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MILF's Big Surprise  

hotwolfman55 55M
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10/1/2021 2:11 am
MILF's Big Surprise

The MILF's Big Surprise

My neighbor is the true definition of a MILF. Her attitude, her stature, her build. She was a real catch for her husband. That's of course if she likes to fuck as good as she looks. From my past experiences the two rarely meet. A beautiful woman is less likely to be as wild as a plain girl. Something like an overcompensation mechanism. Still she would be worth a good look.

They moved in a few years ago and we get along fine. Her husband looks good and between you and me, I think they make a good looking pair. They had one , a girl who had graduated high school the next year. But Jean looks great even after having a . I think Jean said she was a cheerleader and a dancer when she was younger. She loves her body and poses often when we are just talking. She wears tight shorts and tank tops all the time in the summer and she points her ass at you when she bends over to pick something up. Sometimes I think about that ass. I respect her husband and their marriage so I'm kind and polite and treat them like friends. At least that's what I thought I was projecting. What happened next was a Big Surprise.

I had set up a small bench in the garage to do some repairs and was busy focusing on the work at hand when I noticed Jean standing at the end of the driveway. She was carrying a container and the newspaper. Her legs were crossed in a pose and she rocked a little. She was active when she was young and still has that definition in her legs and waist. I must have stared at her for a long time as she got an impatient look on her face. One I'd never seen before. I motioned her to come up and I put my work tool down.

Her husband was away on a work related<b> trip </font></b>and her was away at school. My wife works all day while I do contract work. So, the neighborhood was quiet and both our houses were empty. Jean sat the things on the bench and resting her hands on the edge of the bench she crossed her legs again and leaned forward, propping up her shoulders. This was a sexy pose that made it easy for me to see her cleavage. Her hips sort of shoot out to one side and she smiled with a very satisfied expression.

After a moment her hips pushed back against the air. When she pulled herself upright again she looked like she was squeezing her butt muscles together. I looked around the neighborhood cleverly and asked if she could give me a hand with the container and put it by the sink. She looked disappointed and picked up the pile and waited for me to lead. I walked past the bench to the other end of the garage. I was thinking about being so turned on by her actions and wondered what her intentions were. But, how would I know? How could I ask her?

As we move toward the washer and dryer I heard her ask if I could help her with something as well. I turned and looked to see her standing with her legs crossed again. 'Sure,' I responded. I didn't have a reason not to. She held out the newspaper and container and had a sly but pleading look on her face. OMG! Is she hot. If we younger and single, I'd get in such big trouble. I'd be chasing her around and embarrassing myself, ruining our family reputation. I was staring at her with my 'whatever you need' smile when she said it, 'Have you ever done anal before?'

I just froze. My brain was in overdrive imagining how awesome that would be and how wrong this was but I couldn't interrupt. If that's what she wants I'll do it. Yeah she wants it. This is so wrong. I want to give it to her. This could end badly. That's when she said, 'I know you like my body. I've watched you look at me from across the street.' Ok, so maybe my projection was a little flawed. I tried to smile. She continued, 'Do you want to fuck me in the ass?' My heart skipped and I must have turned white as I stared at her. Her legs were still crossed as she wavered there with a pathetic plea now on her face. I had her permission, but where to take this. My wife was gone for a couple hours. My dick was in charge. What the hell. My expression changed and she smiled. I squinted and with a snide grin said, 'Show me that ass of yours.'

Her expression melted into a contented smile as she turned and bent over exposing her beautiful, round bubble butt stuffed into her tight shorts. She waved it back and forth in front of me. I wanted to touch it, rub my hands all over it. But, I just stood there and said, 'What are you waiting for, I said show me.' She must have loosened her tight shorts when she turned around because when she reached back they just slipped right off her ass and down her legs. That big beautiful ass just shook and jiggled. The thong underpants barely hiding a red butt plug. 'Well, do you like it now?' she said in a silky voice. My crotch twitched and I had to adjust myself or risk injury.

I groaned as my dick hardened in my pants. I reached out and placed my hand on her ass with my thumb right on the cup of the butt plug. She shook and moaned. I pressed in and she moaned louder. She was pressing back against the pressure. That's when I knew we were actually going to have sex and not just sex but anal sex. I used my coolest voice, 'Don't embarrass yourself here, let's go inside so we can have some privacy.' Then I slapped her ass and opened the door into the house.
more to come

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