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The Bath  

jedclampett1965 58M  
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10/16/2021 5:42 am
The Bath

About take a hot bath. Wish you were able join . Would be very nice have you sitting in that tub with ,
holding you close in the hot water,
feeling your back leaning against my frt.
I put my arms around you,
Holding you around your middle.
I notice your nipples starting harden,
Beginning stick and out a little bit
You feel my cock starting get hard behind you in the water
Pressing against your butt cheek
I move my hands and start caressing your nipples
Softly, kneading their tips in my fingers
You moan ever so slightly
My cock getting harder and harder,
Now starting press against your lower back
You stiffen noticeably against
The arousal spreading throughout your body
I move my hand your hand
And move your hand with yourself
You start finger your pussy
And I join in,
Rolling my finger around that outer edge
Slowing homing in that e spot,
Yes the e you know that I know about
I rub you with a finger in a circular moti at first
Then a figure eight
Right and over the spot
You arch your back and gasp just a little
Wiggling now against my other arm
Holding you<b> tight </font></b>against
Rubbing you strger now and then
Softly letting my index finger enter in you waiting hey pot
Wet even within the hot water
I drive it deeper, feeling you shudder
Moving it in and out, in and out
You start bucking against my hand
Trying turn around in the tub
You move your head mine and we kiss
A lg sweet, deep, wet kiss
Our ngues intertwining back and forth
You shudder, the first of many sm cums e
I move my hand out from your crotch
And you roll face we in the water,
My cock, now rock hard, pressing against your belly
I finger your slit again,
You arch your back
You beg put it in and move your crotch
I start rubbing you with the tip of my cock
In your special spot
You moan and cry out as I know you just ca a little bit more
Wriggling and bucking against
I keep rubbing my tip against your special spot
As the slickness of your hole is unctrollable
My cock misses the tip and slides deep in your love hole
Burying deep, deep, deep inside you
You let out a sm reech as the penetrati
Brings out a whole, new, intense wave of pleasure
Your cum unctrollable now
I start withdraw and thrust back in you,
Deeper and harder, deeper and harder
Until you feel stiffen as well
You head is bent, barely able stay p of
As I bury my cock so big and hard,
So deep inside of you and say
‘Baby, I’m ing, e with ’
And I explode

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