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Throwing Caution to the Wind....  

iamtheotherwomen 56F  
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5/28/2020 8:12 pm
Throwing Caution to the Wind....

Sometimes lust and desire get in the way of being cautious. This is one of those times....

One day recently, I found myself in a hotel room on a business trip. Even with all the social distancing we are experiencing right now, I find myself inviting my lover to come to my hotel room for lunch. Just lunch I say. He agrees to stop by and see me for lunch.

As I wait for him, I decide to jump into the shower. I soap myself up, touching my clit, pinching my nipple. Making myself wet, needing to cum. I get out, dry off and put my lover's shirt on, he likes to see me in it when we are together. I lay down on the bed, thinking back to the years we have been lover's and remember all the exciting things we have done together. I start playing with my clit, thinking of what I need my lover to do to me. I reach down and use 2 fingers, sliding them inside my wet pussy. Feeling myself getting wetter and more excited. Knowing it will not be long before I have to cum. Pushing my fingers deeper inside my pussy, going in and out, finger fucking myself. Faster and faster, my pussy throbbing, getting wetter and I feel the need to cum. I use my other hand to pinch my nipple hard. I cum hard almost instantly, soaking my fingers.

As I am getting over my orgasm, there is a knock at the door. I open the door, he walks in and smiles, reaches out and pulls me into a passionate embrace and kisses me hard, reaching down and feels my ass with his hand. He smiles and says " you look so hot and sexy in my shirt". As I press up against him, I can feel his rock hard cock and I can tell that he is happy to see me. We continue to kiss, and can see he has figured out this is no ordinary lunch date. He looks at me and says, " You look good enough to eat and I think I will". I say "Should we?". He smiles and says "Oh the hell with it, let's throw caution to the wind". As our lips meet and we begin to kiss each other, our tongues dancing together, our hands begin to explore each other's bodies. As I reach my hands under his shirt, touching his chest and nipples, his hands open my shirt and find my breasts. Breaking away from our kiss, his lips make their way to my nipple. As he begins sucking on it, my moans begin to escape, and become louder. He knows what he is doing to me with his mouth. Pinching and pulling one nipple with one hand, the other nipple deep in his mouth and he is sucking it hard. He starts to lightly bite my nipple. He knows just how much I love when he does that. The other hand is gently running up and down my side and I could not help but moan even louder. He is so focused on my nipple, he does not notice that I am still touching his nipple. As he opens my shirt all the way. his lips begin kissing all over my stomach. I mean he doesn't miss an inch. He even stopped at my belly button and gave it a little tongue fucking. That drives me nuts!!! Who knew a tongue in the belly button would get my pussy wet. As he finishes taking my shirt off, his eyes light up as he realizes, I am not wearing any panties. I really came prepared to fuck!!! He smiles and says " No panties baby, just the way I like you" He leans down and his mouth finds my clit, and he nibbles on it just a bit. That was enough, I cum and he licks it up, with a huge smile on his face. With one finger, he rubs my clit with his finger as his tongue fucks my pussy, making me quiver with desire. I want more and he loves to give it to me. I smile at him and say "come over to the bed with me".

I move away from him and walk over to the bed and lay down. As I watch him finish undressing, his hard cock showing me just how much he has missed me. It springs out of his pants. The head of it all wet. When I see his cock. I lick my lips, knowing I need to taste him. I reach out and take his hard cock in my hand, pulling him onto the bed with me. He lays down beside me. As it has been a little while since we have been together, I want our naked bodies touching, kissing and embracing each other. I lay my head on his chest next to his nipple. I can see his cock instantly jump as I flick my tongue across his nipple, knowing how much he likes when I do that. His breathing gets faster and faster, he moans and tells me " Oh god, I have missed you doing that". As I continue to flick his nipple with my tongue, he reaches down and finds my clit with his fingers, pinching it. He can hear my soft moans and my breathing gets a little faster. He can feel the heat coming from my pussy, his fingers inside me feeling my wetness. Pushing in and out, hearing my moans as I wiggle to get his fingers in deeper.

I am so wet and my juices are flowing. I need to feel his tongue buried deep in my pussy again. The thought makes me cum hard on his fingers.

He sits up and slowly moves down to the end of the bed, kissing my body, with little bites on my skin as he moves down between my legs. As his tongue finds my clit, he slightly moves it around with his mouth. I start to wiggle and moan again. He says " baby, just lay back and enjoy". I love seeing his head between my legs and feeling his tongue on my wet pussy lips and clit, making me moan and quiver with pleasure...it turns me on that it turns him on. Not many men are so talented and generous with their mouth and tongue. I feel myself cum all over his face, screaming "oh god YES!!! He continues nibbling my clit. It feels wonderful. I have been eaten before but he does it the best by far.

I can see his cock is sooooo hard, and I must have him. I guide him back up to my mouth, from my pussy and taste my juices as he kisses me passionately. He lays down next to me. I sit up and smile saying "my turn".

I reach down and take his rock hard cock in my hand. I love the feel of it in my hand and I know where I want it. I decide, in my wet, warm mouth. I slide down his body, kissing it as I go down. I settle between his thighs. I take his hard cock into my mouth, enjoying the feeling of fullness in my mouth. I suck him, gently caressing his balls with my hand, as his cock slides up and down in my mouth. He lays back and watches me lick his head. His cock and balls are all wet and slippery. He looks down and says "stop baby, I don't want to cum now, we have all afternoon and I have other plans for us."

I move back up to lay next to him on the bed. We kiss passionately, touching each other's bodies. Feeling the heat, I raise up and get on my knees and turn myself around so I am hovering just above his face. I lower myself down onto his face, his tongue is flicking in and out of my pussy and lightly nibbling my clit. I am in heaven. I know it will not be long before I cum again if he keeps this up. As he eats me, I take his rock hard cock in my mouth. I want to taste him as he is tasting me. I move my pussy lower onto his face, as I want more of this wonderful oral sex. He moans as I lower my pussy down on him. Oh my god!!! No one has eaten my pussy so wonderfully . He is using his tongue as a cock and fucking my pussy with it soooo well. I squirt all over his face and chest, and I can see he does not mind that. I begin stroking his cock, sliding my hand up and down, massaging his balls as I do. As wonderfully as his cock feels in my hand, I need more. I take his hard cock Into my mouth, very slowly. At the head, I lick it, tasting the precum, flicking it with my tongue, using just the head to fuck my mouth. He moans are vibrating against my pussy, and the feeling is making me wetter. It is sooo hot!!! I love hearing him moan, knowing he is enjoying what I am doIng to him. Without warning, I take his entire cock all the way into my mouth, down to his balls and he begins to fuck my mouth hard. The harder and faster I suck, the louder his moans get and as I suck, his tongue is moving faster in and out of my pussy. We are both enjoying the hot, passionate moment. My juices never stop flowing. I squirt all over his face, I can not stop cumming. His control is unbelievable. He does not cum in my mouth, no matter how hard I want him to shoot his cum down my throat.

To be continued.....

Love thy neighbor...just don't get caught!!!!

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