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Bi Hotub Firstime Fun  

hotndredy4u 36M  
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6/6/2020 6:31 pm
Bi Hotub Firstime Fun

I was traveling for work at the hotel AdultFriendFinder chatting. I got a message from a guy who was asking a lot of questions about bi . We chatted for a few hours and I asked if he wanted hangout, he got scared and stopped talking for a bit. I told him we could go at his pace and he could do the experimenting with my cock if he liked. I told him I didn't have a ride as I was with a coworker and he could come over to my hotel room. He said he wasn't sure about this and hesitated. After an hour or so he asked if I wanted come over his house and said he would pick . I agreed and he came and picked me in front of the hotel. Once we got back his house he offered a beer witch I accepted. I asked if his hot tub in the backyard worked and he said ok, and said he hopes his wife doesn't find out, I asked if he wanted have a couple of beers in the hot tub relax and get know each other. We got in the hot tub and when he turned the bubbles I removed my boxers and set them the side, I could see his eyes get wide, I reached over and grabbed his cock with my hand and he did the same. He had no problem getting hard and I lightly stroked his cock. He said he always wanted try sucking cock, I got the side of the hot tub and my cock was fully erect at this point. He looked at it afraid and aroused, and came over and licked it with his tounge. He settled in in a minute or two and begin taking the tip and part of the shaft in his mouth. After a couple of minutes he said we should go inside to the bed so I followed him in to his room. he sat the bed and I began<b> stroke </font></b>his cock and was going down him and he said that wasn't necessary, and rolled over his belly thrusting his ass in the air. He said go easy this is my first time. I grabbed his ass spreading it and teased his hole with my finger. I rubbed my cock and pre cum his ass and very slowly trusted in further and further with each thrust. I could tell he loved it once I was the way in. He was riding my cock as much as I was fucking him doggy. I pounded away and came deep in his ass. I pulled out and he laid the bed and said he enjoyed that very much, and wanted do it again. I agreed and he went roll over for doggy again , I grabbed him and stopped him from rolling over. I slid him to the edge of the bed and held his legs in the air. His cock was facing as I slipped into him again. This time my dick slid in easy and I fucked him hard, as I fucked him I reached down to jerk him a bit as his cock was facing me and rub my fingers over his cock tip. He resisted a bit at first but he quickly got hard, I saw the cum dripping form it so I kept fucking and jerking he came over himself. I came too and pulled out of him. He looked at it and said he really enjoyed that and thanked me for going slow and making him comfortable. It was a good time and he then took me back to my hotel and dropped me off.

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