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Throwing Caution to the Wind.....Part 2  

iamtheotherwomen 56F  
12 posts
5/30/2020 5:12 pm
Throwing Caution to the Wind.....Part 2

Just as I think he is going cum in my mouth, he moves off him. He decides take charge, he wants NOW!!! He has stand and bends over the bed, spreading my legs and thrusts his rock hard cock deep inside my wet pussy. No hesitation, no warning, he goes in hard and fast. In a second, my pussy is full of cock. Skin on skin, no better feeling in the world, it's just incredible. He is fucking so hard the bed is rocking. I scream OHHH my god YESS!!!!!!!! It's a great feeling, being bent over the bed and my pussy is screaming for attention. He pushes his hard cock in and out of effortlessly. He starts slow, going in and out, hearing moan. A wonderful wet pussy for his cock enjoy. He grabs my hips and pulls hard back onto him. As he is fucking , enjoying every stroke, he leans down and bites my shoulder, leaving a mark, he knows I love when he does that. He smiles and says "what a pretty pussy fuck". He lifts his leg onto the bed, to get a better angle for penetration, and starts thrusting faster and faster. He stops thrusting and feels my pussy throbbing as I squirt over his cock. He says " Time change positions baby, I want you under ". I lay down the bed and he has lift my ass so he can put a pillow under and slaps my ass and I love the little pain he gives . Our eyes meet and we see the lust and desire we have for each other in them. I close mine and feel the pleasure he gives me when he slides his cock into me. His cock fits so perfectly inside me. I lay back and let him take me to the place he always does, pure ecstasy!!!

He kisses me passionately, his hand reaching down and pinching one of my<b> nipples. </font></b>I scream "fuck me baby" as I squirt over his cock. Soaking the bed, cum over both of us. He just keeps thrusting his cock in and I continue cum as he does. The feeling his cock is giving is amazing. My breathing is getting faster and faster. He feels reach down and run my hands and down his back, feeling his back muscles. We are sweating as he rocks back and forth inside . He slows down, he loves tease , making feel the full length of his throbbing cock, inch by inch, in and out.

how I love his cock moving inside , sliding in and out....while I feel and see how excited he is as we are fucking. I love his warm, damp skin melting into mine as we move together....my hands stroking his ass, pulling him into me deeper. He thrusts into my pussy, feeling my pussy throbbing, until we both can not hold back any longer. With one last thrust his cock explodes inside me. His cum filling my hot pussy. The feeling of his cum exploding into me makes me cum over his cock.

We are literally shaking from head toe. Even though he has cum, he continues to stay hard and continues to thrust in and out of my pussy....My pussy is soaking wet with our cum, our bodies shaking and our breathing is starting to slow down. Pulling top of his face, he starts to lick my clit. He flicks his tongue over my clit, giving it a little nibble, he knows that it will not be long before I need to cum again. The feel of his hot, wet tongue on my clit makes squirt over his face again. He doesn't seem mind, he is loving this as much as I am.

We snuggle the bed a bit, touching and kissing. He smiles at and says "sometimes we just have throw caution the wind, giving way desire and passion".

I smile shyly and say "and I invited you to lunch, time to eat". And we do!!!
Then we have dessert!!!

Love thy neighbor...just don't get caught!!!!

jackfood 60M  
4 posts
5/31/2020 8:18 am

Very exciting. Would love to play the scene

FMLife825 50F  
1 post
6/1/2020 11:38 pm

Well, well! I think I would like to be invited to lunch the next time around!

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