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juicycpl 49M/41F
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2/25/2020 7:22 pm

If it for her i would never have started wrighting a blog she was the one that was the insprasion for my first blog c a l l e d the wood nymph and and just about every other blog written just over a year since my first blog and in that time I'm me and said woman I've been to hell and back because one another considering 4000 miles apart. In that year we've gone from long distance relationship 2 major falling out trying to fuck each other over anyway we could just to hurt one another now I'd say it's fair to say on the hurting category I've been hurt most is a fair assumption and I'm not guilt free I'm- on get my own back which is quite tricky considering the distance between us. Any rational person would say just walk away not so easy I seen far more in her from the moment I met her that was a Bond which both of us agreed existed I told her man is lucky to find a buddy in a woman as well as a lover well the lover part did not work out too well between us both left marks on each other metaphorically speaking. This has been any other woman I would have walked away without another word but not this woman Bond that can transpire an ocean in my book is worth the battle 2 try and keep and have I battled to keep the friendship at all costs. Just about every aspect friendship has been tested not least Trust we both just about completely lost trust in one another this not been to just one but both our doing no matter what I point Blank refuse to give up on I have always said was one off kind . so as it stand and at the moment we both need to step by step build trust in one another. Personally speaking if it takes another year to regain that Trust in my book it will be worth it. Now her view on this subject I don't really know. If she did not feel this Bond that I have spoken of surely she would have disappeared into the horizon a long time ago would she have not? But as far as I'm concerned in my mind even though others completely disagree and think I'm a couple of Screws Loose in the head for pursuing this friendship I will keep pursuing this Bond that I value so. Just because I love affair didn't work out does not mean that me and her cannot be good friends.

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