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jacker_wild 87M  
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6/24/2021 8:21 pm


My trips to DC and Baltimore continued for quite a while. Actually, my account scope widened to include Richmond, Virginia.

On one trip to DC I met this guy in that male strip club that I used to hit on every visit. We had been making eye contact while watching the dancers, and he walked over to me and asked if I was staying in DC. Maybe I had a sign on my forehead, that I was from out of town, but for whatever reason we spent the rest of the time in the bar, just talking. He was cute, maybe in his 30s and alone. I invited him back to the hotel and he said yes, “my friend was going to stop back here to pick me up, so I don’t have a car”. He used the bar phone to call his buddy and told him he was spending the night in DC.

We didn’t do much……….. he was very laid back and not into much, so basically it was mostly cuddle and grope time……….. felt good to have my hands around a cock that wasn’t mine. We fell asleep in the “two spoons” position and I enjoyed having my cock between his nice firm cheeks for most of the night. There was no chance of fucking him, because he already made plain that he wasn’t into that.

In the morning, after a shower, I invited him for breakfast but he said that he had to get back home……….. to Charlottsville……….half hour or so from DC. He asked if he could use my hotel phone, to call his friend………… who I also found out was his roommate, though he claimed there was nothing between them. His friend answered and told him that he had car trouble the night before and he wouldn’t be able to come to DC to pick him up. So guess who drove him home!

Charlottsville is a nice town………… quaint and very clean. It’s also the home of UVA………….. which I hadn’t known before, so it was ripe with students. There were also a couple of cruise bars in town, though very laid-back When I looked around it didn’t take much to make me realize that I was more than a generation older than just about every guy in the place.

When I took my new friend home, he invited me upstairs for coffee, which sounded good. I did meet his roomie, because he hadn’t been able to go out without a car. Another nice guy, but definitely not my type. I wasn’t able to spend much more time in Charlottesville, because I had an appointment in Richmond, and I still had to get back to DC in order to check out. This would be my last night in DC for a while, because when I finished in Richmond, I would have to drive directly back to NY, bypassing both DC and Baltimore (regretfully).

My last night in our nation’s Capital was not without some excitement. The new night desk clerk (have no idea whatever happened to the one who came to my room that night, and spilled his wine) told me about another bar that I had never been to. Damn…….. DC was the hottest town I had ever been to. There was cock and ass all over………… and you had to watch where you stepped, lol.

I went to the new bar…………….smaller, darker than the other strip bar, but the dancers were just as hot. I sent a couple of drinks to a blond dancer with a body of steel, and he kept winking at me. I was counting on a very good night. It was about midnight or so, and I figured that maybe he would be<b> getting off </font></b>the clock soon………….. but when I did get to speak with him on one of his breaks, he said he was working until 4am. Shit!............ and I was supposed to leave DC by 9am.

At this point, I said, “fuck it”……….I want this guy………………. A lot!!!!!!........ So I slipped him a nice tip and gave him my Hotel name and my name…………. told him to come by after work I went to my hotel, left a “wake-up” call for 3:45am with the night desk clerk………. And I went to my room, stripped and threw myself naked on the bed. I went out like a light and awoke to the phone ringing. I had gotten about 3 good hours of sleep.

About 4:am, my phone rang again, and the clerk told me that “Rick” was here. He came up to my room and he was everything that had turned me on in the bar. We started making out and I opened my night table draw and…………………………… no condoms!!!! We were both pretty hot now, and this was like cold water being thrown on my nuts. I said, “Fuck, I have no condoms, Rick”. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a couple. Like a trusty Boy Scout…………… always prepared.

Well, as I said, he had a body of steel. and I enjoyed undressing him. I don’t think anyone could have pinched even ¼” of fat on any part of this guy’s body. His abs were an awesome 6-pack, and he had small but well defined pecs…………I wanted to devour this guy. He preferred being flat on his stomach, and I made love to him for a half hour. He went wild when I started nibbling on his ears, and running my tongue up and down the side of his neck. He wasn’t into kissing, but boy could he suck cock! I finally got the chance to put the condom on, and he remained flat on his stomach, but spread his legs so wide, that his ass-cheeks separated like they were expecting Moses. I fucked him for a relatively short while, but the next day, my cock was sore…………..never got to ask him how his ass was. Actually next trip I looked for him, but like so many of these dancers, they live a transient life.. For all I know, he might have been dancing in California by then.

Though I did leave for Richmond two hours late, I still made my appointment on time……………………..wearing a big smile……………

HGMDale 68M  
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10/11/2021 6:40 am

Damn the few times I went to DC on business alone never had the find of fun you did lol. Of course I am far more timid than you are about checking things out. That blond dancer sounded so fucking hot and must have had a steel hole also.

jacker_wild 87M  
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10/11/2021 7:36 am

Oh you are right HG.................between his "steel hole" and my then tungsten rod, we made fucking sparks!

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