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Dirtyyy lady!  

juicylou72 47F
168 posts
2/9/2019 2:38 pm
Dirtyyy lady!

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rm_insanebox1 57M/54F
5 posts
2/9/2019 3:40 pm

wow you really are one horny lady . I find it a real turn on that you just want to get those beauties out all the time .
If I was around you i'd have to lift your top up and set them free so i could worship them gently cupping them in my hands and then licking my fingers and tweaking your nipples making them hard xx

juicylou72 47F
72 posts
2/9/2019 4:40 pm

ha ha mmm thanks. Thats the thing when Im horny it takes over my sanity, and then when Im not, I REALLY am not interested at all! I would prefer a more balanced horniess really Have you experienced being naked outdoors? It's great

rm_insanebox1 57M/54F
5 posts
2/9/2019 5:06 pm

ha ha i get you .I know when i get horny I crave looking at other women so much thinking of all the nice things we could get up to but then other times mundane life kicks in and i wouldn't be interested at all .
I remember years ago getting naked in the park near me but was very risky as lots of dog walkers but it was a thrill love feeling the cool breeze on my body , and love it when were on holiday finding a nudist beach .
id love to find a hotel or camp where everyone is naked and happy to play not just naturist somewhere you know you could just lay sunning yourself and some one could come over and rub some sun cream all over you or just be able to walk by watching others fondling each other

clittywhisperer1 56M
1357 posts
2/9/2019 5:31 pm

the herb tribulus terrestris can help even out hormone production in people .less up and down swings .

12706 posts
2/9/2019 7:14 pm

*Sexy Photos*

"Have you experienced being naked outdoors?"


juicylou72 47F
72 posts
2/11/2019 9:29 am

cant stop watching porn, fucking myself with dildo and watching back my old vids on here too! still a horny fucker today, am wettttttt

juicylou72 47F
72 posts
2/11/2019 9:43 am

and then almost as suddenly as I got horny, Im now not, not at all, ha ha well it was taking up my day and got things to do!

Grockle69 47M

5/23/2019 9:38 pm

ooooo very sexy, we could stop on the way back from a woodland walk and i’ll be over you xxx

Grockle69 47M

5/25/2019 6:25 am

such a horny woman, i’ve cum many times watching her vids now, can’t beat sexy outdoor naked fun but lou takes it to another level. keep it up lou as you keep me up xxx

Julie888x 54F
157 posts
1/14/2020 4:23 pm

Beautiful pics. Wish I met you on one of your walks!!

juicylou72 47F
72 posts
1/15/2020 5:29 am

Thanks Grockle69 I just do in the outdoors what turns me on, glad it works to turn you and others on too
Thanks Julie wish I would meet you too, it's so refreshing when women reply to my pics, vids and posts to know it's not just me, and men that like doing the things I do!!

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