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The door will be unlocked...  

hughjohnson94 45M  
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4/15/2020 1:09 pm
The door will be unlocked...

That was the last message she sent me over IM before I snuck past security at her building.

The plan... walk into her apartment, undress... walk into the bedroom where I'll find her naked and blindfolded and then have my way with her. No talking.

It started in an IM chat group. We struck up a conversation that ebbed and flowed around various topics and ultimately landed on sexual fantasies and I described this scenario. It was after I proclaimed my oral abilities when she was intrigued enough to overcome her nerves to let a guy she's never met come to her address walk in her unlocked door why she was in the most vulnerable of states.

I kicked off my shoes at the door. Jacket, shirt and pants off steps into her dark bedroom.

And there she was... an older woman, very busty, freshly shaved and smelling delicious wearing nothing but a satin eye mas

I lightly touched her foot... instant goosebumps and her back arched. She moaned as I moved up her leg only to spread them and start in doing something I do quite well.

She came almost instantly... Orgasms 2, 3, and 4 followed shortly there after.

What turns me on most is that feeling of a woman's muscle's contracting as she begins to orgasm. As he muscles contact, my cock feels like it grows full and hard. As Orgasms 2, 3, 4 for happen... I go from hard to throbbing hard like my cock is doing it's own version of jumping jacks or burpees.

She was on a roll... sheets soaked from how wet she got while my face was buried between her legs. I move to my knees and take my throbbing cock to stroke her clit, between her lips with the underside shaft of my coc.. long slow<b> strokes </font></b>from the tip all the way down the base... it felt amazing and Orgasm 5 rolled through her body as she arched and grabbed my hips grind in closer.

Then, in a seamless move... full penetration... slow and deep. She groaned... hands when above her head against the headboard. She knew she was going have brace herself against something. Orgasm 6, and a super intense one as I felt her legs quiver, came has slow deep thrusts became faster and harder pounding. Her elbows locked out... fully braced against the headboard as the entire bed was shifting back and forth. Her big full breasts jostling about. From here, I lost count as she began vocalize her pleasure. What started as quiet and sensual was now loud and primal.

I finished with my hands around her hips grinding my cock as deep inside her as possible... absolute explosion!

I quietly got off of her bed and headed the bathroom wash up. Got dressed and left the same way I came in... still no words spoken.

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