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Not complicated, very straightforward and simple actually...  

jackie81nympho 40F  
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9/10/2020 9:47 am
Not complicated, very straightforward and simple actually...

I know its probably natural for most men/women not believe or think that theres another meaning or motive what a stranger a sex site says. I assure you good or bad, agree with my view point or not I will be honest with u and expect honesty right back Im not perfect and not looking for perfection. Im not here looking for a twelve inch cock but if one cums my way I may be willing try lol. Please dont send a fake pic, an old pic from ur prime that u no longer look anything like, or expect me send u my number or talk somewhere else other than here. I like living as drama free as possible. I dont need any crank calls, jealous partners, fighting, Im not here change anyones situation. If I say Im interested plz take it at face value. Interested means lets see where this goes. Keeping in mind we are still in the middle of a pandemic interested doesnt mean an automatic fuck! I am for meeting but safely. I do not like my time being wasted. Do not send me a weird unabomber pic with sunglasses or only cock pics. If youre not able send a recent pic this site for whatever reason its fine but plz move on. When I ask for a recent pic plz dont send the pic on your profile especially if its 3yrs old lol. If I make plans meet u and u cancel its fine no harsh feelings but dont expect me give u the same attention u were getting. I get it things happen but if u are checking out my profile during the time we were supposed meet then obviously u just chickened out or changed your mind and thats fine but Id respect u more if u just said so. Im former military and a nurse. Ive seen and experienced A LOT! Im not gonna judge or runaway over a scar or disability thats why I ask for a recent pic see if theres a mutual interest. Again not looking for perfection especially since Im not perfect. My pictures are not filtered. I dont have a Victorias Secret model flat stomach and body but Im confident with what I have, who I am and my skills. Hopefully this helps u know and understand a little bit more 😊

PAWAPh 46M  
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9/14/2020 2:09 pm

Hey, Jackie.

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