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* Sentiments of September*  

jajo696 66F
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9/2/2021 10:47 pm
* Sentiments of September*

Thoughts are in the comments~

jajo696 66F
3958 posts
9/2/2021 11:22 pm

This month is akin to my March Madness blog post. Today....9/3 is my dads birthday, and within the next 7 days will be my moms and my only sibs birthday. They have all passed away and all within a short time frame. They were connected by birth month...all Virgos...and had similar personality traits. I wear a gold chain with the Virgo charm on it...always....keeping them all close to my heart. We were a close knit family of 4 and my parents were pioneers in the community that we lived, had to be close and watching each others back. They were also connected by death month, all having passed in March. Hence my personal March Madness

As i sit here at 2 a.m...watching the Paralympics, i am mesmerized at the skill and tenacity of these athletes. Such hardworking individuals. I watched a marathon and the blind runner had a guide runner, that he was tethered to...saw a table tennis man playing with a cane....and he won!! Amaaaazing stuff. I watched the Olympics too and in such an ableist society the Para receives nowhere near the same coverage. I had to actually search for this Paralympics where the Olympics were on at least 3 channels at any given time during the day. Kudos to ALL the athletes...they are extraordinary in my minds eye.

Which brings me to the thoughts of:

.....a site similar to this for people with disabilities. I wonder if there is one. Some disabilities are unseen, others much more visibly prominent. Yet, everyone who signs up knows that they will be looking for the inner goods and attributes of the person, rather than an initial visible attraction. I wonder if a more kinder, gentler environment could be had. Oh, i know and im sure some would sign up to take advantage of those that they feel are desperate. Thats where a proper vetting process between the individuals would need to happen. It just reminds me of the saying that everyone is going thru something and that it costs
nothing to be kind. Human nature seems to forget these things, at times. I wonder if there is such a site....or am i giving Various an idea...lol.

Ahhhhh.....September. School is back in session for in person learning. I hope we all can remain safe and stay in school. Already a few have had to close due to mold in the ventilation and then today remnants of hurricane IDA caused a few schools to cancel or delay due to power outages. Its always something...something in the way.

I am looking forward to the crisp air n leaves n apples of the fall. Then before you know it....in the blink of an eye....the holidays.

Just a few September Sentiments from my world.

Would love to hear from others and their worlds ~~

spunkycumfun 61M/66F
38511 posts
9/3/2021 2:16 am

I'm enjoying keeping up with the Paralympics. Coverage here in the UK isn't too bad. They're reported daily in most newspapers. The BBC keeps tabs on the games in its news programmes and dedicated website. And one major television channel shows the games live.

lindoboy100 58M
23882 posts
9/3/2021 2:35 am

Aren't those youngsters in the paralympics amazing? I met someone recently who had no legs or arms below the knee/elbow joints.......but he didn't view them as disabilities, nor did I. Challenges, yes, but not a handicap. Amazing people!!

September is a difficult month for me for similar reasons McJJ.......I hope the next few weeks are kind to you.

Pull ma finger.........

hotdreamer1000 61M
12180 posts
9/3/2021 3:09 am

I don't know if there is a paraAFF but I like the sentiments behind your idea.

Except, maybe differently abled people wouldn't want to be assigned a special place for them to find lovers? Maybe they would rather be accepted along with everyone else. I mean there is no reason why I wouldn't find a beautiful woman with only one arm sexy. I don't suppose she would need for me to be an amputee before she could get turned on. But you don't see disabled people showing up on the blogs or the profiles do you. I wonder why? I do hope it isn't because they would get abuse or be made to feel unwelcome.........

I often go on holiday ion September, and this year will be no different. Sometimes I leave home in the warmth of a typical late British summer and when I get back it is nearly October with a hint of frost in the morning. That can make me feel melancholy; it can be even more of a break in the cycle of the year than I feel at Christmas or New Year. But I love it. Anything which only comes once a year is always important to me. Once every four years even more so!

ltrskr 73M  
5025 posts
9/3/2021 3:48 am

I thought this was the site for mental disabilities???

Conversation78 65M
2 posts
9/3/2021 4:53 am

Thoughtful. Are you disabled yourself?
Catch me on IM sometime.

TicklePlease 53F  
13600 posts
9/3/2021 6:33 am

There are actually a few dating apps for disabled folks... so if you're thinking of getting ahead of the curve, better get started! I've worked with the people at the Perkins School for the Blind (in your state) and their phys-ed program is amazing! There's a big need for guide runners for road races and other off track running... if I was a runner, I'd definitely volunteer!

Paulxx001 64M
21588 posts
9/3/2021 8:07 am

' always a challenge when family members leave us, more so when their departure occurs over a short span.
September is indeed a month for reflection and change. I hope you find a quiet spot to enjoy the dwindling summer.

Sakwes77 67M
139 posts
9/10/2021 2:51 pm

Handicapped people are like anyone else, Some are very attractive, some shy, some are selfish. some are amazing.

A safe site for handicapped people makes some sense, on the other hand it may have some drawbacks.
For example, I wouldn't be interested in visiting one for two reasons. One you touched on.
That is because I suspect predators would be attracted to such a site and I wouldn't want to seem like a predator.

That may keep some very nice people from visiting such a site.

The second is all mine. I am incredibly uncomfortable around handicapped people, not because of anything about them but because I have no idea how to relate to them.
The last thing I want to do is say something dumb that hurts them in some way.

If that person is very attractive I am really doomed. My mind shuts down around really attractive ladies and my little head takes over.

I'm afraid I would stammer and stutter and then blurt out, "I want to fuck you"
Not cool. Not cool at all.

I know before I even try that I will make myself look like a fool, a freak or a predator.

Better to just keep my distance.

author51 58F
123737 posts
9/23/2021 12:56 am

    Quoting Paulxx001:
    ' always a challenge when family members leave us, more so when their departure occurs over a short span.
    September is indeed a month for reflection and change. I hope you find a quiet spot to enjoy the dwindling summer.
I wish you the best and sorry for your losses. Stay healthy and safe.

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