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dinner on first date????
i'm not cheap... i wear nice clothes, my house, pickup and car are paid for...my guy toys, boat, guns, are paid for also... i've worked hard and scraped by a couple years to be able to play now.... andi'm not a cheap guy... most of the time i'll pick up the check when i'm out with friends.. but they reciprocate also...so to meet a new date, where do we go????... to the steakhouse....we meet, she's fudged about 30-40 lbs and about 5 yrs from what she originally told me...as the waithress takes our order, she orders a <b>$</b>12 drink, i have a beer.... then she orders an appetizer and asks me if i want 1 also.... i suggest we share, but i get a cold stare.... oops, strike 1....waitress brings the fancy-smancy drink, but its not strong enough... sent back....a couple minutes later, it arrives again....too strong this time... i know for a fact that the bartender makes good drinks...opps..strike 2...her appetizer arrives with 2 small plates.. she sets them aside and proceeds to scarf down the bloomin onion.... and asks why i din't order anything??? waitress takes our orders, i order the medium ribeye, she orders the large 1.. baked potato with all the works...i'm in awe... and i'm a healthy eater.....she orders a different drink, something else, it comes just as our meal does....she gulps it down asks for another... i've had 1 beer, no appetizer...and we proceed with dinner.... she's shovels it in like there's no tomorrow and asks if she can have a doggie bag....she wants me to save half of my steak for her to take home!!!!!!!!!.... i figure to cut this short and escape....conversation goes on and on about what she likes... as a guy, i'm learning to listen...check comes... its equal to some third world country's debt!!!...i pay, excuse myself and go apoligize to the bartender... (whom i know btw)..<b>. com</b>e back to the table...and we leave... she's got her car and i'm in my pickup.... we stand by my truck for a few minutes and she tells me that she had a nice time, but doesn't think this will work out.... boy am i relieved...i'd hate to have to feed her on adily basis... kinda makes me wonder why she's not married anymore....
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dating in the covid times???....
Posted:Jul 2, 2020 12:52 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2020 7:51 am

its hard enough meet in regular times... much less that "social distancing" is taking over.... i'm on several dating sites.... I talk with a few women, but nothing going on yet... nobody wants get out anymore... is it safe??.. dunno…. is it for real??.. dunno… does it concern you??.. yes... I don't trust the "authorities" on it.. and damn sure don't trust the media... ive relied of friends tell what they see... and with the 4th july weekend coming up, most venues are closed again.. no beach, bar, very few resteraunts, no floating on the river... back up and hope for the best....
Posted:May 22, 2018 8:03 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 1:53 pm

ive met several women in the last couple months... on this and another website.... all of the women claim that that don't want sex... I call bs... the fist lady was from a hundred miles away... we talked on the phone, texted back and forth, sent nekkid pics...you know how it it... finally got around to meeting... we met halfway, I'd gotten a room, because I had to work the next morning, in that area... we'd talked off an on all that day... she shows up at the motel, its a cheapie, but its all that was available on short notice in an oil-field town.. clean, but cheap... we talk for a few minutes, I can tell she's had a drink on the way over....she'd told me earlier that we were only gonna have dinner, not spend the night... so we go to dinner, at a nice place,, get a booth instead of a table... order dinner, she has a drink, I have tea, I'm on call and cant drink yet.... about halfway thru dinner, she slowly lifts her dress and tells me she isn't wearing panties.... and moved my have to her crotch... I take advantage of the situation and find her clit... its hard... she moans some starts rubbing my cock.... we finish dinner, head to her car and go back to my room... I kiss her on the back of her neck, and she starts rubbing on my cock again...im behind her, and lift her dress... no panties.. I drop my shorts, and start rubbing my cok up and down her ass crack.... then my cock slides in her ass.... man, is she wet... her pussy juice is all over her ass.... I bend her over hard and start slamming away.... my cock in and out her ass.... shes groaning...and rubbing her clit... I pop her bra off, grag some tits and hand on... after about a couple of minutes of ass fucking like never before, I blow my load.... she recovers, then starts acting like she never wanted to do that... whats the deal???... you show up, with no panties, grab my hand and put it on your clit, grab my cock and then im not gonna fuck you???... nope...
i guess today was disordely day...
Posted:Nov 8, 2014 6:32 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2020 7:51 am

spent most of the day with some friends... they're an older couple that have been friends of mine for a long time.... I went by the grocery store and picked up bbq material.. meat, onions, carrots.... then fired up the grill and cooked a nice meal to share.... their grand- came by and brought her 2 ... one is 5, the other 2....they hadn't been fed all day.... then invited themselves to dinner.... as a result, I made sure friends had a meal left, I cleaned up the mess and went home... very frustrating....
getting used???/
Posted:Aug 7, 2014 6:28 pm
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2020 8:31 pm

ive been on here for quite a while... met some nice ladies and some not so nice.... lately the ones ive met have been the not-so-nice ones.. they go out a couple of times then want to borrow $$$...they have unexpected car trouble.... the cell is past due and about to be cut off,,,, always something small.. but it adds up... I plan for my expenses and keep buffer $$$ in the bank... im about to the point of running a credit check on my dates.....ok, rant over!!
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im learning to not trust...
Posted:Apr 27, 2014 12:32 pm
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2020 8:34 pm

I met a lady ( and i'll use the word loosely) in one of the chatrooms... she lives about 400 miles from me ( remember rule #1 on AdultFriendFinder).... and for the last yr off and on we've been trying to meet.... we'd talked on the phone quite a bit, had the typical cybersex, and found out that we just might be a good enough match to meet.... so we make plans.... but first, she needs a couple tires on her car.... and like a dumbass, I send her $100 to get a couple to put on it.... so we're actually gonna meet!!!..... I'm excited....... the day comes for us to meet in san Antonio.... ive got some business in Fredericksburg, so going a few miles farther is ok with me... she uses points to get us a room, and I get there first... she has all sorts of lame excuses as to why she's running late.. her is late,, he spends all his check on something else other than the gas he's supposed to buy for their trip.... and he's the reason that theyre originally going to san Antonio... he's 27 yrs old, a doper, and has warrants on him in san Antonio ( so she says).... anyways she gets there about 2 am... and we go to bed.... had sex... it was ok.... ( remember that even the worst you've ever had was good while it was happening)....get up early the next morning. drive to Fredericksburg for my show... stop and eat breakfast on the way.... we're there all day and head back to san Antonio for the night... he have dinner at a Mexican place I like I can tell sh'e a little disappointed that we're not spending big bucs, but hey, now im on a budget.... I pay for the room that night.... next morning I get a BJ that was ok.... and we head back to Fredericksburg... stop and get breakfast... make the show.... during the show she tells me that she needs money to get home because her isn't gonna be able to help... so like a dumbass, I loan her another $150.... and make a purchase for her... I'd also filler her car with gas.... so the total she owes me is about $400.... she tells me that she'll pay me when she gets home because she got her new mexico tax refund.... and I have no reason to doubt her.... we part ways sunday afternoon..... Monday she tells me that everything is ok, and the money order will be in the mail Tuesday.... now its 4 weeks later, and no money, still.. she has unfriended me on Fb, go figure...lol.... and I call her everyday to ask for the $$ that she owes me.... she's given me all sorts of excuses... the mail in new mexico is 3rd party ( according to her) and she doesn't know what happened to it... then she's gonna get a title loan on her car, but its in her 's name and that wont work... so sh'ell sell her moms stereo... and few more that are obviously bs..... so far I'm out $400 plus... I just want my $$ back... simply, that's all....
so how many do you talk to?????
Posted:Feb 11, 2014 4:42 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2020 7:51 am

I've been on this site for quite a few years, and met some nice people... I'm a firm believer that whatever you invest, you get a good return... I've invested time and money on my account... Last week, I had the opportunity to meet a lady, a very nice lady... we spent the weekend together.... laughing, talking, sharing....we really enjoyed each other's company and I hated to leave to come home.... I'm not looking for anyone else at this time.... I have not turned off nor have I cancelled my profile... I enjoy chatting in the Texas room, I like the cams... and I enjoy seeing profiles and pictures.... am I wrong???... i'll edit my profile in a day or so to state that I'm seeing someone....

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