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Great weekend  

jandm8170 50M/39F
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9/8/2020 8:23 pm
Great weekend

Well it really wasn't a whole weekend just Sunday and Monday but it was quite enjoyable. We aren't married or even live together but are just a couple.

Spent the end of the week together and then went our separate ways Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning I came over as we had plans to see a movie and then meet some friends that night.

I showed up and M looked absolutely gorgeous and we headed to the movie. Since it was an early matinee and Covid-19 we were all by ourselves. After the movie we hit up a store to pick up a couple of things and then ran our planned errand.

M is quite a bit more experienced than I am even though she is younger. I have enjoyed her massaging my prostate while<b> giving </font></b>me oral sex and she had suggested maybe getting some vibrating plugs. She absolutely loves anal and thought we could buy each of us a toy and use them while having sex. I trust her and so we hit up a sex shop and picked up each of a vibrating plug. A petite one for me and a regular one for her. We also picked up a new g-spot vibrator and a set of vibrating panties for her to wear that night.

We headed back to her house and she decided to take the little bullet out of the panties and use it with her own. While testing it out she got really turned on and I ended up<b> giving </font></b>her oral sex. After finishing up we were going to get ready and go and realized we had another 1.5 hours so we ended up fucking before heading to the bar. Decided to leave the little bullet vibe that night.

Had a very pleasant evening with our friends and then finally came home around 10. After having a cigarette and a night cap we headed to the bedroom. Started off slowly licking her pussy and using the new vibrator. After about 15 minutes she decided it was time to use the new anal toy. After easing it in we changed positions to 69. She really enjoys this position as she has more control on how I'm licking her. After she came the first time she took my toy and slowly worked it inside me. Once she had it inside she began<b> giving </font></b>me oral sex. OMG. That felt amazing. The whole time she still had her toy inside her vibrating. After about 10-15 minutes she decided to slide my cock inside her pussy. She had told me this would be next level and she was right.

I've learned 2 things. Number 1 is that it makes me last quite a bit longer and my orgasm seems to last forever. I knew I should trust her and I'm glad I did.

When we woke up the next morning we played a little but not to completion. Just toying with each other. We decided to go out and get breakfast and this morning we put the bullet vibe inside her panties before we left. We had discussed keeping it on low but when we discovered you couldn't hear it at the restaurant we bumped it up a little. This really got her going while we ate.

After the night before I decided I wanted to try her toy. It was a little bigger and I thought it might hit me a little better. Once we got home she used an older vibrator to try and work me up to the new one. She teased me and slowly prepped me for her toy. Unfortunately I wasn't quite ready for hers so we went back to the petite one for me. Just like the night before I was able to last for what seemed like forever. First with her on top and then me taking her from behind and then finished up with her back on top. Oh my god it was so good.

We relaxed the rest of the day and watched some older movies. I know there are a lot of straight men who would never try what we did this weekend and I'm surprised I did but I am glad I did because like M said it was next level.

The next thing I really want is to find M a woman for her. I know she wants this badly. So if you are female and live in DFW and are interested in playing with a gorgeous young hot woman please let us know.

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