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Welcome to my blog!
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Losers I've Met Here!
Posted:Sep 22, 2021 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2022 5:38 am

We've all had our share of guys who just "have to" meet us for one reason or another. Now, I'm not claiming to be God's to the universe, but my, "One Man's Journey" blog, pretty much explains who I am, and my popularity over my lifetime.

One thing I can't stand is a phony!!! Guys who pretend to be one thing, but are far removed from the image that they so carefully cultivate. At the top of my list is the "Str8" guy who is married and really "needs" to be with me. Yeah........ that's what i thought too. It's certainly not that they find me irresistible, but rather think that I should be grateful for the attention, and very convenient for them. Again..... referring back to my, "One Man's Journey"...........I've had more attention in my lifetime than some of these losers will get if they live three lifetimes.

Met this guy, "elpaxxx197" who really came on strong. sure that he thought he had an easy mark in me, but he was gravely disappointed. Oh, he was a real "sweetheart"............ sending Good Morning greetings, with Smileys with hearts, just about every morning, and wishing a great day ! And the promises to meet never ended. We actually managed one sex meeting, which admittedly was a nice one. But after that, every week without fail, he was "definitely going to meet" with me, because he had a fantastic time. He also said he was looking forward to my popping his cherry. I guess that was his idea of an inducement.

Those weeks turned into a couple of Months, and whenever I pushed, I was "warned" that he didn't have time for "this bullshit"...... and that he was busy and trying, etc, etc.

Finally, when I had enough, I really confronted him on his IPhone and told him that I wanted to meet real soon because i missed being with him. I was told that i was "acting like a girlfriend" and he didn't have time for bullshit, and was going to "send me to Hell", fast!!!

Well, I beat him to that punch and just told him to "Go fuck yourself, and never contact me again". I blocked him at AdultFriendFinder and on my IPhone. I noticed that he de-activated his membership two days after that........I wonder why???

If this 's ass does return, be sure that you avoid him like the plague...... he's all sweetness and honey, so long as he controls the narrative! But don't ever make the slightest demand, no!!!.........make that request!

Number two on my list is "LetsjustfuXXX9"................ really, really horny guy, who was persistent in his daily messages........... always ...........always super suggestive........well, forget suggestive....... outright explicit!!!! He would tell that he was lying naked in bed, playing with his cock, thinking of me. He couldn't wait to get together, because he wanted to be fucked. He Friended me , became a Top Fan, and we exchanged current pix. Had a one on one meet in public, just to be sure we had a chemistry............ which he swore he already felt online.

Everything was moving along well, with the meeting, and then suddenly, he claimed that he was having second thoughts.................not about me (he said), because he liked me a lot............but because he was re-thinking the whole m/m sex thing, and wasn't sure anymore. Great timing, because prior to that, if we had met, I would have needed a baseball bat to keep him at bay.

So I chalked this loser up also.......... blocked him here and on my phone. So far as I know, he is still a member here...time will tell, if he fucks a few more over. So unless you want to be one of them, steer clear of this creep!

I thought this said a lot about my poor choice of men...........but the more I speak to other guys, the more I find that this is "standard procedure". There seems to be a certain element out there, that gets it's rocks off, just by leading people along for the big let-down.

Number 3 on the shit list is this prize!!!! For the past 3 days or so, a guy (fungxxx905) who had been virtually haunting me for almost three years. All that time before Covid, he had a different excuse every time I said, "OK, let's do it". Then he would disappear for a few weeks or more, and come back with the BS lines. Then of course, Covid hit and he had the permanent excuse of, "As soon as this virus is a thing of the past".

So as I mentioned, now that he had resurfaced, he was ready to plan a meet very soon.. almost immediately. Actually was any day ................... We were already Friends, but he decided to spend points to become my top Fan, and he smothered me with flirts and profile views. Being a "Friend" he had access to my Private albums for a very long time and knew my face . If that were not the case, I might say that he got scared off by my looks. But he knew what I looked like for about 2 years.

I on the other hand, will never meet anyone , unless I see a current picture beforehand...............I hate surprises!!! Well, I was asking for days about his picture and he told me that he had to shoot a new one because the one he has is a few years old. I said, "Fine"! Well, I waited and waited and no picture. I confronted him on that and he said.............NOW GET THIS............ for some reason he attaches the picture but when he sends the message, the picture does not go with it. Hard to believe????..............Impossible to believe, since I do that a couple of times a week ............. and by his own admission, his work entails attaching photos for , and he has no problem with that.

It seems that he has that problem when trying to send his picture to me . So our proposed meet, which was supposed to be tomorrow, is definitely history. Truth be told, even if he sends me a picture tonight, there is no way I will meet him tomorrow. Good Riddance to another loser.

Well, just when I thought it was safe to get back into the water, another "shark" came swimming by. Number 4 started contacting me about two and half years ago. He was "madly in love with my cock"........... as he said.......... and just "had" to have it. I was very hesitant to even encourage him, because he's in what I call the "Cradle" category....... thirty at the time.......way too young for me. But he wormed his way into my feelings and I really started to like him. Just as I was reconsidering the situation, Covid hit and everything was put on hold.

Now that most of us are of the woods, so to speak...........he resurfaced........ as anxious as ever. So after such a long dry spell, I figured, "what the Hell", and I encouraged his advances.

So last week we both agreed to meet for lunch, to explore any chemistry that might be there. He had access to my profile and private pix, as a Friend, so I just waited for his picture. To my surprise..........he's a real cutie........... smaller than me and a few pounds heavier than I, but still a very desirable guy.

On a Thursday, we set a date for the following Wednesday, and we would both keep in touch. He told me that he would be working from home and if I didn't mind his taking his phone along, he would have some extra time for our meeting. This was all working so well.

I heard nothing on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, so figured that I better message him about a place and time to meet.............. which I did. Today is Wednesday and I am still waiting to hear from him.

It's ok to change your mind about meeting someone. It's fine to break a date. What isn't fine is when a rude bastard wastes your time, without even the courtesy of a message............. even to say, "Fuck You".

Well, FuXXXeker_1919............... you blew it. Not the way you originally bagged me to let you, but you blew it anyway. Now that you're blocked and won't be able to view my pix and videos to get your rocks off, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

That's why I put up that new Status on my profile page..................................
Posted:Jul 3, 2021 7:03 pm
Last Updated:Feb 6, 2022 9:24 am

Be sure to start with the "Intro". Posts are in reverse order!!!.............

AdultFriendFinder says that they cannot find the problem. Looks like I will have to continue fixing it myself....................

Now this is an opening if ever there was one…………

We Get Fucked!!!!

Yes, we got fucked! ....................My wife and myself……….. well, actually it was she who got fucked, royally!

It was nearing the end of the year, and she was told by her company, that she had two weeks vacation coming to her, which she had to use or lose by year’s end. They were breaking for the Thanksgiving holiday, and she was told not to come back for two weeks from the following Monday. We were celebrating a bit, because she hadn’t really had a vacation, or any appreciable time off from work since the previous year. Thanksgiving was very nice…………. a real family holiday………… followed by visits to friends and family. Those two weeks flew by.

She returned to work on the specified Monday, and I slowly started my now uneventful day. I don’t think that three hours had passed, when she came in the front door…………..and I asked her what had happened. She told me that she had been fired!................. Honestly, I thought she was joking. I told her to stop kidding around and said, “what really happened?”. She replied with a few expletives, that I will delete from this post……………. “Yes, I got fired…………. They have eliminated my position”.

Now get this................. She worked herself ragged for that company. She was at her desk long before starting time, working through lunch hours and staying after work…….. all off the clock………. “because she was management”. That day was horrifying for her, and my heart was torn out when she told me that they treated her like a common criminal. As soon as she came in the front door of the company, a security guard told her that she was wanted in the Front Office. When she went in, there were only members of top management. No frills, no fanfare……….just……………..”We’re letting you go. We’ve eliminated your managerial position. One of your clerks has the computer knowledge to run the department”. They had let all but one of the staff of 20 go. She was at the head of the list.

Adding insult injury, a security team walked her back to her desk to retrieve her personal belongings. They watched to be sure that she took nothing relating to the company, their programs or their policies. What they didn’t see was that she took a file for trouble-shooting the new computer system, right while security was standing there, as part of her “personal belongings”. Being “ballsy” seems run in the family!

Weeks later, they called my home and asked to talk with her. They wanted to know where that “trouble shooter” file was. She told them to ask security………. maybe they had discarded it along with her. Later that day she had a ton of satisfaction, tearing each sheet into as many pieces as possible, and imagining how crazy they were going looking for the fucker! .....She knew that the clerk who was now running the one-woman department, had no idea of how the system actually worked, since she had nothing do with it’s inception. She was just a “living robot” and was just capable of following the “direction arrows and lights” not knowing what the hell they did.

Revenge and satisfaction eventually comes to all who patiently wait for their justice. Three years later, amid much infighting in the company, among the major partners who were all related, one decided to break their agreement and sell his shares. The value of the remaining shares tanked after that, and the man who started it all died shortly after. Today, the company is history.

They obviously never learned that what goes around comes around.

Throughout my life………. with my “escapades”, business and pleasure………… I have never gone out of my way to intentionally hurt someone else………… as so many have hurt me. It started with “Mr X” who callously used my feelings to get his way, and then toss me aside like garbage. Eventually he got his. The most flagrant account that declared bankruptcy and fucked me out of what would be millions in today’s dollars, was convicted of other crimes later in life and went to jail. Guys like the one who cheated my wife out of her career in order to line his own pockets, died of a serious illness shortly after.

I am a great believer in Karma. To those with whom I have had sexual relations over the years, I hope that you never felt cheated or hurt by anything I may have done. If you did…………. please understand that was never my intention. I never saw people as objects of lust, but I sincerely had some kind of feeling for them. To this day, and I mention this in my profile, I need to feel a chemistry between myself and a possible partner, for anything to happen.

I will continue on, now that my wife has passed, and hope that the future will not be too unkind to me. I am still a viable man, who seeks companionship, and yes, sex also.......... but so many things and feelings have changed. I hope that my future choices will be good ones.

And now, I hope that you have enjoyed reading the final Part of “One Man’s Journey”, as much as I have enjoyed reliving the magical moments, and recounting my tales of woe.

Hopefully, some will learn, and avoid the pitfalls that I have experienced……………. jack
Posted:Jul 3, 2021 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 6:43 pm


Not sure if I had previously mentioned that I let that young, part-time guy go, because there was now no more work for him do, and I couldn’t him hang around and suck my cock all day………so I made that tough decision to say goodbye to him. But I sure did miss the hand jobs, blowjobs and occasional fucks for a long time afterwards.

I had hung onto a couple of simple accounts that required very little manual work on my part. Mostly it was just coming up with some promotional concepts and maybe some readily available “stock art” from services that I had used in the past. Basically my day was mine……………. with the exception of my duties as “house-husband”.

On one occasion, I needed some special envelopes for a mailing that one of those wanted to do. The designed piece was simple, but creative, and he was very pleased with it. I had created it to fit into an unusual but stock-size envelope, which I had ordered from the paper supplier that I used for many years, and requested that the 4 cartons be delivered to my place, since the wanted the entire job fully assembled. That meant inserting…………… something that I had been pretty good at for most of my life…………… the mailers into the envelopes.

Mid afternoon the delivery arrived and the usual driver started bringing the cartons in, one at a time. I had seen him before on previous paper deliveries that were made when my business was hopping and deliveries were much more frequent, but I had always been too busy to actually make a move on him.

Yeah!!!........... I had fantasies about him in the past. He was quite handsome with fine features and a really hot body. We obviously went to the same school, because he was dressed very similar to me……………… although he wore the outfit much better than I did at my advancing age…… short shorts and a tank! He stood about my height with a swimmer’s build, but I was fascinated by his coloring. He was probably a mixed race of sorts, and someone to die for. His warm colored, light coffee skin, was accented by dark blond curly hair……… and the most amazing green eyes I can remember on anyone.

He brought the invoice to me, and I half shivered when our hands accidentally touched. Maybe he caught my reaction, maybe not, but he smiled a warm smile and asked if that was everything. Now, anyone having read my previous posts, should know by now that I have often risked a punch in the mouth, where someone I wanted was involved. I smiled back and without saying a word, gently touched his enormous package. Ouch!!!....... what a feeling that was. He didn’t react to that so I pulled my shorts down just enough to show my own erection, and was just beginning to make a move on his shorts, when he said…… “I can’t do this………I have a helper in the truck and he’s going to be looking for me”.

I hadn’t been shot down so gracefully in many a year, but I was understanding and frustrated more than I can describe here. I tried to pin his ass down for a future meet, but he said he “couldn’t”. What that meant, only he and God knew.

I comforted myself with the facts that I had held his cock, though ever so briefly, and he was not totally soft………… and that he had seen mine in virtually full erection and said, “mmmm very nice”. I know, that’s not what you wanted to hear…….. and certainly not what I wanted to hear at that time.

Unfortunately, I never needed any more deliveries from that paper house, so he disappeared from my life like a fart in the wind.

I do have to mention that he, and maybe a half dozen other guys over the years, are faces and guys that I will never forget. Some ended very successfully and some like this……….. just a mental image to jack off to.

Next Part…………… new developments……………………….
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Posted:Jul 3, 2021 9:26 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2021 5:38 pm


Here I was, comfortably into my 60’s, and fairly content with my life. My wife had gotten her fulfillment with her job, and was getting more capable and confident with each day. They had expanded her responsibilities and given her the title of “Manager”, in charge of some 20 others in her department. She did herself proud, and I was even more enamoured of her.

Then they announced that they were introducing computers into her department. Her boss asked her to sit with the techies, and describe to them in detail, exactly what the new system would have to do. This was a huge responsibility which took several weeks to accomplish……. since this was the foundation of what would be built on over the ensuing years.

So, while I was downsizing my business, her position and hours at work were growing. She was responsible to upper management, and she was now a respected Manager in the company. She was well known and very well liked by all who knew her.
I mention all this so that you will know and remember it for later…………………

My routine continued as in the past. Some work, some play, and now lots of “house husband” jobs, since the “top earner” in the family was too busy to do these things any longer. It never bothered me to be demoted……….because of the reason that I had been. When it came to seeing my wife shine, I was all for it.

I was now “chief cook and bottle washer”……….I did the shopping, the laundry, the cooking and the cleaning. Truth be told, I was a bit proud of myself, having learned at the elbow of my wife, who was a great house-keeper and fantastic cook. I also learned quite a bit about how hard it was being a wife and mother. Damn!!!! …… I never realized………………….

As I mentioned, my career days were slowly winding down………. not just because I no longer had that super-charged drive, but because that old nemesis of the aging……………….Arthritis…………… was taking a toll on my fingers. It was much more difficult for my hands to visually transfer onto paper, what my mind was creating. I had problems trying to hold pens or markers in just the right position in order to frame off an area or fill in delicate portions of a layout.

Some of my friends in the field, were slowly moving to “computer graphics” because of similar problems, but the products produced SUCKED!. Finished product was often “rigid and stiff” in appearance, and lacked the fluidity of hand-drawn art. Even today, with all the improvements, I dislike much of what is being produced. I was always and remain a student of classic art.

Though my design work was always contemporary, even bordering on futuristic….. it’s roots were in the age of the Old Masters. If that confuses you, I apologize……………. I can’t seem to find the exact words to describe it better than that. Which is probably why I wound up as a graphic artist………….. because “one picture is worth a thousand words”. Forgive the regression to banal prose……………….

But……………… as they say, “there’s life after death”!
Here’s a little tid-bit that happened to this “old man”……….. Since I was now totally responsible for the day-to-day chores at home, it fell on me to call a repairman for the dishwasher, when it decided to crap-out!

It was a hot summer day, and if the humidity is low, I do prefer open windows, in spite of the heat, I find it comfortable. I was still in fairly good physical shape from walking about 2 miles every morning before my day started, even though I was no longer doing that at the shore. Of course, I was dressed in my casual summer gear when I was alone in the house …………. short shorts and a tank top were my standard “uniform”
The repairman showed up about 10:30am. He was early to mid 50s, I would guess, tanned, well built. I explained the problem and he got down on the floor, removed the bottom portion of the machine and was lying on his back, so that he could look inside. We had been talking and I noticed that he was also looking “upside”, under my short-shorts. I didn’t say anything and I didn’t move away, and he stopped fiddling with the washer, but continued looking up the shorts.

Then I noticed (without any difficulty) a sudden bulge in his crotch, and he stopped even pretending to be working. “Little jack” reacted to the new event, and before I knew it we were both on the floor of my den…………..unbuttoning each other’s pants and pulling them and the shorts down. The man was clean………. not even a smell of sweat………….and we started fondling and all those good things that lead up to a really hot 69. I had to use my tank top to wipe up the cum that we both shot on our own bellies.

Well, having finished that job, he concentrated on getting the dishwasher back into operation. My bill was rather small, so I’m not sure if I got the “family” discount…………. Lol.

Anyway………it was nice to be alive and well in the late 90’s.
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Posted:Jul 2, 2021 8:46 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 6:40 pm


Now it seemed that life was moving ahead at a slightly brisker pace. I was happy, enjoying my work and my life………….. and the added two more grandchildren to the brood. Now we had four……….two girls and two boys. Who could ask for more?

Sex had definitely taken the back seat………… the last car on life’s express! It was now as scarce as hen’s teeth…….. though there were still a few incidents to come, that I had no idea would happen.

My wife had received a promotion at work, and she was feeling very good about herself…………..I loved that…………. it was time for her to feel the sunshine on her face, and I encouraged her as much as I could.

I, on the other hand, was delving deep into issues in my life and trying to face reality. I was now almost 62, and I had no concept or even illusions of living much longer………in light of my health history, and my near death experience way back when I was 40. I was not expected to survive my illness or my surgery at that time.

My secretary (my indispensable “office manager”) informed me that her husband was retiring and they had decided to move down South, for the warmer climate. No need to mention that I was devastated. Over the years she had become more indispensable to me than any of my art staff, and the thought of doing without her left a big hole in my heart and drive. Having already delved back into my history, and with her leaving, It was easy for me to make a decision.

I would no longer actively seek accounts, eliminate the last two full-time staff, and keep the one who would be willing accept a 20 hour work week, spread over Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I would officially “retire” and work just the hours that I would be permitted under law, and begin collecting benefits. Lord knows, I had been paying into it at a double rate for many years………….both as an employer and an employee. I refused to die leaving all that money in the pot!

It turned out that the one part-time young guy that I kept, became a very willing and capable sex partner. Yes…….I got jacked, sucked and I even fucked him now and then. Things weren’t so different after all. As if there were now a sign on my front lawn, “sexcapades” started occurring again, on the days when I had the office to myself.

There was this young exterminator I had contracted with to keep an eye out for ants and termites around the foundation of my house, who was one of my biggest surprises. He was 25-30 y/o, kind of cute, and a bit husky. He looked very macho. Periodically he treated the inside of the house………. Basement and garage…….

And I recall on this particularly hot but very dry day, while he was inside, he asked for a glass of water. I hit the ice dispenser on the fridge and was filling his glass, when he put one knee on the floor to “tie his shoe”………. He was eye-level with my cock and less than one foot away………. And I have to say, that this had balls…………. Because two seconds later, his hand was right around my cock. I guess he wanted to get down to assess just where my cock was, because he got it on the first shot. No words were spoken. He unbuttoned my jeans,, slid them down, slid my jockeys down and gave me a beautiful blow job.

After his drink…………he appreciated the ice water. That, by the way, turned out to be a monthly treat that I could always look forward to.

So between my “part time” free-lancer, and my exterminator………….. all the bugs were taken out of my system………………
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Posted:Jul 2, 2021 5:56 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 6:38 pm


It was now 1990……………I was almost 57, and definitely not the stud of yesteryear! My life was now consumed by work, and a loving family, and there was little opportunity or time for the flings of the past. It was now years since I had the chance or even the desire to take one of my “epic” trips to the DC corridor, where so many memories were now tread in the mud. We welcomed our first grandchildren with the joy and expectations that grandparents feel, and the widening of that circle of love that we all cherish.

In a way, I was quietly “celebrating” 25 years since my awakening to bi-sexuality. It was in September of 1965 that “Mr X” and I had shared my first experience, and since that day I have often blessed and cursed him. Many times I wondered if he ever gave a thought to me or to the events of that night………… or even to a friendship that might have continued on a different path. Frequently I wondered if that had never happened, would my life have been any different, or would the “door” have just remained closed for someone else to open? I will never know now.

There is something very sobering about becoming a grandfather. Especially since “grandma’s” life now revolved around the “kiddies”. Oh, don’t get me wrong. All that love was still there between us, but definitely showed signs of maturing, as I have discovered over the years, most other marriages experience. We were now at the stage where the kisses were sweet and tender, instead of passionate and wild, and all special occasions were marked with carefully selected cards and thoughtful gifts. Often, just a warm glance at one another was enough to brighten a day………… and a simple touch could be the highlight. It’s funny how maturity grows…………really grows on people. I’ve discovered that some couples just become “one person”, while others drift and barely live in the same realm.

My wonderful wife and I were at the point in our relationship where sometimes we didn’t even have to speak, and when we did, we both said exactly the same thing at the very same moment. If that is not perfect sympatico, you tell me what is.

Now, before I bring a grown man to tears, let me get back to my business reality. I was still very much enjoying my work as a designer/creative director, and not having worked for anyone but myself for almost 20 years, was a very fulfilling experience. Unlike having a boss to account to, I made my own decisions. Though I have always been a mild-mannered guy………….. calling myself a lover and not a fighter………..I have had my moments.

I remember on one occasion, one of the publications screwed up the reservation for one of my account’s ads, and the ad never ran………… after he had brought in extra staff and made other expensive arrangements to coincide with the ad breaking. He stormed into my office first thing in the morning and started berating me in front of my staff, as though this was my fault. He refused to even try to understand that once we surrender the materials to a publication, that it is entirely in their hands. If the production department “misplaces” the ad, am I responsible for that?

After he blew off the steam of Mount Vesuvius, he stormed out without allowing me to even offer one shred of defense. The next morning I stormed into his office, and told him to never, ever come to my office and scream at me like a petulant , especially in front of my staff………….. telling him that “when my used to do that, she was sent to her room”!

The next day I was informed that he had hired another Agency. Funny thing about mind reading………….I had the exact same plan! When the new agency called me to ask for certain materials to which he was entitled, I told them that they were free to stop by to claim them, along with my sympathies!

So this is how my life remained for a while………… some great enjoyment with lots of satisfaction, and some days when the thought of being drawn and quartered sounded appealing.

On the bright side, feel free to continue reading…………..because there were occasional “sexploits” that followed…………………….
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Posted:Jun 30, 2021 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2021 9:17 am

AdultFriendFinder tells me that they can't find anything wrong. As usual, I have to fix it myself!

SEX!.................. SEX!,……….. sex………… that wonderful magical word that was always a very important part of my life, was eluding me.

From the time when I was 31, married with , and my friend (remember “Mr X”??) came onto me and sucked my cock and changed my world. Since that night, a great deal of my life revolved around sex. There was sex at home, sex at work, and sex anywhere that it could possibly happen. Sex maniac???…………….not exactly……….. just some guy with a very healthy attitude about sex and all it’s components. With rare exceptions, I guess I was like most other men……….. usually horny……….. but seldom having sex more than several times per wee Barring those few wild trips that I took, and nailed those three guys in one day, in my favorite hotel. If you missed it, go back and read it…………… that was a hoot!

Now, an aging guy of 55+, with sex at home virtually gone because of numerous illnesses all around,…. there were mostly memories, and still that abiding love that we shared. There were now occasional dalliances, primarily with my married male friends, and one or two single ones from my past. It was more difficult now, since even after my small staff left my home office, my wife would be coming home from her busy day at wor There was no place to even have that “dalliance” for that reason and the second one, that I wouldn’t bring total strangers to my home, for obvious reasons. The last thing I would need would be to have some “john” ringing my doorbell on a Saturday afternoon, to ask my wife if jack is at home. Even the thought of that makes my scrotum shrivel up and disappear.

I did have one nice occasion when that single friend from Maryland came up to Long island for a weekend. My wife had gone out and the office was closed. We hadn’t done anything in quite a few years…………..not since he took me on that first trip to DC to that male strip club and I spent the previous night there. He had sucked me……….but that was at least years earlier. I never expected it to happen again. We started fooling around and one thing led to another and before I knew it he said he wanted me to fuck him. I told him that I’d have to get a condom, and he said, “no not that way………….fuck my mouth”! That was exciting, because it was a very different thing than just getting sucked. It was actually the motion and the feeling of penetration that was very energizing, for lack of a better word. What struck me was how eager and receptive he was……….like a deprived man, anxious to devour a coc I never expected when he said, “fuck my mouth”, how fantastic and orgasmic it could be. The most exciting part was at the moment of ejaculation……while I was still pumping hard….… he just deep throated me and I could hear him gulping my load down.

Even at my age, I was discovering new things, and I think that my psyche looked forward to additional challenges. I did experience that a few more times but with younger guys that I had met in the local gay bars and took home to their places. I guess it’s so much more erotic to mount a man’s face and fuck his mouth, sometimes rather roughly because that’s the way the guy wanted it…… instead of just lying back and get sucked.

So here I was, expecting life as I knew it to just fade into the sunset…………and here it was, coming around the other side at sunrise. Looks like there was a sexual resurgence for me………… though no DC hotel, and no hot young waiters, but the bars were still calling and I was answering…………..
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Posted:Jun 30, 2021 9:02 pm
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2021 9:16 am


This particular part is rather painful, but I am relating it anyway, so that those who envied all my “wild times”……….. and also those who think I had all this coming to me, might put everything into perspective. This is, after all, a chronology of my life…………………………

Part 22 ended as I was coming to terms with many changes in my life and business…………. and many disappointments in my once fantastic sex life. As I mentioned, no longer a “golden boy”, but still pretty capable of handling things, I had to devote more time to my increasing business and less time to pleasure.

By now, I had hired several staff and my home office was crowded beyond belief. In another time, I would have very much appreciated having some hot young stud practically sitting on my lap, but now it was business.

As fate would have it, during a short drive from my house to a supplier, I passed a small building on the avenue, with a “For Sale” sign on it. I stopped, wrote down the information and put it into my pocket. Later that night I looked at my overall situation where business was concerned. Accounts were coming in, and I might have to hire more staff to cope, and that was impossible where we were. The decision was kind of made for me, when a neighbor threatened to report me to the Town, for having so many employees working out of a private house………… a very definite violation of town ordinance. Especially because they didn’t qualify as house-keepers, gardeners or pool boys. He also objected to the additional cars being parked on the street. Of course, the cranky old bastard had no right to complain about that since nobody was parking in front of his house.

After taking all the pros and cons into consideration, I looked at the money situation and decided that we could handle mortgage and real estate taxes on the small building, and hire two additional artists, if and when needed. My accountant at the time thought it was a wise move, so I solidified the deal, and we moved in.

Only about 8 months later, the cranky old bastard neighbor died suddenly…………to a standing ovation!!!!.....….Had that happened before I bought the building things might have turned out differently. And 16 months later, the second wave of the recession hit….. this time it was the “Commercial” real estate market that tanked. Business owners, mortgage brokers, and banks panicked and started selling or calling in what they considered bad loans and the value of all commercial real estate nose-dived……… mine along with it. The Real estate taxes of course remained static, because once you give Government something, it never goes away. Stands to reason that some of my own accounts were real estate owners and several of them went into bankruptcy. That of course, as in the first go around years earlier, had the famous ripple effect.

After stepping back and licking my wounds once again, I figured that I better downsize fast……….let a few people go, and put the building up for sale. I originally had put down 45% of the building’s value…. of my wife’s and my own personal money…… at purchase and was only financing the other 55%. Well, guess what?????.............. the 55% that I owed was now greater than the total value of the property if I could sell it. Buildings all around me were going up for sale at a frantic pace. Some of them at 40% of the asking prices of just 3 years earlier. It was a Long Island blood bath!!

I was in the cross-hairs, and it wasn’t pretty. If I sold the building, for less than I owed, I would be responsible to pay the bank the difference. That was impossible! So on the advice of my accountant and attorney, I walked. I abandoned the building for the bank and the Municipality to fight over, because of unpaid taxes and unpaid mortgage payments. I should say that my corporation owed them………..I had learned the first time around. It was hard enough to lose our original down payment, and the business assets, without losing all the rest of our personal ones. I had already put too much of our savings into the business………….it’s called, “Getting fucked without a kiss”!

So with just two employees, I retreated back to my home office……….. which much to my chagrin, I had to reclaim from my ever patient and loving wife who had made it a rec room. That hurt me more than losing the building. No matter how much I loved her, and how much I tried to protect her……….. she always seemed to be the one I hurt most.

I know that someday, God is going to get me……… and when he does, I wish I could say that I don’t want to be around……………………….

I apologize for not mentioning any sexual exploits in this Part, mostly because with all the problems it was a “sexless” time………………..
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AdultFriendFinder says that they can't find the problem...... I guess, like everything else, I have to fix it myself!

It was now 1986………… and the “aging” jack was now 52. Still a viable guy, who loved sex and was still scoring……….. admittedly on a lesser scale. No longer the guys beating down the doors to get to me, even though I was more than willing to run slowly and let them catch me.
That wasn’t all that was changing. My local accounts were growing, though slowly, but I lost all but one of my DC/VA accounts to “local” agencies. Those accounts felt that though the level of work was very “New York”, the convenience of having their Ad Agency close by, outweighed the benefits. What can I say?, sometimes people think with their asses!!

I took another trip to DC, this time to have a meeting, that I requested, with the one remaining account in VA. I was super surprised when I called to reserve a room at my favorite hotel of almost twelve years. The desk clerk immediately recognized me (no, I never had his ass……….lol) told me that the date I wanted was too late for a reservation, because the hotel had been sold to a developer and would become Condos in two weeks. Gone would be my home-away-from-home…………. and with it all the fantastic memories that had been made there..... . No more restaurant, no more hot waiters or shy desk clerks. Just barren walls, that if they could talk, would probably make even the contractors blush. That was a very sad day for me, on so many levels.

I had to reserve my room in another hotel up the street, very close to Dupont Circle, but it was cold and impersonal. I was just a “guest” , not the guy who got fantastic attention, even without asking. Actually, I hated my room, which didn’t even have a front view, but a kind of courtyard instead. My favorite hotel had a deck with sliding doors that opened 4 stories above New Hampshire Avenue, and many mornings, half naked, I stepped out there to enjoy the early morning breeze, leaving the doors wide open when I stepped back into my room. Actually it wasn’t a room, but a small suite with sitting area and a small kitchen, complete with stove. Over the years, I had prepared dinner once or twice, and now reminiscing was painful.
I hope that whoever found my condom stash (probably in night table drawers in several different rooms) put them to good use…………lol.

So I kept my appointment with my last remaining account, mostly because I wanted to sever relations amicably face to face. At this stage, with that account being the reason for my trips, it just wouldn’t make sense for me to leave my business for such a small fee. That was another hurt that I had to endure, because I had loved the accounts , and I adored that hotel and all it had to offer………. and of course all the “fringe benefits” that the hotel and the bars had to offer.

To soothe my pain, I decided to go out to my favorite bars. My first stop was the original male-stripper bar that my friend had taken me to on my very first trip DC. I drove up, pulled into the parking lot and was surprised how empty it was. I found out why when I went to the front door, to see a sign……….. “CLOSED”!!!

In their infinite wisdom, the federal government had moved many businesses to new locations in South East DC. No surprise . Government in DC was on a massive campaign to “clean up the town”. They closed down all strip and “gay” bars in the NW (nicest part of DC) section of DC……….. and moved them all to the SE. It was and remains today, the seediest part of our nations Capital. I drove there once, and made a U-turn on a one way street, just to get out of the area. It’s highly industrial, and gangs pervade the streets. What prompted my U-turn was a dead end street (with no warning sign) and a gang of about 6 guys on the street corner, all with bats. Fuck the “one way” signs, and law enforcement at that point………….. my ass was more valuable to me than laws.

Once I got several blocks away, and noticed the neighborhood changing to something resembling human habitat, I relaxed and mulled over what might have happened to me that night. I never again ventured to that area, which for the record, has the highest murder rate in the nation’s capital. This just two miles from the Capital Building and the White House. I theorized that the powers that be intentionally moved the bars and sex shops , In the hopes that they would all disappear one way or the other.

So now, DC and all it’s wonderful memories would have to recede into the past, and I would have to concentrate on life as it is now, instead of “usta-was”!!!!
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My trips to DC and Baltimore continued for quite a while. Actually, my account scope widened to include Richmond, Virginia.

On one trip to DC I met this guy in that male strip club that I used to hit on every visit. We had been making eye contact while watching the dancers, and he walked over to me and asked if I was staying in DC. Maybe I had a sign on my forehead, that I was from out of town, but for whatever reason we spent the rest of the time in the bar, just talking. He was cute, maybe in his 30s and alone. I invited him back to the hotel and he said yes, “my friend was going to stop back here to pick me up, so I don’t have a car”. He used the bar phone to call his buddy and told him he was spending the night in DC.

We didn’t do much……….. he was very laid back and not into much, so basically it was mostly cuddle and grope time……….. felt good to have my hands around a cock that wasn’t mine. We fell asleep in the “two spoons” position and I enjoyed having my cock between his nice firm cheeks for most of the night. There was no chance of fucking him, because he already made plain that he wasn’t into that.

In the morning, after a shower, I invited him for breakfast but he said that he had to get back home……….. to Charlottsville……….half hour or so from DC. He asked if he could use my hotel phone, to call his friend………… who I also found out was his roommate, though he claimed there was nothing between them. His friend answered and told him that he had car trouble the night before and he wouldn’t be able to come to DC to pick him up. So guess who drove him home!

Charlottsville is a nice town………… quaint and very clean. It’s also the home of UVA………….. which I hadn’t known before, so it was ripe with students. There were also a couple of cruise bars in town, though very laid-back When I looked around it didn’t take much to make me realize that I was more than a generation older than just about every guy in the place.

When I took my new friend home, he invited me upstairs for coffee, which sounded good. I did meet his roomie, because he hadn’t been able to go out without a car. Another nice guy, but definitely not my type. I wasn’t able to spend much more time in Charlottesville, because I had an appointment in Richmond, and I still had to get back to DC in order to check out. This would be my last night in DC for a while, because when I finished in Richmond, I would have to drive directly back to NY, bypassing both DC and Baltimore (regretfully).

My last night in our nation’s Capital was not without some excitement. The new night desk clerk (have no idea whatever happened to the one who came to my room that night, and spilled his wine) told me about another bar that I had never been to. Damn…….. DC was the hottest town I had ever been to. There was cock and ass all over………… and you had to watch where you stepped, lol.

I went to the new bar…………….smaller, darker than the other strip bar, but the dancers were just as hot. I sent a couple of drinks to a blond dancer with a body of steel, and he kept winking at me. I was counting on a very good night. It was about midnight or so, and I figured that maybe he would be getting off the clock soon………….. but when I did get to speak with him on one of his breaks, he said he was working until 4am. Shit!............ and I was supposed to leave DC by 9am.

At this point, I said, “fuck it”……….I want this guy………………. A lot!!!!!!........ So I slipped him a nice tip and gave him my Hotel name and my name…………. told him to come by after work I went to my hotel, left a “wake-up” call for 3:45am with the night desk clerk………. And I went to my room, stripped and threw myself naked on the bed. I went out like a light and awoke to the phone ringing. I had gotten about 3 good hours of sleep.

About 4:am, my phone rang again, and the clerk told me that “Rick” was here. He came up to my room and he was everything that had turned me on in the bar. We started making out and I opened my night table draw and…………………………… no condoms!!!! We were both pretty hot now, and this was like cold water being thrown on my nuts. I said, “Fuck, I have no condoms, Rick”. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a couple. Like a trusty Boy Scout…………… always prepared.

Well, as I said, he had a body of steel. and I enjoyed undressing him. I don’t think anyone could have pinched even ¼” of fat on any part of this guy’s body. His abs were an awesome 6-pack, and he had small but well defined pecs…………I wanted to devour this guy. He preferred being flat on his stomach, and I made love to him for a half hour. He went wild when I started nibbling on his ears, and running my tongue up and down the side of his neck. He wasn’t into kissing, but boy could he suck cock! I finally got the chance to put the condom on, and he remained flat on his stomach, but spread his legs so wide, that his ass-cheeks separated like they were expecting Moses. I fucked him for a relatively short while, but the next day, my cock was sore…………..never got to ask him how his ass was. Actually next trip I looked for him, but like so many of these dancers, they live a transient life.. For all I know, he might have been dancing in California by then.

Though I did leave for Richmond two hours late, I still made my appointment on time……………………..wearing a big smile……………
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Really getting tired of this, fixing it is a full-time job!!!!

In Part – 19, I said that I would go into my “solo trips’ to Maryland and DC in a future part. Well, this is that part……………………….and I warn you that this particular part is very, very long. Enjoy!!!!

My wife had gotten used to my 4-day trips about every 6 or 7 weeks, so it had become routine. I didn’t worry excessively about my family while I was away because my wife’s family lived only a mile and a quarter from my house, and besides, I had equipped the entire house with a hard-wire alarm system.

I had an old school chum living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and occasionally I would detour on my trips to Baltimore and stop there, sometimes spending a night. Yes, we did have sex, but only once. He wasn’t exactly my type, but he was a loyal and trusted friend, and I knew that he had the hots for me. He did have a neighbor however, who was a bit more to my liking…………and I found out from my friend that his neighbor had an eye on me. Not that trip, but on subsequent trips I did spend several nights with the neighbor, who gave great head.

Anyway……….. on one of my earliest trips to the Eastern Shore, my friend said he wanted to take me someplace that he thought I might just like. He drove into DC and we went to a bar……….can’t remember the name, it’s been so long………… but it was the first time I had seen male dancers/strippers on a bar. I was a bit more than surprised when they did what most dancers do…………..strip down to a very skimpy G-string and guys were filling up their straps with bucks! Then the dancers scooped up their tips and dropped the jocks…………………and danced for 15 minutes, cocks flapping in the breeze. Awesome, beautiful, erotic, and a place that I would have to remember on my next solo trip, when I was truly solo.

It wasn’t very long before I had to go back to DC, and as I said previously, I always made “business appointments” on Fridays or Mondays………… sometimes both, so that I had the weekend to myself. I was born in the daytime………… but not yesterday………. Lol!
On that solo trip I did visit that strip bar, and yes…………. After some tipping and sending an occasional drink to a particular dancer who was on break, I did manage to take him back to my hotel. He was a honey……….. smooth skin, rather young (probably just past 21) and oh so anxious. Had a great time with him but all I gave him was cab fare because DC subways shut down at midnight.

On my trip immediately following that one………… weeks later………… had left Long Island very early, and the drive always took about four and half hours to reach my hotel. It was in the hottest part of town…………. Right off Dupont Circle……….. a quaint 8 story hotel that my friend had recommended, because it was a favorite place for the government to put-up dignitaries….. of which I was not, but it felt good anyway.

I arrived at the hotel about 11am, and found that the hotel restaurant was closed. I had been hoping for a light breakfast, but it seems that I got shut out. I asked the desk clerk if I could get some kind of room service and he responded negatively…………..saying that breakfast room service was over and lunch would not begin for another hour. I then almost begged for some light fare because of my drive from Long Island. He rang the restaurant and a nice waiter unlocked the door and said, “come in……..I can give you coffee, some fruit and maybe a Danish, but that’s all I can do now”. I said that would be fine and he brought me to a corner table. The place was of course deserted.

When I had finished my breakfast and he brought the check, I handed him my key and asked that he put the tab on my room………..I left a cash tip. He came back in a while and asked if I would like more coffee………… and I declined with thanks. He headed for the door, and unlocked it, but before he opened it I said……………. “You can return it now or later” (I was referring to my key). He turned to me, smiled a beautiful smile on a gorgeous face and said, “I get off shift in 20 minutes”. I asked if he remembered the room, and he nodded as he handed me my key. Like clockwork he arrived at my room, and immediately embraced me and walked me backward to the bed. He unbuttoned my pants, undid my shirt, and lay me down on my bed. He pulled my shorts down and gave me a fantastic blowjob. Then as quickly as it started, he was leaving. I asked him if he could meet me somewhere at lunchtime, but he said he would be in class at GWU. He did ask if he could have a beer from my fridge……………I was pleased to oblige.

I got into the shower, tired but very satisfied, and when I came out, I threw myself on the bed and went out like a light. I woke up at about 4pm. Of course I wasn’t yet hungry, but you should know that DC is a very cosmopolitan town. Dinner time is never before 8pm………… usually closer to 9pm………. So I had hours to explore the city. I dressed and went out, noticing the handsome desk clerk as I left.

Maybe it’s just because I was a man, or maybe it was my imagination, but damn!!!!!................. there is no place in DC where you don’t get cruised. Maybe it was just the Dupont Circle area, but I think I could have picked up a dozen guys in those first 20 minutes. Wild town!!!!

I went back to the hotel about 7 or so, and took another shower and decided to dress for dinner…………….not “dress, dress” but pants and a nice jacket. I went down to the dining room just after 8pm and it was mostly full. I have to admit that I felt awkward being a “solo” in a room full of couples and more. Again, I had a corner table, out of the way………… which is where most restaurants usually put “strays”………….. lol.

By the time I ordered (after a cocktail), got served and ate, the place was about half empty……. Still lots of people. The dinner waiter was not the same as I had earlier, but I think all the restaurants in DC hire the hottest looking guys around. This one was very outgoing, pleasant and friendly, and said that he hadn’t seen me before, and was I from out of town. He was chatting me up!!!!

He brought my check, and I did the same thing that I had done earlier……handed him my key and asked that the tab be put on my room. He smiled and left for a few minutes. He too came back and asked if I wanted more coffee, and I declined. He said he hoped that I had enjoyed dinner and walked away. I followed him, to the middle of the restaurant, people all around, and I didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get when I said……………..”you can return it now or later” (my key). He looked at me, reached into his pocked and took out my key………… and without looking at the room number, said, “I can be up there at 9:15. Damn!!!.......... this was getting too easy.

He also was prompt, hot and very good at sucking. I did manage to get a few more gropes and feels of him, than I did with the first waiter………. But as of now, I was “loving that restaurant”.

I was in DC to blow off some steam and to have a ball or two and I intended to give it my all. Showering once again, and dressing, more casually this time, I left the hotel about 10:30. On my way out I noticed a new night desk clerk. I asked him if there were any fun bars around…………… he knew exactly what I meant, because the bar he sent me to was a hopping gay bar, with female impersonators. I had a couple of drinks and figured I better call it a night. I reached the hotel and the desk clerk was still there. He asked if I had a good time. I said, “you should have come along with me, I would have bought you a drink”. He said, “you still can, I’m getting off the desk right now”.

I went upstairs and 3 minutes later there was a knock on the door and it was he. We didn’t do much because he was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I did manage to get quite a bit of fondling in and get him almost totally undressed for what I wanted now, but he chickened out. He apologized, spilled his wine and said goodnight.

The next morning when I was getting ready to check out, he was sitting in the lobby with a woman, who the day desk clerk told me was his wife. I guess he was trying to show me that he wasn’t gay, because he was married…………….. and we all know that to be a crock of shit!
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Really getting tired of this, fixing it is a full-time job!!!!

With the 3-soms out of the way, and my twink now with a guy his own age, I was once again on my own. The 80s were also a challenging time for my business and personal life. I was now in my 50s, no longer the “hottie” that guys seemed to think I once was.

I was picking up some accounts now, and my workload was increasing, much to my own dismay. I took on an Art student as part-time help, and he was working out fairly well. Was I drawn to the talented guys who were handsome, or was I drawn to the attractive young guys who had talent, I don’t know. But I did hire a few of them over the year, and maybe I was thinking with my dick, because I had to let two of them go fairly quickly. One worked out pretty well and stayed with me until he got a job as an assistant to the art director at a small publication, about 14 months later.

On one occasion when I was showing him how to use the darkroom, I came onto him and he was about to suck my cock, but then said, “do you really want me to do this? I have a steady boyfriend” That made me feel like shit, and I quickly told him to forget about it, and I never attempted that again.

I had a long series of accounts that came and went for various reasons, but I had no interest in the business owners. Most of them were fat and bald, and I was still in my early 50s with most of my hair and a pretty good body. I was not attracted to any of my ……. Which was probably a good thing.

Then I picked up a fairly large Industrial account, headquartered in Europe, but the branch in the US was run as an independent company. The CEO was about my age, very latin, having been born in South America. At that time, I had also acquired a couple of accounts in Maryland and Washington DC, and I took trips there every 6 to 8 weeks. I used to wrap business around weekends, so that I could spend Saturdays and Sundays in either Baltimore or DC, and enjoy some of the nightspots.

I’ll go into my solo trips in a later Part, but I want to talk about one trip in particular. I had set up an appointment with the Industrial account, and had put off a trip to Maryland and DC in order to keep the appointment. The CEO called to tell me that he couldn’t make it because he had to go to DC immediately. I told him that was funny, because I was supposed to go there and put a hold on it to meet with him. He suggested that I re-schedule my appointment in DC and drive down with him…………….he said that he already had reserved a suite in a hotel, so I could go as his guest That was nice of him because we could each do what we had to do in DC and then maybe take some free time in Baltimore before driving back.

He picked me up in NY and we drove down together. We arrived at the hotel and had a small lunch before retiring to the suite. What a suite it was. A very large master bedroom, with two full-size beds, separate sitting area, dining area, huge bathroom with oversize shower. We both crashed on the beds for a bit and then he got up and went into the bathroom to shower. He came out wrapped in a towel, and said, “the bathroom is all yours”. I went in to shower and came out with a towel wrapped around my waist also.

He was lying naked on the bed, playing with his cock. He looked at me and said, “what are you shy?” ………………. Referring to the towel around me. I said that I wasn’t shy, and was just being modest. He said, “not on my account”. So I dropped the towel. He then motioned for me to join him on the bed. Forgetting our /Supplier relationship, I got on the bed. He played with my cock for a bit and then said, “Let’s get back in the shower”. It was nice being soaped up by another man, and I enjoyed soaping his body up………….. especially his groin and his ass. Very seductive.

He soaped my cock up so much that I almost squirted while he was doing it.. Then, he turned around and bent over, and took my rigid cock and pushed it right into his hole. I had no time to be rational or to even say anything, because he immediately pushed back against my balls. I was in as deep as I could possibly get. I was a bit uneasy about barebacking now, in the mid 80s, since the discovery of all the new STDs, but he was married also and I assumed that he was careful. Turned out that he was safe because he said that he had wanted to do that for many years, and decided that I was too good to waste…………… LOL. I took that as an underhanded compliment.

Our “business meetings” were henceforth held at local hotels, paid for by him, and we took many a shower and did lots of fucking in those meetings.

Eventually the fucking stopped when I lost the account because Europe had different ideas on how to continue business in the US.
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Really getting tired of this, fixing it is a full-time job!!!! Try complaining AdultFriendFinder Customer Service (the non-existent one) and all they tell you is, "clear your cache & cookies".

In Part 17, I had made reference to my “ cock” friend, and that triggered a couple of things that had slipped my mind, that had occurred about a year prior. I hate having this out of context, but I really didn’t want to skip it. That was before the HIV thing and I was still barebacking.

I had always wanted to experience an all male 3-som, and I finally got the chance. “ cock” said, “now that you have that hot newbie, why don’t you bring him over here for a nice 3-som?”

Now my hottie (at the time, “F”) had never met my friend, but he was in for a revelation!. We arranged for me to take “F” to “ cock’s” apartment one day about lunchtime. Personality-wise we all hit it off pretty well. We were all very friendly guys and both “F” and “W” were very personable.

Well, we all undressed and when “F” got one look at “W’s” cock, he said, “OMG……….. NFW is that going in me” Now “ cock was not long………. Actually I was longer than he……….. but he had me 3-fold on girth. He was as thick as a beer can. After some playing around, some cock sucking and lots of hand working, all three of us were raring to go. I think you could have beaten down a few Neanderthals with the wood that we three had raised. Now I wouldn’t get fucked……………by anybody……………… “W” wouldn’t either, so that just left one guy who was going to be “catcher”.

After “F” was really warmed up and ready for just about any kind of sex, I asked him if he was ready to take a cock up his ass. He said definitely, but not “W’s”, at least not without a lot of warmup. So it fell on me to be the official “living dildo” to loosen that baby-boy asshole up. By that time he and I had barebacked many times and this was just one more opportunity.

We fucked in my favorite position…………. I’ve mentioned it here several times. Him on his back, legs over my shoulders so that I could look in his eyes as I fucked him. This time it worked out differently. While I was fucking him, “horsecock” stuck his cock in “F’s” mouth, and I had the closest front-row seat to watch the entire blow job. “W” had no intention of cumming in “F’s” mouth, because he was dying to fuck him.

In the meantime, I was riding “F” like a wild stallion and didn’t last very long. Mostly because watching that suck-job, while I was fucking, was a bit more than I could handle. I blew a huge load and felt his asshole fill up with my slimy juice. “ Cock” immediately rolled over and took my position. “Twink’s” ass was oozing cum and “W” put his cock up against “F’s” ass and pushed. He sailed in, and the sound was like someone squeezing out a large sponge, and cum squirted everywhere. I guess I had blown a bigger load than I thought.
“ cock” lasted about 15 minutes……….. a lot longer than I expected after riding the greased skids that I had laid down. Since I had nothing better to do, I had a beautiful ass-view of both of them. “W” pumping like an oil well, and “F” moaning while his ass was forcing out lots of cum. When “W” blew his load, we had the “white river” of all time. If the sheets hadn’t absorbed it, there was probably a 6oz glass of cum there.

“F” didn’t whine, he didn’t bleed, but he was too uncomfortable to sit. “ cock had been a bit much for my little twink. Anyway it was a great afternoon for all three of us.

Separately on another day, “ cock had called me to invite me for another 3-som, only this time with another friend of his. As soon as I met the third guy, I had a bad feeling. His personality was for shit, and his physical appearance left lots to be desired. Summing him up, I would say he won the award for being “Cringeworthy”. I had no idea why my friend thought for one second that I would like this guy at all.

Making a long, very boring story short…………….. he and I avoided one another like the plague. Each of us concentrated totally on my Friend. I found it to be a total disaster. On a scale of 1 to 10………………..I gave it a minus 5.

We never had another 3 som after that.
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