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True Story - Friendly Nieghbour  

ifIwereacrayon 52M
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8/17/2020 4:34 pm
True Story - Friendly Nieghbour

First a little back story so the story is a little better.

So the story starts with a good friend of mine and his wife (now ex but that irrelevant). Well they used to have BBQs the time and his wife's sister used come them as well her, her husband and there two daughters.

Got know them ok and turns out they live in my nieghbourhood. Cool. Actually would see them around once and awhile.

Well one weekend I'm helping my buddy with an event in Cochrane that required us stay over night. I was supposed crash the pull out in his room. Turns out his sister in law was in the room too. In one of the bedrooms.

Anyway she and I had been taking a bit through the day and even flirted just a little. At the end of the night I was in the room lying on the bed and she comes out of here room and joins me on my bed. She's over ! We don't actually do anything that night but it did lead us doing stuff once we were back in town.

I can give you more detail on how she and I started messing around in another story, but needless to say, we did. And she had to be one of the best cock suckers I've been with!

Anyway, she and I had our affair going on for awhile but I was trying end it because I was feeling guilty about her being married and she was starting to talk about us being more than an affair. I wasn't having it.

So she showed at my front door one night, unannounced. This was easy for her because she could just walk over. When I answered the door, she had this devilish look one her face.

Now a little more this back story, she and I had been having some super sweaty awesome sex and she gave mind blowing blow jobs , but she would not let me in the back door. Something I love because I just consider it a little kinky. Taboo enough to be exciting.

Anyway, she was standing outside my door and I was inside. Because I was actually a little annoyed with her for showing up unannounced, I decide to see what I could get away with.

I just looked at her and said these exact words (keep in mind that I was seeing what I could get away with as I figured I had nothing to loose!). I said the following " Bitch if you come across this door you are getting fucked up the ass tonight!" I was quite forceful in my tone too. I thought for sure she was going to be insulted by me calling her a bitch but the look on her face was quite the opposite. Her eyes widened, a slim smile came across her face and with out a word she actually JUMPED in the door and past me into my house!

Shocked, I just looked at her for a moment. Then I figured I guess I'm going to have some fun with her. Let's see how far I can push.

I looked at her at said "What are you still doing here? Get your ass up to my bedroom and get naked!" And she did just that. In fact she ran!

By the time I got to my bedroom, which is barely twenty feet away, she was naked and kneeling on my bed. I told her we need to get her ass ready for my cock. So I first grabbed my bottle of lube and told her to turn around. She turned around on all fours and lifted her ass high into the air. I let a few drops of lube drop onto her tight virgin (at least she said she hadn't been fucked in the ass) asshole. I slipped the tip of my finger in and she jumped a little. But she didn't pull away. So I pushed a little deeper. She started to moan. I always loved how she moaned. It made my cock so damn hard!!

So told her I was going to get her ready for the next step. I opened the drawer to my night stand and pull out the anal beads I had. I lube them up and tell her to spread her cheeks. She complies like a good girl. Surprisingly, the beads slide all the way in, all of them. Smallest largest. She's moaning constantly now and even rubbing her clit. Such a turn on see.

At this point I'm still dressed. I start taking my clothes off and she turns around and is facing , still her knees my bed. I'm about half naked and I reach over, grab the loop the beads and give a tug. I pull the largest bead out. I swear she came the spot!!! It was fantastic.

I demand that she turns around, lie her stomach and present her ass to . At this point I start putting the condom on and at the same time start pulling the rest of the beads out. She starts vibrating!! It was such a turn on see.

Now she is lying her stomach and I come from behind spread her left ass cheek and the grab my cock and guide into her waiting asshole. It slides right in, and I don't even give her time to adjust! I slam it deep to my balls!! She screams! I don't stop! I grab the back of her head and push it into the bedding, she continues to scream, but now her screams are in rhythm with my thrusts.

I lean down beside her ear and growl "How do you like my cock in your ass?"

She screams, actually grunts, "I like it! I like it!"

Well hearing her grunting like that made me even harder and I start pounding her! And pounding and pounding! I was showing no mercy to her ass. I was also grabbing her by her neck and gently squeezing while I kept asking her how she liked it. I was calling her my anal . I was calling her every nasty thing I could think of. Dirty anal bitch. Cheating nasty bitch. Cock sucker. My little anal slave.

This continued on for what seemed like an eternity. Me just pounding. Harder and harder. Her grunting and screaming. Me calling her a dirty . The room shaking, the room smelling like dirty sex!

Then I came. Came deep in her ass. Convulsing with every burst. Filling the dirty condom. I just laid on her. Drained.

Then I rolled over. Pulled the condom off my limp dick, looked over at her and said "Get out, time for you to go home."

I didn't even give her time to recover or collect herself. She was freshly fucked, sweaty, and could hardly stand. I made her get dressed, pussy still dripping from being so turned on.

I walked to my door, and much to my surprise, she turned to me, got on her tiptoes, kissed my lips and then whispered in my ear "I REALLY liked the way you talked to me!" Then she turned and left and had to walk ten blocks home.

I walked back into my bedroom and just then realized that we were fucking so hard sideways across the bed that the mattress was almost all the way off the bed and only stopped because it was almost at the wall. We fucked right off the bed.

I cleaned , showered and was completely drained.

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