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Morning has broken  

jedclampett1965 59M  
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1/18/2022 8:37 am
Morning has broken

It was still dark out
no sign yet of the sun
but I couldn't sleep for some reason
you, laying next to me
heavy breathing
the sound of a sound sleep
I look at you in the darkness
and roll against you holding you tight against my body
you fidget a little but don't wake
I start to enlarge with you pressed against me
your feel constantly doing that to me
I reach over and gently put my hand on your crotch
your breathing remains even and steady
I wonder if you are dreaming of me
or dreaming of being touched
I work my fingers inside your panties
and press them lightly against your clit
you shift, but your breathing remains
I gently rub your clit, very lightly and slowly
your breathing gets a little stronger
I press a little more and you flex against my hand
a light mmmm murmers from your lips
slow, rhythmic with a little more pressure now
I massage your clit
your breathing getting faster and deeper
I know you're feeling it even though you remain sleeping
you start bucking against the push of my hand and fingers
now reaching deep inside your slit
as the first glimmer of morning starts to show in the window
you awake suddenly to the realization
that it wasn't a dream
and the reality excites you even more.
I move my hand out
and pull you over
rolling you on top of me
we kiss and kiss again
each kiss deeper and more intense that the last
tongues intertwining and caressing each other
I slide open your blouse and move my head down to suck your breasts
first one, then the other
very gently at first, a bare touch on the tip of your nipple
and then stronger and deeper taking your breast in my mouth
first one, then the other with you laying on top of me
starting to wriggle your pelvic area against my throbbing hardness
I massage your breasts with my hand
and start kissing you again
as you rub harder and harder
squirming to find that right spot
to allow me to slide in to your dripping wetness
I hold you tight
my hands encircling your entire back and sides
as you are able to slide me in to you
a little moan escaping your lips
as your breathing deepens and quickens again
as you feel my largess deep within you
and as you flex and slide on me
that feeling builds in both of us
as you slide on me, up and down
I can feel you tightening around my rod
knowing that urge, that feeling, rising,
uncontrollable, a pulsating I can feel
as the sun just barely breaks the horizon
rays streaking in through the windows nearly horizontally
making your face and hair glow
to match that mounting feeling,
that flowing you feel between your legs
as you shudder and hump me
crying out and moaning as you feel those waves
of passion sweep through you
feeling also my throbbing explosion inside of you
I pull you tighter and kiss you again
gazing deeply into your eyes

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