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I've started broadcasting ... (Part 3)  

jdclark1999 57M  
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1/9/2020 6:53 pm
I've started broadcasting ... (Part 3)

first blog covered premier on AdultFriendFinder broadcasting on Years Eve. Blog 2 described second broadcast the following day.

Kinda predictable that third blog will detail 3rd broadcast.

Sounds kinda boring, but it wasn’t for . I had been on season break from work, was returning work on Thursday, January 2nd. sleeping routine was out of sync with late nights and sleepins during time off work. I had a late night camping, so was expecting an uninterrupted sleep before 545am alarm. Well, I work up around 4am and toss and turned for 30 minutes trying to get another hour of sleep. But it just wouldn’t come … then an idea - lets cam again!!!

2 minutes later, the laptop was set up, AdultFriendFinder website was accessed, I was stroking stiffening cock in anticipation of an off viewer join.

I didn’t have wait long, I mean it was midday in the UK, so there were a fair share of AdultFriendFinder’rs willing watch a newbie cammer.

Before I knew it, there were more people watching me than on other occasions … with lots of comments and encouragement get a good, long<b> stroke </font></b>on before going work.

It was a great time, stroking for over an hour before some extra spicy comments got me release load.

I beat alarm by 5 minutes, so I jumped in the shower & headed first day of work in 2020. Gonna be a great decade!

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