the halter to control her movement. I went at it for quite a while before I blew my top and dismounted. I was about to leave and She asked If I would come see her again, and said most don't talk to her again.
Park City Sundance 2018 MMM Blowjob
Posted:Jun 29, 2020 10:56 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 1:12 am

I was in Park City for sundance and had just left a screening party and was a bit drunk and very horny(walking around with a boner). I got on the AdultFriendFinder messenger looking for some tight pussy to pound, I got a message from a guy asking if I wanted a blowjob. I reluctantlly agreed as I couldnt contain my self anymore.I told him I would come over to his hotel.
On the way to his hotel he messaged me and asked if I would be ok if another guy would be ok, he said he was new and had not done this. I agreed and headed over. I knocked and came in and begin to get my cock sucked as fast as it came out of my pants. he had daken my dick down the third time when the knock on the door came. he left me standing their cock out and hard and opened the door. The other guy looked a bit shocked when he opend the door with me standing their. he said come in and closed the door behind him, and came back over and got on his knees again. the other guy walked over and looked at both of us as he went back to work on me. I saw him get aroused then the guy blowing me reached over to rub his pants, he pulled away slightly and he pulled him closer. He came off my dick and unzipped his pants pulling his cock out. He began to suck on him and stroke me. he got hard quick and then lightly pulled me over to the cock he was sucking. He put both of our cock in his mouth at once I could feel the tip beside mine with the tongue running between them. I started to thrust and rub my cock against his and deep into his mouth. At this time I had to pull back a bit, I was about to blow,I slipped out and he sucked on the other guy. Next thing I know I see him begin to cum so i grabbed his head and pushed it down on his cock as he came. I could see his cock throb as he pumped his load in. I did this because he said he liked to be forced to swallow cum. The other guy zipped up and was gone just like that.
He sat me down on the couch and began to work on my cock again, I loved it he tounged the tip my shaft balls and would take it all in occasionally. I couldn't take it and grabbed his head and thrusted, I blew my load. he cleaned up my cock and kept going to my surprise. My tip was so sensitive i would pull him off, he licked and sucked my shaft and balls and asked if he could go lower. I said go for it and put my legs up on the couch so my cock and ass where out, His tongue hit the best spots on my taint and he gently licked my ass hole too. I lost my boner, but he continued on my ass taint and balls,before moving up my cock again. I wasn't sure I go another round unitll he licked and sucked me hard again. He blew me for like 30min, slow and fast,I loved it, he jerked off my cock while licking my taint and ass it felt so good. This was my first time having my ass licked. I pushed his head deep as he was sucking and came hard again, i felt my nuts really drain. I love that feeling.
Asin dude wanted to Jerk off on my cock
Posted:Jun 29, 2020 10:29 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 1:12 am

I starting taking to a guy of AdultFriendFinder and he said he wanted to jerk off onto my cock. I said sure since I was alone in my hotel room and thought I would help him out. He came over I opened the door and let him in with the lights off. I took off my shirt and pants and lied back on the bed. He pulled down his shorts and boxers and started jerking it. I started rubbing myself hard in front of him. After a few minutes he begin to groan then he pointed his cock down almost touching mine and blew his hot load onto my cock and balls.I was surprisingly turned on by this. I tried to time it right and came almost right after moaning and rubbing all the cum on my cock and balls. He said thank you, it was exactly what he wanted to do and left.
Bi Hotub Firstime Fun
Posted:Jun 6, 2020 6:31 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2020 10:18 pm

I was traveling for work at the hotel AdultFriendFinder chatting. I got a message from a guy who was asking a lot of questions about bi . We chatted for a few hours and I asked if he wanted hangout, he got scared and stopped talking for a bit. I told him we could go at his pace and he could do the experimenting with my cock if he liked. I told him I didn't have a ride as I was with a coworker and he could come over to my hotel room. He said he wasn't sure about this and hesitated. After an hour or so he asked if I wanted come over his house and said he would pick . I agreed and he came and picked me in front of the hotel. Once we got back his house he offered a beer witch I accepted. I asked if his hot tub in the backyard worked and he said ok, and said he hopes his wife doesn't find out, I asked if he wanted have a couple of beers in the hot tub relax and get know each other. We got in the hot tub and when he turned the bubbles I removed my boxers and set them the side, I could see his eyes get wide, I reached over and grabbed his cock with my hand and he did the same. He had no problem getting hard and I lightly stroked his cock. He said he always wanted try sucking cock, I got the side of the hot tub and my cock was fully erect at this point. He looked at it afraid and aroused, and came over and licked it with his tounge. He settled in in a minute or two and begin taking the tip and part of the shaft in his mouth. After a couple of minutes he said we should go inside to the bed so I followed him in to his room. he sat the bed and I began stroke his cock and was going down him and he said that wasn't necessary, and rolled over his belly thrusting his ass in the air. He said go easy this is my first time. I grabbed his ass spreading it and teased his hole with my finger. I rubbed my cock and pre cum his ass and very slowly trusted in further and further with each thrust. I could tell he loved it once I was the way in. He was riding my cock as much as I was fucking him doggy. I pounded away and came deep in his ass. I pulled out and he laid the bed and said he enjoyed that very much, and wanted do it again. I agreed and he went roll over for doggy again , I grabbed him and stopped him from rolling over. I slid him to the edge of the bed and held his legs in the air. His cock was facing as I slipped into him again. This time my dick slid in easy and I fucked him hard, as I fucked him I reached down to jerk him a bit as his cock was facing me and rub my fingers over his cock tip. He resisted a bit at first but he quickly got hard, I saw the cum dripping form it so I kept fucking and jerking he came over himself. I came too and pulled out of him. He looked at it and said he really enjoyed that and thanked me for going slow and making him comfortable. It was a good time and he then took me back to my hotel and dropped me off.
Hospital Parking Lot Nurse Hookup
Posted:Jun 6, 2020 6:03 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2020 6:04 pm

Last night was a first for me, I started talking to a older woman who was a nurse at a hospital. She is older than me around 50 years old. we chatted throughout the afternoon and she said her brake was coming up at 4. I asked how much time she had and she said an hour. She asked if I wanted to come to the hospital and meet up. I agreed and showed up at 4. I texted where I was parked, and she came out. We talked for a few minutes before we ended up in the back seat of my truck. She unzipped my pants and started stroking me hard, as I got hard I pulled her pants down exposing her wet pussy and underwear. She said she was thinking about cock since she started talking to me earlier in the day. I began to lick her clit and she creamed more out of her pussy. She grabbed at me and said she wanted me inside her. I slipped the tip in and got rock hard, her pussy griped my cock like a hand it felt so good. We fucked for a while before I came and she came. She asked me to pump her as full as I could and we went a couple of rounds before she said she had to back to work. She pulled up her panties and I could see them get cum soaked instantly after that. She said her goodbye and went back to work. About and hour later I get a text with a picture of her undies full of cum, asking how I managed to do that to her panties she had never seen so much cum. I told her she was so tight I creamed hard every time. We flirted for a bit and said we should stay in touch. I had fun that evening and thought I would keep this in my memory.

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