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getting handsy
handsy getting
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Posted:Dec 1, 2019 5:48 pm
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2020 3:59 pm

mother can't let anyone without leftovers. But she doesn't divide them like a sane human. and a half cans of whipped cream went home with me, while the pie went with sister. I can't complain - whipped cream is coffee and rum's best friend during these winter months, but I doubt that's what mother had in mind.

I hope sister enjoys her dry pie.
Everyone has their first time.
Posted:Dec 1, 2019 12:41 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2020 4:16 pm

I lost my virginity in college, like most of us. Unlike most of us, I lost my virginity meeting up with a fellow student from a local facebook Calvin and Hobbs fan group. It was a completely innocent meeting, at least I had thought it would be. I was a D.A.R.E. role model and tomboy, and the idea that anything sexual could be intended did not cross my mind.

I arrived at his house and he introduced me to his numerous housemates. He then asked if I would like to watch a movie upstairs, and I agreed like the naive I was. We chatted on his bed about dumb things, until he turned on “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” to watch on his chunky, elderly PC.

We were stretched out on his bed, his body behind mine. I was self-conscious of my hair, worried it was getting in his face. He apparently wasn’t bothered by that, because he started to lean into my body, while his hand started creep along my hip. We were full-on cuddling, and I hadn’t seen it coming.

All at once, the movie wasn’t the center of attention. His hand was wandering up my shirt and mine were helping him along. We kissed aggressively, our teeth clicking together in our inexperience.

I helped him pull his shirt off, and then came mine. His pants, my jeans. He wore boxers, and his dick was making its way out on its own. Unaware of the details of foreplay, I whipped off my bra, panties, and presented myself to him. He must have been equally unaware, because he eagerly rolled on a condom and placed himself behind me. I asked him if this was his first time, and he scoffed, saying “is it yours?” I giggled and wiggled my ass. Looking back, I’m not sure I was fooling anyone. He rammed himself into me, I was shocked the pain. I had immediate regrets. I didn’t understand how this was an appealing activity. He pulled out, which sucked even more. He fumbled around behind me, and then his dick returned to my cunt. It felt cold now, and slippery. This was my lesson on Lube. He rammed into me again, still painful, but better. He started to grind into me.

I was congratulating myself for my achievements thus far, when the door opened. He shared the room. Who knew? Maybe I would have, if I had noticed there was more than one bed in the room. He grabbed my hips in a flash and flattened me underneath him, as though somehow his roommate wouldn’t notice.


Meanwhile, his dick was still in me. Somehow still hard. That should have also told me something about his future exhibition fetishes. We laid frozen for forever, waiting for his drunk friend to settle down. That’s when he started to slowly fuck me, while I was squashed under him. He ground against me, as though the sound of his bed creaking wouldn’t clue anyone in. He started to pant in my ear, humping away at his pinned guest. His long dick was rutting into me at an unusual angle, still a little painful, but easing into something pleasurable. I focused on that sensation, and felt the pleasure slowly grow. He was fucking me like a rabbit when I came, shocked at how different it felt when I was full of dick instead of my own fingers. He blew his load quickly, plowing his load into his condom before going limp on top of me.

We laid there like that, for an eternity. He eventually slipped out of me, tossed his condom off the side of the bed, and we fell asleep squashed up together in his twin bed.

My apologies to his roommate.
nightly ritual
Posted:Nov 24, 2019 6:44 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2020 4:18 pm

I like to crawl into bed each night a little early and touch myself. I trace my vagina while fantasizing about pressing myself against a stranger. I think about someone elses fingers exploring my cunt while I stoke their dick. I want to lick and suck a cock while my clit is tickled. I will gag on pulsating flesh while my tight hole accommodates as many fingers as possible. No matter how I orgasm, I never fail to pinch my right nipple just as I go over the edge.
In the Garage
Posted:Jan 9, 2018 5:55 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2019 9:00 pm

She leaned on the hatchback of the car in front of her, checking the time on her ph again. It had felt like a chilly eternity since she jogged out to the dark garage behind the house she was dogsittting, but in reality it had been only a few minutes. It was just about time. She was nervous, but wet with arousal. There was a noise outside - she jerked, startled, and recognized the sound of some pulling up into the empty space beside the structure. Adrenaline pumping, she pulled open the hatchback and crawled into the space left by the flattened passenger seats. On her knees now, she curled her torso down and presented her round ass. She was still wearing a loose top, jean shorts and leggings. No need to risk the smallest chance of mooning unexpected homeowners.

The side door creaked open and she could see the shadow of a man slip in through the moonlight flooding through. The door shut behind him and the garage was dim again. She heard him quickly cross to her and his hands gripped her rear. He ran his palms up and down her back, around to her soft breasts, back down to trace her thighs and calves. She arched her back and raised her ass in readiness.

The fingers stroking her thighs spirited back up to the waistband of her shorts and leggings, gripped tightly, and yanked them down over her cool, round flesh. She was exposed now, pussy open and glistening for him to see. He pushed the fabric a little further down and followed suit with his own jeans. She felt his hands resume their grip on her wide hips and she was roughly pulled and angled into position. Her vagina was still soaking wet from anticipation, but now the juices were getting cold in the night air. She was growing impatient and cold when she felt his hard dick suddenly probing at her hole. He slid his member up and down, dragging against the length of her slit, momentarily nudging her eager clit. She gasped, and tried to spread herself further open for his access, within the constraints of the clothing now hobbling her.

He continued rubbing his dick up and down her pussy, gathering her juices and lubing himself up. Soon satisfied, he gently pressed the head at her hole. They both groaned as he eased just inside of her, only to pull out. He pushed again, a little further, and backed out until his head was just at the horizon of her tightness. That when he grabbed her hips and yanked her back onto his dick. He buried himself to the hilt inside of her with a yell and she cried out with shock.

Firmly planted inside of her, he swiveled his hips a little, grinding into her. She marveled at the sensation of his rock-hard cock making room for itself inside of her. He shifted, drawing away a little, then rooted right back inside. He began to fuck in earnest then, fucking her like some sort of animal. He pushed and pulled at her hips as he pounded, slamming her hips back to meet him with every thrust. He pounded mercilessly, and she made little yelp with every slap of his balls against her mound. His dick rooted about inside of her, finding new angles with every jab. Her arms were sed out in front her, barely able to get a hold on the floor of the car as she was fucked like a toy. She folded her left arm under her forehead, finding her balance and protecting her skin from the rough fabric carpeting the floor. Her other arm snaked under her, finding her own breast to squeeze, She wanted to cum as soon as he did, and a little from her nipples were just the key. Her nipples were hard, and she pinched . A jolt of pleasure ran straight from the hard bud to her clit, and her orgasm was well on its way.

He fucked her like he fucked his hand when he was a . Her pussy was so warm and tight, gripping his cock like a vice. He felt like he was fucking a vacuum; her hole resisted every time he pulled away, and sucked him back in with every thrust. He couldn’t control himself - he had to jackhammer her cunt like it was going to be taken away. He could feel his orgasm rising, and her gasps and cries in front of him were getting higher and more desperate.

She could feel his pounding reaching his climax - it was speeding up, and the tool inside of her was getting impossibly harder. She concentrated on the feeling of his balls slapping against her flesh, the tingling line of pleasure riding between her nipple and her clit. Her orgasm hit her like a brick wall. Her pussy convulsed and clamped down on his tool, milking into a climax of his own. He rammed himself deep into her own final time and they both felt his dick jerk and throb inside of her. She gasped for air, still gripping her breast like it was the only thing keeping her grounded. He leaned heavily into her, resting her head on the frame of her hatchback.

They stayed like this for a few minutes, catching their breath while her juices began to cool again as they ran down her thighs. He pushed away from her and dragged his now limp dick with him. She nearly yelped with the sensation of his cock dragging out of her abused hole. She pushed herself to rest on her side, wincing as she stretched her hips. She glanced down at the shape of him in the dim garage, where he was pulling his pants back up. He zipped his fly and looked down at her. He gave her ass a farewell slap and strode back out to his car.

She stayed there for a few more minutes until she decided she was getting too cold. She slid out of the car, pulled up her tights and shorts together, and stepped back into her boots. She felt sticky and sore; it was time for a nice shower.
A couple of Mays ago
Posted:Jan 8, 2018 3:30 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2018 8:58 am

We mixed a few too many drinks at his place, chatting and sharing stories while letting the alcohol relax our bodies and cool our nerves. I was nervous, but excited. I hadn’t been with anyone in a while and a million fuzzy thoughts were tumbling through my brain. Was I attractive to him? How far could this go? Was my overnight parking permit up to date for this neighborhood?

My thoughts turned to white noise when he abruptly took my head and deeply kissed me. He pulled away for air, smirked at my surprised face, and went in for another kiss before inviting me to the bedroom. A voice that seemed to come from me whispered an eager confirmation and I followed him down the hall. The second we reached the room his hands were pulling my top up and over my head. I laughed in surprised and pulled my tank top off to follow. He pushed me down to the bed and kneeled over me, coming in for another make-out session. His hands were immediately at my breasts, kneading them through my black bra.

I reached down to pull at his shirt, which was tucked into his pants far too deeply. I tugged at it, but it wouldn’t move. I whined into his mouth and he pulled away, sitting up to pull the shirt off himself. Bare-chested, he flopped down onto his back and I crawled up to meet his mouth again with my own. I ran my hands over his soft chest and belly and found his belt buckle. I fussed with it, fumbling until I could yank it from his belt loops. I followed suit with the buttons of his pants, but realized I couldn’t get much farther with his ass holding things down. He was on top of things, though- he reached down and gracelessly wiggled out of the rest of his clothes. I thanked him for the help and ran my hands down his chest, across his soft belly, and around to squeeze his ass. I kissed his cheek, and he rolled his eyes. I kissed his chest, then his belly, and he hummed his approval. I kissed his thigh and took a moment to take in the view of his slowly-hardening dick.

It wasn’t massive - maybe even on the small side, but that was exactly what I needed. I took it in my hand and gave it a few strokes before kissing the head. He groaned reached down to caress my shoulder. I draped my arm across his belly and licked along his shaft. It was a perfect size to get back up to speed on dick-sucking. His penis fit nicely inside my mouth, which I ran my tongue across its surface and sucked. I bobbed my head, enjoying the feeling of his dick continue to harden under my ministrations. HIs hand continued to pet at every part of me that he could reach. My jeans still on, he ran his fingers under the fabric before running up my back to stroke and play with my hair. His loud sighs and grinding hips gave me confidence, and I doubled down on twirling my tongue about the leaking head and sucking deeply with my tongue rubbing flat against the shaft. His dick throbbed and twitched and his groans turned to growls. His hand was deep in my hair, splayed across my skull. He was not pushing me, but eagerly following the bobbing of my head. He came in my mouth with a shout, the salty cum spurting into my mouth. No-one had ever cum in my mouth before. I’m not sure why I was taken by surprise, but still managed to swallow everything he unloaded.

His cock now softening, I pushed myself away and collapsed on my back to his side. He chuckled and commented on his surprise at my swallowing. I laughed and curled into his side. We laid like that for a few minutes. I was a little cold without my shirt and was drawn to burrow into the nearest warm thing. He reached over and dragged me up to lay across his chest. His hands reached around my back and unsnapped my bra. He tugged the straps down my shoulders, and I helped him remove the material. My large, soft tits were finally pressed to his chest, skin-to-skin. His hands slipped between the two of us and cupped my breasts. He squeezed and rubbed, my nipples rock-hard and sensitive to every motion.

I lifted myself from his chest, letting him play with my breasts as they hung between us. He rolled my nipples between his fingers, pinching them. I flinched and he whispered a “whoops,” letting up on the pressure. I smiled and arched my back, pressing my tits into his chest again. He hugged me tightly and flipped us over onto my back. I coughed with the sudden weight of his body on mine. HIs mouth was on mine in a flash, his tongue aggressively invading my mouth. One hand found my tit and squeezed hard, pressing me deep into his mattress. The other hand yanked at the fly of my jeans. I scooted my ass around under him, his weight too great to lift my hips. He got the point quickly and rose to his knees. He took the waist band of my jeans and panties together and swiftly pulled them right off. He mercifully left my socks, and my cold feet were thankful. He pushed my leg to the side and caressed my thighs.

My heart raced, suddenly self-conscious. His fingers rubbed at my mound and the butterflies in my chest went wild. He spread my lips and gently ran fingers along my labia. I was so wet, his fingers must have been drenched. His fingers continued to roam, spreading my juices over my pussy. He rubbed and stroked, and dipped a finger into my hole. I gasped and he looked up at me, asking if I was ok. I nodded eagerly and he shoved his finger back into me. He was finger-fucking me, hard. A second finger joined the first, and the thumb of his other hand began fiddling with my clit. I was getting into it. His fingers rammed my hole, loosening up my tight hole.

I was starving for a cock. I needed him to fuck me. I begged for just that and he looked up in surprise. Already? He snatched a condom out of nowhere and rolled it onto his already-hard dick. He yanked me down by the hips, surprising me with his strength. He ground his dick against my mound. He rubbed his dick along my pussy, getting it nice and wet. He leaned down over me and slowly pushed his dick towards my entrance. I groaned and relished the sensation. I love that moment when a hard dick bumps about at my vagina, seeking its target. He found the target moments later, and thrust all the way into me. I gasped. I had forgot the feeling of a rock hard dick inside of me. It was amazing.

He didn’t take too much time to enjoy the moment. He pulled back and rammed back into me. He pounded at my pussy like a jackhammer. He ground himself into me for a moment, grinding my clit. I ground back up at him and he wrapped himself around me, resuming the eager fucking. His small dick pounded me like an eager rabbit, and my clit was on fire. I knew I was about to cum; I slid my hand between our chests and grasped my breast. He noticed, sat up, and gripped my other breast while fucking me into the bed. My orgasm hit me hard and fast, nearly forcing his dick out for keeps. I was gasping for air, enjoying the glow while he slowed to take in the view. He sucked at my breast, making my nipples hard again with his tongue.

When I had bought my breath, he pulled out of me. My vagina felt empty and sore. He crawled back and demanded I roll over. I looked back at him and he unceremoniously yanked my hips into place at in front of his still-hard cock. I heard the sound of squishing and his lube-covered dick was suddenly at my ass. I barely had time to register my curiosity before the head of his dick was in my ass, followed by the rest of it. He was deep in my ass. His pounding from earlier resumed. He gripped my soft hips and pounded me into the bed. It was hard to keep a grip on the bed in front of me - I was pushed up the bed by his forceful humping until I could brace myself against the headboard. I could finally push back against his brutal fucking. It was then that his thrusts become even more aggressive as he began to grunt with each thrust. He slowed down, until he finally howled and rammed his pulsating dick one last time deep into my ass.

He collapsed onto my back and gasped for breath while I soaked in the heat of his body underneath him. He dick twitched and softened, still inside of me. I savoured the moment, feeling my own juices slick between us. He held onto me, relaxing while his dick slipped out of me. Eventually, we unglued ourselves from each other. I was starting to feel the effects of my pounding, my holes sore and tingling. We dragged on our clothes and I headed out.
First Online Encounter pt. 4
Posted:Feb 21, 2016 9:02 am
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2020 6:37 am

We woke for the last time in the morning, sticky but still somehow not completely sick of each other. We showered together, laughing as we played with the soaps and shampoo in our hair. I took a nice handful of body wash and began to clean his dick. It was nice and hard as I rinsed it, so i knelt down and took it into my mouth. He ran his hands through my hair and encouraged me as I eagerly sucked on his cock. My fist stroked along with my lips and his moans grew louder. He took a good handful of my hair and jerked a little, trying to keep from all-out fucking my mouth. I moaned and hummed and tried to swallow his penis whole.

I was getting cold, I took his hands and pulled him down to the shower floor with me. I layed down, legs folded up and pulled him up to straddle my stomach while I pressed my tits together He pushed his dick into position and fucked my fleshy, huge tits for barely a minute before he came one final time between them. He hung his head, laughing with the water spray dripping down from his hair onto me. “That was a first, and a little weird!” he gasped, and I laughed in agreement. He lifted his head to look into my eyes and reached back to bury his fingers in my vagina. I couldn’t spread my legs due to the confines of the bathtub walls, but he found my clit just as easily. He stared into my eyes while rubbing furiously into my well-used cunt. I gripped my breasts to give my own hands something to hold onto while concentrating on his finger pushing my button. He watched my face the whole time, both of us keeping our eyes locked while he brought me to the last orgasm of the encounter. After I came down from the rush, He helped me up and we finished our showers before the hot water ran out. We left together, but parted ways at the sidewalk.
1st online encounter pt. 3
Posted:Feb 16, 2016 4:31 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2020 6:36 am

I woke up again later when he was coming back from the bathroom. I was feeling a little messy after my last fucking, so I took care of myself as well. When i came back he was sitting up and asked me to come get on hand and knees on the bed. I did so, feeling a little exposed, spreading my thick thighs and presenting my wide ass to him. His hands run up and down my ass, exploring until he was running a single finger along my slit. He eased the finger inside of me, working and spreading my juices until he was able to add another finger. Then another. All four fingers were finally massaging my insides while the other hand rubbed my back. His fingers writhed and wriggled inside of me, and I hummed while pressing myself back into his touch. I wanted to spread myself further for him, so I turned over onto my back. His fingers returned, but now his thumb was able to slowly rub circles over my clit. His other hand stroked my hairy mound, playing with my soft hair and smoothing it about my mound. He saw I was grasping my tit and reached up to roll my other nipple in his fingers. I didn’t last long like this - I crashed into my orgasm and clamped my thighs shut around his wet hand while I crushed his fingers in my pulsating vagina.

I relaxed and looked down to see him pulling his hand free to adjust his hard cock. I rolled back over onto my knees and presented my slick hole to him. He made a pleased hum and immediately buried himself inside of me. I felt loose around him, my fluids were dripping down my legs. I reached behind me and took hold of his dick. I pressed it against my anus and pushed back lightly against him. “shit, really?” he asked, and eased his dick head into my tightest hole. He groaned and gradually sank into my ass. “I’m gonna cum so fast” he murmured, and gently began to slide back out. Just as his head was going to pop out, he buried himself back inside of me. I shouted from surprise - I wasn’t sure what to think of the sensations coming from my ass. He grasped my curvy hips and buried himself just a few more times before pushing me away and telling me to ride him. He played down and I straddled his soft, hairy belly. I reached behind me and leaned forward to begin to work his dick back into my ass. My pendulous breasts hung in his face and he grabbed both to massage while i eased myself back down onto him. I rested with his dick up my ass, flexing my muscles to feel his hard cock inside of me. He groaned and said “i’m gonna cum soon.” i ground against him, his grip on my tits tightening as he shouted and unloaded his cum yet again. I crawled off of him and lazily pulled the blankets over us again to try and sleep a little more.
First Online Encounter pt. 2
Posted:Feb 14, 2016 8:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2020 6:35 am

I woke later having shifted. I was on my stomach, legs spread wide. He was half on top of me, his hardening dick sliding from my slit all the way back along my ass. He ground into me, his dickhead popping back and forth over the swell between my cunt hole and my ass. I kept my eyes shut and remained still, feeling myself get wetter and wider in my arousal. His breath was was hot against my back as his rubbing became more aggressive. One of his arms threaded under one arm to grip my torso and i felt him spread my legs even further apart. I felt completely exposed and wide open as his other hand slid down to grip his dick and push it into my wet cunt. He straighten back up to wrap around my back and began to stroke in and out. He wrapped his other arm around under my breasts and I struggled to maintain the illusion that I was still unconscious. My head lolled a bit to the side and he muttered “play dead, bitch” and pulled himself off of me. He grasped my shoulder and pulled me onto my side.

My leg was splayed up across the bed and he pushed it up out of the way to push his dick back into me. He pulled my arm away from where it had draped across my breasts and began to knead my tits while continuing to fuck me forcefully. He played with my nipples and traced along my ribs down across my soft white belly. He gripped my fleshy ass and began to plow into my cunt. The bed bounced and creaked as I was fucked harder than ever. I could feel his balls rubbing against the leg he was straddling, I was having a hard time maintaining my calm. His pounding was only getting harder and faster, his was starting to groan and roar over me. He leaned over me and braced both hands on my chest, leaning into me and putting an immense amount of weight on me. He was crushing my chest as he finally came with a shout and rammed his spurting dick into me one last time. He collapsed next to me, pulling out and tossing the condom to the side to join the first. He pushed me back into position to spoon and we quietly bought our breath and drifted back off to sleep.
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First Online Encounter pt. 1
Posted:Feb 11, 2016 12:30 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2020 6:33 am

We found each other in a chat room and he came right over to my sublet. I invited him in and chatted until we found ourselves sitting side by side on the bed. There was an awkward moment that lasted a little too long until I giggled and wondered what how I’d gotten into this mess. His hand interrupted my thought as he took my face and pulled me into a kiss.

We tasted each other’s mouths who his hands slide down my body and began to pull my t-shirt up and over my head. I let his hands continue to explore my torso, arching my back and pressing my ample chest into him while i pulled his head deeper into our kiss. His hands soon pulled my skirt down and I shifted to help him clear my hips and toss the fabric on the floor. Now in my bra and panties I pulled him to kneel in the middle of the bed and reached to unzip his jeans. I fumbled a little trying to extract his half-hard dick, but he pulled it out the rest of the way and leaned back to allow me to place a few kisses along the shaft. I ran my tongue gently along the shaft and he sighed over my head.

“You like my dick, huh?” he asked, and I huffed a little laugh before taking his head into my mouth. I hadn’t sucked many dicks in life, but it was easy to settle into a gentle rhythm. His hands stroked my head and hair as I slowly bobbed up and down his shaft. His breathing turned to quiet moans, and tingles ran between my stomach and pussy from the noises he was making. I tried to watch his face while I sucked his dick; I loved watching his eyes close and his mouth open while he relaxed into my touch. His hands continued to wander through my short hair and along my back and shoulders, idly tracing the ridges of my tattoos while I hummed into his hardening dick. Unsure how much time had passed, i was busy concentrating on how much I could fit in my mouth when i was pulled away and pushed to lay back on the bed. He slid off his own shirt and jeans, then boxers.

He tugged down my own panties, and then asked if I’d ever had my g-spot rubbed. I didn’t yet know what this meant, so I didn’t have to lie when I said no. He licked his fingers and draped himself about my feet. he grasped one knee and pulled my legs apart with one hand, and began to rub my pubic mound with the other. His fingers stroked my pubic hair for a moment before gently sliding down the length of my vagina and back up again. He worked his fingers through my slit, getting nice and wet before beginning to dip into my hole. It wasn’t long before he was firmly rubbing the inside of my cunt, producing a very unusual sensation for me. I wasn’t sure what to think, but i was enjoying the sensation of his fingers working inside of me. I closed my eyes and ground my cunt into his knuckles. A stray finger began to rub at my clit and I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and thrusting up into his hand. I reached for him and found a stray leg - I followed it until I found his dick again. I began to stroke it gently with one hand while kneading my still-covered breast with the other. He quietly swore and withdrew his fingers and pulled his dick away from my hands.

I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra - while I was pulling it off my arms I looked to him and saw he was rolling on a condom. I threw the bra to the side and reached for him as he climbed over me and pressed his mouth to mine. His kiss was forceful and eager while his legs spread my own. His hard cock brushed and rubbed against my inner leg, then my ass, then tapped against my clit. I tried to angle myself towards him, and his tip found my slit and began to slowly press and grind at my entrance. I moaned with him as he very gradually slid in a fraction, then drew out again. He pressed in again, just a little further, and then out. I reached down to help, only to meet his own hand as his fingers spread my own juices along his cock. He readjusted himself, then I cried out as his entire cock slid fully inside of me.

He was essentially laying on top of me at this point. My legs were spread wide and I was clutching him to my chest while he settled himself inside of me to the root. I asked him to hold on while I got used to him and he nodded, tucking his head under my chin and wrapping his arms up and around my head. I wrapped my own legs around him and focused on the feeling of his warm, hard, dick firmly planted inside of me.

We lay there for for a few minutes, breathing and occasionally laughing as his cock twitched or my cunt flexed around him. Finally, I pushed my mound up towards him while pulling his ass further into me with my heels. He took the sign and began to slowly fuck me. He rose to his elbows and slid his hands under my shoulders, bracing us together and sped up, really working his hips to saw in and out. I thrust up to meet him, both of us gasping. He began to pound me in earnest, now pushing my shoulders down into the bed and letting my hips angle even further up into his thrusts. I couldn’t move my arms at all, I could only meet his dick on each stroke while watching him gasp and crunch up his eyes. I was moaning - his dick pulled and stretched my cunt, his balls slapped against my ass and his pubes scratched against my clit. He was getting close and I wanted to cum with him. His pounding slowed to grinding, aggressive thrusts, really working my clit against his root. His moaning increased and finally he came with a shout - I felt his dick spasm and pulse inside of me. He was locked against me with my legs still wrapped around him, his face now pressed into my chest.

I ground myself against him just a few more seconds and then came myself. My pussy convulsed around his still-pulsing dick and we stayed wrapped around each other, melting into our orgasms. We stayed there for a long time, resting while his dick slowly softened while continuing to twitch. My cunt continued to pulsate around his cock, make us giggle a little each time one felt the other. We dozed for a while, adjusting as little as possible to keep him inside of me, but eventually I felt him slide out of me. I felt suddenly empty and a little cold while he shifted to take off the spent condom. We both slid out of bed to separately to clean ourselves up in the bathrooms.

I was surprised to find him back in bed when I returned - I half expected him to be getting dressed and heading out. I smiled and crawled into his arms. He wrapped himself around me from behind and pulled me into his grip. One hand idly kneaded my breast, playing and pinching my nipple.We fell asleep like that, half aroused from the attention my breasts were getting, his soft dick pressed into the cleave of my ass.
Sex Tour
Posted:Feb 8, 2016 8:47 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2016 12:52 pm

I met a guy in NYC for an apartment tour; he was looking for someone to share his place downtown. We met for drinks first to chat and hit it off - I was excited to tour the flat and see what the catch had to be for the good deal. The answer can fairly immediately when we stepped into his studio apartment and I noticed the severe lack of multiple bedrooms. I should have been angry, but I was tipsy and wanted to at least check out the view for my troubles.

I wasn’t expecting his hands on my shoulders, but he slide behind me and began to rub my back, working my jacket off and running his fingers up and down my spine. I”m not exactly one to argue with these things, so I leaned into his touch and let my fuzzy brain accept the craigslist con I’d fallen into. His exploring fingers pulled me back to sit on his bed and continued up to run through my hair. I turned around to say something, but his tongue got in the way.

My clothes were pulled off quickly; I recall I was amazed how his mouth remained thoroughly attached to mine while his hands kneaded my breasts and his hard cock ground into my hairy mound through his jeans. After a healthy amount of grinding as my own personal realization that I fucking loved his hands on my tits, he mumbled something about a condom and stepped away to shed his clothes and rip open a packet. He crawled back onto the bed and I watched him roll the condom down his dick. I wondered for a moment if I would suck his dick, but the thought was banished as he crawled over me. I spread my legs and felt his tip brushing along my thigh, wandering. I reached down to help him, but before I could get far I was surprised by his dick pressing into me with no help at all.

I cried out at the speed and sudden intrusion, but quickly acclimated to his length settling inside of me. I wrapped my legs around his ass and savored the sensation for a moment before he pulled out and pushed back in. I pressed up against him for his next thrust, and then held on as he began pounding my pussy, his arms clutched around me while I gasped and moaned, concentrating on the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of me faster and faster.

I could feel him getting close, his grip crushing me and his dick feeling like granite. I willed myself to cum, just as he began to moan and thrust with finality. He pressed himself into me one last time, and held me there. I laid in his arms, with his dick softening inside of me for an eternity, quietly catching our breath and coming down from our rutting. My pussy spasmed occasionally, slowly working his dick out. We untangled ourselves from each other, dragged on our clothes and I bid him farewell. I wouldn’t mind another apartment tour sooner or later…
Handy Visit
Posted:Nov 5, 2015 9:53 pm
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I sat in our dark alley near my garage waiting until he strolled up, stopping when he found me propped in the shadows against the cinder blocks. he sat next to me and shyly mumbled my AdultFriendFinder name and I shyly confirmed. He seemed to take a moment to build up the nerve, and then crept a hand up to my breast to have a nice feel while his lips found mine. I pressed my tit into his hand while he explored my mouth. Another hand found my other breast and played with my hard, nervous nipples while I toyed with his shirttails. It wasn't long before my fingers found their way to his zipper and i was gently easing his dick out of its confinement. It hardened quickly as I gave it some attention with my stroking hand, the other pressing his hands harder to my breasts and nipples. I worked faster and harder as his breathing sped up and his fingers began to bruise my d-cup flesh and make me think my nipples would be sore in the morning. I kept pumping and his mouth wandered to my cleavage to meet the hand that were now exploring under the fabric. His breath turned into a -like strangled cry as his dick spasmed and spurted in my hand. We sat for a little longer with his hands and face buried in my chest, waiting as his dick softened between my fingers. Finally he unwrapped himself and headed back down the alley and I took myself inside to clean up.

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