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Show it at the door
Posted:May 1, 2019 9:43 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2019 4:27 pm
Last summer, we had issues in our where some of the guys were not following the rules. We must be shaved or closely cropped, no piercings on the shaft or head, clean, with no abrasions, no panties unless it served the theme. Alexa instituted a " show your cock the door" policy. Originally, people were stationed there inspect, but lately it has become a crowd favorite and lots of people gather around. It also has turned be a real ice breaker, especially at the bigger parties...hard or soft, Dom or sub, Straight, Bi, or Gay..we all must show it. Some people (like me) enjoy the eroticism of it and are always hard, others not so much. If you are uncut, they make you skin it bac

Since the policy has been implemented, a lot of guests congregate by the entry watch. Being that I have been blessed/cursed with easy arousal, my cock is always raging by the time it is my turn. And being also that I am one of the few uncircumcised guys, I get a lot of attention. Also, our resident Mistress, Alexa, has a fetish for uncut guys and that has been contagious. That has been awesome for me. She particularly enjoys exploiting the sensitivity of my glans and inner foreskin. Over the course of the past year or so she has had me work with Dr. Dave get my frenum stretched so my foreskin will shift back further down the shaft. A few months ago at an office visit, he used a scalpel to cut several "micro adhesions" at my corona to make it more prominent. It has taken some pain and patience, but good results. Both Alexa and Jinx have been especially happy with it.

One Saturday, I decided show it off. I wore a new cock/ball harness the Sinsinnati house kept it positioned so when my cock gets hard and grows, the harness holds the base in such a way it strips back the foreskin. Alexa wants the uncircumcised guys skin their dicks back so the host and hostess can get a look the bare glans. They are pretty carefully make sure we have no smegma, no piecings...just a very clean ready condition. I thought it would sexy if my cock was already peeled when I took it .

As I waited to get checked , i noticed there werw a lot more people than usual. I had forgotten that this was an open house night. It was too late to turn back, and my cock started getting hard. The harness worked its magic. The excitement and sensation of my foreskin slowly peeling off on its own, hidden in my pants was thrilling...and seemed to take an eternity. Once it was hard, I could tell the harness had my foreskin back, my bare head was throbbing and brushing against the inside of my pants getting even harder. I started getting a little nervous....there were lots of peopl, lots of new people, standing around night. I began wondering what it would like when I was called to show...the anxiety made get unbelievably hard.

If I had a few more moments to think about it, I probably would have chickened out. More and more people were assembled to watch, including several new girls that I was hoping to play with.. I had no idea it had worked so well until it was my finally turn, i stepped and and unzipped my fly. My cock was completely unbendable, so I had shift my hips just get it lined up....I threaded it through my fly...it was peeled way way back , dark from its engorgement..my glans was very plump, smooth, dry and shiny like the skin of a waxed apple, a wide band of pink flesh showing behind the ridge accentuated the fact it was completely stripped back, the shaft was as hard as oak, standing nearly vertical in a testament my excitement...everyone loved it! I was really surprised at all the positive reaction. . and Alexa was giddy see it in state, and told that I had keep it out., Sara and James stood there staring ...Nicole, Katie and Courtney liked it, too, and asked if I would like to have a blow job later....it was a wonderful -start to the evening.
Birthday at the Sinsinnati House
Posted:Apr 28, 2019 9:00 am
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2019 4:26 am
This picture was taken my birthday party the Sinsinnati House. The,party had been going for an hour or so, when Dr Dave and Alexa took back into one of the bedrooms and made get naked. Doctor Dave gave a big shot of Caverject and they sent back in naked wearing only a cock/ball harness. I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to react, but I was in the kitchen talking with some friends and my cock started getting hard, not like massive, but maybe 90% there..being naked on your birthday with a nice erection, in among a of kinky friends is a really good thing. one point, I looked and was surprised to see Hannah was heading my way, stripping off her T-shirt as she crossed the floor...she never wears a bra, and seeing her perfect tits as she approached made my heart stop. She is an extremely lady, just barely 5 feet tall, gorgeous, flexible as a contortion artist, petite frame, incredible tiny tits, a magnificent large clit, and a nice ass. We hadn't seen anything of her in the past few months, she had found a rich but vanilla boyfriend...but here she was tonight. She came , took my cock in her hand and gave a long passionate kiss like we were long lost lovers...she kisses with such passion and senauality, i would have been content to stand there for an hour making with her. But after several minutes, she broke off our kiss looked right into my eyes and said "I missed you so much, I want to you." She unbuttoned her shorts and stripped naked the rest of the way, and went down on her knees. She skinned back my cock and wrapped her lips behind the head, swirling her tongue on my bare glans inside her mouh..she started slowly, but worked to really inspired blow job right there in the middle of the kitchen floor. She was getting hotter and hotter as she did it, then stopped and asked if I would fuck her like " last time", she wanted to do it over and then start playing with us again...I knew exactly what she wanted.

I followed her to the living room, fixated on her sexy ass and tremendous tight gap. We went to the couch, and she grabbed one ankle and put it behind her head, then the other...she had the same memory of our last time. I laid down on stomach, and got my mouth lined on her pussy. I took a long upwards lick, splaying her lips apart and finished with a light brush across her big clit. I took a nice long , then stripped back her clit's hood..I was going to take my time and enjoy this!

After I gave her a couple of nice orgasms and reacquainted myself with her anatomy, I stood up on my knees, my cock was furious at me for taking so long, it was incredibly hard and just soaked in precum. I positioned myself for the first push in, skinned it back nice and tight and brought it to her pussy.

"Easy to start, OK?" She said. "I've not had a cock as big as yours since I lleft."

I started adding some pressure, and delighted in knowing she would be tight. She gasped as the head passed through. Her pussy was ever bit as tight as the first time I had fucked her, and this time my cock was as hard as railroad spike from the shot Dr. Dave had given me. I knew right then I needed to make this a little more sensual and tantric rather than fast and hard. ..but the time I came, we had worked in the entire shaft and she had wonderful glow she gets after a long series of orgasms.

We sat there together for a moment, enjoying our afterglow. My cock wad softened a bit, but was not going down. Alexa came into the room, she was rigged with a strapon she had wrapped up in birthday paper and a bow. I couldnt tell the shape, but it was certainly a long one, hanging down to her knees..she he announced it was time for me to open my presents, and everyone should go to the playroom.

As the room emptied, Alexa came and sat next to me on the couch. She said "i want you nice and hard for this. I want everyone to see your cock nice and hard when you in the room" She reached over and held my cock the base "OK, Hannnah. Let see you get him really worked ."

Hannah didn't miss a beat. She leaned over and buried my cock in her throat. Of all the things we have taught Hannah, Jinx has really trained her well at cock sucking. She took Jinx's perfect style of mixing in some work with the hand and put her own personality and desires into it. Where Jinx's likes to work the know with her hand, Hannah uses her lips and tongue. And is just what she began doing to me. She held my foreskin tight and worked her lips and down the sensitive inner foreskin the neck of my cock, rolling my glans in her mouth.

As she tuned , my eyes focused on the strapon Alexa was wearing. The paper was translucent kind, and the dildo very long, but not overly thick. She had the bo

w tied just behind the head, which appeared to be much bigger than the shaft, maybe a pear or spade shape. I began to wonder iif sthe had bought a something very special.. I got a little nervous, but more turned on. Hannah got in three or four minutes of delightful cock sucking before Alexa stood and said it was time. My cock was as hard as steel. I noticed the harness had done a job on my balls, too. The had tried to draw as they do when I get excited, only the harness had stopped their ascent. Now they were tight to the base of the harness, like two firm plums.

"One more thing. " Alexa said. She stripped back my foreskin and worked all the loose shaft skin behind my harness so it would stay way. "Maybe just a little tighter..." she said giving it her final adjustment....leaving my cock totally stripped with its glans bulging from the tension, and shaft standing nearly vertical. She loves the way my cock looks when it's hard and insists on it being peeled when it is.

We passed through the kitchen on our way to the playroom. Hannah found her shirt and put it on. Alexa grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist, but it did not do a very good job of concealing my raging hard on. Hannah must have thought it was a good idea, and covered her bottom half with a towel, too. When I passed through the door, I was surprised at how many people had . I had been so busy Hannah I hadn't any attention. There were so many, my arrival was barely noticed, only a handful of people wishing a happy birthday. Hannah and I caught with Jinx and we mingled with her until Alexa asked everyone to find a seat.

She called and reminded everyone it was my birthday. ..."so let's everyone wish him a Happy Birthday!" She said ripping my towel away. There were mostly cheers as people got their first look my stone hard cock. "Let's start him off with his birthday spanking!"

She had a couple of the guys move a table out to the middle of the room. She grabbed a large gift bag, and started setting out various paddles and straps, which didn't really surprise me...but then she brought out a contr of Albolene, took the top off and left it there with the paddles. She brought me up and made me bend over the table, with my but facing the audience, and gave them instructions.

"This is going to be playful, not punishment."she said. "I'll pick volunteers, so please be mindful others want a turn. You are welcome to put a finger or two inside him if 's fine, there's a tub of lube. I don't want anyone going in dry." She asked who wanted to be first. She picked Jeremy.

Jeremy is the resident Dom in another playgroup, so I knew things would start off pretty intense. He approached stood to my side, and immediately spread open my butt cheeks, letting everyone get a good look at my asshole. I was more than ready to be pentrated, having had an erection for so long had made me so horny...but it would have to wait. He reached over and selected his paddle, a leather ping pong paddle looking one.

"Stick out your butt." He said, and gave me my first swat.

It stung. I knew his stroke was playful, but I hadn't been spanked in a long time. He have me four or five more, then sat his paddle down. He gathered some lube on his middle finger, and spread open my asscheeks once again...this time letting his fingertip land right on my rosebud. He pushed it in, it felt amazing. My cock jumped as he pinpointed my p-spot. He gave it a little press...it felt so good, I pushed back into his hand, asking for another. He buried his finger, hooking it down and dragging hard against it. I felt a little hiccup and the rush of my precum forcing it's way .

"Oh, there we go!" Alexa exclaimed.

Jeremy had set quite an example, and Natalie was next. She came up to my front, unbuttoned her blouse enough for her beasts to be exposed. She teased her nipples into full erection doing a little for . She chose a leather strap. After she was done, just like Jeremy, she baptized her finger in the Abolene, and stuck it right in my ass. Plenty of volunteers ready to take their turn, each trying to -do the others. Alexa had to remind them twice to take it easy. the time it was done, my butt felt like it was on fire, and my asshole had been teased into a state of complete excitement.

"It's time to a game!" Alexa announced. "Tonight, In honor of our Birthday , we are going to "who's cock, and then we will do a who's pussy". The guests clapped and cheered. I was just a little confused....Who's cock is a regular game we play, but Who's pussy is not one we've ever done.

She grabbed a wooden chair and set it in the middle if the room. She came up behind with a blindfold and put it over my eyes. She asked for volunteers, and picked guys.

"Alright, you guys go over there...Get your pants and underwear off, and cocks HARD"

She had Sara help tie up with hands to the seat, an my legs spread wide open and tied to the legs of the chair. My cock was extremely hard, sure it was quite a sight.

The first guy stepped up...Sara took shoulders and leaded forward until my lips touched the head of his cock.

The rules are pretty simple, using only your mouth and tongue, you must guess the identity. There are three rounds, and in the third an incorrect guess means you sick them off. Alexa usually asks the spectators if they want to see a shot or a swallow...it's usually swallow.

So, I began by taking the head into my mouth. It was an oval shape, cicumcised, I took in more and more, trying to get an Idea of his length. It was Paul.

My poor neglected cock was rock hard as I worked my way through the next three. I was able to guess all of them and came to my final cock. Sara leaned me up, and I was immediately surprised by the girth on his head...I had to open wider, but it wasn't like a huge monster cock...just well above average. I used my tongue to feel for a frenulum, it was gone...this guy was circumcised for sure. He had a deep and wide cleft at the underneath of his glans, I became kind of fixated on it, snaking my tongue back and forth on the two distinct lobes of his glans, his precum began to spill out into my mouth, but I still did not know who he was. I took a guess, and got it wrong.

Whoever he was, sucking his cock was really turning me on. I decided to try to swallow his whole cock to get a better idea how big he was. I pressed in to him, but he was so hard and so big, I could not get it all. i tried, but ended up gagging myself. There are only a couple of guys in our group that are endowed like that...James and Gunner. Gunner has a giant cock, but a similar shape to his head. I knew it wasn't him...I guessed James..wrong again.

I only had one more guess. I decided to explore his entire cock with my tongue. His glans was very well contoured, He had a wonderful ridge, nice round shape, his urethra was a little higher than most, He was probably 8 inches, but no more than 9. Lots of vascularity on his shaft, the base was much thicker than the rest

Alexa stood up, and said it was time for me to open my present, pointing to the strapon she was wearing. I untied the bow, getting my first good sense of what she had...and it was intimidating...much heavier than I had expected. I pulled the wrapping off, and the guests went wild. It was over a foot long, the head was a pear shape as I had foreseen, maybe 2 1/2" inches around at the widest. The shaft was much slimmer at the neck, but started getting bigger about half way down
Old friend who is now Kinky
Posted:Apr 23, 2019 1:49 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2019 7:20 pm
One of the visitors to an Open House a few weeks ago was a I knew as a friend of my childhood friend Tanya, back when I was seriously overweight. I had lost track of them when they went off to college for nursing. I was way outclassed back then, but here Angie was now and interested in kink.

My cock was all sore from all the activity the night before (a very long vacuum pump, followed by a brutal edging/knobbing session), but Jinx had been rubbing on my balls as we sat together to watch some of the others giving a demonstration and had got me quite hard...and it was taking a while for it to settle back down.

At the break, Jeremy (resident Dom) came to as I was greeting Angie..he listened quietly as I gave a little synopsis of how Angie and I knew each other. some point he must have noticed I was still somewhat hard, and he began talking about what had happened to me last night and ended asking Angie if she still talked with Tanya and then if she had ever seen naked,. He put his hand though the fly of my lounge pants and took out my half-hard cock, telling her she was going to be surprised how hard my cock would get, she had really missed out.

His fingers moved to the head, and I stood very excited and watched as he gently tried to coax out the head of my cock for her..., but my foreskin was unusually tight and he rolled it from side to side as if trying to persuade my cock's head to squeeze out, it went back only far enough to unveil the very tip....the combination of my inflamed foreskin and my swollen glans from the night before had really get thing taut, especially at the opening.. He started rubbing the exposed part, and the very tip, the both of them watching as my cock got very hard...then he said "See , Angie, I wasn't kidding...he's got a big handsome cock and he gets really really hard.... gonna peel his dick back for you, let you see what he looks with a bare head, thats the best part and it will give you a good story to tell Tanya"

She kept staribg at my cock, and told Jeremy that she had never been with an uncut guy. Hearing that must have inspired him because then he started stripping it back, slipping the skin off, forcing my purple-pink glans to reveal itself as slow as a sunrise, and was talking it as he did....telling her that uncut guys have sensitive heads, that most women find it more pleasant, especially during anal, that you don't lube to give a good handjob. i was very sore, but it somehow felt good... there was a prickling sensation as the foreskin stretched, but the cool air on my glans was divine and i was ready to have it out. ...things were going OK until he almost reached the corona, which was remarkably flared and more turgid... he kept adding pressure which only made harder, but it was too tight and stopped with only bit of my glans showing..

"thats about as far as it wants to go...his foreskin is too tight from his adventure last night" He said moving his finger to touch the exposed surface. I felt a little hiccup in my balls and a big swell of precum surged out. "He's also are verrrrry ripe ...what should we do?".

She was still staring, and her reply burned straight to my core." Don't tease me like that, peel his fucking cock, let's see what he does then.....just keep going until he is SKINNED ALL THE WAY BACK....Maybe you should do it quick, like pulling a band-aidquot;

she was concentrating on my cock as another bead of precum formed at the tip. .He stood there momentarily, building suspense... then in one swift motion yanked down hard...my glans popped out and all of my pink flesh was stretched out taut down the shaft...nothing left to hide...it was a little embarrassing, but mostly exciting. "There it is, that's his fat knob." She could obviously see how raw I was. I felt a rush through my body and my cock refexively stiffened agaist his pressure, pushing more of my shaft through his grip, my glans and corona mushroomed in all its glory, dense and swollen. He held there so she could get a good the underneath side, my tight frenulum separating the distended lobes. My perineal muscles began involuntarily flexing, making my cock throb and glans flare in his tight grip. I was surprised, but she was just staring at it!

"There you go little , a nice story to tell your friend and a nice hard cock all peeled back for you!' He smiled.

"Wow! ...That's fucking awesome...Now what should I do with this?" Angie asked, looking at and moving in to replace his hand... turned to be rhetorical...she immediately dropped to her knees and kissed it right on the tip. "Tell me if this hurts." She brushed her tongue the cleft between my swollen lobes.

Needless to say, we really it off. One thing we found in common is that we enjoy doing naughty thongs discreetly in public. I had told her that I used to have fantasies about her, especially in a little denim skirt she used to wear. A couple of days later, we went on a date...she wore a denim skirt for . .no panties. I had played with her pussy all through our lunch, and got her nice and worked up. As I teased her, she confessed to having an anal fetish. I made her her butthole right then and there and she immediately popped up and turned around. She surrendered her asshole..just a little tease at the rim to make her feel more naked and exposed before I sank my finger inside and made her squeal.

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Lords and Ladies night
Posted:Apr 21, 2019 8:58 am
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2019 2:34 am
I had a great experience at a "Lords and Ladies" event. Alexa and Jinx has put it together as sort of an after-party for an event in Cincinnati. Most all of the guests were either famous themselves or married to people who were pretty famous. After starting off in costume, we transitioned to naked to serve desert. Alexa wanted our cocks to be bound, but she had something special for me...Alexa likes my glans exposed when hard, and she made Josh re-do my binding so the foreskin would shift back off my glans when I got erect...She said having foreskin peel back by itself would be an exquisite lesson in humility for . they were going to love the surprise of seeing my "fat purple head pop ".. As a final touch, she coated my glans with this special kinetic warming lube so it would be especially sensitive when it did.

When she sent us back to take desert orders, I was barely half-hard with only the slightest bit of my ultra sensitized glans showing from my foreskin, but it was hard for to stay focused, I kept looking my cock, knowing my nervousness could quickly manifest itself with my cock getting hard. I did OK with my first guest. bit my second was a outrageously Lady wearing a diaphanous lace top. Her brown nipples were hard, and poking through. As we spoke, I watched her, but she stealing glances at my cock. I could feel the pressure building..I finally couldn't take it and looked down myself. My cock was standing straight out...ticking like the second hand on a clock with the beat of my heart. It was strange for , watching my cock inflate itself almost as though it was a dream, i was a spectator. The skin got tighter and tighter, then it happened...the tension became too great and my slick bulging glans popped out like a jack-in-the-box. It was quite a display, I had to turn away...watching myself was just adding to my predicament.

I moved around to another guest, hoping to distract myself, but by now lots of people were looking and I was turned on by the attention. I felt my perineal muscles tightening like they do as my erection crests. I tried to play cool, but I could tell my cock was very hard. I
couldn't take it and looked down at myself...there it was...a massive erection, pitched way , the veins on its shaft bulging from the tight cord wrapped the base...all topped off by my very prominent and sensitive bare glans.. dense and dark and shining. Visibly throbbing, frenulum tight as a banjo string, with ever bit of skin held back, flaunting its pronounced contours. Just as the reality of my state enveloped , a giant bead of precum formed tip, then began to trickle down the cleft between my swollen lobes.. My cock bucked and it dripped off into a long crystal icicle. Alexa's idea had worked perfectly.

After I had taken all the orders, I had a chance to duck back into the kitchen and calm down...but all too soon my tray was full and I had to go back out, and this time the Lord's and Ladies had some ideas. I had to serve a couple, and as I approached, I saw a napkin in his lap...he was getting a handjob . As I leaned in, she pulled the napkin away, exposing his cock for me...It was a really nice one. He was about 8 inches long, medium girth, circumcised, with an incredible mushroom head. Almost immediately I started getting hard again...my eyes were glued to his cock as her fingers worked up and down over the exaggerated contours of his head. And then, once again, I felt my foreskin strip back and sensation of cool air on my glans....it was just enough sensation to trigger a series of instinctual flexing, and within seconds I was rock hard again, fully peeled, with my hard cock standing up.

I did get a lot of attention at the party, a lot of "ups and downs" (they loved making get hard and watching the foreskin peel off), a lot of compliments and propositions....Alexa was right, they loved it.

As a naked servant during the desert, there was one particular Lady had been very flirtatious throughout, and I was more than a bit star-struck. I would have never guessed she had some pretty diverse tastes in sex . After the dinner there was a reception and more people coming. Alexa announced to the servants to change costumes for the reception.

When the servants entered the room, everyone was clothed except for Sara, and Amy...they were naked, Alexa had them busy sucking cocks. We filed past Alexa was standing with my flirty Lady I heard her say "him" as I passed by. Alexa brought me to the middle of the floor, and told me to take off my pants. She invited the Lady to inspect, and my cock got hard, pitching an unmistakable tent as she did. As she circled me, the Lady asked Alexa if I was game for everything. Alexa told her briefly about my limits as I stood there in my boxers and shirt.

The Lady patted my butt playfully. "Take off your underwear ." The Lady directed. She watched as my underwear dropped, letting my cock spring up. "Do you know why I picked you? You've got some really nice buns....but, it is your magnificent uncircumcised cock.... is what put it over the top for me...I have got a thing for guys like you and you've got a perfect one.. . ..I want you to peel it and show everyone, peel it back real slow, let us see your foreskin stretch back over the head...STOP! Don't hold your cock down like , keep it up, 's better, now peel it." she said "thats right nice and slow, keep going..all the way on back..let us see those sexy lobes. that gorgeous fucking head...strip it back nice and tight, some people didn't get to see it at dinner, just a bit tighter ..now hold it there, Let's let everybody see what you like... that, that! I love how that looks! So well defined, like a cherry on a sundae.....Your head looks so swollen and sensitive...It is isn't it, and all that pink skin, I bet that is sensitive, too...all nice sensitive when its peeled like that"

I could tell playing with this Lady was going to be different, she was visibly excited and had no apprehension about showing it. Usually my Misread tries to be cool and collected.

The Lady circled again, then stopped behind . All the sudden, I felt a bit apprehenive...like when a dentist says those chilling words..."Open, please." She put her thumbs on my crack and pried my ass open. Time seemed to stop momentarily, everything was silent. She let her finger trace around my rim. "Oooh, THAT'S a nice surprise! Your asshole has quite an elliptical shape to it, that is so surprising to see on you... thats just what a Lady like me dreams of, a uncircumcised big cock and a well trained asshole.....Does your Mistress do naughty things to you? Does she put things inside you? Does she use a strap on? Does she make you do enemas to keep yourself clean? Are you clean tonight? I bet you are. You do things on your own, too, don't you, you dirty ?...do you put things in your butthole? like buttplugs?...do you use dildoes? Do you ever make yourself cum that way?"

After satisying herslf, she moved to my front and squatted down in front of . Taking my balls in her hand, she began kneading, as though inspecting. She had move my hand away so she could inspect my cock. She worked the foreskin over the head, each time stripping it back tight. She took some time examining my glans rimming her finger aound the corona and stroking the lobes. "You've got a beautiful cock, lovely how the foreskin peels away so nicely down the shaft, it is nice and loose, not too long, great color on head, nice shape and proportion. Nice and firm, nice firm ridge. I bet all the girls want some of you...and probably some of the boys....do you let boys suck your cock, too?" She squeezed the head with her thumb and firefinger, forcing my first bead of precum and collected it on her finger. " is beautiful, your head is so sensitive. You know, I couldnt stop looking your cock during dinner, I saw how dark purple head, it was shining and dripping..I wanted to touch it, feel smooth skin for myself, make it drip for ...it's so beautiful...open your mouth"

She brought her slick finger to my lips, coated them, then, pushed her finger into my mouth. She leaned in and kissed softly, then harder, then pushing her tongue into my mouth. I felt her hand slide over my hip and she took my cock in her hand, then kissing passionately like a lover, rolling my bare glans in her palm.

She broke momentarily and whispered "God, your dick is so hard, I've got a crush on you already", and then moved back into our kiss. Finally, she pulled herslf away dragging her tongue through her lips. She leaned in, and her whisper in my ear sent my heart into a flutter ..."you are a wonderful kisser, and you taste delicious...I love you let me do , you are so sexy. I love you are shaved, I love you get so hard for me...I love you get so wet for me, Oh, those big, tight balls....I love your uncut cock...keep it skinned back just like , everyone needs to see , everyone loves looking at you,"...

I stood there, motionless in front of everbody trying to maintain my composure as she rubbed her soft hands my shirt, over my torso, squeezing my nipples and then down to my naked buns. Her finger went deeper and deeper, until she made contact with butthole, she rubbed it gently, descreetly, making my cock petrify as she slowly as she rimmed me with her finger. My cock swelled until it was raging hard and drizzling precum. She whispered to me again "Your butthole is so smooth and sexy. Thats why you shave it, right, and do those enemas? so things slip in easier, so it's nice and sexy? Your butt plugs feel so much better without any hair, don't they? That is so . II really love it..get naked all the way for ...everything off.......now, spread your legs, I want to see how ticklish you are, I want you to go ahead and peel your cock back again, just going to use one finger, just slip one finger inside your butthole, nice and easy, let's see what happens",

She spit into her palm, and smeared it on my hole. She teased teased the rim a little more, spit once again and then wormed in her finger. My cock recoiled as she pushed in. The entire room had become focused on us, and everyone got to watch as she seduced me, making my cock jump with her flirtation with my asshole...and then she pressed down on my prostate forcing out a long fine tread of precum.

She told me to bend over the back of the couch and spread my ass open, I heard the Lady ask for lube, there was a little pause..and then her fingertip on my asshole, immediately penetrating me deeply with single finger.......and quickly advanced to 2 fingers to 3 to 4. It was pretty surreal, the room was full of people, but very quiet.

There was some murmuring as she paused to grease her hand and
forearm, but quiet again as she aligned to begin my fisting. She gave three or four pushes.."Open just a little more for , I know what you want, just push back into me ....can you feel it going in? Push just a little more, stretch just a little more and my hand will be inside you, there we go, you are doing great, it looks so , your butthole is just swallowing my hand. show me you want it and I'll make you feel so good, but we it all inside you."

Her words turned on so much, I pressed back into her firmly, then her whole hand wriggled in, she started saying very dirty things as she put on the show..a magical ballet on my P-spot began...coaxing my cock to drain an embarrassing amount of precum in surges, all while holding my cock out behind , glans bare, so they all could see, the ribbons of crystal precum dancing from the tip.

She began building and rolling on my sensitive spot creating a more intense sensation, pressing into my prostate, I felt myself welling ...but right before my orgasm she paused, then twisted her hand, and forcing a long stream of cum to pour out. She kept at it, and prodded me into a protracted series of singular and torturously regulated ejaculations without any orgasm, some small and some with more. (using a technique I had never experienced...she later told it is called "the cobblers horn"),

She talked as she worked, telling "I know what you want, I found your button, didn't I?...you dont want it to stop, do you? gonna help you drain some cum out of those big tight fucking balls...this is so sexy... you've got so much cum, I want you to show me ...this is going to feel so good..now you just show me ....just relax, don't hold back...we'll do this together."

She kept tapping out my cum until I was a quivering mess, desperate for a full orgasm, but not quite there...my balls tight to the base of my cock, my perineal muscle sore from the strain. ...then she she changed her angle and pace, tickling my prostate with such expertise, I was almost in a panic... the kind of panic you get when sledding down a hill, picking speed, half-way regretting it, on course, but out of control, totally alive in the moment...she was building to an amazing finish.

She taunted me "I know how to make it feel so good... your cock is so hard! You just want to feel it strong this time, dont you? , I know. I know. I hope you've got cum some left....Everbody wants to see a big finish You've got your cock all hard for me , you want me to make you really cum this time, don't you? I know. I can feel you getting tight....you are getting close, aren't you? "

She was bringing me to it very slow and methodically, like a roller coaster creeping a hill. Just as I began to shake, she let have it, driving her fist in deep, dragging it across my prostate, she tugged my foreskin back really hard just as I was about to blow and drove into a frenzied orgasm making shake and curse and shoot a stampede of cum wildly. My cum hitting the leather couch cushion with such foce, it sounded like a drum. Th.e other Lords and Ladies cheered and complimented her prowess. She leaned over an bit the top of my ear. " is A LOT of , nobody has ever for like , you are so fucking !, I want you inside , would you fuck if I take you upstairs to bed with , God, I want to suck your cock, and then I want you to fuck nice and slow?

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Visiting Toronto
Posted:Jan 1, 2019 5:05 am
Last Updated:May 1, 2019 9:09 am
I went to visit an friend in Toronto last weekend. Lisa had been my mentor early in my life, along with her partner, Paul. He had passed away a few ago, but Lisa is still going strong. She has a new husband, Simon, and the two of them still do a lot of mentoring in Bdsm. Lisa's style is unique, in that she teaches that sensuality, arousal, and building anticipation are a key components. If there is one person I consider to be a sexual genius, it is her.

When I arrived on Thursday, she introduced me to a that was training with them, Abby. Abby was gorgeous, maybe mid 30's, kind of petite, with long blonde hair and green sparkling eyes. Lisa had obviously mentored her in clothing, too. She was wearing a diaphanous blouse that showed off her perfect little breasts and poking nipples, a short loose skirt with stockings, just a perfect combination for my tastes. When we went to the living room, Abby sat right next to me on the couch. It felt a little strange, but when she leaned over and whispered "I want to be your girlfriend while you are here...Lisa told me all anout you...I shaved my pussy today just for you", she lifted her skirt and opened her legs to show me het bald pussy. It was gorgeous. This was going to be a fun weekend!

I didn't have too long to think about it, Lisa had made dinner reservations and asked if we were ready to go. Abby said "just a minut." Then turned to ask if I could help her get ready. She took me into the bathroom, wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me. We kissed just long enough for my cock to get hard, then she pulled away. She opened up a drawer of the vanity, and pulled out a silicone butt plug, the kind with three graduated beads. "Can you help me get this in?" She ssked, turning around and bending over. I saw the lube in the open drawer, and asked her to spread open for me as I lubricated. I smeared a little on her cute brown star, then pushed in my finger. She wagged her as in approval. Out with my finger and in with the first bead, and was surprised to see how readily she took it in. I kept pushing until it popped in and seated., rubbed her rim then pushed in the others. She stood up slowly, then turned back to me. "Are you wearing underwear? Take them off real quick, it will be better in the restaurant." Couldn't argue with that.

I had never been to the restaurant that Lisa had picked, but I knew right away why she had. It was dimly lit, the tables were fairly private, and they had long tablecloths..
The trifecta of requirements for outstanding and discreet public . Almost immediately my thoughts went to playing with Abby's pussy during dinner, and my thoughts were really turning me on.

After our waiter took our order, I could tell the fun had started between Simon and Lisa. She got this starry eyed gaze on her face. I was a bit surprised as Abby slid her hand over my thigh and to my crotch...I was getting hard almost immediately. Abby leaned over and asked "do you like that?" It was at that point I knew I was going to like playing with Abby, she was a talker, and that really turns me on.

She stopped to unbuckle my belt and undid the top button. I always confronted with a bit of nervousness and self-consciousness when playing with someone new, mostly because my cock gets so hard, the fact that uncircumcised, that my balls get tight when excited and that I leak precum profusely. Within seconds she was discovering my secrets one by one..., her warm soft hand was massaging my stiff cock until it petrified in her grip. She squeezed it a couple of times, as though testing it's turgor. "That's very nice" she said, now smiling "that's just what i like.". I was trying to maintain some composure when selecting my meal, but then she reached up to my chin and turned my face to hers. It was quite a magical moment as she looked deep into my eyes as she slowly began stripping back the foreskin off the head of my cock. "What do you think about that? peeling your cock back. Ooooh, you like that, dont you? I love uncut guys" she said as she watched me intently guiding the soft pad of her finger explored my bare glans, testing for reactions. I couldnt help but to flex my cock in appreciation, and sure my breath became stilted. "You are so sensitive and SO FUCKING HARD , she proclaimed in a whispered exclamation. I knew Lisa had taught her well...technique and reaction are pillars of her method. What followed was the most expert and epic tease in .

She started off right on the tip of my glans. Running the soft pad of her finger over the slit, stopping every so often to gently squeeze at the bulging sides. I felt the sensation change as my precum began to flow. She used it to trace the contours of my glans, the lobes, the corona, and then back. She flicked her finger back and forth over the corona, "what's that?" She asked playfully. A fantastic appetizer. As the waiter approched, she swirled around the tip and pulled her hand out of my pants, taking it to her wine glass and coating the rim with my precum. It was so sexy watching her drink.

The waiter left, and she went right back to her work. My exposed glans was now slick with my precum, and more and more cascading out as the teasing became more and more potent. She never gave me a single stroke, just worked miracles on my bare knob. The waiter surprised us, stopping by to say the food was coming. As soon as his back was turned, she swiped up my head and brought out her hand. She told me to open my mouth, and stuck two slick fingers inside. I closed and she brushed them across my tongue on the withdrawal. She immediately leaned in and kissed me, letting her tongue twist against mine, deeper and deeper, building a deep hunger for her inside me. I snuck my hand up the front of her blouse, an to her nipple. She winced as I rubbed it, exhaling into my mouth....I knew we had found a magical chemistry.

Our dinners arrived, and when things were settled, Abby spoke up as she poured a little olive oil on a side plate. This is time loud enough for Lisa and Simon to hear..."would you take your cock out for me? I've got something special for you?" I pulled the tablecloth over my lap, unzipped my fly, and coaxed my hard cock out of my pants. She swirled her fingers around the olive oil, then brought them to my cock

She started with one of Lisa's favorite moves, one she taught me as "the bubble". It begins with the thumb and forefinger wrapping around the shaft an inch below the head, you squeeze and drag your fingers up, forcing more and more blood into the glans, making it distend and sensitize. It also great for milking out precum, and on a guy like me who has a lot anyway, it really pours.

Once she had my glans tight as it can be, she said "I want to see it. " She glanced around the room, then pulled the tablecloth up and over, completely exposing my cock. She stretched my foreskin way back and stared down at my bulbous head and it's sturdy trunk. My glans was showing it's wonderful deep purple color, shining like the skin of a apple. She took out her ponytail and put the band around the base of my cock. Then she took my tight balls into her hand.giving them a gentle caress, pulling them back down. "I want you hard, hard!. going to show you what I think of that." She said plainly, looking down at my enraged cock now with its veins bulging and hard a a railroad spike. She didn't wait for a response,, just a graceful and subtle as could be she leaned down and took it into her mouth. She rolled around the head with her tongue and then came back up. "I want to a little game with that hard cock..lets it "can you take it?" I'll do some things to you and all you have to do is let me know when you me to stop so you don't cum right here in front of everyone. How does that sound?" The truth is, I wasn't sure..but, I didn't want her to stop. She concealed me with the tablecloth and then she began.

She took another dip in the olive oil, and started in with long slow strokes. Firm on the down stroke, light on the ascent, with several orbits on the glans at the top, followed by a pause before reoeating. It was obvious to me that Lisa had taught her a lot about how to give pleasure. Most women go right to a quick paced stroke, but Abby had learned the tools of technique and patience. The one Abby was using on me was one called "le grand repas", and it is a particular favorite of mine, and is a fantastic choice for uncircumcised guys. The firm down stroke, called "Le morsure" (the bite) strips all the sensitive foreskin back, stretches out the frenulum and ridged band, compels the cock muscles to tighten against the pressure. The light up stroke tantalizes that laid out skin, and engages the neck and corona, and then the glans itself, Lisa calls it "le gout" (the taste). The next component is the chew...which is orbiting motions around the glans and neck. Lisa taught me to visualize chewing a piece of steak when I learned it, go nice and slow, chew well. It is only to engage the glans. The final step is a pause, Lisa termed "le choix", where you take a moment to think about your next pattern. Le choix can be skipped entirely if you want to maximize stimulation, or excruciatingly long if you want to maximize anticipation.

Abby was doing some wonderful work on my cock, the band she had put on the base was keeping me so engorged, and my precum would build pressure behind it until if would finally push through in a hot surge. I was loving it. The way she kept this slow and sensual. I kind of lost my composure at on point and gripped tightly at her thigh as she had got me very close. As my hand relaxed she guided it up her skirt "you want to see how turned on I ?" She asked, pushing my hand toward her pussy. I made contact with her smooth lips, she was drenched. I separated her lips and felt for the ring at the end of her butt plug and gave it a little tug. She squirmed in her seat, I don't think she was expecting that. I gave another, this time worming my finger into her pussy as she jostled. There was a distinct change of color in her neck, and her little nipples went into a full erection.

Her pace of work on my cock picked up, and I knew that I was on to something good for her, something she wanted. She worked my rock ribbed cock up and down, but was having trouble concentrating on her efforts. I curled my finger inside her, looking for her g-spot. It didn't take me but a few passes inside and I had it...her thighs squeezed together as I began teasing at it as if she was a bit apprehensive...that turned out to be a bit of a miscalculation on my part ..I had underestimated her arousal, she was on the verge of an orgasm. I reached over with my other hand and pulled her leg tight into mine, opening her back up and then resumed. She was knobbing away at my glans
, bit it only took me a few surgical passes on her prominent g-spot and she stopped, gripping tightly on my cock...I knew she was about to cum. Taking a page from her playbook, I guided her to face me, then leaned in and began kissing her. I tickled away at her sweet spot, her pussy was getting tighter and tighter, her kissing became very deep, she grabbed my wrist and began panting into my mouth. I stole her breath and gave her a quick flurry with my slick fingers...,She broke into a huge orgasm....she tried to wiggle back in her seat, but I kept up with her, not letting her take a breath or escape my stimulation, and continued whittling away at her secret spot, making her stiffen and surrender.

When it was over, she looked at me as though she had just fallen in love and gave me a beautifully passionate kiss, kneading my swollen balls in her soft hand and whispered in my ear " glad your cock is still hard because not done with you yet". But what she didn't know is that I wasn't done with her either!
My start in Kink...part 5
Posted:May 13, 2018 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2019 2:48 am

All of our planning for the 4 weeks our folks were going to be gone really paid off.   We dropped off our folks the airport, made a quick stop the liquor store and grocery and hurried home.  Once we got in the door, she and I both got naked..it was our plan to stay naked around the house as much as possible.   Needless to say, I was looking forward to getting things started.

We had rented several porno's and Marni was coming over.   Kara went around putting sheets over the couches and recliners, and I hauled our toy chest into the exercise room.   We had accumulated quite a collection, but many were still brand new and just waiting to be tried.  Our plan was to set the exercise room as our playroom...it was perfect for it, with a tile floor and a wall of mirrors on one end, great lighting, a nice television with a vcr.   Lou had a camcorder we planned on using to make our own videos.  We really had every imaginable resource right our fingertips.

Marni arrived within an hour and we were all naked and ready to enjoy the evening.   I got the champagne, and we all sat together on the couch, ready for the fun to begin.  Kara had found this one was set in the 1920's.  I forget the name, but it was sort of a "Bonnie and Clyde spoof.... it was the perfect pick for our first movie.  The girls had this fascination going with the era.  They had started rehearsal for their "Great Gatsby" and had put a lot of effort into studying the era.  We sat there naked together, sipping champagne and eating these wonderful cannoli.   When I looked over at them, they really looked like a couple of showgirls from the era.

As a rule, we didn't too much with each other while the movies were going.   We all felt free enough around each other to touch ourselves, but we had discovered watching together would really bring the anticipation to a boil if we kept things moving slowly.  Kara had brought out one of her little slender vibrators and was playing with her pussy when this fantastic scene came on.    Bonnie and Clyde had handcuffed the bank manager and the tellers, and wanted the safe open.   Clyde grabbed the manager, bent him over a table and pulled his pants down.   All the sudden I was aware my cock was very hard, and as Bonnie encouraged Clyde to fuck his ass, I was literally squirming with anticipation.  He took a knife and cut off the guys underwear. Clyde stood behind him, stroking at his porno sized cock until it was real hard,  then pushed it in.   Clyde worked his cock in and out slowly as Bonnie continued to encourage him...the camera angle switched to a close up of the manager's hard cock, just as a big swell of precum pushed out..an incredible scene. It was really a magnificent moment for me, realizing right then I wanted to try.   Looking back, sure Kara and Marni must have known I liked the scene.

As the movie was coming to an end,  Kara gave a kiss and started slowly stroking my cock.   As I started to get more and more excited, Kara had scoot to the edge of the couch and she sat on the floor like she was getting ready to give a BJ.  She was slowly stroking and massaging my balls, but started to work lower and lower.   I felt her fingertip on my asshole.  She just started slowly running around the rim when the phone rang.

We were compelled to answer, as we were expecting a from our parents.   Sure enough it was my mom, she and Lou had just landed in New York.   As I started my conversation, Kara leaned to my open ear and whispered "Let see your butthole".   She took my ankles and lifted my feet to the edge of the sofa, giving her access.   As I tried talking to my mom, Kara went back to teasing my ass.  She took her little vibrator, held the jar of Abolene, and dipped it in.  She started dragging in slowly across hole, my cock was raging hard.   I tried to keep my answers short, but my mom just kept going on...she wanted to make sure we were going to be OK.    I was almost out of breath from the Kara's teasing when I finally hung .

I remember distinctly the sound of the buzzing toy, and how it changed as she lined the tip on my asshole.  It felt amazing, too.  She really built the suspense, letting the toy's vibrations weaken my resistance....then the sound changed again as she pushed in the tip.  To a deeper hum as she fed it to .  My cock stood straight ....the feelings were much better than I had ever expected.  Precum just boiled out of my cock...there was no denying it turned on...it turned the girls on, too. I was instantly hooked, and from day on, anal has been a favorite of mine.  Kara liked it too, I remember her repeating " Oh, god.  is so sexy!"

About the third day in, we started playing a little game "slave for the day".   Since it was Kara's idea..I was the first slave.  It wasn't really a full day, we started the play when I got home from work in the afternoon.  She had decided I should just wear a loin cloth, and it was waiting for on the side table by the front door when I walked in day..along with a leather ball stretcher.   She and Marni were outside in pool, so I got dressed and went on out.   

Putting on the outfit had turned on, and my cock was still kind of hard when I heard them calling for .   I knew they would really enjoy seeing walk out with my cock all hard, lifting the loincloth like a sail.  I really underestimated just how much they would like it, they were both super excited to see dressed like .  They had a great time making me dry them off, coat them with suntan oil, get their drinks and snacks, just about anything they could think of.  

Once they were done, we all went back inside, Kara had a little surprise for me.  She led me straight to the exercise room and showed me this cone shaped butt plug.   Marni had this thin leash and she snapped it on to the d-ring on my ball stretcher.   Kara made me bend over and spread.

I took a grip on my flesh and pulled, separating my cheeks and surrendering to Kara.  She laid a thumb on my rim, and began circling, anointing it with a copious amount of Albolene.   I felt the dome of the fat plug make its introduction to my flesh. It pressed firmly against my asshole, like a nail poised on a block of wood waiting for the hammer to strike She added effort until I felt my ring begin to yield.  I felt the inevitable violation as the tip of the plug progressed past my opening and greeted my hidden surfaces.  Marni was standing at my side and tightened her grip on my balls, pulling them forward in her eagerness to watch the plug disappear.

Kara added force as it stretched my hole with its descent.   I felt Kara's delicate fingertip track around the rim promoting its dilation.  My final inhibition melted away and I eased back into the pressure. With one final gulp it was in and locked tight against my sphincter.

Marni tucked her hand under my shoulder and guided me . I recognized an almost unbelievable bliss as it engaged my prostate when I stood.

I once again felt completely nude as my cock betrayed my composure by complimenting the pleasure of the plug by beginning chain of uncontrollable spasms.  Marni was the first to see, she grabbed me by the cock and turned me so Kara could watch.  She reached down and skinned my dick back..just compounding my ordeal.   I was wrecked, a captive to the very potent sensations; my rigid cock bounced and down wildly in an impetuous series and I had nowhere to hide.

I struggled in my mind to regain control, but the sensations were supreme; the girls loved it and their approving comments stirred my exhibitionist spirit. The involuntary flexing of the muscles at the base of my cock caused the plug to grind against my prostate, initiating another round.  The excessive swelling of my cock, my bare glans, the tight ball stretcher all contributed their flavor to my erotic stew.   To worsen my embarrassment, my precum began to flow, following my swaying cock like a string of a yo-yo.  They just stood and watched, enjoying the show for what seemed like an eternity.  Marni tried to take charge with the leash, and tugged firmly as though she were trying to restrain an unruly dog.   The pressure against my balls pushed me deeper into hardship.  My cock rejoiced at pulling against the resistance and reacted by bucking wildly, and slinging precum as though it were a bullwhip.  They took off my loincloth and made me go around with buttplug in until we got ready to go out for dinner.
My Start in Kink...part 4
Posted:Apr 14, 2018 7:11 am
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2018 1:44 am

In July, Kara had been cast in a play of the Great Gatsby.   She started hanging around with another girl in the play, Marni.   Marni had only been in the states a few years, her dad was transferred in by Lilly to take some sort of research job.   She was beautiful, they were Jewish and her mom and dad were from Egypt.   She was dark skinned, dark haired, had these wonderful green eyes..really an exotic beauty.  I had come to know a lot about her secrets, that she had only had one boyfriend and also that Kara had helped her get started on the pill. She and Kara and I would all hang out at our pool together.   

Kara's dad, Lou, had got me a job at one of his friend's companies.  Mostly, I drove around in an awesome pick-up truck taking blueprints from her to there or other errands...it was great, and they paid more than I had ever made.  One afternoon, I came home and found that Kara and Marni had been to the stylist and got their hair cut in 1920's bob style so they would look more in character.   They really looked exceptional.   We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool, like usual.   I had come in to get a snack and started watching TV.   Kara kind of crept into the room and jumped up next to me on the couch.   She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she had shaved Marni's pussy....and did I want to fuck her?... she told me that they would meet me in the shower.

I went off by myself, but the girls did not arrive until I already out.  I was standing in my side of the bathroom when they knocked  on the door.   I wrapped a towel around myself and let them in.   Kara led me back into her bedroom and sat me on the edge of the bed.  My cock was already getting hard, but Kara started rubbing it through the towel, telling Marni to take of her bathing suit.   Her brown nipples were poking out hard and really looked dynamite against her tan flesh.   She was just about to take off her bottoms when Kara flopped open my towel, and Marni's eyes widened when she saw my rock hard cock standing straight up.  Kara piped up with "Marni has never seen one like yours".    Kara had Marni kneel down between my legs, then she skinned my dick back to show her how it worked.   Marni had this wonderful look on her face as the purple head emerged.   She put her hand on my cock and gave it a few strokes, watching the skin rise and fall off my head.   She took my cock in her mouth and started giving me a bj.   I'm glad that Kara was there, because Marni did not really have it down.   In a most amazing way, Kara began to mentor Marni about how to pleasure an uncut cock.   How to tease with the skin, how to peel it bare and work around the rim and the lobes.   Marni was an enthusiastic student!

After a nice long tease like that, I was more than ready to fuck Marni.   I stood up and put her on the edge of the bed.   I knelt down in front of her and put her legs up on my shoulders, starting to pull off her bottoms.   Kara started getting naked, too.  As I pulled off her bikini, I finally got a look at her beautiful freshly shaved pussy.  She had great musculature in her abdominal area, and my eyes tracked down to her pussy.   I almost could not believe my eyes...she had a huge clit.  The tip of it was pushed out of the hood, about the size of a fat blueberry It was almost bubble gum pink .   I looked at Kara in surprise..she smiled and winked.   I knew right then that the fucking was going to wait while I played with that clit.  Her whole pussy was beautiful, dark brown lips with a pink center.   Marni held her breath as I started, I don't think she knew what to expect.   It took her a minute to relax, but once she did, I tugged back on the hood of her clit and exposed it all.   It was glorious, her clit had a distictly well formed head with a shaft that was just a little darker in color. She went crazy grabbing at the sheets and squeezing my head with her thighs as I rolled it with my tongue and sucked it.  When I  figured out what she liked, I was able to push her into 3 or 4 orgasms in a row...serious orgasms.   

After I had satisfied myself eating her pussy, I moved into position to start our first fuck.   Legs back on my shoulders, skinned back my dick, and used my slick head to spread out her lips.   I let it hover at her opening and tried to push it it..her hole was tiny. I looked up at Kara. She was sat back with her legs apart and had spread her pussy lips open, too. She was watching intently, teasing at the opening of her pussy as if she were having a great vicarious thrill. She looked at me, and in her most sultry voice commanded that I push it in...all.the.way. I put more and more pressure on the tip, and finally pushed my head in.  Her pussy was  tighter than any I had ever had.  Marni's eyes got real wide as I kept pushing in until every millimeter was buried. I kept things nice and slow so I wouldn't hurt her, but also very firm and deliberate. Kara curled her fingers into her pussy loving the show.   I finally got Marni loosened up and Kara moved to her side and started playing with her clit.  She kept the hood pulled way back and seeing that fat smooth clit on its ribbed stem throbbing while I fucked has become a memory that is burned into my memory.   She would twinge every time my cock struck deep as her clit rubbed my groin.  She was cumming again and again, it was amazing,   Her pussy constricting away at my over-ripe cock became too much, and I started really banging away at her.   Perfect timing at the end, just as she started into another orgasm, I was there with her filling her with boiling cum. She loved it.

After it was over, she thanked us for the experience.  She had never had a guy go down on her, never had sex without a condom and loved the way it felt when I came, never played with another girl.  For all of us, it was our first threesome.  Marni's big clit was the real starting point of my clit fetish. It would have been impossible for us to imagine all the debauched erotic pleasures we would explore together in the coming years.

We ended up in one hell of an all-star fuckfest that night.   I was in great form and probably fucked each of them six or seven times by the time we got out of bed the next morning, and my muscles were so sore, like I had an epic workout at the gym
Sleeping with two naked hot girls is something every guy should experience!  Kara and Marni had found that they enjoyed pleasuring each other and things just took off from there.   It was really perfect timing as my mom and Lou were soon to be heading out on a European vacation and were going to be gone for 4 weeks.  

That next week, Kara and I made preparations for having the house to ourselves.   We had agreed that we were going to go around naked the whole time that our parents were gone, just not on the days when the cleaning and lawn mowing crews came.    Kara had developed quite a fetish for watching my cock get hard, and wanted to get the most out of our time alone.  We bought padlocks for the gates on the privacy fence around the pool and hot tub, so there wouldn't be any unwanted guests seeing what we were doing.   We decided that we use the exercise room as our play room.   It really was awesome for that, it had a wall of mirrors on one side, linoleum floor, several pieces of gym equipment that we could use for play.    Once Mom and Lou left, we were going to move in a futon mattress.  And we were hoping that Lou was going to leave his camcorder so we could do some homemade porn of our own.

She and I made a little road trip to an adult bookstore down in Bloomington.   Kara came down that afternoon wearing a little tennis skirt, a bikini top and an unbuttoned see-thru shirt...I knew it was going to be a good time!   Once we were on 465, Kara took off her bikini top, the shirt was so thin you could easily make out her nipple underneath...and they were pretty much always hard. She flipped up the armrest and slid over next to me.    She pulled her skirt up to show me that she wasn't wearing any panties.   I rested my hand on her thigh and started creeping up towards her pussy, she wasn't having anything of a tease that day.   She straightened out two of my fingers and crammed them into her pussy....she was already soaking wet and slippery.   This was going to be a good day!

The store was filled with all sorts of wondrous things.   I had brought a weeks worth of pay and we started picking things out.  She especially was looking for a strap-on so that she could fuck Marni, but we bought all sorts of things, too.   We got a vibrating egg, several butt plugs, a set of leather restraints, anal beads, a vibrator, a couple of cock rings, and another dildo that would work with the strapon rig.   Once we had the toys picked out, Kara started looking at magazines...and that was really fortuitous (we were going to learn a lot of new things).   She found several, all with fetish/bdsm themes.    It ended up being a lot of money, but it was going to be worth every penny!

We had a great dinner at the Trojan and headed home...it was already dark.  On the way back, Kara couldn't wait to start playing with our new toys.   She took out the vibrating egg, put in some batteries and her pussy just swallowed it....she handed the control to me.  I started it up and let it purr away as I brushed the lips of her pussy with my free hand... the juice was just pouring out.   She was so worked up that she opened up her shirt and started playing with her breasts as I cycled through the settings on the egg.   Once we got past Martinsville, she took out my cock and started teasing me using her favorite method. Stroke my balls until my cock was raging hard, peel back my foreskin, spit into her hand, and roll around on my knob. Once she had my precum flowing she would keep me hard with what she called "rubbing behind his ears"....
That was tracking and squeezing with her fingers just behind the ridge mostly on the sides if my bared glans. It would drive me crazy, and my cock would just slobber precum. She would duck down for some soft sucking every once in a while, but mostly just tantalizing my bare head..and just enough to keep me ridiculously hard without making me cum.  We had to stop at the McDonalds that was close to the house and got ourselves gathered up.   It was a wonderful trip, and we now had the tools to take things to a whole new level.
My Start in Kink..part 3
Posted:Apr 7, 2018 7:04 am
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2018 9:17 pm

I've written a couple of times about my start in kink. You might want to look for the first two parts before reading this, it will give some background.

Kara and I had discovered that we both enjoyed learning and experimenting...we both like the look and feel of shaved bodies...we both had developed an understanding of how important arousal and teasing were...and we both were realizing that there was a vast world of sensations and pleasures to find. 

In most of our early times together, we planned our meetings around the comings and goings of our folks.   As things developed between us, Kara and I started to manage to sneak in some time together even when they were home.   Conveniently, the bedrooms they had us set up in shared a "Jack and Jill" style bathroom.   I couldn't begin to count the number of times she sneaked in to my shower, or I went in to hers.    I loved showering with her, and even washing her hair was a huge turn-on for me.  She would stand behind me, pressed in tight and wash my cock with her soft soapy hands.   We both loved kissing, and we would stand under the water together kissing until the hot water would run out.  She enjoyed stroking my hard cock as we kissed (she said she loved the way I would breathe into her) so i got used to staying aroused without expectation of orgasm. Shower time was much more about passion and sensuality than kink, but I think we realized how the two elements built off one another.

Over that first summer, we spent a lot of time together.  Our folks were usually off doing their thing, or boating on Geist, or with their friends.   During the day, one of our favorite things was shopping.   Kara had use of her dad's credit card, and I never once heard him complain about the bill.   Those shopping excursions were the first time we began picking clothes to suit our sexual habit.   She liked me to wear baggy over-sized shorts so she could have access to my cock through the leg.  We chose a lot of tennis skirts for her, ones that were just long enough that she would be safe with tiny panties or even without wearing panties underneath.   She preferred that I did not wear underwear, but we did quite a bit of shopping for hers.    I always picked bras that were nearly see through, as I had developed quite a fetish for her nipples.   

It was on one of those shopping trips that I had my first public sexual experience.   We had gone to Galyan's in Plainfield one afternoon.  She had played with my dick the whole way there, so I was pretty primed. She had already got very good at keeping me hard for long atretches, she really got off on coaxing out my precum, and I havebeen blessed with an almost unlimited supply. They must have been low on staff that day, and Kara followed me into the changing room.  She sat in the chair as I tried on the shorts, and then pulled me in close to her.   Her hand went right up the leg to my cock, and within a few seconds, I was rock hard.   She threaded it out the leg hole, and started giving me a BJ.  She had masterful technique...she would play for a while until I was super hard, then peel back my foreskin and really work on my bare knob.  When I was about to cum, she would put both of her hands on my sides just below my rib cage where I have a tickle spot and would hold me steady as i came in her mouth. Her soft tongue would dig away at the underside as i came..   I came so hard that day, shot every bit of my load right into her mouth with only a few breathless gasps as I did. 

We may have been pressing our luck, but there were a lot of good finds at Galyan's that day.   We picked out some skirts and tank tops for her and went back to the changing room.   As she tried on the skirts, I my courage started to build.   It was seeing her in the tank top, with her bottom half naked that really took me over the top.   Her nipples were poking straight out and I could tell that the whole thing was turning her on.   I pushed her back to the chair and started teasing around on her pussy with my tongue.   She wasn't as quiet as I had been, but was whimpering softly as I built her up.   I slid two fingers in and danced around her g-spot.   It only took a couple of seconds and she was pulling my face into her pussy and cumming.   I figured she was good for another and didn't let up until she came again.   I think we both realized that things like this were going to be a lot of fun. Needless to say, it was a watershed day for us...but also a good sale for Galyan's!

It was early in that summer that I decided not to return to IU Bloomington.   It was partly that IUPUI had some management classes that I wanted, but also that I recognized that this relationship with Kara was something that had a lot of value for me, too.   She was giddy with the news, and the two of us had a lot more to explore that summer.

She had been cast in a summer stock theatre for the production of Grease.   My exposure to theatre and dance had been limited, but she asked me to help her practice.   How could I say no, watching her dance was thrilling to me.   She was graceful and precise, but most of all looked like she had a ball doing it.  My job was not as easy as I had hoped, nor did it come as naturally.   It was in on of those practice sessions that I would say I had my first exposure to role-playing.   She was wearing most of her costume; a poodle skirt and sweater.   She wanted me dressed as well in jeans and a leather jacket (I can remember feeling much like the Fonz).  We did our dance, and when it was over, it ended in an embrace.   I remember her looking up at me as I pushed my hand up her sweater and took her breast in my hand.  She was irresistible, with those clothes and her pony tails.   I bent her over the arm of the sofa and pushed her skirt up onto her back, pulled her panties down to her knees and stuffed my cock into her just as "You're the one that I want" started to play.   I grabbed those pony tails and just fucked her as hard as I could. I looked down at her ass as my hips pounded her and became entranced with her asshole.  There were beads of sweat forming on her lower back. We had never done anything anal before, but I could not help myself.   I wet my thumb and started to roll it over her star...and she went wild!   I gripped at her cheeks and pushed it in...it triggered a huge orgasm for her, to the point where her legs were shaking. All that physicality and sensation of her cumming, and the feeling of power I had. I kept slamming away, pushing my thumb deep...she just kept cumming. It was overwhelming and I blew. I stood there with her impaled on my cock until we were both well past our orgasms. When I finally pulled out, she turned around and kissed me harder and deeper than she ever had.   It was awesome....and the jumping off point for more role play and a lot of anal exploration. 

Our summer was just getting started....
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Hannah's turn at the wheel
Posted:Dec 17, 2017 7:37 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2019 9:58 am
I had a really great time over at Alexa's house last night... she had invited us all over for what she called at pajama party. It was the usual group plus several new people that were friends of Sara and James, probably 15 people. She had told us ahead of time that she was going to start a new version of her Spin the Wheel game I guess it was because a lot of the new people were not interested or maybe they were intimidated by the old game. 

The new game would have two wheels one would be for the newer folks and the other four the veterans.  The newbie wheel would have more sensual scenes, like "full body massage with happy ending",  and "very physical trainer".   The old wheel would have a lot of the old, but would also be updated.   Needless to say, everyone was excited about it.

He pajama parties are great fun by themselves.  I particularly like the way there are a lot of "half-naked" people running around.  

It was Hanna's first time joining the group as a full participant, so naturally Alexis had her take a spin on the wheel.   She landed on "Tickled Pink" and there was a slight chuckle from the spectators.   Alexa told Hanna to get naked.   It was lovely to watch, Hanna is a very petite girl and she's been working out regularly since she has been staying with us.   She is really looking awesome.   Her tiny little nipples were poking out and punctuated her small frame in a most attractive way.    Alexa called up Sara and James, and told them to put her on the "shadow board".   Her shadow board is more of a table that has been designed in a body shape, allows her to strap people down pretty completely.   And that is just what they did...from ankles to neck, Hanna was buckled in.

Alexa announced that she wanted to get Hanna "sensitized" as the first step.   She and Sara got out the suction tubes and put them on Hanna's nipples and clit.   As they were working, she had James begin to coat Hanna with a special oil that she had formulated (I think this one was her ginger oil) and a broad paint brush.    As James began, Alexa and Sara worked together putting little clamps on the lips of Hanna's pussy and then rigged them up to keep her spread open.  Alexa stopped and took a drink, then came around with a vase full of different kinds of feathers and tools, offered several of us a pick.  

When James had finished oiling her up, Alexa called up the group of volunteer ticklers, and she let me take the position between Hannah's hips.   Jinx and Corey were on her sides, Alexa stood at her head, and two of the new people were on her legs and feet, and Dr. Dave got to sit on the floor below her butt so he could tickle her asshole.   I got a great show when Alexa started removing the suction tubes Hannah's nipples. They looked beautiful... some of the areola had been taking it to the tube so now her nipples erect and standing way out from her breasts.   Jinx had this wonderful ostrich feather and was working a line from her stomach to her chest, Corey began some detail work at the base of her nipples.  Poor Hannah was already struggling, and the fun had really just begun.

Alexa reached down and took the tube off Hannah's clit.   She has a big one to begin with, but after it is pumped, it really takes on a new look.  It was shining and plump, bright pink, and most of it was protruding from the hood.  It looked like a strawberry ice cream cone.  I didn't waste a moment and went right to tickling it with the tip of my goose feather.    Everybody was working together at that point.   Hannah's legs and torso were trying to free themselves from the restraints.   Her glutes would tighten as Dr.Dave teased her asshole.    He started mixing in some passes to the inner folds of her pussy, and it didn't take long for her juices to start flowing.

Alexa changed positions and went between Hannah's legs...I knew we were in for a treat.   Alexa has such a talent with her fingers, she is really an orgasm artist.   I went ahead and tugged back the hood on Hannah's clit so I could get some good action in on it's little corona and stem.   Hannah gasped as Alexa's fingers curled in and found her g-spot and went to work.    Hannah's hands tightened into fists and her whole body spasmed as she took her first orgasm.    It was a special one...Hannah had never been made to cum in front of everyone before. Alexa told Dr Dave to put his finger in her ass and asked me to keep her clit popped out. Alexa really started giving it to her, and had Hannah cumming in regular intervals. She would pause to let Hannah settle after 3ach one, but then we would gear back up with the tickling and Alexa would make her cum. Hanna seemed to really like the stuff Dr.Dave was doing to her asshole. We worked her body over like a team of pros.   The two new girls looked on in awe as Hannah completely lost control, squealing with delight and sensory overload....it really blew her mind.
New Things
Posted:Nov 23, 2017 9:53 am
Last Updated:Oct 20, 2018 7:51 am
Jinx and I have been ing with the crew from Indianapolis over the couple of months.  They are a group of 6, with Catherine being the director of operations.    She has a unique website and we have had a lot of fun filming and photographing content for her.  Things range from the sensually sublime to some of the most debauched erotic; just the kind of pattern that Jinx and I love, so we have fit in very well. 

A few weeks ago, Catherine came to me with a couple of ideas.  Things have turned out really well with them.   She wanted to find a way to train me to have several miniature orgasms and also wanted to explore some different ways to trigger them.  She also wanted to do a series where I read from an erotic novel while of the females worked on me in symmetry with the text.   I thought both ideas sounded great, and was all in.

Jinx and I started to work immediately on trying to me get better control of my orgasms...actually she got really excited about it.   It was both fun and a bit frustrating.   Historiy, I've been pretty good at resisting the urge to cum, but pretty terrible at just letting spurt happen and then closing it off.   It has happened in the course of , but that usually involved me being in bondage and other things.    After a lot of attempts, we finally found some success.   I just need to work in some kegel type contractions as I'm being stimulated and then tighten and relax at the right time.   With some regularity I can now let full spurt fly and then close it down without losing my erection.   Jinx loves it when I'm fucking her and pull out to shoot a stream and then go back in for more.

After we got that all perfected, Jazz came down and spent a week with us to work with me on new ways to trigger my orgasms.   Catherine really wanted to see me cum by getting rimmed, by teasing my nipples, and also by a passionate kiss.   I thought this was going to be harder than it turned out to be, but really it only built on the control techniques that Jinx and I had worked out.   We started with the rimming trigger.   Jazz kept me in the hands and knees position, and would get me really close to the edge before tickling my ass with her tongue.   It didn't take too long and she found a way to make me fire...then began to start the rimming earlier and earlier until I didn't have to even be near the edge when she started, just really well stimulated and hard with my cock peeled back.   She also diovered that if she had me worked up and then stuck her finger in my asshole that would do the trick, too.  She followed the same procedure with my nipples, only this time she trained me as I stood with my hands handcuffed behind my back.   We never got to the same point with this , I had to be nearly edged before we were able to get an orgasm to trigger.    Then, we really had a breakthrough once we began training with the kiss trigger.   Jazz has a super sweet way of kissing anyway, and I really enjoyed the change to being more sensual.   We found that if we combined kissing with her rubbing the side of my torso from ribs to hip that it would really cause me to blast off.   And also combining kissing with some nipple teasing would work.  The nice thing...it works when Jinx does it too.

When we got to Indianapolis last weekend, Catherine was all excited about the novel reading.   She had me read over the passages that she wanted to record...they were very explicit and just reading them got me excited.  My instructions were simple;keep reading no matter what. She wanted Jazz and I to synchronize with the reading and at the finish of the chapter, Jazz was supposed to bring me to of my miniature orgasms.  She reminded Jazz to work on me slowly and to be mindful of the camera shot.

When we went to shoot the ene, she had staged up a big leather chair, a rug, side table and light.  It was pretty cool.    In the first shoot, I was clothed and just after I started reading, she had Jazz walk in to the scene already naked and kneel down in front of me.   I continued reading as she unzipped my fly and started to work on my cock.    Once she had me good and hard, she pulled off my pants and underwear. It was very hard to keep my composure and concentration, but I believe that is the exact thing that Catherine had be hoping to capture...when Jazz skinned back my cock and took my bare head in her mouth I gasped, but it was only the first in a series of breaks to my form. Jazz has amazing oral talents...she has a wonderful way of pulling her lips over the Corona that is both sensual and erotic.   As things progressed, Jazz kept my head bared and was working relentlessly on the most sensitive parts of my glans.    As the story got towards the end of the chapter and its action was reaching its zenith, Jazz had me dangling on the edge.   Her timing was great and just as the characters reached their orgasm, Jazz worked her tongue between the bottom lobes of my glans. It was just too hot, and I fired off a single spritz of hot cum with a whimper of euphoria. Catherine could not have been more pleased...she said that the emotional changes in my voice and some of the little moans that had eaped my lips were just what she wanted.

The next reading was even better.   I was already hot and this next chapter was even more interesting than the first.   In this ene, Catherine had me nude, still sitting in the chair, only this time she wanted my legs spread open and hanging over the arms.   Jazz was also nude this time, ing the slave girl with a collar and leash.   Jinx was in on the ene,too.  Catherine had given her the role of Mistress and really had a great costume for her...a wonderful black and white corset with thigh high stockings and tall black boots, she looked awesome.   As the shoot started and I began reading, Jazz worked on my hard cock then went to rimming my ass.  Jinx remained silent but directed her work with a riding crop.   It didn't take too long and I was about to blow.   Jazz poked her finger in my ass and I shot up a huge stream of cum, and kept barely composed enough to keep reading.  Jazz licked up the cum and started sucking on my cock as I tried to concentrate on the words I was reading.   She transitid to my ass again and as she rimmed me I struggled against a horrendous compulsion to blow my entire load.   I tightened up and the cum drizzled out of my cock until I could regain control.   Catherine was loving it.   I got near the end, and once again the girls had me teetering on the edge.   As I was reading the last paragraph, I was forced to cum again just as Jazz's finger penetrated my ass.  It was totally awesome.   

Catherine was nearly giddy with the footage and the way things had turned out.  We all watched the back together and the girls loved the inflection in my voice as I passed into various stages of arousal and went through my little mini-orgasms.   Catherine was sure it was going to be a real winner on her website...so maybe more of it in my future!

As we wrapped thing up, Jinx had noticed that Julie (the photographer) had been especially excited and turned on by the day's work.   We took her out to dinner and then had a great time in a all night fuck-fest with her back at our hotel.  It turns out that she has a hidden talent of being incredibly flexible...and I just love pounding a puss when the girl can lock her ankles behind her head. She likes anal, too. What a great weekend!

The good news
Posted:Oct 18, 2017 1:59 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2017 7:02 am

I got a text from Catherine this afternoon, some of the pictures, gif's, and video from our shoot the other weekend were put up on the site yesterday....and they are wildly popular!

She sent an email tonight with some more specifics, and it was quite amazing.   It turns out that her subscribers really liked the more kinky stuff we did, like the prostate milking.   I guess it gave her a run of inspired creativity, and she put that together with a script she had been working on already and has come up with a kinky little screenplay.  It all sounded pretty cool to Jinx and I, in that it was more about theater than just straight up kink. 

The draft we read really got us excited.   It is set in Roman times, which is a period that I really like.    Julie evidently has a line on some costumes, and Catherine is trying to figure out how to get the props put together.   The coolest part...we are actually going to get paid!....Its only $125 for the two of us, but its flattering.

There are a couple of things about the script that worry me, she did include a shaving scene...and that was done with a knife.   I guess it's period correct, but I just don't see that happening.   There is also a few times that I'm supposed to go from soft to hard, and I hope that I can gety cock to cooperate. The rest of it sounded pretty awesome.   There is going to be another milking scene, a MMF scene where the guys get it on before playing with the girl, and a girl on girl scene (Jinx is most excited about that)

Just got a text from Catherine, looks like a lot of scenes have been funded: 2 different milking scenes, a M/M sex slave scene, and a pegging scene for me...and a DP scene for Jinx.
Going Semi-pro..entry 2
Posted:Oct 15, 2017 4:21 am
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2019 3:28 am
I found little time and thought I should continue my account of a special evening with new friends who shoot porn videos and pictures for a specialty website.

I left off last time at a point where Jazz (the Maestra) and the photographer Julie had taken a series of pictures with me in a bondage pose.  Catherine came in followed by Jinx and of the guys (Matt)…Jinx and Matt were both naked now and I could tell by the look on Jinx’s face that she was pretty turned on.

“Tonight we are going to test your inhibitions,” Catherine said to me as she approached.  “Tonight I need to see how well you let go.”

“Let me see you get yourself hard” she directed. “release his arms, please”

My cock was slick and half-hard from Maestra’s work.  Catherine’s eyes widened as I began a massaging my tight balls. Under her watchful eye, my cock began to fully realize the indulgences that it would be afforded.  She watched as my heart transferred vitality, delivering my cock from soft to solid with strong pulses until the veins on the turgid cock were bulging

 “MMMMM,” she purred. , holding out the coconut oil. “Let me see you work that head.”

Just as she had asked, I had my cock unbelievably hard.  Julie stepped in close to take a series of pictures.  I gathered another dip of the oil, peeled back my foreskin and went to work on my head.  As though I was polishing a door knob, my hand made slow orbits.  She bit her bottom lip as my cock got harder and harder.  I tipped it up, modeling the underside of my glans, letting my fingers glide over the features, flaunting my sensitive curvatures.

Now fully glistening with slickness and harder that imaginable, I began stroking vigorously. Maestra was watching intently, enjoying the show, and began rubbing herself. Her hands brushed over her body, up her stomach and over her breasts. Her nipples were hard, and she caressed them between her fingers. I was near the verge of my orgasm.  She stared at me with lust filled eyes as she pulled her panties off and away, then her bra.

“STOP, STOP!” Catherine announced trying to conceal her smile. “We are going to have to do some work on you, get him hooked back up.”

Catherine motid for the Jinx and Matt to sit on the couch which put them directly in front of me, as though they were going to watch a show.  Matt sat near the arm, and Jinx curled up next to him with her arm around his shoulder. Maestra walked towards me.

“Let’s give them a show,” she said.

She took the tub of coconut oil from Catherine.  She dipped in her hand, and took out a big oop.  Starting at my shoulders, she began to coat me.  Her touch was sensual, extending up my arms, over my chest and stomach.   She got another oop and went down my back, over my butt, and around my cock and over my balls.  The last, she coated my legs and the tops of my feet and toes.   My cock was raging hard; I could not but delight in the wonderful feeling.   Jinx and Matt were obviously enjoying the show; her hand had gravitated to Matt’s inner thigh, just waiting for the right time to engage his cock.

Maestra stood to my side and began to tug at my balls, all the tension that had accumulated was relaxed away, and they reacted with tribute.  

“His cock dripped!” Julie exclaimed, ping a rapid series of pictures.  “Did you see that!”

Matt’s eyes widened to see the glistening ribbon extending from the tip of my cock to the floor.  Jinx bit at her bottom lip, and her hand moved to Matt’s cock., which was now getting harder and harder.

Maestra stepped around back, and put her hands on my hips guiding me back.   My arms stretched against the restraints, and her hand pushed against the center of my back guiding me into a half-bent position.  She grabbed the desk chair and rolled up behind me.

I was both thrilled and nervous about what was going to happen next.  I have always had mixed feelings about being put on dis, but I was really into the sort of quasi-theatrical mood in the room,  I felt her index finger teasing my rim, then begin to remove my plug.  A breathless moan eaped my lips, Jinx was watching intently.  I noticed Matt’s cock had become fully hard, and Jinx was caressing his balls.  

Maestra set it aside, then was back in with fingers.  I could feel her engage my prostate, softly circling the swollen gland.  She worked over it a few times, then pressed down...and then again.   I felt the first swell of my flow push out of tube, it was huge.

“Fantasic!” Catherine exclaimed, motioning Julie to move in closer.  “Get that!”

I glanced down to see an enormous icicle of clear fluid hanging from the tip of my cock.  Maestra gave another press and another giant ripple was added.   Matt looked with amazement, and Jinx was squirming in her seat watching closely.  I could see the glint of a very real anticipation in her eyes, which made it all the more intense.

 “Beautiful” Catherine endorsed. "Could you pull back his foreskin about half-way?"

Maestra peeked around my side, and shifted the skin off the tip of my cock..then punctuated her action with another short round of palpations.  My engorged cock spasmed, the head inflating noticeably as it expelled another massive spill of my fluid.

“Oh, fuck!” I exclaimed as it passed through

“Damn,” Julie complimented looking through the lens of her camera.

I looked down at the puddle that was collecting below me, a shimmering rope of fluid hanging from the tip of my cock.  My breath was excited, as I looked up at Jinx.  Her hand was still engaged with Matt, the other had found its way to her pussy, her legs spread open,  Matt was shifting in his seat, as though anticipating what the evening would bring for him.  My attention was brought back to my own body as Maestra delivered another round.

“Oh, god.” I moaned, as the flow became more consistent.

“Good boy” Maestra said.  “That’s right, that’s right... how much more of that stuff do you got??"

More, Maestra.

" I bet you do..."

"Alright then, peel his cock all the way back and let's really work it!" Catherine directed .

Maestra reached around and skinned me right back. It felt awesome, like finally totally relaxed. The timing was perfect, my prostate was loving the attention, producing an almost continous flow. My glans now bare, I felt uninhibited, and totally naked...like every was finally seeing me at my best.

I my attention was split between watching Jinx pleasure herself and Matt’s remarkable fat cock, and glancing down to see my cock rage and convulse, leaking its fluid for the camera.   I could not but shiver every time my gates were opened to tap another round of my hy.  I must have been quite a sight as my mules tremored and I moaned in a low voice.  Maestra had a different technique than anybody that had ever milked me before.  She would press her fingers intomy prostate, then spread them out as though she was trying to flatten a wrinkle.  She was an expert at this.

Catherine looked over at Jinx and Matt. “Ok, Jinx…show us how it’s d”

I watched intently as Jinx positid herself to pleasure Matt.  Leaning over, she dragged her body across his cock like a cat wanting attention.  She glanced at me, licked her lips, and took his cock into her mouth.   Maestra was fingering my tickle with regularity, and I was burning with lust.  Jinx raised up and I got a great view of Matt’s slick cock.   The head was an attractive and entrancing round shape.  It looked almost like a germinating walnut with its pronounced cleft on the underside.  It was a wonderful shade of pink/lavender, and the tan shaft was a perfect compliment to the eye-catching vaularity,   His shaved balls were still quite tight.  Julie had taken a position close to them and was taking picture after picture.  Jinx smiled at me, then turned and devoured him.

Maestra must have been judging my reaction, because just as Jinx swallowed his cock, she pulled back hard on my foreskin which made my cock swell even more and then she juiced me in a very rigorous pace. My poor glans was so tense, I could feel the precum pouring out in great swells.

As Jinx rolled her head back down the shaft of Matt’s turgid cock, his eyes closed momentarily with the sensation.   I knew he was enjoying it, Jinx has an amazing talent at sucking cock.  Just as any architect has a vision, Catherine allowed the to work, watching the show like a proud parent and Julie was moving in and out trying to find the best angles.  

“Great!” Catherine spoke up.  “Let’s take a little break and get set up for another ene.”

And just like that it was over. It was then that I really got the feeling of this being more of a production or theatrical experience than a session.   Maestra slowly relieved me of her fingers, unclipped my arms, and went to the sink to wash her hands.   I felt amazingly refreshed and electric.  Jinx had finished her work as well, leaving Matt’s cock still wanting and standing like a solitary obelisk.

Maestra, Matt, Jinx and I all stood in the middle of the room as Catherine and Julie got set for the next round of shooting.  Maestra pushed into my side put her arm around my waist.  Feeling her flesh press fully against mine for the first time sent a lustful thrill through me.  If it had been any other occasion, I would have made a to fuck her right there and then….but that was not in the evenings plans.

Catherine ed for Maestra and I to come over to a cabinet in the corner.   There were all sort of toys and equipment inside.   She told us to pick out a couple for the next ene.   Maestra grabbed for a strap-on rig, and she and I went through the selection of dildoes.   I ended up picking a medium sized , pretty firm, that I was certain to enjoy.   Maestra took another toy, a stainless steel probe that looked like a metal snowman sitting on a tree stump.

I knelt down to Maestra get set up in the rig.  She pulled it up to her waist and I cinched down the side straps.  She turned a bit, and it lined my face up with her awesome looking butt.  Enraptured with the sight, I gave her a kiss on of her cheeks and let my hands slide to her hips.  As if to tease, she bent over slightly.   I could not resist…I let my thumbs sink in to her crack and spread her wide open.  Her asshole was nothing short of beautiful, and caught in the moment, I knew I had to taste.  I took long brush right up the middle, then back down to center on her hole.

“Alright you , save it for the camera.” Catherine pulled us back to reality.  “Jazz, how about wearing those tall black boots?”


They set up several stationary video cameras and lights, it didn’t take too long and we were ready to get back to work.   Catherine had Maestra and I set up on the bed, with Jinx and Matt on the chaise that was next to it.  

“Alright, Jinx…I want you to sit on Matt’s lap.” Catherine began her direction.  “and Matt, I want you to show off her pussy.”

Julie moved in.

Jinx was ready to ...Matt took her wrist pulled her in and she came to sit on his thigh.  He pushed her knees apart, revealing a wet patch that began at her pussy and extended the full length of her inner thigh.  He slid the knuckle of his middle finger over the slit in the middle of Jinx’s bald pussy.   The whole tip was glistening when he brought it up, and offered it to Jinx.  Opening her mouth slightly, Jinx took the finger in and then pulled it out like she was taking a rumptious morsel from the end of shish kabob.  You could almost feel their electricity as Matt’s hand moved to Jinx’s breasts and teased them erect.  

We watched with anticipation as Jinx and Matt let their creativity flow.  Their hands caressing each other in an almost fluid and synchronized motion.  Jinx gasped as Matt once again brushed against the outer lips of her pussy.  Jinx’s legs opened wider, as if to invite more, offering the camera its first view of her carnation pink inner folds..  Matt made another pass, this time using fingers to spread open her pussy.  

Her heavy lips pushed aside, Jinx’s hidden flower was fully unveiled.   Her juices clung to the petals like morning dew.  Matt hesitated for several moments, allowing Julie to get some close-ups.  His hand tracked upwards, catching the hood of Jinx’s inflated clit.  As the hood retracted, her tempestuous gem was eager to make itself accessible promptly jutting out through the supple flesh and protruding.   It is a captivating tear-drop shape, long and thick, throbbing with the beat of her heart.  Matt taunted it with the pad of his finger, entertaining us with its unmistakable reactions to pleasure.  Matt slowly let his fingers curl inside.  Jinx whimpered with euphoria.  

I was sitting on the bed, captivated by the ene.  Maestra came up behind me and pressed into me again.

“Do you like sharing your girlfriend?” she asked.

Yes, Maestra.

“Tonight we are going to out some of my fantasies, she is going to have to share you with me.”  Maestra whispered to me, letting her hands wrap around my sides to my cock.  She had a cock ring and belted it tight at the base of my cock “But first we are going to get you ready for your close-ups and I want you hard.”

As Matt slid out, his fingers were entirely coated with Jinx’s moisture,  He rested his palm at the top of her mound and let fingers glide across her clit and sink in her pussy  Jinx moaned, and her feet posted up on their tips.  As he pleasured her, I could see Matt’s fingers working inside, and Jinx’s nipples became fully erect poking from her blushing breasts.  His cock was hard again, now I could really see how impressive it was.  It looked strong, almost intimidating…and it made me a little jealous of him.   He had a great circumcision, high and tight.  The head was ulptural, with such well-defined features.  His shaft was thick, and had an almost cloverleaf cross-section that really made it look muular and athletic. Matt began an undulating in-and-out motion keeping pressure on her clit.  Jinx’s feet began to ballet as she was brought to her apex.  Her body tensed, and she collapsed into Matt as the waves of orgasm passed over her.   

“Nice!” Catherine was happy, and turned to Maestra and me. “Ok, your turn.”

Maestra guided me to my hands and knees, Julie switched over and came to a new position next to me.

“Spread ‘em.” Maestra commanded.


I took a grip on my flesh and pulled, separating my cheeks and surrendering the rift to Maestra.  She laid a thumb on my rim, and began circling, anointing it with a copious amount of coconut oil.   I felt the dome of the cold steel toy make its introduction to my flesh..it felt bigger than I had imagined. It pressed firmly against my asshole, like a nail poised on a block of wood waiting for the hammer to strike.   All of the muulature at the base of my cock and ass was still very tense from receiving the milking, but Maestra would not relent.  She added effort until I felt my ring begin to yield.  I felt the inevitable violation as the wand progressed past my opening and greeted my hidden surfaces.

Using her free hand, Maestra cupped my balls and captured my shaft between her middle and index fingers.  I felt the nervous exhilaration like standing on the end of a high dive, sensing the h and gravity.  My cock was ridiculously hard, having been bolstered by the tight cock ring. She pulled back slowly, revealing my conspicuously corpulent glans and fully dising it for the camera.  It was plump and glistening, prominent and shining like the skin of a freshly washed apple.  

"Your cock is very hard." Maestra commented. "Do you like being fucked in the ass."

Yes, Maestra. When it is d right.

"Am I doing it right?"

Yes, Maestra.

Maestra posed for the camera for a few moments, then began working the toy in and out of my asshole.  She would pull it all the way out, then push all the way in.  Julie was shooting in rapid fire.  Maestra changed the pace, now using the toy to stir and roll inside me…out, in, roll, roll…and every tumble would engage my button causing my over-inflated cock to jump.  I could not but shift nervously as she perfected her method and I could feel myself building pressure behind the cock ring.  The toy was a masterpiece of engineering, it was so slick and smooth.  The sensation of w and temperature was impressive, and She was quite attune to my body and responses, and had found a near ideal technique.   My cock was straining, I looked to see it turning a deep wine color t, its veins bulging, throbbing.  I was overcome with sensation, but she did not relent, pressing and pressing while I tried to maintain some composure.

‘Oh.. my fucking god” I uttered, overcome by the ordeal .”Oh, damn.”

The sound of my pleasure must have been distracting.  Jinx, Catherine and Matt were all staring as if watching a jack-in-the-box.  It was then that my glans distended strenuously and my cock heaved wildly; the pressure overpowered the tight cock ring and the fluid disgorged in a forceful surge, landing in a splash on the bed as if tossed from a cup.

“Unhhh” was all that I could manage to speak as my body tensed.

“Holy shit!  That was HOT, did you see that?” Julie asked.

“Did you get that?” Catherine asked.

Julie looked at her reen…..”Yep!”

“Great.” Catherine was satisfied.  “Lets get everybody going at once.  Jinx, I want you on your back with your knees up.   Matt, I want some slow in and out shots to start…And I want you to mimic them.  And everybody keep it slow, we want some good pictures.”

I took my position on the bed, and waited for Maestra to finish lubing up the dildo.  I turned to watch the action between Jinx and Matt just in time to see the fat head on his cock rubbing against the lips of her pussy, spreading them out as it began to stretch her open.

Maestra took her position and I lifted up my knees.  She held my legs back and pressed her dildo into my hole…and I must admit to being a little disappointed.   For all the magic she found in her stainless steel instrument, this choice was not the right .   We were able to a few pictures, but the only excitement I was getting was the sounds Jinx was making as Matt’s imposing cock dilated her tight pussy.

Catherine immediately noticed the lack of spark with Maestra and me, and took charge. “Let’s get that strap-on changed out…and back on your hands and knees”

Maestra and Catherine went back to the cabinet, this time choosing that was much more formidable.   It was longer, thicker, and had this dauntingly huge acorn shaped head.   I’ve ed with bigger toys, but this was n the less impressive.

 “Hand me that.”  Maestra asked Catherine for the coconut oil as she passed by.

Maestra ooped out a handful and troweled it into the cleavage between my cheeks.  I could feel it melting almost immediately, trickling down the inside of my thighs.  

Maestra brought the tip of the dildo and pressed it against my asshole.  It held there nearly motionless, like a shovel waiting for the foot to push it into earth.  I closed my eyes, trying to relax into the moment, but I was very nervous about what was going to happen next.

I opened my eyes, and turned my head to look at Jinx.  Matt had his cock buried in her pussy, and it looked so awesome.   He was slick, bringing his cock all the way out with every stroke before letting it sink again.  I felt Maestra begin to spiral the tip of the dildo on my hole, drilling little by little with each of her cycles.

“That’s right, let it in.”  Catherine coached, motioning for Julie to catch the action. "Spread his cheeks wide open"

My aperture submitted readily until the inflated head reached it’s girthy zenith.   Maestra paused, and began more subtle movement in her hips, slowly boring in with the outlandish ridge; Catherine bit her bottom lip in awaiting my surrender.  

“Unnh.” I uttered as it finally burrowed through.

“Perfect.” Catherine nurtured. “It feels good, doesn’t it.”

“Yes.” I said under my breath.

The shaft of the cock was much easier to swallow, and Maestra carefully began to open me up.  The bulbous head methodiy dragging across my prostate felt incredible.   Once she had it embedded to its midpoint, Maestra began to fuck me in a -steps-forward--step-back fashion until her hips were banging against the cheeks of my butt.

“Maestra is going to fuck your asshole real good... are you ready?” Catherine asked. “Alright…nice and slow, for the camera.”

Maestra clenched tightly to my hips and began her defilement.  With the most immodest of maneuvers, she began to plunge her cock in and out, pulling on my hips to drive it deeply to the base.  The head engaged my prostate, cultivating a furor of commotion inside me.   My balls swung recklessly, bouncing back and forth and between my inner thighs.

My submission to her lecherous ramming in front of every was both thrilling and awkward....and maybe even a little embarrassing.   

"Do you like watching him fuck her with this cock in your ass?" Maestra asked.

Yes, Maestra.

"This is a lot bigger than his"

I know, Maestra.

Maestra began a routine of pulling the cock out to just where my sphincter caught the shoulder, then push all the way back in.  I got the feeling she relished watching my ass swallow the long, thick shaft.   The long strokes and the way the head ed against my prostate were driving me wild with pleasure.   I tried to control myself, and not let the others see that extent of my delight.  But, Catherine observed something in my eyes that tipped my hand.

“I think he’s going to cum!..nice and slow…steady”  Catherine shouted, jumping up from her place and picking up of the video cameras.  Julie stepped in too, ping away.

I was in an epic struggle to hold my composure; I was weakening.  There was a distinctive tingling warmth kindling inside me; I knew that I was in trouble.  Maestra began adding a little roll and force to her hips as she moved.

I was caught in a place between my timidity and sexual appetite.  I felt myself melting away into the moment.

“go ahead and strip his cock back... don't jack him off...just peel him back all the way.... I want his head bare when he cums...” Catherine squealed as she perfected her camera shot.

Just like an actress taking instruction from a director, Maestra took her prompt and ed me.  She darted her hand between my legs, shifting my balls to the side.  Her oily fingers constricted around the shaft just behind my head.  Once again I found myself on at center stage anticipating the cue that would broadcast my secret excitement and dis my private exhilaration.  She acted, pulling my curtain firmly open, bringing to focal point my dense, swollen head, stretching and laying out the lightly colored ridged band and hidden flesh.  My cock flexed against the retraction, spotlighting this dark, slick, throbbing glans.  Now with an unopposed path, copious amounts of my precum were crowning at the tip and percolating out.

“Oh, fuck.”  I muttered

“Yep, that’s it...that’s it.”  Catherine praised. “Look his legs are shaking

 “That’s right.” Maestra encouraged me.  “Let go.”

“Oh my god...I'm gonna cum” I stammered.

"Let me see you cum." She said. "Cum with this big cock in your ass."

A strong shiver rolled up my spine; and I was compelled to capitulate  I began to synchronize with Maestra, impaling my salacious asshole on her sleek rubber cock.  I sacrificed all of my  humility for that moment’s pleasure, and dismissed all the timidity of doing so in front of Catherine, Julie, Jinx, Matt, and the camera.  I began to reverberate inside, the pleasure of every thrust welling up behind the other.  Catherine watched with all the anticipation of watching the home stretch of the Kentucky Derby.  I looked down at my cock; now recoiling garishly as if to portend the magnitude of my imminent orgasm.  

“Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!” I blurted out quickly

Maestra buried the dildo and pulled back hard on my hips...my cock bucked momentously.

"Peel him back hard, let's see it!", Catherine reamed.

Maestra's timing was perfect.as first massive pang of my orgasm pushed me into ecstasy, she held back my foreskin, my swollen glans was throbbing and the entire shaft heaved.  My body was tremored as my boiling cum began to pour out in torrents.  Maestra did not relent fucking my asshole with all the physicality she could muster, extending my orgasm to an almost unbearable level

 “That’s HOT.” Catherine commented at unholy streams of cum surging out. “Again!  Make him do it again!”

Maestra slowed for a moment to catch her breath.  I glaced up to see Matt pounding away at Jinx, definitely ready to blow himself.  It was remarkable how her tight pussy would expand and contract over the contours of his huge cock...he pushed in real deep, then lifted his cock out just as it shot its first ejaculation.  Then immediately back in,  I watched intently as the base of his cock pulsed as he pumped the rest of his load directly into her and it overflowed, spilling his cum out like a cream filled donut.

On an out-stroke, Maestra’s slick hand jumped forward to the head of my cock. She mimicked her push back in, by sliding her tight fingers down the glans and shaft, driving me to a new peak of euphoria.  My cock reacted to her inspired stimulation with renewed fervency,  tightening at the base and holding itself parallel with my body.  I was moving to the brink again.  

Maestra pushed my legs farther apart using her knees, giving her an opportunity to add a little down stroke to her action.  It felt as though a cello was drawing deep chords inside me.  The harmonics began a creendo that was resonating into every mule of my body. Every stroke strummed my prostate with perfect pitch.  Jinx and Matt had both turned their eyes on me.

  Maestra drew the dildo out to just past the shoulder, then sank it back in.  I loved the feeling of having that big ridge pop out then in, and I must have moaned slightly.  She began with a new legato tempo, this like a timpani beating out a slow march…going in and out with the shoulder of the dildo stretching and relaxing my asshole as the head engage my super-sensitized prostate.   Boom…flump…..boom….flump..it was driving me crazy. I was vibrating; my shamelessly lustful cock sed out and my bared purple head as the prima oumo… lewdly pulsating and jouncing with the rhythm for the spotlight.

“Oh, Dammit” I confessed. “I can’t take it”

“He’s gonna cum again!” Catherine announced. “Don’t stop!”

I felt the base of my cock and balls begin to tighten and the head swelled, as it reached the zenith of its epic aria.   A hot drizzle of cum spilled out of my cock, followed immediately by a rapid convulsion with my cock spouting more and more cum out in long thick ropes.  

“Look at all that cum!”  Catherine lauded.

I was reduced to a quivering, spent, exhausted mess as Maestra complimented my last few peaks with a slow gyration of her hips.  The last heaves of my cock tapering off into subtle twitches.  My debilitated body, fat dripping cock, gaping asshole and a very large pool of my impious cum were the evidence of my depravity….except for the mountains of pictures and video.

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Going Semi-professional
Posted:Oct 3, 2017 2:55 am
Last Updated:Apr 22, 2019 2:58 am
Jinx and I had a pretty exciting weekend. We had been approached by a friend of Alexa's in Indianapolis that

Jinx and I had a pretty exciting weekend.   We had been approached by a friend of Alexa's in Indianapolis that produces semi-professional porn for her own website.  It had been predominantly "sensual" sort of stuff, but she thought there was great demand for mmf style bisexual content, and maybe even mix in some D/s with that.

Jinx and I got to Catherine's house in the late afternoon.   She gave us a look at their studio, although some stuff is shot "on location".   It was obvious to us that they were getting pretty serious about this judging by their equipment.   We also got a pretty good idea of some of the erotic elements they were looking to incorporate.  It was all pretty exciting.   After the tour, we headed out for dinner.


Catherine took us to this great Greek restaurant on the northside called Athens.  I took that a real positive sign...not only because the Greeks are known for their debauched sexuality, but I was afraid she was going to take us for sushi and it came as some relief.  As we ate, Catherine told us more about what she was looking for.  She was interested in shooting with both Jinx and me, but not necessarily together and right now her need was for a bisexual guy and always had room for a submissive woman .  We had expected that, as Alexa had already filled us in a little.  She confirmed that i was uncircumcised and said that a lot of her customers had been commenting that she needed an uncut model. She asked us what are preferences were in playing and about things that were off limits.  We seemed to be on the same page there, too.   I made sure that she understood I did not want to cross-dress. She had kind of tip-toed around the topic, but finally asked “just to make sure” that I was willing and able to have orgasms from just anal play.   She said all of her guys just hadn’t made the grade in that department. She also told us that we would receive some royalties from the website, but it may not amount to much. Any video they took would be hers, but we could have copies of our own pictures as long as they didn't show the faces of the other models.  We must have given the correct answers, because she asked if she could have her photographer and a couple of her regular actors meet us later at the house. 


When we got back, the photographer and two others were already there.  We got a nice cordial welcome and she had opened a bottle of wine.   Julie was her photograher, sort of an "ex Goth" looking girl with a lot of tattoos but seemed pretty cool. Catherine introduced her leading lady and resident Mistress, Jazz.  She was gorgeous dark skin jet black hair petite but had a very serious look. And also Matt he was well built like he spent a lot of time in the gym just a little shorter than me but definitely more muscular. We all talked for a little while, and then Catherine asked Jinx if she was ready to take a few pictures. She asked if she would play a role as though she were coming home to a boyfriend after a long trip.   Jinx looked up and smiled at me because we have a ritual when I come home that involves her sucking my cock. Jinx went right over to Matt and sat in his lap and put her arm around his shoulder she didn't waste any time in letting her other hand slipped to his cock and begin to caress it. Julie got right up with her camera and started taking pictures I could see that Matt's cock was getting hard in his pants.  


Catherine told jinx to grip his cock really shaft so they can see the outline in his pants and Julie snapped off a few more pictures. From what I could see, Matt had some very nice equipment! Catherine looked at me and told me to go with Jazz to the studio.  I smiled at Jinx as I passed and followed Jazz to the room.  We had a short discussion, and Jazz explained that this was going to be a different sort of experience for me.  Some like it, some don’t.  That she and I would be collaborating artistically to try to get the best pictures and footage.  That it was her job to make me look the best, as I would try to help compose the best footage for her. She said it was best if we “just jump right in.”, if I was ready. 

She told me to get undressed to my underwear ...pants, shirt, socks shoes.   I went over to the clothing hooks and did as she asked. Jazz took a sip of wine and then stand up she walked over to me.  She stood right behind me and put her hand on my butt.   She complimented its shape and then he tapped me on the back and told me to go stand in the middle of the room under the restraints that were mounted to the ceiling.


She stood behind me again, and told me that she wanted to "get to know me" and that I should answer honestly.  (The conversation we had was very unique, I've tried to document it as best I remember.)


“It looks like you must exercise regularly”

About every day, I replied

 “Lets get in the habit of saying “yes, Maestra””

Yes Maestra.

 "You've got a wonderful chest." she said as her hands slipped around my chest to my nipples. "Do you like having your nipples teased?"

Yes, Maestra.

"Mmm, they are quite nice."  Her hands slid down to my waist.  “I was told that you enjoy doing some very naughty things,"

"Yes Maestra

“Things that involve your butt?”

Yes, Maestra

Her hand slid down inside my underwear, and across my buns.  "Do you shave your asshole?"

Yes, Maestra.

"Do you keep it clean?"

Yes, Maestra

"Inside and Out?"

Yes, Maestra

"Do you like enemas"

Yes, Maestra

"Did you do one today?"

Yes, Maestra, two of them

Her middle finger slid up my crack.  "Then I'm going to have a look."

Yes, Maestra.

She tugged down the back of my underwear just to the bottom of my cheeks.  "You must put some work into those glutes"

Yes Maestra.

"Can you bend over for me and touch the floor" just as I bent down I saw Julie walk into the room with her camera.

Yes, Maestra. I immediately folded in the middle.

"OH, that is so nice...I love the way your cheeks open up and show your asshole when you bend over.   Do that again......fantastic!  And you are so smooth....Just hold on a second right there."  She went over to a cabinet and brought back a small butt plug and some lube. "I'm going to put this in"

Yes, Maestra.

"You have got a beautiful asshole, did you know that?" she was using her finger to coat it with lube

Thank you, Maestra

Her finger flittered around my hole like a bumblebee looking for a place to land on a flower. Once she found her place her finger darted in. " that is so sexy....your asshole is so smooth just like a tight pussy...God that is so sexy... Do you like my finger in your ass?

Yes, Maestra.

"Well, I like it too...i could play with your ass all night" she pulled out a little and went back in with two. My cock gave a reflexive jerk as she dragged them over my prostate. "Is that your spot?" She asked.

Yes, Maestra.

"That is so hot! I really want to play, but we are going to have to wait. Let's get you warmed up with this before I get carried away"

She lined up the plug and it sank right in.  "You aren't new at this, are you?"

No, Maestra

"I'm gonna get something a little bigger, and we'll see how you do."  Jazz went and got a much bigger plug, this one was a bit more challenging...it had three graduated rings, and was probably 6 inches long.  She worked it in without much effort until we got to the last ring.  I felt her finger glide around the rim of my hole, trying to coax out a bit more stretch, spiraling and pushing, then it popped in.   "How does that feel?"

Feels great, Maestra.

She pulled my underwear back up.  She took my arms, each in turn and hooked me up to the chains that were dangling overhead.  "I'll be right back...." she said.  I looked up to see Julie now standing in the hall.  Jazz and she walked back down the hall, and a few minutes later came back.   I was in a little bit of a predicament with all the dirty talk, butt plug and thoughts of what was coming had made my cock raging hard.  Jazz passed through the door wearing only a black bra and panties, and looked absolutely stunning with her dark olive skin and brunette hair.  Julie had her camera ready.


“Ok, where were we” she smiled and winked, walking up to me.  Julie crept in snapping pictures…it was all very exciting.   

"Catherine has a little surprise for you, she will be back here in a little bit"

Sounds good, Maestra.

“Catherine also just told me that you are not circumcised, is that right?”

Yes, Maestra.

She leaned over to my ear and whispered "I haven't played with an uncircumcised guy in a real long time. Mt first boyfriend was uncut...ive had all kinds of fantasies since then...im going to do some very naughty things with you....your cock looks like it is going to tear the seams out of your underwear, does that turn you on? I like it when guys are hard for me.  Would you like to show me what you've got?

Yes, Maestra

She paused her interrogation for a moment, stepped up to me and pulled my underwear down.

"I can see now why your underwear looked like it was going to rip....your cock is really hard!"

Yes it is, Maestra.

“You shave your front, too?” she asked running her hand across my groin.

Yes, usually

 “Are your balls always this tight,” 

Yes, usually, Maestra.

"Are they full of cum?"

Yes, Maestra

“We're going too see about that....You really are uncircumcised.”

Yes Maestra

“That is so awesome...Do you keep it clean?”

Yes Maestra.

It looks like you have loose foreskin, is that right?

Yes, Maestra.

"Would you mind if I slipped my finger inside?

No, Maestra.

Her index finger burrowed it's way in, going straight to the bottom lobes.

"You're all wet and slippery on there....do you leak a lot of precum?

Yes,Maetstra...it was hard to compose my thoughts.

 “Does the skin go all the way back”

Yes Maestra, way back.

“oooh, that’s a great answer, you're killing me…how far back does it go?

A long way, Maestra

“Do you pull back the skin when you pee?”

Yes Maestra

“Do you like it pulled back when you cum”

Yes Maestra

"Pulled back hard?"

Yes Maestra

“Is the head sensitive”

Yes Maestra.

"Is it dark or pale?"

It's dark, Maestra

"Its time for me to have a look" Jazz reached up and took the shaft of my cock in her hand.. "Julie, you're not going to believe how hard this cock is....come over here" they took a brief intermission both of them taking turns squeezing my cock like they were testing a vegetable in the grocery store.

"Sorry for that, you've just got an amazing cock" she complimented. "Ok, let's get you skinned back and see what we are dealing with.." She started retracting my foreskin, the pictures were snapping off very rapidly. 

“thats gorgeous! " Jazz complimented, staring down at it.

"Once again” Julie said, breaking the enchantment.

Jazz returned my foreskin to cover the head and stood up this time.  She took two steps back and as the camera started popping off pictures she stepped up and very directly skinned me back to quite taut.

“Nice.” Julie complimented.  "Dry him off and let's get one more with you reaching around from behind.
Jazz got a paper towel and wiped all the precum off my tip then position my foreskin forward.  She came up from behind, pressing in to me and got into position.  My cock was raging hard as she unveiled my glans for the clicking camera.
"Perfect." Julie stood up letting her camera rest.
I looked up into the doorway and saw Caterine peaking around the door jamb.  "Are we ready in here? she asked.

This was such an event filled evening, I will try to document the rest here in the next couple of weeks....it was A LOT of fun.


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