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SEX and it's MYSTERY  

jossmith1 22M
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7/26/2020 10:58 am
SEX and it's MYSTERY

Sex is a strange thing. You're a and it seems like the most naughty, crazy, exhilarating thing. Then you finally have it, after having watched a lot of porn for , and it's different.

Sometimes it's good, but mostly it's not as good as you expected. For me it just felt different be honest. More personal, quieter, yet internally, more exciting than porn. Maybe that's down the circumstances of my first time.

And then when you're having partners and/or 'special' friends as the go on, it becomes just another one of life's things. As normal as going buy a pint of mil

But it still remains the most exciting thing when it happens. However, just like chocolate, if you ate chocolate every single hour of the day, you'd eventually lose the thrill. Having too much sex loses it's thrill of being naughty and exciting in that youthful way.

However as we know, it is a big part of healthy relationships. Other things come from sex as you get older.

As time goes on, you develop from there, in 1 of 2 directions. Either you go the sleeping around/pornstar/playboy/casual route. Or you go for commitment, you find something meaningful or sustainable that you fall in love with, a relationship of sorts.

If you do the former, you get the kinks, the eroticism, the fun and the new thrill. The thrill of doing even naughtier things. It's not naughty to have sex as an adult. It's naughty to shove things in different places, or shove 'different' things in places...

Not to say there is absolutely no feeling in casual relationships, or even sleeping around. I've felt things before. But it hardly compares to going the other route:

The latter option is the 'serious' business, where the sex finds a real intimacy, if you're lucky. Maybe you like the toys and all too, but there's the emotion fused into the experience at all times (generally speaking) being the main difference.

One other difference between the I've noticed, is that when there's less emotion in it (whether in a relationship or in a porn movie), that can 'create' kinkiness. Because people have fantasies about things like sleeping around even cheating, sleeping with prostitutes, seeing their partner get done, and much more.

So essentially, it is all on a spectrum really, from emotionless kinks complete emotion. Kinkiness comes in different places, but generally, the less emotion, the more kinky people feel. I feel confident when there's no emotion. Then my kinks come out. (See last blog for my kinks)

Why am I saying all this crap?

Well it is a blog after all so keep reading ya wankerz.

No. But I'm saying this because even though there is this spectrum, there's no rule about whether you're with someone long term, many people at once, no one, a different person each night.

The mystery of sex is
for it be good
it has fall somewhere particular on the spectrum - of love n romance versus kinks, experimentation, excitement about the physical act of doing it.

That will differ for all of us. It will also differ for each and every one of our sex partners in life.

But it's just this beautiful mystery, sex. Why is it so dependant on the person? Yes, they're all different, all people. But for some, the act itself is good enough encompass many people from those you have little emotional connection with those who you have lots with. Essentially for some, they're happy with almost any partner.

But for others, if the emotional element is lacking, or the kinks are too much, or whatever it is, they feel it's bad, they judge it as bad, and want to leave that partner.

To be honest it's down to all the millions of things that define us including our past experiences that make up the answer to the question.

But it's just fascinating how differently people view sex.

If we are in fact looking for a serious relationship, we ought to find out where we are on the spectrum ourselves. It might be hard, as some partners will make you want to be more kinky, or actually bring out a side of you that you never knew you had.

Others might be so emotional and loving and you think sex is great, until you experience the kink - and realise you're further down the spectrum than you realised.

So there it is.

This all changes with age too. (Speaking as a 23 year ...I know...ye..yeah.)

The mystery of sex, conclude, is by no means something I want solve. It's just something we should all EXPERIENCE. That is the key.

Until next time.

fashionablegma 77F
8159 posts
7/26/2020 9:38 pm

You certainly sound mature in your way of thinking,older than your young years,i like that in a man

author51 57F
104569 posts
7/27/2020 12:32 am

    Quoting fashionablegma:
    You certainly sound mature in your way of thinking,older than your young years,i like that in a man
Yes it is refreshing to read a blog post like this from one so young so Kudos to you for sharing it with us..I am not one to have sex with someone I do not know or have a connection with.It is that connection and chemistry that gives sex much more meaning in life.It should never be dull but as it grows with the relationship, one must always strive to keep it fresh and exciting..Good post...

One can never have enough JOY in their life..


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