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Why so serious?! 🤔  

jackie81nympho 40F  
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5/23/2017 11:39 am
Why so serious?! 🤔

I think a lot of people on here are so horny they forget all about proper picking up a fuck etiquette lol. So just be clear when comes having a good chance have me or your cock in me here are a few pointers. When reaching out me if youre under 36yrs old I'm going automatically delete your or IM- Im not interested in little boys that dont know how talk or fuck a woman. If your catches my attention I WILL read your profile - if its hidden or it says youre bisexual or seeking men, TS/TG/TV etc again I will not move fwrd and will delete your . This one seems be hard for a lot of you! Sorry but you have your preference and I have mine. I want a man craves a woman not a guy pretending be a woman. I give major props some men out that when dolled up better than some of the women on here but at the end of the day and in bed its still a dude with a cock that may nice in womans clothes but is a dude! I just dont want be with a guy has his tongue down my throat or eating my pussy and ass thats had that same tongue down another guys throat or worse licking another guys dick, balls or ass. Im tired of men not understanding this one! We all have preferences so why is so hard respect others preferences? And health wise its hard enough keep DD free with straight men eating and barefucking every chick they can so I definitely dont wish stack the odds against me further by men in or out of the closet. Plz just move on the next chick or guy cuz its not gonna happen! I NEVER EVER host!!!!! Im soooooo tired of guys thinking because I live alone I will host! My home is my sanctuary and I do not share it with anybody. We dont have fuck in a five star hotel just a clean one but dont expect me ! Sorry guys I know this one sucks but trust me Im a better value than a girlfriend or a lol. If we become regulars and start going out places plz dont expect for me . If i feel safe with you and you dont want meet at hotels Im fine with meeting at your place but gas is expensive so if Im drive you all the time I expect my gas tank be full all the time- again still cheaper than a GF or lol. Im not looking milk a guy dry I have my own job and all my bills myself Im more referring the basics here and if your the type of guy that doesnt like taking care of a girl at all thats cool but plz move on the next one cuz I dont care how good your cock is Im not gonna be paying or losing money driving all over the place see you. Please like the pics you send. Do not send me a pic from 10yrs ago start talking then send more recent ones or God forbid we meet and you so different - I have walked away from people do this! Plz do not waste my time. I know this is A Lot but trust me I know Im one of the easier ones lol.

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