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陽台 Balcony  

hotpussycindy 30F  
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8/1/2020 1:29 am
陽台 Balcony

為什麼男人都喜歡我在陽台幫他們吹喇叭, 是因為有某種想暴露的慾望而覺得特別刺激嗎? 然後想讓別人看我吸肉棒嗎? 肉棒可以被吸得好硬好硬喔, 底迪肉棒被我舔一舔吸一吸吹一吹就射精了, 害我都還沒打到炮啦, 呵呵!

Why do men all like me to suck their cock in the balcony? Is it kind of exhibitionist and feel exciting to let people see my blowjob? The cock can be sucked become so hard and hard, and Leo even cumshot a huge load in my mouth after I sucked his cock not until fucking me, lol

請不要再盜用我的照片囉 Don't steal my photo again, please.

samson19682006 52M  
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8/1/2020 4:58 am

I wish you could do that for me.

GBCooper 51M  
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8/1/2020 5:08 am

yes, the exibitionism, maybe getting seen, the power shared, the woman control the cock and man's pleasure, and the woman in the submissive position on her knees for her man, and yes, want to think, see this hot woman that is with me
balcony, yes, love it

GBCooper 51M  
82 posts
8/1/2020 5:09 am

and you love it too!

proteus_2a 54M
7927 posts
8/1/2020 5:52 am

Having a woman like you, performing the deed my lady,
and with witnesses no less, is more exhilarating !

Cheers - P

k19690520 46M
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8/1/2020 8:49 am


ming6766 38M
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8/1/2020 5:09 pm



Fuckmenow_007 38M
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8/1/2020 6:36 pm

Doesn’t matter where or when, your lips around my cock would be fantastic. But in a balcony would be a lot more fun.

gun831 37M
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8/1/2020 8:32 pm


ClitLickB4DickU 61M
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8/1/2020 8:34 pm

I would Love to be sitting on your balcony with you kneeling before me and hand on the back of your head guiding my Hard Cock in and out of your Hungry Mouth until I Cu down your Throat

I would then return the favour and Lick and Suck your Wet Pussy until your Squirt in Orgasm all over my Face

Middleageduncl 43M
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8/1/2020 9:58 pm


pengfu821 35M
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8/3/2020 9:43 pm


purenaturelle 36M
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8/4/2020 7:25 am


opingsex 41M  
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8/4/2020 4:14 pm


baas142 96M
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8/5/2020 11:33 pm


lidazhi 42M  
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8/7/2020 7:41 pm


Steady7679 31M
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8/12/2020 8:30 pm

我超愛耶 尤其是從蛋蛋吸上來

Shockzs691005 40M
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8/21/2020 9:43 am


121 posts
8/27/2020 10:12 pm

打砲的事~ 交給專業的哥哥來~~

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