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A New Me
Posted:Jan 17, 2011 4:32 pm
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2012 8:37 pm

Since this is the first post of the new year for me I am happy to say I am not doing any real resolutions, but I do have some changes to make. The first big one is to get myself back in to shape, which is the resolution most people make, but mine is not just going to the gym mine is also drinking more water and cutting out the dreaded Cokes that have made this 6 foot tall man weigh 216 pounds. I am also going to go to the gym as well, and it was quite funny I got there and the place was packed except for the one machine I used, so that was a good thing. I saw lots of people in there and I thought to myself if you started going back to the gym this month I hope you continue going and reach your goal, and my goal is to weigh about 185 or at least feel better.

The next I am going to try to do is improve my outlook on things because I sometimes get frustrated by things that are out of my control, so in 2011 I am hoping to just worry about what I can control and leave the rest for someone else to think about. So, this will create a happier me. I know this now sounds like a self help book, but if I do get these things corrected 2011 will definitely be a great year.

I hope this year is a great one for everybody and if you have any resolutions or anything you want to say feel free to comment back.
O.K. so I didn't fix everything yesterday
Posted:Dec 16, 2010 7:11 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2017 7:01 pm

Day two in my new world, is pretty good it is still cold outside but I hope this will make it hotter in your living room, bed room, or wherever you log in to this site from:

So, I was dozing off the other night when I two gorgeous women happen to hop into my head to knock the sheep out of my mind and entice my little head to get hard. There was a scene with me a blonde and a brunette and in my mind it was hotter than any bad porn I had ever viewed before. It involved the three of us playing strip pool and everytime one of would knock a ball in the other two would have to take an article of clothing off, except in my dream I am good at pool which never happens in real life. These beautiful women were stripping down left and right as I was running the table then all of a sudden I looked up and they were both naked and enjoying the taste of each others perfect skin, licking and kissing up and down as if I wasn't in the room at all. So, I lay back for a bit as they continued to tease and taste each other and had now gotten in a 69 position and were licking and nibbling away and I was taking my clothes and was walking behind one of them slowly about to slide into her when the alarm went off and my dream was gone. What a way to begin my day today. A hard on and nobody around to help me out, sorry I wish I had slept longer and this would have been a better story, as long as I am alive there will be more, and you can fill in the story if you would like......
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What a day it has been
Posted:Dec 15, 2010 8:01 am
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2018 7:54 pm

I guess since this is my first post I should give a little background I am a single male in TN. I will give more in the future I just need to see if I get any readers.

This morning I found out something very interesting about myself, I really enjoy getting my hands dirtier than I thought I would, I work in an office so using my hands is usually just me typing on a 10 key or computer but not today. I feel like a handyman first when I had to work on my water heater, then as I washed the dishes by hand I realized I really enjoy getting my long fingers all over whatever I am working with, so your minds can wonder on that one. As for the rest of the morning I am now relaing, after all I did take the day off, as for future blogs I think they will be filled with more fantasies and hot dreams. So, if you don't mind if you do read give me some ideas of what you would like to hear from this single man from the middle of Tennessee.
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