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joblob65 54M
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8/7/2020 2:03 pm

Lockdown has been so frustrating. Leisure centre changing rooms are still closed, so I can't show my bum there.
Today was really hot which made even hornier, but could not do anything about it. Decided sunbathe on my balcony. Next door neighbour seemed be out, so feeling brave, I laid out in just my undies.
Plenty of people can see my balcony if they want , but nobody seemed see so I was getting braver. Bit by bit I pulled my undies down so my entire bum was in the sun. Legs spread, I made sure my<b> balls </font></b>were exposed too.
I had a lovely, uninterrupted few hours & I could se my cheeks were turning pin
Suddenly, unexpectedly my neighbours door opened. My hand shot my pants cover myself, but only managed cover a small part of my bottom before she said "hi". I replied, but moved my hand - not wanting to draw attention to my almost naked ass. She started to chat. I apologised for the way I was dressed and said I would go change. She said " no need, its fine" and we carried on chatting.
We made small talk, all the while my bum was on show. I could not tell if she was looking at it, but I know I would have. Could she see my<b> balls </font></b>too - I doubt it, but it made even hornier.
I really need some cock now. An 8 or 9 incher would be perfect, both would be better.

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