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jrhead2841 59M
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4/22/2021 3:48 am
Last first

Desirous, a longing for my last first kiss.
Our eyes meet first, we smile.
It all starts with a smile.
Kisses that can melt away snow and Ice.
The kiss that can thaw the coldest winter.
Thousands of faces, mine magically apart from the rest.
Takes my breath away as we kiss.
Be my last first kiss, Kiss me.

Dance only with you, dance with me.
Hold me, an embrace captured, feeling our bodies in motion.
Bodies become as one when we dance.
Take my hand, dance our last first dance.
Heart races, stomach flutters, I cannot sleep
My appetite, only for you. No food for me, I cannot eat.
Cherish our time together, never take it for granted.
It will be like time that stands still.

Hike in the woods, takes us off the beaten paths.
Upwards we climb, finding the waterfalls.
Clothes fall off, eyes meet, us taken.
Water, Cold, refreshing, it pours over us as our breath escape.
We find ourselves making love in the melted snows.
Make love for the last first time.
Keep the butterfly fluttering inside.
May it too continue to be our last first time.

Richard Oz

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