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A little place where my imagination lives and my deepest desires are voiced. The feeling of wanting and the greater feeling of being wanted. Please share your sexy with me and perhaps I'll share something with you.
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Posted:Dec 15, 2016 7:19 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2017 12:48 am

Another meeting. I've long since grown tired of the endless meetings. It's nearly lunch time, but I'm not hungry. My mind is racing with thoughts of you. I want you. Here. To feel you step up behind me, your breath tickling my neck as you whisper ...

"It's time. Unbutton your blouse for me."

With trembling fingers I work the buttons free one at a time as you watch from over my shoulder.

"Good girl. Now, slide it off", you tell me as you move away, just far enough to let the silk slide down between us. Then you're back, pressed against me, your lips kissing my neck. You slide your hands around my waist, fingers tickling my skin as you slide them up across my stomach, higher until they rest just below my breasts.

I'm so focused on your hands I must remind myself to breathe, my breasts heaving as I do, as if they are trying to force their way into your hands. You laugh softly, fully aware of what I'm thinking.

You gently bite my shoulder as your right hand slides up to cup my breast, squeezing gently, before sliding it beneath the black lace that hides what you want. You take my nipple between thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently back and forth. I moan softly in response.

"My needy little girl. Is this what you want?" You ask as you tug on it, sending tingles down my spine.

"More," I reply. "I always want more of you."

You laugh again, the rumble settling deep inside me, in that place only you can reach.

"My greedy little one! ... You'll get more. But first, you will cum for me. You can cum quickly, or you can take your time, but understand this, babygirl, you will not get this cock until you cum hard for me."

Your left hand moves to take my other breast, as you tug on my nipples, pulling until I moan and bring my ass back against you.

"Mmm, you like that don't you?"

You tug a bit harder, biting the soft flesh at the base of my neck. I moan again, low and long, then whisper, "Yes, Sir. You know I do."

"Good girl. Are you wet for me?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Tell me, little one."

"I'm wet, Sir. For you."

"Now slide your skirt off, babygirl."

You don't move this time, holding me close, your fingers still teasing my nipples, rolling them between your fingers and then pulling hard, again and again. I struggle to get the skirt over my hips, wanting only to revel in your touch, but it finally slides free, falling down around my ankles.

"Now, part your thighs a bit, love."

I kick the skirt aside, moving my feet a bit wider.

"That's my girl. Now, show me."

I don't have to ask what you want. I slide my panties to the side, burying a finger in deep, then bringing it to your lips for inspection.

We both moan as you close your lips around it, licking and sucking until you've taken every drop.

"It's time. I want you to fuck that wet pussy for me. I'm going to watch as you tease your clit the way you do when you think of me. I want to see the way you finger that sweet little pussy when you are craving my cock. You will not stop until you cum for me. Do you understand, babygirl?"

"Yes, Sir."

Your moan is louder than mine as I slip a finger between my lips and touch my clit, already hard and swollen for you.

My mind is at war with my body. I need to cum. Hard and fast. But you want this ... want to know how I play for you. My mind is demanding that I take it slow, fueled by your moans and kisses, gentle bites along my shoulder. But my pussy ... my pussy wants more. Always more.

I slide my fingertip over and under my clit, slow circles that send shivers down my spine. Each time I move I can feel your cock, hard, pushing against my behind.

You are mumbling against my ear, saying the words I've imagined so many times, telling me I'm sexy, that you want me, that you love to watch me.

"Show me, little one."

I comply immediately, instinctively, abandoning my throbbing clit to slide two fingers deep within my folds. Beyond moaning, I cry out, fighting for control, then slowly pull my fingers free and offer them to you.

You quickly take them in, sucking them hard as your tongue slides up and down between them. I am moaning again, loving the feel of your tongue, imagining you sliding it along my pussy instead.

You release them, growling against my ear, "I know I said you can take your time, but fuck that. You will cum for me, babygirl. No more teasing. Show me how you like to be fucked. I want to watch you cum. Now."

With a sigh, I slide two fingers in ... deep ... and begin to move, slowly at first but always deep, grinding my hips against my hand with each thrust ... each stroke coming a little faster, a little harder ...

"Yes, babygirl. That's it. Fuck that greedy little pussy."

Moaning, mumbling, my fingers are moving faster, driving in deep, my palm slapping against my skin with each stroke.

I slip my left hand between us, rubbing your cock through the fabric of your slacks.

You groan, grabbing my wrist and pulling it up behind me, bound between us as you mutter, "Not yet, little one. Not until you cum for me."

Your other hand slides down over my stomach, resting just above the center of my greed, palm flat against my skin as you pull me tight against your cock.

"Dammit, I need you to cum for me."

That does it, pushing me over the edge. The thrusting stops as my pussy tightens down around my fingers. I am panting, moaning, mumbling as I cum for you.

When the tension finally breaks, you push me forward, bending me over. My mind and body are finally in sync, silently rejoicing as I wait for you to claim me, for your cock to brand me as yours.

You know exactly what I want. Exactly what I need. And you laugh softly as you drop to one knee instead and slide your tongue along my inner thigh.

I freeze, the feel of your tongue on my flesh exquisite, yet the disappointment almost painful.

"You ... you said if I came for you ... you promised, Sir."

"Ahh, I will take you soon enough. I don't think you realize how badly I want to be inside you, how often I think about sliding my cock in deep and taking my time, fucking you slowly until we are both exhausted. You'll get what you want, little one, but first ... first I want to taste you, to feel your passion coating my tongue. Now bend over and let me look at you."

With that, you release the wrist you held and wait for me to bend farther. I hesitate, feeling suddenly shy.


One word. It is enough. I bend lower, holding my breath, my hands on my thighs as I give in to your request.


Again, one word. Again, it is enough. I moan softly as you place your hands on my hips, fingers sliding beneath the straps of my panties and tugging them down.

"So fucking beautiful."

I don't have time to respond before your lips are there, kissing my thighs, light nips, tongue trailing along as if you are trying to taste each freckle. All of the anxiety I feel melts away as you explore, your thoughts shared in moans and mumbles I can't quite understand. When you kiss me there for the first time, your lips pressing gently against mine, my knees get weak.


Both of your hands find my waist, holding me steady.

"I've got you, little one."

Another kiss, firmer this time, your lips tugging gently on mine as you pull away. I'm trembling, held steady only by your hands, as you kiss me again. Each kiss teasing, each pushing a little deeper. When you part your lips, the tip of your tongue finding my slit and slipping just barely between, I am lost. I try to push back against you, but you'll have none of it, your hands holding me still. You laugh, the sound vibrating against my skin, the tingling sensation traveling deep within to that part of me that needs you most.

Trembling, unable to think, I whisper, "Please."

Your fingers tighten, digging in to my flesh as you kiss me again, deeper, letting your tongue slide in as far as it will reach. I can feel it, the heat traveling along my skin as I start to burn, as my muscles begin to tighten one by one. This. I imagined it would be this way. I imagined your touch would move me as quickly and with as much power as your words have. And yet, I had no idea that it could really be ... this.

Lost in the moment, in the sensation, I'm startled when you growl. You curl the tip of your tongue as you pull away, taking as much of me with you as possible.

"You taste so fucking good, little one. So fucking good."

You slide in again, no longer exploring but taking. Long, deep strokes with your tongue followed by soft licks and bites along my lips. My body needs to move, to push back against you, to grind against your lips, but you hold me steady as you devour me, each taste more demanding, each thrust of your tongue more insistent. When the tip of your tongue brushes against my clit I begin to shake, crying out softly.

That sound ... muffled by my trembling pussy. I can't tell if you're laughing or growling, maybe a combination of the two, but that sound resonates within me, thrilling me and warning me. You're going to push me beyond the limits of my control. I can feel that as surely as I know that I will give, without hesitation, whatever you ask. In that moment, that sound lays claim to my pussy, my passion, my release. That sound changes everything.
Are you my
Posted:Aug 2, 2016 9:10 pm
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2016 9:36 pm
I want to tell you what I do at night before I fall asleep. Sometimes I hope my guy is doing something similar. I climb in, pull the covers up over me, then slip off the tee shirt I wear to bed, fold it, and put it next to my pillow. If I'm wearing socks, those come off, too. I run my hands up and down the length of my body from my breasts to my thighs. I know what is coming next so my nipples are already hard.

When I get to my panties I slide my fingers underneath the band and begin to pull them down. There's a ritual to taking off my panties. I don't like to do it too quickly, but I can't deny myself very long, either. I pull them down slowly, inch by inch over my thighs. When they get past my knees I leave them there for a minute. There's something so wanton about being able to spread my legs only just so far because my panties haven't yet made it off of my legs. It reminds me of vigorous and spontaneous sex, the kind where there's no time for removing clothes.

While my hands are on my body, my mind is elsewhere. I imagine a knock at the door on a rainy afternoon. It's you. You're wet. You say nothing to me as I fall into your arms, our lips crushing together. Your hands tear at my clothing, pulling it off. You don't ask me to do this. You just do it and I let you.

My hands are on your clothing, too. I open your belt, then your fly. I sink to my knees, pulling on your waistband. I need to drag your pants only partway down your thighs before I find what I want. You're already hard so I take you into my mouth. Your fingers tighten in my hair as I open wide.

By this point in my fantasy I've given up on rubbing my nipples and I've moved my fingers lower. All it takes is the slightest touch to know how aroused I am. My finger glides along my slit, my wetness coating my fingertip. I run my finger up and down the length of my pussy. God, I love how that feels. I don't go right for my clit despite my arousal. I want my fantasy to last.

But I don't want you to last. I'm intent on bringing you to orgasm. That's why I'm stroking your cock while you fuck my face. You have me in the corner by the door, leaning against the walls, bucking your hips into my open mouth. Soon I hear you catch your breath, feel you jerk slightly, then your climax erupts in my mouth. Like a good girl, I swallow everything you have to give.

By this point, I'm rubbing my pussy in earnest. I need to slow down if I want to avoid coming so I can prolong the magical feelings I'm giving myself. I force myself to no longer rub my clit even though it is practically throbbing. I'm in danger of coming even if I rub my lips for too long, so I turn my attention back to my nipples. I do leave one hand between my legs so I can play and rub my pussy. Thinking about what happens next between us turns me on.

I imagine myself stripped from the waist down, now reclining on the sofa as you sit before me on the ground. I open my legs for you, my hands on my thighs, holding myself apart. I throw my head back and moan as your tongue probes my pussy. I close my legs around your head, squeezing as you lick.

I'm back to rubbing my clit now. My fingers slide so easily against it. I am so wet with arousal.

I know that I can explode into orgasm at any moment if I want to, and maybe even if I don't want to. I am nearly to the point where I lose control of my body. I have to hurry through my fantasy. I flash forward to an image of me bent over the same sofa, you fucking me from behind. You are again pulling my hair. I'm screaming now. I'm not saying words, just the guttural sounds of a woman being fucked and used.

I push two fingers into myself in a pathetic imitation of a cock. I know it can't possibly compare but I make the most of it. Penetrating myself gives my clit a break, allowing me to hold on for a few moments more as I visualize my guy. And then I'm at that moment. I've flipped onto my stomach, my ass perched in the air, grinding my cunt into my open hand. I moan into the pillow, not caring if I'm heard.

The orgasm arrives. It's like a brilliant light passes through me and then slowly leaves. I'm warm all over. I've even started to sweat. The sheets between my legs are damp and my thighs are wet with my juices.

I'll now end this story. I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it And for the week or so if I hear a knock at my door, I'll probably get excited hoping someday it'll really will be my "fantasy" guy.
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What's a girl to do...
Posted:Jul 23, 2016 7:17 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2017 4:21 am

I'm a good girl, with a good job, a car and my own house. People tend to view me as sweet, perhaps innocent, occasionally nerdy and definitely a bit quirky as evidence by my love for my dogs. People tend to watch their language around me and tone down their behavior, presumably for fear of offending me.

I want to have a wholesome and respectable image at work, with my friends and in public in general. The problem, my dilemma, is more of who I'd rather be when the bedroom door closes behind me.

I was married for 14 years, where we mostly were not having sex at all and prior to that I had a few boyfriends, but they've always been so gentle and tender and, well, loving, with me in the bedroom. Which I can't say is a bad thing... I do like to be a princess and be spoiled. If a man wants to lavish me with attention and caresses and kisses, there's not really anything wrong with that.

It's that I know I need something else too. Something that nice girls can't ask for. Something that nice guys would never think of doing to a nice girl like me. I love sex and have orgasms relatively easily. I love to go down on a man and have him do the same for me. It's all good. My real problem is that sometimes, I don't want it to be nice or tender or affectionate. Sometimes I just want to be fucked.

I want a man to grab me, shove his cock into me and hammer away relentlessly, totally disregarding my pleasure, simply using me for his. That in itself isn't an easy one to bring up. I don't want to be judged by him or thought of as a slut, at least not outside of the bedroom. Nice girls aren't supposed to want things like this, so it would seem like there's something wrong with me, right?

But that's not even the whole story. There's more to this than just wanting to wake up the next morning feeling sore down there; feeling ravaged. I have lots of fantasies that spring from the same premise: a man using me for his pleasure. Completely.

I fantasize about being tied up, helpless, at his mercy. Sometimes it's spread eagle on the bed, other times it's on my knees with my wrists bound behind me. And more elaborate things too. The common theme is that I'm powerless. He can do whatever he wants to me and there's nothing I can do to stop him. I'm his pleasure toy.

I also want to feel the stinging pain of his hand across my ass or the sharp stab from his fingers pinching my nipples. Or the burn in my scalp from him tugging roughly on my hair. Or the crack of a belt across the backs of my thighs.

Yes, I know there are labels for this, but I don't really want to be labeled "submissive." (and BDSM is totally beyond the pale). Even if "submissive" happens to be an accurate label, it's too at odds with who I am outside of the bedroom.

So the real issue here is that I'm a respectable girl. And I would never date a man who wasn't respectful of me, who didn't treat me like a lady, who didn't shower me with love and affection. But I want all this other stuff too and I don't know how to get it from the nice guys that I invariably date. They don't want to take charge or be demanding and forceful. I need a fucking caveman once in a while and the guys I date are just too considerate.

I want to come home to a man that occasionally gives me that look, the one that tells me we're "on." And on the heels of that look, he pulls me to him, takes a rough kiss from me, turns me around and ties my hands behind my back before spinning me back around and forcing me to my knees in front of him. He's a man who will pull out his cock and stuff it into my mouth, whether I want it or not. I want to walk in the door thinking I'll be telling him all about what happened to me at work and the next thing I know, I can't talk at all because he's shoving his thick cock all the way to the back of my throat until I'm nearly gagging. Yes, I dream of being on my knees in front of that man.

Oh, how fucking wet my pussy gets just thinking about the way he would grab me by the head or hair and pump his cock in and out between my lips, fucking my face. I could have drool pouring out the corners of my mouth, running down my chin that I can't wipe away because my hands are bound. The same with the tears streaming from my eyes. And he totally wouldn't care... he'd just keep grunting and thrusting his cock into my mouth because that's what he wants to do. My pussy is wet and tingly just thinking about it.

Maybe he'd say things to me that would make it dirtier, naughtier, sexier too. Ask me if I want his cum for my dinner (which I totally would, btw) or ask if my coworkers would suspect how wet I get when he fucks my throat. Something evil and mind-fuckingly hot like that. Because I'm a good girl and things like that shouldn't turn me on. So when he says them and they do turn me on, I feel like such a dirty little slut.

So many things I want. Maybe I'll save those for another post. One extreme fantasy is that he will tell me that a few of his friends are coming over to watch the game tonight. And if I make him a nice dinner, he'll tell me suck their cocks and let them spray their cum on my face and on my breasts and down my throat. The mere suggestion starts the wetness flowing between my legs again. That shouldn't turn me on, should it? But it does and I want, I want it. All of it.

So you see my dilemma, right? There's this side to me that no one really knows about. A side that has powerful wants, desires and needs. But being the proper lady I am, I can't easily talk about them except on here. And the men I attract and am attracted to are men who would never do anything like that on their own. They don't have that selfish, dominant streak that could use me the way I need to be used.

So what's a girl to do??
For fun, 9 Truths And A Lie
Posted:Jul 23, 2016 6:44 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2016 6:34 am

1. I am sarcastic.

2. I love to read and write.

3. I use to be a model in my younger days.

4. I am a mother.

5. I've have crashed my truck 10x in the last three years.

6. I'm a master knitter.

7. My husband and I were married 14 years.

8. I was in a wheelchair.

9. I love scary movies.

10. Completed a Tough Mudder last year.
You know you are always in my dreams...
Posted:Jul 4, 2016 5:46 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2016 6:29 pm

Most nights, when I'm lying in bed, alone, I fantasize about you, about the two of us, together. I dream about being wrapped in your arms. I dream about your lips, your hands; about your nimble fingers finding the parts of my body that crave your touch the most.

My favorite dream, the one I try to return to most often, is a hot encounter in my hotel room while I'm away on business. That night, you come to my door, I let you in; and though we don't say very much to one another, before I know it, you've thrown me against the wall, your hands ripping the clothes from my body. You kiss me, your lips crushing mine, bruising them.

Pulling away, you bury your face in my breasts. You nibble and kiss; licking my skin, sucking on my nipples, your hot breath tickling me; until I nearly come. My knees buckle, but you hold me there, pinning my body, not allowing me to slide to the floor.

My fingers twist into your hair, begging you for more, urging you on, urging you lower. But, suddenly, you pull me towards you, and steer me towards the bed. Forgoing the soft mattress, you bend me over a chest at the foot of the bed; taking me from behind. Sliding deep inside me with one smooth stroke, you begin thrusting, hard and fast.

Moans, cries and grunts of pleasure fill the room as you fuck me; and that is the only word for this act, there is nothing gentle or tender in it. It is raw, it is wild and uncontrolled.

I reach behind me, my hand searching for you, wanting more contact with you, with your skin. You grasp my hand with yours', holding onto it; while your other hand is rests firmly on my hip, guiding our movements. And still you're plunging into me, deep into me, ravaging me.

You're so hard, so hot, and oh, so big; thrusting in and out with such force, such need. But, it's over far too quickly, over before I want it to be. You collapse on top of me, our bodies still joined. Our skin is wet with perspiration, but we don't notice, and don't care. Neither of us has said a comprehensible word during this encounter, but that's alright; we don't need to say anything; our bodies did all the talking.

I turn my head to tell you how wonderful this was, and sadly, I find myself leaving you, leaving us. I wake from this wonderful dream, my eyes open, and I find you gone. I want to cry with frustration, but that would do no good; so instead, I sigh and resign myself to the fact that this was nothing but a fantastic, vivid dream. A figment of an overused mind and an underused body; and I begin to wonder if a person can go insane from a lack of sex.

Picking up my journal, I quickly write as many of the details as I can remember, not wanting to forget any of this dream; hoping that someday I'll get to share it with you, that we can make my dream a reality.
Not sexual but maybe helpful...How to love a "broken" girl
Posted:Jul 3, 2016 4:21 am
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2017 4:41 am

How to love a broken girl. How many would benefit from an instruction book for that? Its easy to love the carefree girls, the “normal” girls, the confident girls next door, but what about the broken girls? The girls with fortresses around their heart and shields in their eyes? The girls whose souls have aged beyond their earthly years? The girls with bodies and minds that have survived wars which would break the strongest of men? Sometimes these girls should come with a warning label. The warning pendulum swings both ways. This warning is not only for how you must treat her but for all the ways she will ruin you.

1. You cannot love her gently. She does not realize she deserves to be loved. You must love her with a force that can crush mountains. You must burn her soul so hot with your love that doubt melts away. Your love must be unconditional and you must show her on her very worst days.

2. She doesnt know shes beautiful. She can get compliments all day and she wont believe it. There is a demon on her shoulder whispering that its not true. It takes a dozen compliments to erase one hurtful torment from her past. Shower her with compliments, be her cheerleader, until your words are her heartbeat instead of her doubts.

3. Chase her. I know we often have the attitude of not chasing anyone. I know it is said to be weak if we chase someone who walks away, but we need to see you are weak for us. Sometimes a broken girl needs to see how much you need her. She needs to.see that vulnerability in your eyes to feel ok. We need you to need us.

4. She needs routine. Broken girls over analyze everything. They notice everything, too. Did you stop asking her for pictures after some time passes? Did you stop using a pet name? Every broken pattern to us means the end of the only thing we have ever wanted and it terrifies us.

5. Smother us with affection. Touch us. Kiss us. Touch us some more. Broken girls have not experienced enough positive affection in their life. We will absorb every ounce as a person dying of thirst demands water. You cannot shower us with enough of a good touch.

6. Be honest and keep promises. Broken girls have not dared to dream much. Every vow made to us has been broken. Every promise has been a lie. We would rather you never let a promise escape your lips than have you utter false ones.

7. Prepare to drown. If we let you inside our chaotic soul, you will be immersed in a madness you will not understand. We sometimes walk the balance beam of insanity and sometimes we fall.
The biggest warning we should have is this.. if we love you, it is forever. We will love you with a loyalty that will amaze you.

Lastly, We will be committed and our heart will beat your name. While we are still broken we will try to devour all of your pain. We will be perceptive to your wounds and eager to heal your soul. If we love you, please be prepared that we will forever stay.
This is a start...
Posted:Jun 4, 2016 6:52 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2016 8:42 pm

We decide to meet, I go to the hotel and check in. I go upstairs and it is a very nice room. A big king size bed, and a jacuzzi in the corner. As usual, I am a little nervous, so I have a glass of wine, and I turn on the music, I decide to take a dip in the tub. I undress and get in, it is so hot I can barely sit down, but my body gets used to it. It feels so good, between the wine and the hot water, I am getting very drowsy. I lay in the tub for a long time, I am so relaxed I don't even hear you let yourself in. I open my eyes and you are smiling down at me. We do not say anything to one another.

You refill my glass, get one for yourself, and start to undress in front of me. You slide into the tub behind me and wrap your arms around me. You kiss my hair, and my neck, and my shoulders. I go limp in your arms. I am so relaxed. Then I feel your hands starting to explore my body. You touch each breast, then your fingers trace a line down to the sweetness between my legs. I part my legs slightly, and you caress my thighs and hips. Then you find my clit, your hands feel so amazing. I raise my hips a bit letting you know how much I want you, how much I want more. You slide a finger into my waiting pussy, then two fingers, you can feel my muscles contracting as you fuck me with your fingers.

Oh God, I want more! I raise myself out of the tub and sit on the edge, I spread my legs wide for you, so you can see all of me. I gently touch my clit and I pull your head down with my other hand. You lick me from my clit down to my ass. It feels so good! I am going to cum all over your face. I push your face into me more, you push your tongue into me as far as it will go! I start to grind my hips into you faster, you continue to slide two fingers into me and you lick me at the same time, oh yes, I am going to cum all over you. The orgasm seems to last forever! It feels so hypnotic and I love watching you lick me. I pull you up to me so that I can kiss you and lick my juice from your lips and your chin.

Now I get to return the favor, I start by kissing you and your neck, down to your nipples, you moan as I nibble on them. I reach down in the water and I can feel your hardness, I cup your balls and squeeze them, you moan more. I gently start to guide you out of the tub so that you are on the edge. I spread your legs so I can see everything, I slip the head of your cock into my warm mouth, I push all of you into my mouth, down my throat, and I just hold you there, and savor the warmth in my mouth. I start sliding my mouth up and down, I love the taste of your pre-cum. It is sweet. I make my way from the head down to your balls, I lick them and suck them into my mouth and twirl my tongue around them, and I tease you for as long as I can take it and until you let out a huge sigh......

I love how hard you get and that you have pre-cum dripping down the shaft. I work hard to lick it all off! I then wrap my mouth around your throbbing cock, I know you are going to cum soon. I feel all of your muscles tighten and then I taste and feel your hot cum down my throat.

You slide back into the water and take me into your arms, we kiss each other lightly and just hold each other. I pull away for a moment to get our glasses and to pour some bath oil in so that we can have some bubbles. The scent is heavenly. We toast each other and drink our wine, then we both just sink deeper into the water to enjoy all of the feelings that are going through our bodies.

How much better can this evening get? I can think of lots....
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Posted:May 5, 2016 7:30 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2016 10:54 am

Dear Teacher,

I've been really looking forward to turning this assignment in, because I want to know how you're going to react to it. YOU are one of the hottest teacher's I've ever had. I have this fantasy, that I come to you during your office hours... except that for some reason these office hours are late at night and there's no one else at all in the entire building.

I'm wearing a short plaid skirt and knee high socks and black patent shoes... and no panties underneath. My shirt is button up, but it is not buttoned at all, instead it is tied just beneath my breasts, propping them up so that you can see plenty of cleavage... and I'm not wearing a bra so my hard pink nipples are poking through my shirt.

As soon as I walk in, you KNOW what I want because you have had plenty of other women come to you in this way... why not? You are young for a Teacher, and there are lots of students who need help with grades. But you like your power, so you ask me what I want, and I tell you that I need help making up for the test that I failed. You tell me that I am doing so badly in the class that it is going to take more than simple sex to make up for my grades... and I bite my lip nervously, because I don't know what you mean, and you smile because you can tell that I am losing some of the confidence I walked in with.

You have me sit on your desk, with my legs spread, and you untie my blouse. My breasts fall out, heaving, creamy skin. Smiling, you look straight into my eyes as you begin to slap my breasts. I gasp, because it hurts and I can tell you're enjoying my pain... and then I start to get wet. Because even though it hurts, it feels good too... and you're excited by this, knowing that I'm enjoying the abuse. I can see your bulge swelling in your pants as you continue to slap my breasts pink, my nipples standing straight at attention.

Then you pinch the tender pink buds between your fingers and start twisting them back and forth. It hurts so much, especially when you pull on them, and I gasp and arch my back... but I do not stop you. I do not even ask you to stop, because my pussy is getting wetter and wetter. You abuse my nipples until there are tears in my eyes, and only then you stop... not because of the tears, but because you're so hot from abusing my body that you cannot take it anymore.

And you unzip your pants and pull my ass to the edge of the desk, lining your cock up with my tender, tight pussy you thrust in brutally. I gasp, holding onto your shoulders, because you are so big and swollen inside me, the biggest thickest cock that has ever entered my pussy and you're thrusting so hard. Then you lean me back onto the desk and keep fucking me hard, my breasts are jiggling up and down as you pound away at my shocked pussy. My nipples are right at your face, and you catch one in your mouth, chewing on it, and making me writhe beneath you on the hard wood of your desk.

As you bite down on my nipple, fucking me harder, and more roughly than I've ever been fucked in my life, I start to cum. I'm totally at your mercy, writhing in pleasure beneath you while you abuse my body, sliding me open again, and again, with your cock. My orgasm just makes you pound me harder, and my juices cover you as you fuck me. I am practically sobbing with ecstasy, as you finally lunge into me, filling me completely, and I can feel your hot cum shooting into my pussy, filling me up.

Then you pull me off the table and push me to my knees, shoving your cum coated cock in my face. Obediently, I open my mouth and eagerly begin licking at your half-hard-cock. I begin sucking it clean, the taste of our combined juices filling my mouth... and I can feel your cum starting to drip down my thighs. Even though I have just cum, being on my knees, before you, knowing how you are using me, I am getting turned on again.

So are you, your cock is hardening in my mouth as you start thrusting back and forth between my lips, but it is still not totally hard. You pull me up off my knees and bend me over the desk, lifting the skirt up so that you can see the sweet heart-shape of my creamy ass. My breasts are hanging down, still sore from the abuse that you put them through.

From under your desk you pull out a heavy wooden yard-stick and show it to me, smiling maliciously. I moan, both frightened and aroused by its forbidding presence. Standing behind me and slightly to the side, you raise it and bring it down heavily on my ass, making me shriek as the pain goes through me. I dance in front of you with every stroke, my ass jiggling as you make dark red lines across its expanse...

I'm sobbing in front of you, feeling like it is the worst pain I have ever felt, and yet more turned on than ever. Abusing me this much has you totally aroused again, and when I have 15 red welts across my buttocks you drop the stick to the floor. I flinch at the sound, and at the touch of your hand, gliding across my pained flesh. You press your cock deeply into my pussy, but then pull out again, and I feel the warm wet tip of you at the entrance to my ass.

I protest, half-heartedly, knowing that I will give you everything you want... You tell me sharply that if I want my grade then I need to be a good girl... so of course I am... and then I feel his cock begin to press into me. I gasp and moan, wriggling in front of you as my ass clenching around your invading shaft; when you're finally fully inside me, I feel like you must be about to come out of my mouth you're so deep up my ass. Then you begin to pull out, and it's such a strange feeling, painful in its own way... and then you shove back in and I gasp.

You begin thrusting back and forth, sliding in and out of my stretched asshole, using it just like you did my pussy. As my ass adjusts to your invasion you start moving harder and faster; one hand reaches under my body to begin squeezing my hanging breasts, pinching my nipples, while the other grabs my hair and you begin to use it like reins as you ride me from behind. You ravage my ass without mercy, abusing my tits as you sodomize me, and my pussy is burning with need.

Reaching down, I begin to play with my pussy on my own, rubbing it and pinching my clit just like you are pinching my nipples, imagining it is your that is roughly abusing my tender flesh. Your cum is slippery on my fingers, still leaking from my pussy hole, and making my flesh even more slick. My pussy begins to burn, just as the inside of my ass is, and I rub my clit harder as you pound away at my tender ass.

This time you begin to cum first, shoving into my ass with a force that takes my breath away, and I can actually feel you swelling inside me, your first spurts of cum pressing against my asshole as they begin to pass into my body. Rubbing my clit even harder, my ass begins rippling around you as I start to cum, milking the cum from you as you fill me.

As soon as you're done, you pull out roughly, leaving me empty and gasping. You smack my ass with your hand, making me stand straight up as the pain flares through my already abused bottom.

You tell me to return next week if I want to ensure my grade, and then you leave me there, standing with my breasts hanging out of my shirt and cum beginning to drip out of my ass, joining the cum on my thighs that has slid out of my pussy.

When I go home, I'll play with myself, pushing my fingers into my pussy and ass, imagining that it's you again...

I don't know if I'll get the courage to turn this assignment in... but I hope I do. I'd love to get your feedback on it. Who knows, maybe you will give me an "A".

Student (aka, Goodgrl)
Call me, maybe, YES Sir
Posted:Apr 24, 2016 8:34 pm
Last Updated:May 1, 2016 8:20 am

A few days ago I come across his pic and I start to remember how good he felt, how he smelled, and how he sounded. It was intoxicating. He is intoxicating. The beauty of snapchat, he must of sensed my yearning, because I get a message and boom it is him. I brush him off because I know that ultimately I will crave his control, his words, his orders, and I'm after all trying to focus on me.

Two days have gone by and I need to be released. My vagina clenches at the thought of being utterly fucked. I want his mouth on my clit, his hands in my pussy, stretching me, and preparing me for his thickness. He knows how tight
my pussy gets when it hasn't been properly tended to.

I reminisce about our meetings and I'm so wet that my fingers slide right up and down my bare lips. I touch myself, slowly at first, trying to savor every motion, mimicking what his mouth would feel like. Getting myself ready for my favorite glass toy, knowing the second I enter myself I'll explode. It's been too long since I've cum. Heck it's been too long since I've had sex. I work on her for what seems to be an eternity. I cannot get myself over the edge. I need more. I need him. I need at the very least hear his voice.

His commands over me can make me succumb very easy. I hesitantly type him a text, contemplate whether to hit send, or not, but I need his help. I want him to help me cum. If he was closer, I would be at his doorstep. He responds and as always, I feel flutters inside and I'm instantly aroused and I feel my wetness increase. I ask him to help me. My phone rings....

I have to ask nicely and refer to him as Sir. He always makes me beg. He starts talking to me and immediately I am putty. He orders me to pull at my nipples. I'm so close to cumming, but he tells me I better not. He knows this drives me crazy. He tells me all the things he would do to me if he were here.

I'm so close and he knows by the way my breathing becomes more shallow and the way I stop responding. I am begging him to let me cum and still he denies me. I want to just do it, but I know if I do, the next time he will not respond, so like a good girl I obey his wishes.

He orders me stop touching and for me to slap my pussy. He makes me count out the slaps. I barely get to five and I'm ready to explode. He finally says those magic words, cum for me baby, and I see the light. A million feelings course down my spine and I cum so hard my sheets are soaked. I know he's enjoyed my sounds because as I finish, I hear him cumming hard too. It pleases me to know that I have pleased him. He has his power over me and I'm completely and thoroughly satisfied for now until the next time.
Yes I am a Good Girl ;)
Posted:Apr 18, 2016 11:27 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2016 6:35 pm

I slowly trace the outline of your soft lips with the tip of my tongue. I slip my tongue inside and open your mouth. I suck on your lower lip. I suck on your tongue. Finally I allow you to kiss me, thoroughly and erotically.

I gradually make my way down your body. First down one side of your neck, then down the other. I softly bite and suck under your chin. I make my way down one arm down to your fingertips. I give each finger its own blow job. Sucking, teasing, preparing for the real thing. I slowly make my way across your chest, sucking your erect nipples. They are so tender that you jump when I nip at them. I make my way to your other arm, and give oral sex to crook of your arm, another soft, sensitive spot.

When I've had my fill, I slowly make a trail with my tongue down your stomach. I dive into your abdomen, sensing how sensitive you are.

I work my way down your legs. I bite at your thigh. I travel down slowly to the inside of your knee. Down further I go, seeking out your foot. You are amazed as I lick and suck the tops of your feet and anything I can get my mouth on.

Your hand reaches for your cock, but I softly push it away. No words are spoken as I make my way to your other leg, sucking on all your tender spot as if they were a cock in my mouth. I slowly work down to your other foot, and lap at it, revering it, admiring it. I love every inch of your body. My pussy getting wetter as you moan with approval. You try to touch me but I squirm away. This is about you.

I finally make my way back up your body, and lower my head above your cock. My hard nipples rub over your chest, my soft breasts making love to your body. I take my hair and rub it all over, enveloping your cock in my softness. Still I do not use my hands. My hair drapes over your cock like a curtain, and I move it back and forth, teasing it into a hardness it has never known.

I move down and position myself right at your most sensitive area. I spread your thighs, I tease the tip and lap up the pre-cum. I trace the sides down and lick your balls. I can't get enough of your manliness. I take your balls gently into my mouth. You are moaning and I am extremely turned on.

Finally, knowing you can not take much longer, I take your cock into my mouth. God it feels wonderful. You are so damn hard. I suck you for all it is worth. I put you completely down my throat, so I can actually lick your balls. You are stuffed down so deep that I can't hardly believe it is humanly possible. I get into a wonderful rhythm, fucking your cock with my mouth and gently massaging your balls. I purr as I feel you swell inside my throat. I know you are going to cum.

I rapidly increase my deep throating, fucking your cock with my mouth like there was no tomorrow. Now it's me that cannot wait. I have to taste your cum. I want you to cum deep in my throat. I want you to fill my mouth up. I want to swallow the sweet taste of your cum. Please cum. Please. Let me taste you. Let me please you. I hear your groans, and feel the jerk of your balls and cock. I know you are about to have one of the best orgasms of your life. I increase my intensity and suck you in, giving you pressure on the sensitive head of your cock with each long, slow pull of my mouth.

Oh, here it is. It's what I've been waiting for. You. Your cum. Inside me. Yes, now please, now. Ah, yes babe here it comes! And comes and comes! I swallow every last drop, gulping down your cum. I keep sucking your cock dry. You keep coming forever, it seems and I stay right there with you. You are mine. Gasping, you lay back. You are panting and groaning and grabbing my hair.

We both collapse on the soft pillows. The blackness still engulfing us.......
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First time on cam with him
Posted:Feb 7, 2016 5:13 pm
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2017 6:39 pm

I arrive at his place and I am on edge. His words and naughty pictures have been teasing me all day, and all I want is the scent and the feel of him on me, anywhere on me. He's wearing a t-shirt and sweats, but I can see the shape of him, poking through his sweats. God, for some reason, I love a man in sweats. My mind runs wild with what he may have on underneath, and I immediately want my hands on him. My excitement only makes my pussy tingle, I am about to slide my hand up my dress and pleasure myself.

Our mouths meet and his tongue dances with mine. He enters my mouth forcefully and with skill. All I can picture is his cock entering me, the way his tongue slides past my lips. I can feel the warmth and the wetness that is seeping into my panties. We exchange some pleasantries, and soon enough I am straddling him, his hardness between my legs as we continue to kiss and grind against each other. I hear a ding on his computer in the next room. I tease him about his online adventures. He asks me if I want to play on cam. I hesitate at first but wanting to please him I coyfully agree.

We head into the next room. He is extremely hard and I slide his pants down exposing him. He's wearing some pretty panties. He knows I love this. I can see pre-cum on the tip of his cock and before I get a chance to taste it, he wipes it with his finger, and tastes himself. He is teasing me; he knows how badly I want to have him in my mouth. I can see him on the screen and I can see myself. I wish I were more confident; I hate the way I look' although he assures me I look beautiful. I refuse to look up or get to close to the camera. He reads me a few of the comments and it seems we have quite the audience.

He is sitting in his chair, cock in his hands. I have slowly undressed and I am wearing a red and black corset with black thigh-highs. I slide my panties down and get a little tangled, but manage to keep my stockings on. I kneel before him taking quick glances at the visual provided by the camera. My long brown curly hair is draped to the side. I am trying to conceal my face, but I am excited by the thought of being watched.

I slowly place my lips on his cock, savoring every moment. My body is electrified as I begin to slide my lips very skillfully up and down his shaft. His soft moans cheer me on as I move up and down him. I am enjoying this, the tease, the taste, and how his body reacts to my mouth. He places his hand on head and tries to guide me, but I push him away and release him from my mouth.

I look straight into his eyes, his cock in my hand as I lower myself, and begin to lick him. I lick him like he has a pussy. I lick him how I want to be licked; gently caressing his balls with my tongue, all the while I am stroking him. I can feel his pre-cum lubricating my hand. I come up for air and take him back into my mouth for another taste.

His cock is extremely wet with my saliva and his pre-cum. I lower the corset exposing my breast. I massage them a bit and tug on my nipples; they are already hard with excitement. I can tell he enjoys watching me do this. I take his cock and place it between my breasts. I fuck him like this for a few minutes, spitting onto his cock when needed. I almost forget the cam is still on, and I become bashful putting my tits away. He reads the comments; the audience wants to see my tits out and his shirt off. He happily obliges and I'm giggling at him reading the comments. He pushes out of the chair and stands before me. This time his hands are on my head and he is forcefully fucking my mouth. God, I want him inside me.

He kneels down and kisses me. He kisses me hard and I can hardly catch my breath. He lies down on the ground. My backside is facing the camera and I can see him peeking around me. He eggs me on to look, he tells me how good I look. His cock is standing at attention and he tells me to get on top. I straddle him, his cock sliding deep into me. He coaxes me onto my knees and I am hesitant to look up at the camera. I can see us out of the corner of my eye and I am even more turned on at the fact that we are being watched. I start to ride him, taking in every inch of his hardness. I am so wet and already so close to cumming. I am sitting up and he is tugging on my nipples. Something he knows just sends me over the edge, he is urging me to cum and I forget about the camera. My juices are gushing and an orgasm ripples through my body. I am spent but he is far from done.

He orders me to my knees and takes me from behind. I am so wet that he is just slamming into me with all his length and I can hear the wet sounds of his force. I reach through and grab his balls trying to get him to cum. He wants me to cum again, I know this, and I relax trying to feel every sensation that he is evoking within me. My skin is glistening with sweat and his cock feels so good. I am so close again, so close to coming undone. I cum again, again, and again.

He stands over me, stroking and watching my every move. I want his cum all over me. I taste myself on him. He fucks my mouth for a bit and I can tell by his sounds, and how he feels, that he is close to exploding. I tug on his balls and massage underneath his balls close to his asshole. I always know this sends shivers through his body and pushes him over the edge. He's looking into my eyes as I position myself to receive his load. His cum shoots and splatters all over my face. He cums, and cums, and I am drenched in him. I taste him and he kisses me for a grand finish.

I completely forgot the cam was still on. The audience is disappointed that he was standing in front of me, so they missed the grand finale. I definitely enjoyed this new experience and I guess there is always next time. I certainly would not want to disappoint the fans
Invite a friend
Posted:Jan 18, 2016 5:36 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2016 2:42 pm

We arrive in Vegas at different times and the plan is to meet in the hotel bar since you do not have a key. I get to the bar, but you are not there yet, so I grab a drink and enjoy the scenery. A guy I have never seen before walks up orders a drink and starts a conversation. I am attracted to him, he looks great, and the drinks are quickly taking effect. I try and keep the conversation polite, however I can feel myself getting moist just thinking about what he would do to me. I am now wishing you hurried up and got here as I'm beginning to feel extremely promiscuous.

About the time I start my second drink, you walk around the corner. You kiss me deep in front of these new man and I can not help but blush. I introduce you and as we leave you casually say something about maybe we will run into each other again.
We get your things and go up to the room. I want it so bad right now that I can barely stand it. You hold me off stating that you are hungry, and have not eaten all day. You tell me I know you are going to fuck me soon, and so good and not to worry. So I relent and agree to dinner.

We go to a nice place, dinner and more drinks; I am feeling no pain now. And look who happens to walk in, my new friend from the bar. You tell him we are headed to a club for a few drinks after dinner and that he should check it out. I heard the band is great. As he leaves, you can see my hand through my skirt and can see I am pretty close to making myself cum, you smile and ask you me if I think he is hot. "Of Course" is my reply, you take my hand and lick my fingers. You tell me that I have had enough to drink now; I've drunk enough that I do not even protest the club in lieu of the bedroom. You softly promise in my ear to fuck me until I beg you to stop when we go back to the room. I respond with, we will see who is begging whom with an evil grin.

He arrives at the club a half hour after we do. We are talking and I excuse myself to the restroom. He seems to know how to play his part. He is spending his time getting undressing me with his eyes and making me even more turned on. When I get back I look at you and say "take me to the room NOW and FUCK ME!" Wow, you say he has really turned you on. Maybe you would rather he take you to your room... No! I say, I want to fuck you. Oh, don't worry, you will. But I am not letting this go, he has you on fire. So you surprise me by saying to him, how would you like to join us for a nightcap???? He quickly says that he would love to, but only if that is what I want... He does not give me a real chance to object, though I would not have if I had the chance...my pussy is on fire...and these two studs are taking me to a Vegas hotel room. The hostess gives me a wink and a 'you go girl' as we leave.

I whisper to you in the elevator just to make sure you are ok with what is happening. You do not respond to my question. The door opens and you walk directly to our room and open the door. As soon as it shuts behind the three of us it is like flipping a switch. I turn and look at both of you and say "you two have 10 seconds to have a dick in my mouth and a tongue in my pussy, you decide who is who..." For the remainder of the evening, we take turns sucking and fucking in every imaginable position. God only knows how many times I orgasm. When I finally have my fill, I look at you and thank you and tell you...lets do this again before we leave.
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Merry Xmas!
Posted:Dec 18, 2015 9:01 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2016 7:49 pm
After a perfect relaxing Christmas Eve, with the fast asleep - and staying that way - I'm lying in a hot bath thinking of you...
The hot water always makes my pussy throb and tonight is no exception. Eyes half closed I let one hand pinch my nipples hard, making me gasp and bite my lower lip slightly as the other hand dips below the water to trail slow languid circles over my swollen clit.

The wine going to my head a little and feeling horny as fuck I imagine us... I try to ignore how wet I'm getting and try to stop my fingers wandering as I trying to make my fantasy last.

I picture you dozing in a chair as I creep into the living room, I think this is perfect, I have a Christmas surprise for you…

Being careful not to disturb you (yet) I kneel between your legs and snuggle up close to you. Nuzzling your neck I run my lips over your skin softly, letting my warm breath caress you gently and I kiss and nibble your neck and chin.

You stir just slightly, even open your eyes the tiniest bit, but with a little smile you settle down again utterly content and not really aware yet of what is happening.

Part of you has noticed though and I feel your cock swelling just beneath where my breasts are resting. I work my boobs over the growing bulge, teasing and tempting it further.

I sit back a little and let my hands wander down over your chest and stomach, then up your inner thighs, finally running my hands over your cock through your pants.

At the first sign of you waking up I pull your cock out and slowly trace my tongue up from base to tip. Swirling my tongue gently round the head I take my time, enjoying the taste of you. I love teasing you like this, sucking your gorgeous cock.

Wrapping the fingers of one hand around you, the other hand stroking my soaking pussy I seal my soft lips round you, my tongue still rolling around the head as I start to suck, softly for now…

Licking your cock all over till it's nearly as wet as my tingling pussy, I suck harder, moving my mouth further down your now rock hard cock with every stroke. My hand squeezes slightly as I slide it up and down the length of you, my mouth following the same rhythm.

I pull my hand away to let me take more of you into my mouth, loving the pressure at the back of my mouth as my lips get nearer the base.

Running my tongue up and down the underside of your throbbing cock I relax my throat and slide my mouth right down to the base, looking up just in time to stare into your eyes as you wake up properly.

Twisting my head a little from side to side as I slide my mouth off you cock for a moment to whisper ‘Merry Christmas.'

I smile at you. Before you can even reply I suck you back into my mouth, harder now, wrapping my lips tightly around you and sliding them faster along your cock while my fingers carry on massaging my clit hard.

With your fingers twisted into my hair you push my head down, working your cock deeper into my mouth, harder. I pull back a little and give you a teasing smile.

Pulling on my hair you drag me up and kiss me hard, sucking my top lip into your mouth. Moaning against your lips I feel a sudden sharp pain which sends shocks down to my soaked pussy as you have found my nipples and are tugging hard. You are flicking your tongue over the tips of my nipples. I moan out loud at this, feeling my pussy grow even wetter.

I am straddling you, you look into my eyes as you grab my thighs and spread my legs wide as you slide between my legs. I'm trembling as you run your hot tongue over the soft skin inside my thighs and suck and nibble my smooth pussy lips. Your breath on my wet skin makes me shiver and I'm aching to feel your tongue exploring me. I'm writhing against your face as you so slowly roll your tongue over my clit. I can't help the little sighs and moans escaping my lips as you drive me crazy.

Pushing my legs up towards my chest you run your tongue lower, tasting me as you tease my pussy with your tongue. Then lower, massaging my tight asshole with your tongue. My reaction says it all and you push a finger into my wet pussy, working it in and out making me squirm. My hands are in you hair, holding you against me, you feel sooooo good and I never want it to stop but I am so close to cumming.

Kissing me hard as your hands grab and stroke my body you turn me around so I am knelt on the floor, bent over the sofa. Coming up behind me you take off the rest of your clothes and kneel between my spread legs, your cock rubbing against my soaking pussy. Grabbing my hips in both hands you slide your hard cock quickly inside my tight pussy, stretching me.

I jump and cry out, but push back against you, needing to feel you deep inside me. You bring one hand up and grab my hair, pulling slightly as you slide your cock almost all the way out before slamming it hard into me again. You fuck me hard and slow, driving me insane like this.

I start to push back on you faster, and harder, wanting more, wanting to cum. You let go of my hair and grab my hips, fucking me deep and hard.

I'm so close now, I'm gonna cum hard on your cock. My pussy squeezes your cock sooooo tightly as I cum hard, every nerve ending in my body on fire. I can already feel that I'm gonna cum again and I slip a hand between my legs to rub my clit fast, needing that release again.

I'm on the verge of another orgasm and I hear you whispering "fuck, I'm gonna cum" and that pushes me over the edge. Just as my body spasms around your cock again you push into me so hard as you lose it, filling my tight pussy with your cum.

After a few moments I realize that I am still in the tub!!!! The water has cooled but my body feels very relaxed. I guide my hand between my thighs, letting my fingers tease me to another gentle climax before drying off the whole time wishing my fantasy was reality… I would be relaxing into your arms right now and looking up at you to say Merry Christmas!
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