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jacker_wild 87M  
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6/22/2021 10:20 am

Really getting tired of this, fixing it is a full-time job!!!!

In Part – 19, I said that I would go into my “solo trips’ to Maryland and DC in a future part. Well, this is that part……………………….and I warn you that this particular part is very, very long. Enjoy!!!!

My wife had gotten used to my 4-day trips about every 6 or 7 weeks, so it had become routine. I didn’t worry excessively about my family while I was away because my wife’s family lived only a mile and a quarter from my house, and besides, I had equipped the entire house with a hard-wire alarm system.

I had an old school chum living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and occasionally I would detour on my trips to Baltimore and stop there, sometimes spending a night. Yes, we did have sex, but only once. He wasn’t exactly my type, but he was a loyal and trusted friend, and I knew that he had the hots for me. He did have a neighbor however, who was a bit more to my liking…………and I found out from my friend that his neighbor had an eye on me. Not that trip, but on subsequent trips I did spend several nights with the neighbor, who gave great head.

Anyway……….. on one of my earliest trips to the Eastern Shore, my friend said he wanted to take me someplace that he thought I might just like. He drove into DC and we went to a bar……….can’t remember the name, it’s been so long………… but it was the first time I had seen male dancers/strippers on a bar. I was a bit more than surprised when they did what most dancers do…………..strip down to a very skimpy G-string and guys were filling up their straps with bucks! Then the dancers scooped up their tips and dropped the jocks…………………and danced for 15 minutes, cocks flapping in the breeze. Awesome, beautiful, erotic, and a place that I would have to remember on my next solo trip, when I was truly solo.

It wasn’t very long before I had to go back to DC, and as I said previously, I always made “business appointments” on Fridays or Mondays………… sometimes both, so that I had the weekend to myself. I was born in the daytime………… but not yesterday………. Lol!
On that solo trip I did visit that strip bar, and yes…………. After some tipping and sending an occasional drink to a particular dancer who was on break, I did manage to take him back to my hotel. He was a honey……….. smooth skin, rather young (probably just past 21) and oh so anxious. Had a great time with him but all I gave him was cab fare because DC subways shut down at midnight.

On my trip immediately following that one………… weeks later………… had left Long Island very early, and the drive always took about four and half hours to reach my hotel. It was in the hottest part of town…………. Right off Dupont Circle……….. a quaint 8 story hotel that my friend had recommended, because it was a favorite place for the government to put-up dignitaries….. of which I was not, but it felt good anyway.

I arrived at the hotel about 11am, and found that the hotel restaurant was closed. I had been hoping for a light breakfast, but it seems that I got shut out. I asked the desk clerk if I could get some kind of room service and he responded negatively…………..saying that breakfast room service was over and lunch would not begin for another hour. I then almost begged for some light fare because of my drive from Long Island. He rang the restaurant and a nice waiter unlocked the door and said, “come in……..I can give you coffee, some fruit and maybe a Danish, but that’s all I can do now”. I said that would be fine and he brought me to a corner table. The place was of course deserted.

When I had finished my breakfast and he brought the check, I handed him my key and asked that he put the tab on my room………..I left a cash tip. He came back in a while and asked if I would like more coffee………… and I declined with thanks. He headed for the door, and unlocked it, but before he opened it I said……………. “You can return it now or later” (I was referring to my key). He turned to me, smiled a beautiful smile on a gorgeous face and said, “I get off shift in 20 minutes”. I asked if he remembered the room, and he nodded as he handed me my key. Like clockwork he arrived at my room, and immediately embraced me and walked me backward to the bed. He unbuttoned my pants, undid my shirt, and lay me down on my bed. He pulled my shorts down and gave me a fantastic blowjob. Then as quickly as it started, he was leaving. I asked him if he could meet me somewhere at lunchtime, but he said he would be in class at GWU. He did ask if he could have a beer from my fridge……………I was pleased to oblige.

I got into the shower, tired but very satisfied, and when I came out, I threw myself on the bed and went out like a light. I woke up at about 4pm. Of course I wasn’t yet hungry, but you should know that DC is a very cosmopolitan town. Dinner time is never before 8pm………… usually closer to 9pm………. So I had hours to explore the city. I dressed and went out, noticing the handsome desk clerk as I left.

Maybe it’s just because I was a man, or maybe it was my imagination, but damn!!!!!................. there is no place in DC where you don’t get cruised. Maybe it was just the Dupont Circle area, but I think I could have picked up a dozen guys in those first 20 minutes. Wild town!!!!

I went back to the hotel about 7 or so, and took another shower and decided to dress for dinner…………….not “dress, dress” but pants and a nice jacket. I went down to the dining room just after 8pm and it was mostly full. I have to admit that I felt awkward being a “solo” in a room full of couples and more. Again, I had a corner table, out of the way………… which is where most restaurants usually put “strays”………….. lol.

By the time I ordered (after a cocktail), got served and ate, the place was about half empty……. Still lots of people. The dinner waiter was not the same as I had earlier, but I think all the restaurants in DC hire the hottest looking guys around. This one was very outgoing, pleasant and friendly, and said that he hadn’t seen me before, and was I from out of town. He was chatting me up!!!!

He brought my check, and I did the same thing that I had done earlier……handed him my key and asked that the tab be put on my room. He smiled and left for a few minutes. He too came back and asked if I wanted more coffee, and I declined. He said he hoped that I had enjoyed dinner and walked away. I followed him, to the middle of the restaurant, people all around, and I didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get when I said……………..”you can return it now or later” (my key). He looked at me, reached into his pocked and took out my key………… and without looking at the room number, said, “I can be up there at 9:15. Damn!!!.......... this was getting too easy.

He also was prompt, hot and very good at sucking. I did manage to get a few more gropes and feels of him, than I did with the first waiter………. But as of now, I was “loving that restaurant”.

I was in DC to blow off some steam and to have a ball or two and I intended to give it my all. Showering once again, and dressing, more casually this time, I left the hotel about 10:30. On my way out I noticed a new night desk clerk. I asked him if there were any fun<b> bars </font></b>around……………..now he knew exactly what I meant, because the bar he sent me to was a hopping gay bar, with female impersonators. I had a couple of drinks and figured I better call it a night. I reached the hotel and the desk clerk was still there. He asked if I had a good time. I said, “you should have come along with me, I would have bought you a drink”. He said, “you still can, I’m getting off the desk right now”.

I went upstairs and 3 minutes later there was a knock on the door and it was he. We didn’t do much because he was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I did manage to get quite a bit of fondling in and get him almost totally undressed for what I wanted now, but he chickened out. He apologized, spilled his wine and said goodnight.

The next morning when I was getting ready to check out, he was sitting in the lobby with a woman, who the day desk clerk told me was his wife. I guess he was trying to show me that he wasn’t gay, because he was married…………….. and we all know that to be a crock of shit!

HGMDale 68M  
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10/8/2021 8:05 pm

Damn you have some really nice friends hehe. Glad you hooked up with the friend even if he was not your type. Great to hook up with the neighbor.

The bar sounded so hot. When I was in New Orleans sadly with the wife lol we walked down Bourbon Street and ended up on the gay end of the street. There was a bar with a guy dancing on the bar in a towel. Wish I had been alone so I could have stayed and watched.

Damn this hotel sounds so hot and hope you spent many happy trips there. Yea the night clerk was dealing with some things.

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