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why bother  

hottiefromnh 54F  
20 posts
4/9/2016 5:17 pm
why bother

why do i bother to try and make friends on here when they continue to blow you off and ignore me. Also why is it ok to treat woman like free prostitutes and fuck and go. I am human and deserve the respect you give to the rest of your world. I am a great person and deserve to get everything i want and if you gave any effort you would see that.

firedup_19 59M
1684 posts
4/9/2016 5:23 pm

obviously you are consorting with the wrong fuck buddies...

sphxdiver 71M
21066 posts
4/9/2016 5:30 pm

Hate to say it, but a lot of times on here, distance plays a big factor.

Just saying.

love2pleasu13 53M
6474 posts
4/9/2016 5:53 pm


powercaps716 64M
44794 posts
4/9/2016 6:18 pm

. It's a shame people act this way but that's how it is on here,

Myron_Blatz 113M
464 posts
4/9/2016 9:47 pm

Hello hottiefromnh. This site can be a pleasant surprise but I find it mostly frustrating. Some frustation from the members some from AdultFriendFinder. I've gone out on dates and some have turned into actual friendships that last years as well as some that are on going. I let my "Gold Membership" expire because there is a glich that AdultFriendFinder still hasn't fixed. On one of the filters it consistantly checks the box that I'm "seeking Men". I'm not. I've changed the filter, moved to another section, go back to that filter and once again "seeking Men" is checked. I'm able to go in and out and watch the "seeking Men" actually be checked. I know some women would not want to date a man that is bi-sexual. I'm sharing this site with my dad. That's his picture and age. Mine is in the other photo section and I'm 49 yrs old. He is Myron Blatz, Sr. and I'm Myron Blatz, Jr. I think you are an attractive woman and contrary to another view I like your photo and seeing you laid out on your bed. So if you would like to chat outside of AdultFriendFinder I'm myron_blatz and I'm at the victory site of Yippee Yahoo if you know what I mean. xox

doner49 36M
16 posts
4/10/2016 12:42 am

add me skype: onlyfemalesex

billydixy66 67M
180 posts
4/20/2016 7:02 am

Even those that comment here have no clue in how to be gentlemen, or even men for that matter. Very patriarchal society you live in. Seems their mothers didn't teach them respect.
It just seems that on this site, and in society in general you have to do a lot of screening
Its not about you, its about them
Hope you are able to unearth some real men

hotguy41hotgal 52M
18 posts
4/1/2017 2:20 pm

Many men just are out there for a knot in their bedpost not looking for someone one seriously. You weed and select them out and even with some layout the ground rules.

outdoorguy959413 71M  
48 posts
4/13/2017 5:54 pm

Don't give up the ship....There are lots of fine guys out there,,,,

50licketysplit 69M
16 posts
4/22/2017 12:31 pm

There's a lot of dicks (both literally & figuratively) on this site

knockinb00ts 31M
39 posts
3/8/2018 12:59 pm

For me, distance plays a big factor because I have limited mobility.

albanybob 71M  
437 posts
9/5/2019 6:01 am

It's a big job - sorting through the fakes, flakes, ghosters, and riff-raff. But I keep trying because I know sooner or later I will find a great and ongoing connection.

Loving_Lips 59F  
1 post
9/4/2020 8:27 am

Amen sister. It take time to find reputable

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