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nightly ritual  

jacstet 35F  
31 posts
11/24/2019 6:44 pm
nightly ritual

I like to crawl into bed each night a little early and touch myself. I trace my vagina while fantasizing about pressing myself against a stranger. I think about someone elses fingers exploring my cunt while I stoke their dick. I want to lick and suck a cock while my clit is tickled. I will gag on pulsating flesh while my tight hole accommodates as many fingers as possible. No matter how I orgasm, I never fail to pinch my right nipple just as I go over the edge.

justme51 68M  
420 posts
11/24/2019 7:12 pm

Awesome wonderful post.

grizz54545454 72M  
81 posts
11/24/2019 7:32 pm

im up for it

6inchjoey 49M  
926 posts
11/24/2019 7:32 pm

Sounds erotic mmmm

Avocadontknoyou 35M
26 posts
11/24/2019 7:53 pm

Mmm every night?

thikhead 62M
2164 posts
11/24/2019 8:00 pm

and i thought navy pier and portillos were fun last time i was in chicago.

sorry i missed you.

sweet dreams, for both of us . . .

Love2eatpussy338 32M
50 posts
11/24/2019 8:12 pm

Mmmmmmmm nice

musicman19844 36M
3 posts
11/24/2019 8:14 pm

Sounds great

h4rry66 53M
1443 posts
11/24/2019 8:57 pm

Hmmmm, that sounds like something that I would definitely love to try with you x

Fire_Guy09 31M
11 posts
11/24/2019 9:05 pm

Love it!

10962 posts
11/24/2019 10:08 pm

*Hellava Ritual*

Hot Shit!!


pauljames44 75M  
287 posts
11/24/2019 10:16 pm

You are a wet dream cum true! Let's make it REAL!

SingleItalianGy2 48M
861 posts
11/24/2019 10:27 pm


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