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Men = Lies  

jadedagain1 72F  
35 posts
7/12/2020 2:35 pm
Men = Lies

Why do men find it so hard just tell the truth.

I'll you later, I'll meet you next Thursday. I'll be there tomorrow.

What. Just say the truth, we all can't love each other or please men who think they are more than they are.

That's the truth.

Bostonvet2018 40M
9 posts
7/15/2020 4:47 am

Are you really 71 ?

hobie2017 63M
184 posts
9/2/2020 3:29 pm

so sorry to hear that you are treated that way. it ruins it for the rest of us. I always meet - haven't missed in the 3+ years on AdultFriendFinder. you deserve better.

antbone83 37M
9 posts
9/18/2020 6:11 am

thats not always the case sometimes we give our time to the wrong ppl

spankjeff59 73M
12 posts
9/29/2020 3:10 am

hugs there are good and bad.......

Fondelu 59M  
1 post
12/26/2020 10:56 am

People in general (men AND woman) are irresponsible and callous. But that just means that we need to be more discriminating in who we let into our lives and value the few good people, be they male or female. There is a concept called "confirmation bias" which basically means we find proof of our preconceived notions. Thus, if you think MEN are jerks, you will be unconsciously be attracted to those men who prove you right. Something to think about.

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