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The Pizza Girl  

houndstooth 51M
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8/21/2016 6:31 am
The Pizza Girl

Our favorite little pizza delivery girl turned 18 a couple of weeks ago. Hanna had been bringing our pizzas all summer, and would mention her birthday every time, so it would have been hard to miss. She is a cute, petite, little blonde and always smiling and happy. There is certainly a spark between she and Jinx and I, we are all sort of sci-fi nerds and non-conformists.

Jinx and I had talked several times about her, and wondered if she was telling us about her birthday because she wanted to play. We decided that Jinx should test her out…mostly because Jinx is almost impossible to resist and she has a way of turning things to sex in a most graceful and eloquent way. We were pretty sure she knew what we got up to with our parties and gatherings, so that was a good start.
Jinx invited her out to dinner with us on Tuesday. We decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory, always a good choice. Jinx did most of the flirting at dinner and by the time we were getting our desert to go, Hanna wanted to come back to our place to try out the hot tub.

When we got home, Jinx and Hanna went straight to the tub. I stopped to make some coffee, looked up and the two of them were naked. When I walked out to join them, Jinx and Hanna were sitting side by side and both seemed to enjoy watching me get undressed. I knew then that we were going to have some fun.

Jinx’s flirting turned to touching then kissing. I was more or less a bystander but enjoyed the show. Hanna is only about 5 feet tall, has awesome A-cup tits with perky little nipples. Watching the two of them pet each other really turned me on.
When it was time to get out, we all went back to the living room. Jinx pushed Hanna back on the couch and knelt between her legs.

Jinx looked back at me and said "look at her clitty!" I got my first look at Hanna’s pussy, I was surprised to see what a big gorgeous clit she had. Jinx had the hood pulled way back, and her pearl looked just like the head of a little cock. I have a clit fetish anyway, but her clit is awesome. Jinx wasted no time going down on her and before long had Hanna shifting and moaning on the couch. Jinx turned back to me and asked me to get “pinky”, one of her favorite vibrators. I couldn’t take it any longer, and positioned myself behind Jinx and let my cock slip into her pussy.

After a few minutes, Jinx turned around and asked if I wanted to try. How could I resist? Jinx flopped down on the couch next to Hanna and I moved up between her legs. Jinx was tugging at her nipples as I knelt down in front. Hanna watched with wide eyes as I peeled back my foreskin and showed her my drooling glans. I slid my cock head back and forth thru the lips of her pussy. Jinx’s hand tracked down her belly and to that awesome clit. I got my another good view of it as Jinx peeled its hood way back and bared that glorious clit for me to see. I just couldn’t believe it and I just stared at it….about as big as the pad of my index finger and bubble-gum pink…, unbelievable…. Jinx brought “Pinkie” back up and started teasing the naked clit.
Hanna was starting to breathe heavily, I knew she was ready to cum. I tried pushing my cock in, but her pussy was so very very tight. Pushing against that tiny hole made my cock even harder, and finally just as she was cumming my head popped in. I’m not sure if she came twice, or just one long one, but I ended up pushing my cock all the way in and got the wonderful sensation of her slick pussy gripping my cock while she did.

I started moving in and out really slow, she was still tighter that anyone I had been with in a long time. Jinx kept up buzzing her clit with the vibrator. It was awesome sensation, Hanna would well-up and just before she would cum, Jinx would pull back the hood of her clit and let me watch that fat naked clit throb and pulse. Hanna was really enjoying our work, she was having orgasms every minute or so, grinding her pussy on my cock. I was ready to cum, too, so I brought her legs up to my shoulders. With my first thrust raking over her anterior wall and g-spot, her little hands gripped the cushions of the sofa with a death grip. I plowed away, Jinx was rubbing her clit. I drove her to a few more orgasms before I was nearing the edge myself. Jinx raised up to kiss me, as she really likes to share our breath during orgasm. I came so hard, I could feel my cum swirling around my cock inside and then spilling out on my balls….just fucking awesome.

We took a little break, then we went back to the hot tub for a while. Hanna told us that she had only had sex with a guy a couple of times and had never had cum. She had no idea that an orgasm could feel like that. We decided that we were all going to sleep together, which is a real rarity for Jinx and I to share our bed. The three of us fucked all night!! Hanna is a great new friend, Jinx just loves her, and she is so interested in kink…..we have a lot to share with her!! And, she is going to go to Dragon-con with us this year. That is going to be a lot of fun….Jinx promised to get some good costumes together.

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8/21/2016 8:04 am

Great story and pictures. I love a big beautiful clit myself. Always have loved making a woman cum by just rubbing their clit. Sounds like you 3 will have lots of fun together.

LimerickJohn 66M
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8/21/2016 10:27 am

Very nicely told.

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