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My Handsome Man
Posted:Sep 6, 2019 7:52 pm
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It was a slow painful death that gnawed at his bones and sucked the marrow of his soul as he sat there waiting for her. Setting down his beer Gage’s eyes scanned the forgettable faces of the bar but was unable find the he had been searching for. Pulling his phone he checked the time, yet again, and was hoping find a text, no avail. Tipping the bottle back his lips he took another swig as he balanced the bottle between his fingers before setting it back down. She's fifteen minutes late. There was just something about that vixen. Unsure of what it was, that soft southern twang, the dangerous curves, that unabashed sexuality that just radiated behind that charming she held. He couldn’t put his finger on it, it was some unseen force just compelling him towards her. This was their third date and was secretly hoping it followed the pattern of dating in today’s world. She was about as much a southern debutante covered in Chantilly lace as a double shot of whiskey was a vital instrument to aid in open heart surgery.
“Going to buy me a drink ?” The soft touch of her hand on his shoulder had Gage turning to see her as she spoke.
“Hey hun, you got it.” Flagging down the bartender for a Bloody Mary, there was an eerie relief he felt just having her there. Nervously drumming his finger on the bar top had Gage wondering why the bartender just couldn’t move faster. The longer he waited for the drink, meant less time he got to spend with her. Pausing his drumming, a thought made its way into his mind for just a fraction of a moment. Cocking his head slightly he let the thought sink in before something quickly pushed the thought back . No, he wasn’t obsessing. Was he? No of course not. He didn't want label it, he just wanted enjoy it all.
A thousand tiny angelic devil footprints ran down his spine as her finger wove their magic through the waves of hair on the back of his head. His eyes wanted roll up into the back of his head as her fingernails gently ran over his scalp. The hypnotic twirls of her finger thru his hair was more intoxicating than an entire bottle of anything on the top shelf of the bar before him. He could feel her breast, as well as part of her weigh pressed up against him as she leaned in closer. It was cozy, it was sensual, it was heavenly in the most sinful way. Barely keeping his eyes open he felt far more drunk than the half bottle of beer he had been nursing the past half hour. Her fingers continued to tantalize and strum her drink arrived. Spinning slightly, he looked up at her as she remained pressed against him.
“There you go hun.”
Taking the drink, Charlotte smiled as her other hand seemed be enjoying playing with his hair far too much to stop. “That’s my handsome man.”
Gage couldn't help but beam at the sight of her smile and the sound of those words. It was that belonging to her as part of something bigger that strangely gave him comfort.
“Let me see that handsome I’ve been missing.” Their eyes met and the noise of the bar just seemed disappear as she pulled his soul into her. Squaring up to her, his hands found their way onto the cliffhanging curves of her hips. The way the bodies aligned it was as if create their own little corner of their world. Watching her watch him, he couldn't help but smile and feel a cocktail of excitement and calm as she closed the distance between their bodies. Both separate forms seemingly drawn together like magnets. For a moment, it was almost as if her vixen exterior melted to a tenderness, he hadn't seen in her in their previous dates. Softness overtook that devilish twinkle in her eyes. The way she looked at him was unike any other time before. With she could always just make him melt and want do anything he could get closer her. It was like that first dance with heroin, euphoric, indescribable and all encompassing all the while making you dependent and desperate chase that moment again. The hunter’s eyes were replaced with the wide-eyed wonder of a seeing something new and amazing for the first time. Holding his in his hands, she dove deeper into him, swimming in his eyes. For a millennia, there they stayed as the galaxy spun and tilted around them.
It was like a silent thunderclap went off that snapped the soft, lost in the moment off her . The vixen quickly resurfaced as she tried shake off, well whatever the hell that was she thought. Restating the words, my handsome man, she let her hand slide from his down over his chest.
“You know what would be sweet , why don’t you make me your favorite meal. We can go back your place and just be the of us”
“Oh, ok. Sure.” Gage was so thankful he had gotten the urge cleanup last night. Quickly running thru what he thought he had in the fridge, he suddenly remembered he bought some chicken the other day along with that bottle of wine for just in case. Throwing some down on the counter cover drinks and a decent tip he stood to walk her to the car. Taking her hand in his, they darted around the human traffic and navigated the crowded bar like a formula car in the grand prix, the cool evening air kissed their cheeks in the parking lot. Gage had gotten used the looks and head turns she caused. In fact, he kind of liked the envious looks the other guys shot as they drank in every decadent sinful of her body. Her jet-black hair pulled back tight into a ponytail hung halfway down her back. The black cotton shirt was a simple cut and design. Yet there was nothing simple about the way the fabric stretched and clung to her curves as if it was simply a second skin. Her jeans were simple store-bought jeans but seemed to be custom fit to her hips and thighs as the jeans disappeared into her knee-high black boots. She was the type of sexy that was some sort of ‘it' factor that some people just seemed to have. There was a twisted and temptress way about the crook of her smile. And a sugary sweet tone to her voice that promised sweetness with the spice of her attitude. She had that type of bad edge that was impossible resist, where a hint of innocence was bathed in sin.
“You can kiss me now handsome.”
Gage smiled as he grabbed her hips and pulled her close. The wicked smirk on her amplified his desire for her. It was the kind of smirk where it was like she knew something no else did. It was playful, teasing and he just wanted kiss it off her beautiful . Charlotte continued wear the smirk as Gage’s thumb slid across her cheek and his fingers slid behind her head. Charlotte so enjoyed the patient hunger in the way he kissed. Slow at first, a restrained softness that prepared her lips for the storm could sense building inside. Pulling her a little closer still she could taste his desire bleeding from his soul and onto her lips. Every passing moment the kiss deepened, as fire and passion crackled around them. Mouths parted, tongues darted, sense of time and space evaporated as bodies feel the hunger grow. Charlotte loved how this kissed. The innocence, respect and eventual utter breakdown of civility as passion runs uninhibited it consumes the host.
Slowly pulling away, she enjoyed the moment where she watched his eyes slowly open and refocus. The way his eyes spoke, as a precursor his wide smile told her that he truly saw her as beautiful, not just sexy. He saw her as more than just a pretty shell. Charlotte had to stifle a chuckle at how much a heartbreaker this could have been if the girls ever took the time to . “Will you be a darlin and give a a ride?”
A smile beaming with a simple joy gave her, her answer before he spoke. Giving an overly dramatic bow he motioned his black pickup truck. “You’re chariot awaits m’lady.” Opening the door and holding her hand as she climbed up into the cab, Charlotte was somehow comforted by the fact that after the eons of western society, chivalry may be on life support but wasn’t yet dead. The twenty--minute drive his house was filled with talk of work, his mom’s health, her latest business acquisition, and upcoming movies. Pulling into his driveway he, was quick to hop and go around the front of the truck makes sure he was there help her down before she tried get down by herself.
“It’s not much” motioning towards his house as he walked sideways looking at her and the house and back to her, “but its mine.”
“It very cute my handsome man.”
Somehow hearing her say that put him at ease. For the first time, he lacked some of his trademark confidence when it came to her. She was so hard to read, part of him even was screaming to be careful with her but most of him was so enthralled with her he knew he was already falling hard and couldn’t stop. She had a dark side he wanted to walk with and yet pull towards the light. Part of him yearned to be the counterbalance to her. Her very touch was electric and set his heart racing as if tapping into the fight or flight response in every touch, every linger. Does he dare to jump off the cliff and fall for her or does her slowly pull back and protect his long-term safety. All these questions would go unanswered for the time being.
Sliding the key into the door a slow turn of the key and the nob, he held the door for her and gestured her inside. A flick of the light illuminated the open concept layout. Being on his best behavior he took her jacket and offered her a seat in the living room. Offering her a drink she decided on the wine. The small talk continued as he let the wine breath and pulled out the ingredients or his lemon chicken dish. Charlotte made her way into the kitchen and ran her hand along the width of his back. Leaning in close her breasts pressed against his back as she peered around him to watch what he was doing. Gage tried to hide, the sudden rush of air that escaped his lungs as her fingertips seem to crackle like electricity.
“You don’t mind if I help myself to some wine do you handsome.”
“Um. Oh. N-no.” cursing himself for stuttering like a prepubescent at his first dance, he fought back recover. “Sorry, yes please I can get you a glass”
“Already got it ” as she pulled down wine glasses from the cabinet like she had been there several times before.
Gage couldn't hide his surprise that she just instinctively knew exactly where the wine glasses were stored. “Oh. Ok. Thank you, sorry let me pour that for you.”
“Its ok I got it.” With that she set a glass down beside him as her fingers dug their way down his spine, nearly forcing is eyes roll back into his head. “What are you making me ”
“It just a” the feeling of her fingers twirling in is hair made it near impossible for him concentrate and he could feel his body start crave something more than food. “It’s. It’s” His body began implode in on itself and crumble as she leaned in looking over his shoulder keeping her entire body pressed against the back of him. “Um, it, its just a simple lemon, a lemon chicken dish I learned long ago. Just need put it together and throw it in the oven for about 40 minutes.”
The sensation of her hand running across his chest in a near embrace, made him swallow hard as he tried to maintain his composure and not just turn around and pick her up and take her right there against the fridge.
His hand found hers and pinned it to his chest knowing she could feel the thundering beat of his heart. “Charlotte, I don’t know about your southern gentleman down there, but if you keep doing that, I won’t be so gentlemanly and we may not even make it to supper.”
“Well , sometimes we all hunger for something more.”
A low hiss escaped his lips as she reached up and her nails raked his scalp and left red streaks down the back of his neck. Her touch was the catalyst that jump-started every cell in his body into life. He spun around and grabbed both of her wrists while a forest fire raged within his eyes. She partially struggled against his grip as an unholy smile grew on her . His chest heaved like a storm surge against the shore. His breath huffed as his was all but touching hers. He was in charge now. This was his house and this will be the spot it all happens. The struggle for societal decency and primal urge to claim, hung and danced on the razor’s edge. This was the moment to take what gives. He put her wrists behind her back so there was nothing between him and what was now the thought and emotion he knew. There they stood like feral cats trying assert their dominance and waiting for the other move.
The scent of testosterone and musk flooded her senses as his nostrils flared daring her to try something, anything. Wiggling her shoulders, she could see how his desire was on that fine of lust and savage conquest. The tightening around her wrist was ever so slightly painful as his restraint hung by a single fraying thread. She could hear the thundering drumbeat of his want and heart as it resonated within him. breath flashed her against her skin as she felt that need fulfill every wanton desire. Pheromones filled her nose and saturated her lips and tongue as his invasion of her started. She continued to halfheartedly resist and his civility broke down as he pushed her up against the stainless-steel fridge. He kissed her like a conqueror sacking the city that dared to defy him. No hesitation, no subtle tenderness, just lips mashed against hers taking what was his. His body barricading her against the cool surface of the fridge. Each of them drunk on the others desire and consumed in the moment. He pulled his lips away as they both struggled to capture their breath. The force of his collapsing and expanding chest pumped against hers as her body had no recourse but to mold to his. The pounding thundering beat of his heart rate pulled at her most basic of needs.
She could feel the need grow. Her body vibrating at the frequency of need and infinite want. she could feel his need against her. Her body, wet, hungry, needy. She could feel him throb like the vein of a junkie ready to shoot up. Charlotte heard everything, the air rush in and of his lungs as well as how every chamber of his heart worked frantically in unison push blood faster a body clambering for the ability strike. The taste of his kisses upon her lips made her hunger for more. The way his artery pulsed against the skin of his neck opened up her mind let go. It was building, the hunger was becoming that all consuming presence. Using both hands against his chest, she firmly shoved him back half a stumbling step. She pulled her shirt up over her head and it not caring where it landed. His sharp gasp told her how much he enjoyed the sight of her hardened nipples faintly visible in the sheer black bra. Her movements never ceased as he was momentarily over taken by the sight of her for the first time again. Her hands worked in unison unbuckling his belt letting it hang free like curtains parted to let in the sun. Wasting no time, the button and fly of his pants were quickly dispatched which allowed her to tug at his shirt and wrestle it free from being tucked into his pants. The hunger was almost painful and deafening as his heart pounded and her need, needed to be fed. She pulled his shirt up and let him pull it off over his head and toss it on the floor.
Her fingertip ran across the lower lip, that had just moments before tried to claim her as his. Slowly looking up she found a pair of hazel eyes waiting to see her. Her brown eyes looked him over before locking onto his. The corner of her lips curled up as an all-knowing smirk presented itself to him. He was hers; he just didn’t know it yet. Again, her index finger ran along his bottom lip as her middle finger fell in and followed as she bit her own bottom lip. She could feel the electricity coursing thru his veins as her fingertips enjoyed the silken softens of those delicious lips. Closing her eyes, she ran her fingers down his cheek and tracing his jawline. She wanted to see his through the sight of her touch. The faint smell of lemongrass, alcohol and aloe filled her senses giving her some level of appreciation of how freshly shaven his was despite him working all day. Her touch seemed to temporarily tame the beast within. Letting her finger follow down his neck and chest she took both hands and ran them up and down his chest. Feeling the softness of his skin cushioning his rigid frame gave her an appreciation to the delicacy and delight in these moments before. Every contour, every bump sculpted for a purpose. Her eyes remained focused on his as her hand slid effortlessly down his unbuttoned pants. The quick stuttering thump thump thumpthumpthump thump radiating from his chest and pulsing through his veins, shot fire and ice down her spine. The hunger and lust soaked her panties as her fingers coiled around him and gently tugged. Watching his eyes flutter every so quickly, before he could regain what remaining composure he had, told her all she needed to know.
She could feel the hunger claw at her as her mouth parted wanting to consume. She pushed his pants and boxers down, freeing him from his prison. Holding his gaze, she slowly lowered herself till she was kneeling before him. The fire from his eyes and heat from his -blooded skin made her want with her food as she prepared feast. Her fingertips felt the hidden power coiled in his thighs. She could she how badly he wanted this in the way his sole focus was her. A rumbling groan reverberated in his throat as she ran her hands up his thighs. Her breath seethed thru a clenched jaw as she tried keep her composure as she watched his wanton lust make him twitch and throb before her.
“Are you ready for what’s about to happen next my handsome man?”
“I don’t think you know what kind of beast you are about to unleash. I don’t think you are ready for what’s going to happen next. Its impossible to behave around you, you have me so worked up please tell me if I get too rough.”
The sound of air hissing from his lungs as she was running her tongue up his inner thigh, told her he was ready for what he wanted but not for what she was going to take. Gripping and lifting his shaft, she twirled her tongue over and around his balls.
“Oh God.” He muttered as his and reached down and found the back of her head. Sucking ball into her famished mouth her hands gripped his ass. She wasn’t going to let him go anywhere she didn’t want him to be. His finger gripped the back of her skull as he instinctively pushed her closer. Dragging her tongue up along the underside of his shaft she could taste his humanity in the salt of his skin. The catch of his breath, the way his fingernails raked her scalp let her know he was already drunk on endorphins. Twirling her tongue around the tip she felt his hand clench, bunching and pulling her hair in his hand. Her lips wasted no time engulfing him and sliding down the length of him. Her fingers dug into his ass as he grunted at the intense sensation her mouth was giving. She worked every inch of him into her. Every sound rang in her ears. The sharp whoosh of air as he gasped and air filled his lungs. The metronomic cadence of his heartbeat. The hum of his thighs vibrating as the muscles strained. The way he throbbed in her mouth, pulsating on her tongue brought out the hunger that ate at her every evening. She was so hungry for him wanting him rolling down her tongue, swallowing ever bit of him. It wasn’t quite time. She needed him completely spellbound.
Looking up at him, he met her gaze as he watched how he filled her mouth and how effortlessly her lips moved over him. His head fell back as he felt himself against the back of her throat time and time again. She could feel the way he twitched inside her mouth as her lips pushed and pulled the skin along him. His heartrate was beating faster, ringing louder in her ears. Her hands ran up his body feeling the contours his belly and chest. She let her hands memorize him as she continued to torment him and pull guttural moans from deep within him. The heat coming off his skin warmed her hands as she could almost feel his head begin to swim. Her fingers spread out over his chest and her fingernails gently danced all over him. Suddenly her fingernails clawed into his chest and raked his chest.
Ouch, came out as a half chuckle as he ran his fingers over the stinging rows of scratches. “You actual drew blood, wow. Guess you do get into it.”
Looking up with a devilish grin. “Oh, sorry my handsome man. I guess I am that’s too rough.”
Smiling through the burning sting he secretly admired the depth of her passion and wanted to reassure her that accidents happen. “Its ok, just means we were both enjoying it right.”
“Well the night is young knows what will happen.” She stood up and smiled. Reaching behind him she grabbed of the hand towels before she gave his lips a soft kiss. The kisses trailed down his chest. Gingerly her lips kissed their way down the scratches she had just made. Each kiss catching droplets of blood on her lips before licking her lips and tasting his soul. There were so many reasons she liked this . If she had any empathetic feelings, she could have even loved him. Maybe that why she maintained this rouse. He was just an average human, inconsequential, like every other familiar she had over the past plus centuries. Yet, somehow there was something different about this , special maybe. She wasn't sure all she knew was that the past times she had been with him each time was different and each time was amazing she had seen the tender lover she had seen the submissive man she had seen the wild beast. Charlette wanted know every side of him, and she surmised there were still many more sides for her explore. he never needed be told what to do he just seemed instinctively know even though it was completely different than the time before and sometimes it was even something that she hadn't even planned but enjoyed thoroughly she suddenly found herself thinking she wanted to take him home not just for the night to have them and not as a pet but something else. Numerous times she wanted her familiars in her dungeon, to have all her toys in place. She wanted him in his bed but for some strange reason she just wanted him around.
Tasting the iron of his blood, she knelt down and licked her way up his thigh as the scent of their combined pheromones filled the air. She could hear him trying maintain control through his breathing, but the sound of his heartbeat told her just how ready he was. Listening to that pounding drumbeat was a form of water torture she could barely take as the hunger ripped through her. Licking up his other thigh she found the exact spot she needed. The howl he let pierced the night as her fangs pierced his flesh without provocation. She needed taste him body, soul and blood. She sucked and feed as he began flail like a fish of water. Unsure where go, he was just trying survive but was moving with no clear purpose or chance of finding salvation.
Feeling the life drain from him, she didn’t want stop the hunger was so strong and she loved the taste of him. The more she had, the more she wanted. The sound of his lungs lacking the strength to breath, filled the air. Soft sporadic gasps in time with his waning heartbeat signaled the end was close. His body flat backed on the counter was like a ball of dough hanging off the pan. His body was more corpse than the person it was just minutes ago. A husk left pale and still. Releasing her mouth from his inner thigh she took the wash towel in her hand and covered the punctures her fangs had caused. Her tongue dragged a few droplets of blood from the corner of her lips into her mouth as she stood up to at him. Damn I love the taste of this she thought herself. Looking down at him she saw the light in his eyes start flicker. A solitary tear rolled the side of his eye as mortality made itself known. Reaching down she caressed his . “Oh my handsome man, tonight’s not your night, and not by my hand. I have so many plans for you baby .” His eyes closed and barely had the ability reopen. Hearing the syncopated beat of his heart she knew there was little time wait. This was a fighter; it was just a battle he all but lost.
Exposing her fangs again she bit into her wrist and smeared her bloody wrist back and forth over his mouth. His body slowly started to crawl back to life like a diesel motor on a freezing day. His body sputtered as it tried fire back into life. Color hesitantly seeped back into him and the bite marks she left slowly closed and began to heal. His breathing slowly built its own confidence to be able to do what was needed. The supercharged venom started to course through him healing him and building up his abilities till they would soon surpass his natural abilities. She could hear his heart cycle faster and faster till it was a normal heart returned.
Her eyes clear and focused as she waited for that moment when her influence surged through him and snapped him into action. As if on queue she watched him jumpstart to life. She could almost hear the sound of every cell in his body oscillating as it tries to handle this rapid influx of energy and lust.
Picking her up he put her on the counter in swift continuous action. She could see the frenzy the cocktail of near death and the effects of her blood had on him. Yet this , he always surprised her. Most got so and wild when her spiked blood coursed thru their veins that were more dogs in heat than anything else. It was usually deliciously violent and rough pushing her the brink of wanton pleasure. That unemotional fuck let her super heightened senses become overloaded with all that power and lust. But he, her handsome man, was like some sexual chameleon. He had been a different kind of lover each of the times they had had sex in this very house. A smirk crossed her , ok times in the house and once on the hood of the car. That memory was quickly pierced as she felt him fit inside her like , he did. She could hear the marching band racketing inside his chest as his shoulders billowed up and down starving for air. Clenching her muscles around him she got the primal grunt she wanted hear.
She let a soft rolling growl from the back of her throat as he pulled her down onto him, every inch of him disappeared inside her. She needed more and felt the hunger wanting crawl from inside the coffin of her soul. Leaning in closer her long ponytail somehow suddenly found itself coiled around his wrist and in his closed fist. It wasn’t but shallow breaths later that her neck was exposed as he pulled her head back. His lips found the soft vulnerable part of her neck. Kisses and licks peppered her skin before she felt his teeth drag along her neck. His grip on her ponytail prevented her from leaning forward drink from his Brandywine lips.
She could hear the strain of his flexed biceps locked into position as he held her head pulled back. Her scalp and hair in a delicate tug of war as the tension fought to keep her in place as she tried to move. She found there was no escape. Her neck muscles strained as they fought against his iron glad grip of her ponytail holding her head up towards the heavens. Her voice shuddered and reverberated against the still of the house as his lips tugged at her nipple. She wanted to grab the back of his head and push his flush against her breast. Yet she needed her hands firmly planted at her sides on the counter in order not fall backward. His tongue danced around her nipple delighting in the firmness of it against him. His lips were unrelenting as he tugged and tugged against her harder and harder. Each tug, each hard suck pulled a moan from her as he simply held himself inside her for the time being. His skin was so her touch it felt as dangerous as sunlight set to burn and consume her in a single moment.
The soft strands of her hair couldn’t escape his grasp. His gaze was locked onto hers and pushed its way inside her. His frame surpassed hers as her head faced towards the ceiling and her body strained resisting the control he was trying to assert. Holding her in that position, remaining nearly still was a delicious torture aimed at testing her impatience. She could feel the super charged hum of his body, the surging adrenaline, the rattling of his entire circulatory system pulsing and pumping as if he was sprinting to escape death itself. She squeezed him over and over, but no matter how many times he grunted or groaned there he stayed, throbbing inside her as her neck muscles felt like rubber bands on the verge of snapping. The tension and want within her body was at a breaking point. She needed him to do whatever he was going to do. But he had to do it now. She wanted it now. She needed it now dammit. She could feel every twitch of every muscle fiber in his thighs as they worked overtime to keep her pinned up against the counter. The hunger of desire was pressed against her but wasn’t inside her where he belongs.
His nostrils flared like an agitated bull ready to charge. Keep her head pulled back, he kept his eyes locked on hers. She needed to know she was no longer the predator but the prey. He painstakingly rubbed the head up and down the length of her lips before pressing the tip against and ever so slightly into her. The force of her head being pulled back along with supporting a majority of their combined weight forced her to hold onto the edge of the counter to prevent from falling back onto counter. She didn’t want to wait, she wanted this now. She felt the tip part her followed by the slow descent of him into her. There was a chorus of accompanying moans as she took all of him deep into her. There he stayed motionless. Her mouth agape wanting to moan, yet was denied as all she could do was squeeze him as he twitched inside her. In this moment he was giving her what she wanted and yet denying her what she wanted. A subtle rock of his hips dragged himself nearly out of her before he pushed back in deep.
The urge was so complete and all consuming, Charlotte simply wanted to sink her fingers into his tender flesh and smell the iron of his blood. Wrapping her legs around him pulling him deep and using him for the beautiful fucktoy he was, was the antidote for the condition she was in. She needed their sex be the never-ending serpent, where the energy and lust continuously fed off itself. A savage need for unbridled sex shrieked from every undead cell in her primeval body. She needed let the demons of her pent-up desires escape and run free. She didn’t need him trying tease her in some sort of death wish inducing form of edging. She needed action, she needed primal untamed satisfaction.
Adrenaline jolted through her as Chase pulled took a step back and scooped her offer feet in quicksilver moment. She craved the beast he hid inside and loved be the it as her lustful pet. Rolling her lips into her mouth as he turned and eased her down onto the hardwood floor, she could taste the spicy wantonness of his untethered lust and craved more. She should have use her strength to struggle, to make him earn the illusion he was some how claiming her, when in reality she had claimed him as her own several weeks before. She refrained and waited to see what journey he took her on tonight.
The melodic squeezing of his heart was like a sensual R&B song playing in the background, while his labored breathing was like a low bass that concussed against her skin. Her eyes clawed at his bare smooth chest. She delighted in watching his entire torso billow as his inner beast tested and rattled the ironclad chains meant to keep it secure. It was like listening to the bolts and plate keeping the chains anchored to the wall shift and slowly chipped away at the mortar designed to secure it. Her eyes continued their descent down his body. Down past the belly button. There before her, he knelt as she laid fake on her back. She loved the of his want. He didn’t want the romance novel; he didn’t want just fuck her like some Friday night drunken bimbo. He wanted ravage her, claim her, consume her in the most primal and carnal ways imaginable. He smelled so delicious when he was radiating and bombarding her senses with wave after wave of pheromones.
He pushed her legs open exposing all of her, him. She felt his seething lust for her electrify her skin. The wolf and the lioness standing off in a snarling, bristling battle of need and survival. Looking down she saw his shaft shimmering with the sheen of her desires that he had pulled from within her. Her eyes enjoyed watching his cock twitch in time the thumping whoosh of blood being pumped rapidly through every ventricle of his heart. She fought the types of hunger she was feeling boil inside her. Time was moving too fast and all to very slow. She needed to feed and lose her handsome man for good or have him inside her as her pet she was tired of him. In smooth motion his hands that were shackling her ankles pushed her legs up rolling her hips upward, leaning over her putting her feet up over her shoulders and plunged completely inside her.
Iron clad vices gripped her hips and pulled her up off the floor just a little he can lean forward more and down over her. Fire rained down from his eyes as he plowed into her trying to plunge deeper and deeper into her. The unmistakable aroma of her venom mixing with his blood made the delirium of the moment all the more delicious.
The near sliding sensation on the hardwood floor gave her body the sensation of flying. Gripping on of the cabinet handles with hand as her other hand grabbed a fistful of his hair, she held on tight so that she could nearly let go completely. The heightened senses and the intense sensations provided a curious kind of for her. The beauty in the violent collision and deep intrusion provided the base of this heady elixir she was getting drunk on. Time slowed the single flap of a hummingbird. She watched as the faint dew of perspiration slowly started gather along his forehead. Her whole body continued jolt and quake at every seismic thrust. into those eyes and she watched his pupils dilate and contract as his focus continued to shift. Every fleck of color in those eyes competing to be seen. She memorized every detail as if she was staring endlessly into a painting that just drew you into it’s own world, separate from this . She felt his very heartbeat inside her every time he throbbed against her clenching walls. The whoosh but the whoosh of air as his lung rapidly expand and contract in between the grunts and groans competed a symphony that her kind had ever been able hear. the dilation of his eyes, the Watches the beads of sweat discreetly form along his forehead as he continued pound into her like a battering ram trying to break down the castle ramparts.
The grunts and moans quickly built in both volume and intensity. Over and over again she felt the entire length of him claim her in the most savage way. The concussive force of his body slamming into hers sent shock waves through her in a nonstop torrent of passion and lust. The thumping and smacking sounds of his waist, thighs and balls snacking against her, furthered the crescendo that was building. She let demonic moans when he that spot just right. It was like a lance colliding with a shield in some sort of tantric joust. Delight and satisfaction flashed across her and ignited her skin in hearing the guttural moan she pulled from him when she squeezed him. Her body craved more, she craved him, her pent-up pleasure craved release. Her breasts bounced and jiggled wildly unable keep pace with his penetrating thrusts. Twisted delighted shown in her smirk bathed in the somewhat painful grunt he let as she clung on tight him and her nails started dig into him. It was hard to keep her eyes open as the violent melodic thundering was as soothing as it was pleasurable. Her body clenched as she let moan that nearly shook the house when his finger wiggled between them and stroked her clit. Earthquakes ravaged her legs as tremors ran through her causing him grunt with every convulsing contraction around his cock. Feeling her grip tug at him as she bucked against her body’s rush, he couldn’t hold on.
Reaching , she was able blindly grab onto the knob of a cabinet. She was on the precipice as the avalanche bore down onto her and that knob was the tether. White knuckles gnarled around that little piece of metal as her body tumbled and twisted as the nature of the moment tossed about. Her hand clenched tight as her body let go. It was a miracle she didn’t rip the door off the cabinet as the force of his lust tried to her through the floor and her body spasmed and contracted beneath him. Her body triggered his. She felt the storm surge within him and erupt. Her body coaxed and squeezed every bit of him as she rode every surge into her. Savored every spasm, trembled with every twitch. She gripped him as tightly as her fist clenched onto that knob. Tight as the storm surged every ounce of energy drained from them both. His body was on fire like a blast furnace. Holding him within her she layed back onto the floor pulled him down close for as many moments as she could before the heat of the moment made that titanium soften and slide of her. The temporary immortality that coursed thru him bubbled up some energy as the mortality of his being was completely spent. As their combined form untwined, he was no longer above her but beside her. Laying down beside her, her pulled her close, and without saying a word pulled her close. That simple silent act, spoke volumes as the fervor vanished.
She laid in his arms as he sat on the floor with his back the cabinets. The melodic sound of his heart was almost relaxing while the scent of sex, death and lust filled her with an appetite do it all over again. Unsure why she was running her fingers over his bare chest, she kept on doing it tasting his skin thru her touch. Every time was different, except for key element. This, this moment. He always held her and comforted her afterwards. Didn’t matter how rough or tender it had been. She remembered that first time, his eyes never leaving hers as he pushed into her over and over again. Every movement was all geared towards building in intensity as he pushed hard and deeper into her all the while his eyes invaded her in ways his body never could. Then there was the that was so animalistic she thought the neighbors may the cops. Every single time, as soon as they finished, his instinct had been care for her. If she had any real emotions this is probably where she would have felt guilty for keeping such a lover herself. Smiling her inner dialogue seconded her logic. Good thing I don’t give a fuck about the worthless cattle that should have been more appreciative of my handsome man.
Charlotte’s gaze lifted see the handsome smiling down at her. She never realized she was smiling but did take the time study every of his . Her mind and vision made sure never forget how he looked in this moment. His smile felt like the memory of what she remembered sunlight feeling like. His fingers brushed her hair aside so he could get a better view of her. Most all her other lovers, even before that fateful winter night when the stranger came calling, always followed of scenarios. Most passed when they finished and the others were so jacked up on the poison that was burning itself in their veins were still so animalistic, they pawed at her wanting more not knowing they were moments away from crashing. Draping her leg over him she turned into him and just felt the heat radiate from him. Gage curled her into him and held her in both arms, away from the world. Closing her eyes she could hear the peaceful melody of his heart beat as she felt his chest rise and fall in time. His hand came to rest atop her hand as she placed her hand over his rhythmic heart. For a split moment she wanted to just close her eyes and fall asleep and start the next night right here, just like this. The slight twinge in the muscles in her cheeks alerted her that she had been smiling this whole time.
She sprung up as fast as her abilities would allow, and was cleaned up and dressed by the time Gage is able to get to his feet.
“Come here sugah.”
There was always the lull the heightened state caused with people. The realization of all that had just happened had not set in. The surge of adrenaline, pheromones, endorphins mixed with the cocktail of venoms and poisons in an odd way delayed the memory of near death. The sex made the victim sated and elated as much as the new found strength and power made death irrelevant. Eventually the memories would return, fight or flight would kick in but in this time before all that, there was an eerie kind of peace.
Charlotte put her hands on both sides of his and looked into his eyes. “Ok handsome man. I want you to clean this all up and know we had an amazing time.
We had a wonderful dinner. We had sex in your bed. It was our first time. It was magical and special and even better than you ever imagined. It was and heavy and if your thigh hurts at all tomorrow morning it is just a slightly pulled muscle. Got it.”
It was amusing this half comatose, half drunk mortals got when they were being glamoured. The caress of her hand his cheek drew a smile on his . Mortals were just food and clay be shaped into what ever is wanted or needed.
“Yes. It was such a great evening. Thank you beautiful.”
“Goodnight my handsome man. Give me a kiss before I go.”
His hands wasted no time securing her waist within their grasp and pulling her close. Pressing his lips towards her and wrapping his arms around her relived all false memories she paced into his head. Visions of love making swirled in his mind’s eye as his tongue twisted and danced with hers. Twisted bodies, twisted memories. Visons of her legs dragging him in as his arms coiled round her. Sheets pretzeled around the pile of passion intertwined. His lips reluctantly left hers as they both let the last of their breath. Her smile said what her words would say just a moment later.
“Good night my handsome man. me tomorrow”
“You bet hun, drive safe. I” Gage paused struggling with a thought or an emotion. “I…I think I’m falling in love with you Charlotte. God, I know that’s sudden. I don’t mean to scare you. It’s.” Letting a big sigh, he drew in an equally large breath in. “I care bout you and I just want be honest. We seem have some sort of …” the nerves seemed momentarily get the best of him as he struggled find the word. “connection, yes connection. Right? It’s not just me. knows what will become of it but its something and I just want be honest with you about I .”
Charlotte couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, my handsome man, you …you just don’t realize what you are saying. Your mind is all just spun up from tonight. Good night baby .” She chuckled herself at how pathetic humans could be at times. She tried make a mental note that next time she needed make sure she wasn’t so detailed when glamouring him. Poor stupid human. Humans forever inferior in so many ways and saddled with all those worthless emotions. This was special for some unknown reason but was still just mortal. Poor sap had no idea what he was saying.
Turning gather up her things she felt his hand gently grab a hold of her wrist.
“No. You took my breath away the moment I saw you and the more I know you, the more I want to know, the more I care. This isn’t just about tonight.”
His tone was so even so soft that she almost had to shake her head as if to rehear what he was saying, not just his words but what everything about him was saying beyond words. She looked at him and pulled her head back slightly as she struggled to comprehend. These words he spoke, were from within, a place a glammouring couldn’t touch. Gage just pulled her closer her body was against his. Yet, it was the softness in his eyes that nearly broke her. In the near 400 years she had roamed the lands, she had never seen that before. She had seen and manipulated human emotions, like a maestro played a Stradivarius but this was a first. She was truly vexed by how much strength there was in that sincere vulnerability. She couldn’t take her eyes off his. He made her feel so small yet like she was the entire world all at once. She leaned forward and just buried her into his shoulder as her hands gripped his shirt tight. Shocked it took Gage half a second before he wrapped his arms around her. She held on tight as his arms blanketed her. Time seemed to lose meaning and they had no idea how long they held each other whether it was a few seconds or a few hours. They let go of each other not sure what was supposed to happen next. Charlotte wasted no time recomposing herself. She refused to at him even though she could feel his eyes were crawling and caressing her. Listening the new pattern of his heartbeat was something she could focus on as she tried make her exit. The words good night my handsome man drifted over her shoulder as she walked towards the door. With that Charlotte was thru the door. Stepping into the cool night air was both refreshing and liberating as it was a moment for a pause. Leaning back against the door she stood stunned. What the hell was all that? No matter how quickly her mind ran through everything, it couldn’t figure what was happening. Whispering as if the whole world was watching, the words “Good night my handsome man” once more drifted off quietly into the good night.
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Am still around...
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Sorry I havent posted anything in a while havent been doing much writing lately but hope to get back in the swing of things soon with an assortment of stories
Christmas Bonus
Posted:Dec 18, 2017 4:42 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2020 4:02 pm

Carl sat at the front security station regretting having agreed to work the Christmas party, but the time and a half plus a $75 cash bonus was too good to pass up. “Goodnight Miss Stormy. Not staying for the party?”
“Hey Carl, no, I am on my way up to the Harrington,”
“Oh, that place your” Carl paused trying to remember who had left it to her. “The place your aunt left you right? That place that looked like some haunted house or something right?”
“Yep been doing some renovations the past month and a half. And well only good holiday spirits are there now, so it's not so bad there.”
“Drive safe Miss Stormy, say hi to Casper for me” chuckled Carl.
“Have a great weekend Carl” Stormy smiled as she walked out the door. Casper won't be there but Edward will be and it could be a very fun weekend indeed.
Carl watched the monitors as the party seemed to be gaining steam, he just hoped there were no drunken incidents that would get him in trouble. It wasn’t too long before Carl smiled at the arrival of the most beautiful ladies of the company. “Miss Dawn, Miss Gina. Good evenin’. Hope you enjoy the party.”
“Awww, Carl you aren't coming in with us?” There was a small sense of disappointment in both the ladies’ voices.
“Sorry ladies, would love to but duty s.”
“Well I feel better knowing a big strong man like you is here to protect us. Is every already down there?”
“Yes ma’am” Carl motid to the monitors as if to confirm his statement as true.
Dawn came around the desk. “So, you can see everywhere in the building, right? So even if some was say there” Dawn pointed to the conference room on the reen “in say even an hour from now you could see exactly what they were doing right?”
“Yes, Miss Dawn, anywhere, anytime.”
“Good to know Carl we can't have a Nakatomi Towers situation, tonight right?”
Chuckling Carl replied “Yes Miss Dawn, Bruce Willis can rest easy tonight, we won't be needing him for backup.”
“Just good to know we are under your watchful eye Carl, even if it's in the conference room an hour or so from now. It's good to know you are watching.”
Carl was too preoccupied with having Dawn so close and taking an interest, he didn't see Gina biting her lip trying not to make a sound. After all, it was taking all the will power he possessed to keep his eyes from blatantly staring at Dawn’s cleavage as she leaned forward slightly, pointing at the reens. A glance up to Gina was no , her slinky dress revealed her hardened nipples poking against the thin fabric. He tried to hide the semi aroused state these ladies naturally created. In his flustered state, he didn’t pick up how Dawn was telling Gina exactly where she should be in an hour. Gina certainly picked up on it though. Thoughts of Carl watching them from the security camera made Gina’s heart race and her skin flush with heat. Dawn gave Gina a sly smile as she knew the telltale signs of Gina’s state of mind, as they headed into the party.
The whole office had been transformed into big Christmas card. The sweet ent of the giant Northern White Pine, placed at the staircase, evoked childhood memories of Christmas at Gram and Gramps house. As Dawn and Gina deended to the lower level, the party revealed itself, in full swing. There was the never-ending buffet of belt busting snacks and decadent treats, the happy minglers with their glasses of wine, and the joyful dancers in front of the grand windows. People were dressed in a variety of style, some festive clothes, some ugly sweaters, some formal and a few were just plain sexy. The backdrop was perfect tonight, with the snow just starting to fall like tiny feathers swaying in the wind before resting upon the ground. In contrast to the usual bustle of the office day, the conference room and back cubicle work area were dark and unoccupied. As you ventured further in to the party, the passageway to the executive suite revealed dangling mistletoe, an HR incident waiting to happen. Tiny toy elves appeared in random spots throughout the venue for the annual elf hunt. Proceeding in further, a giant snow globe complete with a train and hired Santa transformed the typiy stale office into a joyful north pole ene.
Tchaikovsky, Sinatra, Springsteen, Crosby, Kenny & Dolly, and even Elvis take turns filling the background air with the sounds of the holidays as every laughed, talked, and danced the night away. The company spared no expense on this annual event. Small talk and fancy hors d'oeuvres passed peoples lips with ease. After an hour or so of seeing people and making sure they had been seen, Dawn grabbed a glass of wine and gave a slight nod of her head to Gina across the room. Gina, grateful for the excuse to flee Phil’s detailed explanation of how small nuances of his lawn ornaments and light show put the Miller’s pathetic nativity ene to shame, eaped the conversation as quickly and politely as she could. Gina was only about fifteen seconds behind on Dawn on her way into the darkened conference room.
The frosted glass walls obured them from the distracted party goers in the adjacent room. Putting their clutches on the table they simply smiled and found their way to each other. Dawn spied the security camera in the room, and, with a mihievous look in her eye, pulled Gina to her until they were both aligned with the camera’s line of sight. Giggling, they looked up to the security camera and waved to Carl, knowing he is watching. The party downstairs drops to the background as the ladies lose each other in a kiss. Their lips and tongues slowly dance a ballet of building desire. Their fingertips find each other’s delicate skin. There was something about the sensation that was inviting and yet wanton. It was like silk meets velvet, and neither of them could get enough of the other. Pure passion in their kiss as they instinctively sought out those spots that only the other knew how to touch, just so. Both of them found themselves pulling each other closer compressing into beautiful form. Tongues twirling and pirouetting around the other, their fingers combining a sequence of pas de chats and jete as they seek more and more of the desire they stir in each other.
Dawn gave a sly smile to Gina. “You think Carl is enjoying how sexy you are. I know I am Sweetie. oot up on the table please.” Gina dutifully complied, pushing of the high back executive leather chairs out of the way. ooting back, she made herself at home on the mahogany conference table. Gina waved to Carl in the security camera as Dawn ended up picking up the remotes. The overhead projector and reen deended from their alcoves nested up in the ceiling. After making a few adjustments to the settings, and with final click, Dawn had the projector showing live feed of the ladies in all their splendor. “Since, Carl gets to watch you through the TV reen I thought you should be able to watch us too, Sweetie.” Gina’s arousal was almost too much to bear “But what if some from the party sees us?” her sensible side making a lame appeal. Dawn touched a finger to Gina’s lips, hushing her and putting her at ease “Shhh, Sweetie, only some under the stairway could see us at this angle.” Pausing for affect Dawn then added “Now, if some stumbles under the stairway, well, they’ll be in for a show. Nowhere to hide behind these glass walls, and all will be seen on the big reen.”
Gina felt tremors rumble through her at the thrill of being caught and an audience gathering to witness. The thought of Carl aching at his security station all because of her, made her cheeks flush with heat. Gina’s breathing was already strained from the kissing and wanting more. The possibility of more people watching and getting turned on as she bathed in the waves of pleasure, made every nerve ending tingle. Gina could feel her nipples pucker, and almost on queue Dawn’s hands slid delicately up and over Gina’s breasts. The fabric of her top prevented both ladies the delight of skin to skin contact, but the night was still very young, A soft squeeze, d just so, pushed a moan from between Gina’s lips. Electric, that was what it was like when Dawn touched her. A maelstrom of lightning, rocking, and beautifully violent crashing waves of freedom and pleasure surrounded them every time they explored and enjoyed the other. There was a distinct difference in the touch of a woman. Even a man’s most tender of touches burned with a hunger. Yet with a fellow woman’s touch, oh her touch had an inherent knowing of just the right thing to do and how to do it. Men could have great instincts, be taught but there was an intimate knowledge only another woman could know. Neither was normally attracted to women, but something about the magnetic pull resonating in every fiber of their beings chimed when they were together.
“I got you a present Sweetie, would you like it now?”
Gina was touched, surprised, and nearly forgot to respond as she watched Dawn pick up her clutch.
“Oh..oh yes, yes please Sweetie.”
Gina’s excitement made Dawn giggle. Dawn positid herself between Gina and the security camera. She started to pull the present out of her clutch and looked back over her shoulder to Gina who nearly fell off the table trying to catch a peek. “No peeking Sweetie. I didn’t get to wrap it so its of those close your eyes type of presents. Making sure Gina wasn’t looking, Dawn pulled out a candy cane colored vibe and showed it to the security camera. Dawn slowly stroked her hand up and down the vibe to make sure Carl understood exactly what he was seeing on those small security reens. Turning, Dawn faced Gina and leaned in close so her words would fall into Gina’s ear and trickle down her bare neck.
Tugging at Gina’s clothes Dawn’s voice was low but firm. “Take it off but keep your eyes closed.” Gina did a she was told and pulled her slinky dress over her head, revealing her nude form. Dawn smiled, “Good girl, Sweetie”. A close-eyed Gina beamed knowing Dawn was referring to her following her pre-party instructions of no bra or panties to be worn to the party. . Gina’s bare skin was met with a cool rush of the conference room air. She could feel her skin and nipples pucker as they acclimated to the new exposure. “Your eyes are closed but I see you and we know Carl is watching on the security camera. What do you think he’s thinking? I bet he can’t take his eyes off these gorgeous breasts.” Slowly Dawn ran the vibe down Gina’s breastb, thru her cleavage and let the vibe curl around and trace the outline of her breast. Gina wasn’t quite sure what she was feeling except a hard-smooth surface. The object rested against her nipple, and Gina couldn’t stop her gasp when the vibration hummed against her. Part shock, part pleasure made her eyes burst open. Dawn leaned in and kissed Gina as her body recovered from the jolt. Leaning back with a big smile “Merry Christmas Sweetie.” Dawn showed Gina the Candy Cane colored vibe. “Let’s really give Carl a Christmas party to remember.”
Gina’s skin felt flush as Dawn’s words and hands caaded down and bathed her like a warm spring shower. “Lean back some Sweetie.” Dawn’s hands ran up and down every contour of Gina’s body. Delicate fingers over smooth skin. Gina looked up at the projected image dancing on the reen and saw the beauty of Dawn’s fingers dancing down her body. Dawn’s fingers traveled a path that was well known between the both of them. Part instinct, part instruction.
Dawn knew just how to touch Gina, where a featherlight touch was needed and where a more aggressive rub was required. Dawn’s hands slid up and down Gina’s smooth thighs, traveling up her body, and back down again. A drawn out process of mere touches, subtle squeezes all started to set the stage. Gina closed her eyes as she just let the sensation of being caressed washed over her like hot bath water after a long hard day at work. Soft subtle circles drawn by fingertips, the comforting glow of feeling the palm of Dawn’s hands sliding over her like a silk kimono. Dawn’s hands slid across Gina’s soft mound but diverted just a breath before touching her most femi of spots. Instead her hand veered and slid over her inner thigh.
The candy cane vibe purred up and down the length of her lips as her juices seeped and began to coat this festive toy. She watched the white and red swirl invade her on the reen as Dawn slowly pushed it into her. Gina let out a whimper as the vibe slid out from her body and circled her clit. Dawn held the vibe in place as Gina lost the ability to take deep breaths and simply moaned over and over as a thousand lightning storms erupted within in her and shattered the electric shards into ever synapse and mule fiber of her body. These handful of seconds felt like several lifetimes until the candy cane slid back in and buzzed inside her. Gina was beyond wet as her pussy glistened on the reen. She tried to catch her breath as the sight of the candy cane dipping and disappearing inside her over and over again ed several feet tall on the reen before them. Time became irrelevant as Gina’s mind cleared to an almost Zen like state living entirely in this moment of pleasure. Dawn knew how to please her and she knew Carl was watching which only added to the heat between them.
Leaning in Dawn gave Gina another kiss as she slid the candy cane out and away. Licking her lips as she pulled away from Gina, Dawn looked at the toy covered in Gina’s juices. “My Sweetie you are so wet tonight you are definitely making the naughty list this year.” Gina felt a slight flush of a blush at how Dawn teased and another spark hardened her nipples again. Another gasp eaped Gina’s lips as Dawn’s fingers explored just how wet Gina had become. Dawn began to tease Gina with images of Carl watching them. How hard was he? Was he keeping his composure as guests came and went? Was he tempted to join them? A quick and sudden pinch of Gina’s nipple made her cry out louder than normal, which brought a satisfying smirk to Dawn’s gorgeous face. Dawn reached for the remote and clicked a button several times as of her fingers on her other hand continued to torment and please Gina. The whirl of the printer warming up was barely audible but confirmed the Dawn had been able to capture the images projected up upon the reen.
Dawn’s fingers continue to plunge, circle, and tease when a movement caught in her peripheral. Dawn’s gaze shifted from Gina and the reen to the figure frozen beyond in the darkened cubicle area. “Well look at this Sweetie.” Leaning down and resting the side of her face against Gina’s she looked up at the security camera. “Not only do you have admirer.” Dawn lean back up and nodded in the direction of the bullpen, out past the conference room, “but now you have that can’t take their eyes off of you.”
Gina’s breathing was labored but she had enough energy to look over and see the somewhat lanky and awkward Franklin from IT standing there spellbound at the erotic and sinful sight before him. “Look at that Sweetie” mused Dawn “He’s holding a piece of paper. You don’t think Franklin has of the pictures I just printed of you, do you?”
Gina gasped as the fingers from Dawn’s other hand teased her puckered nipple. The jolt from her nipple caused Gina’s body to contract squeezing Dawn’s hand with her thighs and gripping the fingers inside. Gina knew she should shut this down, that Franklin might report them, but she was too full of desire to stop now. And the thought of another pair of eyes watching just intensified her lust. Franklin stood there trying to figure out where to look. Glancing at the picture, then the reen, and then the sexy ladies not fifteen feet from him. Deciding that nothing was better than a real show, his eyes finally settled on the gorgeous ladies at the conference table.
Dawn whispered in Gina’s ear. “See how sexy you are. You have men enthralled and wanting just by watching. Look at what you are doing to poor Franklin he is so turned on by watching you he’s having to rub himself through those pants.” Dawn slid her hand all over Gina’s torso. “Can’t you just feel their eyes all over you, wanting you, needing you.” Gina’s thighs shuddered as Dawn pushed her fingers in deep. “They are fucking you in their minds right now, because they can’t have your body.” Gina bit her bottom lip as her ass rocked back and forth on the smooth conference table. Dawn leaned down and kissed Gina as she felt Gina’s sweet sticky juices coat her fingers. Their lips met as the world and watchers disappeared from their minds for a moment and all that was left was the of them.
Franklin couldn’t believe what he was seeing and the throbbing began to consume him. He had often stroked while fantasizing about seeing Kendra just like this. Having her here in the darkened conference room after hours, imagining taking her on that very conference table. To watch her try and take all of him in. He wished he lived next to her like Jackson did. Maybe then, he would have been the she seemed so close to and not just the guy she would wave at as she went for her daily walk on their street. Here was Dawn and Gina, he didn't want to admit it but there had been a few times both these ladies had made it into his fantasies too but he never imagined this. He had tried not to think about them so he could be professional. After tonight n of them would ever see the others the same way again. Watching these sexy ladies do what they were doing was too much of a turn on to bear. The fabric of his pants strained and bound him. He wanted and needed to get rid of these restraints, for the ache just hurt too much. There was no way out, he would have to practiy walk past them to join the party. He didn’t want to join the party, he wanted to join the here. He continued to rub himself as he looked up at the reen and saw the close up of the delicate fingers pushing deep inside that delicious tight wetness. Watching Gina buck as a jolt of pleasure shot thru her was more than Franklin could handle. The way her breasts jiggled and bounced at the sudden rapid movement may him let out a small pang of lust. His hand was frantiy rubbing and trying to push his raging cock back down for it hurt to have it bend against his clothes. That’s when he saw Dawn shake her head yes, as if giving him permission to find the salvation he now needed.
Dawn’s fingers continued to tease Gina and Gina was completely lost to her world of pleasures.
The sound of Dawn’s shock pulled Gina’s attention back to the world, well as much as it could when she felt this deliciously good. Gina looked over and was amazed at what she saw. There was Franklin, standing and stroking of the largest cocks she had ever seen. Whispering in Gina’s ear was Dawn, “Look at what you’ve d. You have guys watching and wanting you. Do you think you could ever handle something that big?” Dawn’s fingers kept teasing and sliding in and out making Gina’s hips rock. “Just imagine how full you would feel with that inside you. With that Dawn slid a third finger inside Gina making Gina gasp, grip the side of the table and curl up her toes. Her body tried to get acclimated to the intense sensation the girth of the third finger. The fingers continued to move in and out of her in unison with Franklin’s long slow strokes. Franklin’s eyes orched the air as if it was the surface of the sun as they gnawed on every glorious inch of Gina. Gina could feel Franklin’s eyes consuming her and her entire body resonated like a tuning fork. The slight hum of the security camera could barely be heard thru the haze of endorphins exploding like fireworks inside Gina. Carl must be zooming in for an even better view. All the while, Dawn had crafted and set the stage for her lover’s pleasure. Dawn delighted in ing into Gina’s desires and be giving Gina the courage to realize her desires. Dawn reveled in the fun of being able to showcase the beauty, the white-hot sex appeal, the sweetness that she saw in her friend, her lover.
Gina felt her body start to tremble as the sensation, the tease became deeper, hotter, more uncontrollable. She had been on the razors edge for what seemed like an eternity. Looking up as Dawn’s fingers furiously rubbed her clit, Gina spied the security camera and locked onto it. The moans marched through her of their own free will. Gina could feel her chest heave up and down as air could barely fill her lungs before the next moan cried out. Her ass and hips rocked and rolled against the hard, wooden table as her wetness seeped in an endless stream. Her body squirmed as the sounds of Dawn’s plunging fingers filled the room. Her hot wet desire foretold of the raging release building within her. Dawn made subtle changes to the pressure and frequency as she continued to torment Gina and her swollen clit. Gina lost all focus as a flash of heat evaporated against her skin. Then her toes curled and flexed almost in unison. She could hear Franklin’s moans gradually increase in volume and frequency. Gina was close but she wanted to hold on but her body was bursting at the seams. Dawn continued to whisper words Gina couldn’t make out in her lust filled haze. Her eyes stayed on the security camera and she could almost feel Carl’s eyes locked on her in return. A flick of Dawn’s finger across her clit made Gina throw her head back as if she was going to explode. Gina couldn’t breath as her mouth was open and all she could do was moan and pant as the approaching climax raced towards her. Her body was bubbling, her legs shaking and the tremors built inside her, gaining strength expntially. She could sense Carl’s gaze, hear Franklin’s groans, and feel Dawn’s devilish touch. She wondered if Carl could see the little bounce of her breasts as they heaved up and down to accommodate the uncontrollable undulation of her hips. Gina’s head was spinning, the pleasure was becoming too intense, the need too frantic, she could no longer control herself. With that, Gina cried out as the first wave convulsed inside her and made her legs twitch. Her thighs clamped down on Dawn’s hand as her body gripped and squeezed the fingers buried inside her. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her as her body spasmed and twitched until she all but collapsed on the table.
Suddenly the door to the conference room opens and Dawn and Gina stop for a moment to see who was coming in. The door stayed open for a moment as the outline of a figure could be seen through the frosted glass. Slowly Janice from accounting stumbled in, clearly having had too many drinks. Janice eyes immediately saw Franklin stroking. In a near drunken yell she uttered “OH MY…” and she immediately put her finger over her mouth to signify “shhh” as she mimicked Franklin’s urge to be quiet. The door closed behind her and Janice had not yet noticed Gina or Dawn. Janice seemed too preoccupied with Franklin, or perhaps more accurately, with Franklin’s inordinately large shaft. She started stumbling towards Franklin “I fucking want that.”
“Stop.” Franklin’s voice was strong and projected in the expansive workspace. N of the ladies had ever heard quiet Franklin speak with such authority. “You want this, do you? Tell me why I should give it to you.”
Janice’s head bobbled slightly as if the alcohol was sloshing around in her head. “Yes, I want that. I want that cock so badly Franklin. How big is that? Ten? Eleven inches? I’ve been” the words seemed to meander through her mind as inhibition and the ability to be fully coherent were g. “I’ve been a very naughty girl, are you going to give me a naughty present?”
“Take off your clothes.”
Gina and Dawn sat there watching the ene unfold before them. Who knew quiet Franklin would be such a Dom? He must hide all that alpha confidence in that massive cock all day.
Dawn licked her bottom lip at the tension that now filled the room and Gina’s hand made its way under her top. The way that Gina’s fingers teased her nipples made Dawn’s body hum with want. All the while Franklin stood there stoic and in charge of his own destiny. His cock seemed to bounce and twitch like a tree branch in the wind as it ed out for attention and release.
Janice stumbled her way towards Franklin as her clothes laid strewn on the floor.
“Stop.” Franklin paused for affect, then, “Crawl to me, slut.”
Dawn and Gina froze for a moment, in sheer wide-eyed shock to see what would happen. Janice was naked, Gina was still coming down from her release and Franklin had stepped out of his pants and they were all within twenty feet of each other. Neither Dawn nor Gina was sure exactly how Janice would react to being ed a slut. This could all end quickly and badly. Janice dropped to her knees in a very ungraceful way. Gina gave Dawn’s nipple a pinch and then squeezed and pulled her full breast provoking a soft moan from Dawn. Janice hung her head as she crawled the nearly fifteen or so towards Franklin on her hands and knees. Gina kissed Dawn’s neck and quietly fondled Dawn’s breast, as Dawn watched Janice sit back on her heels looking up at Franklin like an obedient sub. The softness of Gina lips against her neck melted Dawn to her core, nearly causing her eyes to roll completely back inside her head. Dawn felt parched as the wetness pooled between her thighs. Watching Janice waiting to take Franklin into her mouth. His cock twitched just a breath away from Janice’s lips.
Dawn chewed on her bottom lip as Gina continued to fondle her breast and Janice seemed to beg with her eyes how badly she wanted to suck Franklin. Franklin nodded and Janice lifted up his cock and slowly dragged her tongue the full length of him getting her first taste of his salty skin. She purred as she groped the base and let her tongue and lips glide all over his shaft. It didn’t take her long to start to swirl her tongue around the head. Dawn watched intently noticing every detail and, every sound, bathing in the heat Janice and Franklin were creating. Janice wrapped her lips around him and slowly took as much of him in as she could handle. Each time she slid down him she seemed to be able to push herself down just a little deeper. The sounds of her straining to take him in without gagging was a noble effort.
“Look at me”
His command was simple and her compliance was instantaneous. He grabbed the back of her head and slowly pushed her down. Her breathing started to stain and he pressed on until she started to gag and then he pulled her off him. Again, he pushed her down on him, seeing how much of his shaft she could take. He pushed just past where she was last holding her there as she gagged and sputtered. She could barely breath and shook her head as he was too much to take. He released his grip. She coughed and tried to breathe all at once.
Gina pulled down on Dawn’s top exposing her left breast. Gina’ tongue wasted no time flicking itself back and forth over the nipple. Dawn let out a soft whimper as the rock-hard nipple rocked back and forth with Gina’s tongue. A ful nip made Dawn gasp as she tried to focus and watch Franklin bend Janice over a desk. Gina’s hand slid up Dawn’s thigh as the tormentor was to become the tormented. Smiling, Gina’s lips wrapped around Dawn’s nipple as her delicate fingers teased and danced around Dawn’s panties. Dawn’s chest began to slowly expand as breathing was becoming more labored. She watched as Janice’s breasts swayed as she was bent over for Franklin.
Franklin pressed the head of his cock against Janice and slowly eased into her, letting Janice get used to his girth. Inch by inch He eased into her, watching her reaction, and once he found her limit he took his time working back and forth within her. Slowly Franklin built a rhythm that pushed Janice’s limits. Gina’s fingers burrowed into Dawn as both pairs started accelerating the pace. The sight filling Dawn’s eyes was the sway of Janice’s breasts as Franklin started to thrust into her. Dawn could see his controlled focus in his eyes as he pushed into her over and over again but only as far as she could take. The sweet tug of Gina’s lips against Dawns breast made Dawns head spin.
Faster and faster the pace went. The need in Gina’s suckling, the building frenzy of how Franklin was filling and pleasing her, the whirlwind of Gina’s fingers in and out of Dawn, and the need for release. Franklin’s long slow movements turned into violent collisions. Dawn could see the impact ripple through Janice with every deliberate thrust. Gina had Dawn squirming and wiggling in the seat. Janice’s moans started to grow in frequency and intensity. Placing his hand over Janice’s mouth he started to stifle her moans so he could add more. Watching the ene unfold before her as she felt Gina’s skilled adoration was driving Dawn crazy with need. Franklin started slamming harder and harder. Janice’s breathing was erratic and she was growing louder and louder against Franklins hand. She was getting closer and closer not wanting it to end when the world crashed and Janice was practiy reaming into His hand. Dawn watched the waves roll over Janice. Janice shuddered and her legs became unsteady as she clamped down and squeezed Him. Gina’s finger flicked Dawn’s clit and caused another loud moan.
“I’m not d with you yet.” Growled Franklin.
He grabbed the back of Janice’s head and proceed to shove himself inside her mouth. He quickly rocked his hips and held her head in place. He was close but it was Dawn’s turn to cum when Gina gave a firm quick suck of her nipple that tugged at her entire breast as she rode and grinded against the Gina’s fingers buried inside her. Dawn undulated as wave after wave slammed against her, sending her into a quivering delight. That’s when Franklin unloaded deep into Janice’s mouth. Janice wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and sucked every drop from him. She took every surge of him as it sprayed inside her mouth and throat. As Franklin started to go limp, Janice proceeded to clean him up with long strokes of her tongue. Gina and Dawn tried to catch their breath and held hands as their bodies vibrated from the nights festivities. Janice finished cleaning up Franklin and fell spent and crumpled onto the floor. Franklin ooped her up into his arms and said affectionately, “What a good girl you are. Now, bring me your ph.”
Delightfully sore and beaming from his affection, Janice made her way to her clothes. The buzz of the alcohol had faded and the after-effects of overdoing it began to surface. Her legs trembled a bit and her juices glistened along her inner thighs. Franklin retrieved his trousers, buckled his belt and folded up of the print-outs, shoving it in his back pocket. Franklin joined Janice and took the ph that was offered to him. Franklin put in his ph number and set a reminder for her. Franklin held onto the ph and instinctively Janice looked up at him. “If you wish to continue your training, me tomorrow morning at 9:30 for instructions.” Janice smiled and nodded as she saw his stoic face look down upon her. There was a soft smile that crossed Franklin’s face.
“You’ve pleased me today.” Franklin turned his attention to Gina and Dawn. “Ladies” he said with the nod of his head. “Have a great night.” He could almost surmise what they were both thinking. “Its amazing what can learn from some when they don’t clear out their internet browser history on their work computer.” With that he disappeared out of the room and into the sounds of the party. The ladies cleaned up and made themselves presentable, all of them in their euphoric states. Gina and Dawn insisted on ordering a cab for Janice. Janice rode the fleeting surge of energy and made her way out to the lobby to wait for the ride. Gina and Dawn sat down to wait a few minutes before making their way back out the party. After a minute or , Dawn giggled and disappeared into the bullpen to where the copier was. She picked up the remaining pictures she had printed. The song Halleluiah drifted into the conference room.
“Dance with me Sweetie.”
Dawn extended her hand to Gina. They pulled each other close and listened to the music in the still of the darkened conference room. Their bodies pressed close in a soft intimate moment that tranended friendship and sex. people, happy in a solitary moment. Happy with themselves, and happy with each other. They swayed to the music as their hearts beat softly. Time wasn’t measured in seconds or minutes but heartbeats and musical chords. They closed their eyes and just enjoyed the stillness of each other. They weren’t sure how long ago the song had ended but they stood there in a near movie moment. They had the same unspoken thought and their lips found each other in a beautiful kiss before they let reality creep back into their worlds. They would go out to party and mingle for another twenty minutes, but the end of the night was in sight.
Gina and Dawn made their way out to the lobby and over to the security desk. Gina put down a plate of food on the desk for Carl. Smiling Gina said “Just because you are on duty doesn't mean you shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy some of the great food. I hope you had a good night despite having to work. Did you see anything interesting happen?”
The way Carl looked up and down each of the ladies, consuming them with his eyes told Gina exactly what she already knew. Seeing his unfiltered and primal reaction sent a jolt of excitement through her and she felt the heat and wetness start again as his eyes laid siege to her. Carl wasn't being disrespectful, he was being a man and Gina delighted in knowing and seeing how they admired her, simply because she wanted them to.
Carl cleared his throat as he tried to be professional. “Well, Miss Gina, let's just say, I think every had a lot of fun, but a few had the best of evenings. Am actually very glad I got to work tonight and see every have such,” Carl paused trying to find the words, “have such great fun.”
The ladies smiled and Carl couldn't but feel happy. There was something about a beautiful woman smiling that always warmed Carl’s heart. Just a momentary flash of happiness that was as precious as it was fleeting.
“Carl do you have a pen by chance?”
Carl handed over a pen and Dawn unrolled the paper she had in her hand. Carl remained mesmerized by Gina’s smile as Dawn jotted down something on the paper. Gina looked down and her smile widened making Carl wonder what was on that paper. Gina picked it up and gave it a kiss with her freshly painted lips. “There it just needed a lil’ something extra. Smiling, Dawn turned to Gina. “Sorry Sweetie, am going to need to borrow some.” With that she kissed Gina as Carl sat there mesmerized by these , again. Picking up the paper Dawn kissed it, sealing it another pair of lips. She rolled it up and handed it to a very happy Carl. He watched them leave and heard something about definitely using the ducky tonight or something to that effect as they giggled their way to the parking lot. Carl unrolled the paper and read the note.

To our favorite protector
Merry Christmas

He looked at the picture and saw Dawn’s fingers buried inside Gina. Carl quickly rolled up the paper and frantiy looked around as if trying to hide a note from the 3rd grade teacher. Best Christmas bonus ever, he mused.
Naughty Neighbors - Working From Home - Jackson POV
Posted:Sep 13, 2017 6:31 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2020 6:20 am

Jackson hung up the phone. He hated talking on the phone but the past five calls and video conferences this morning were very productive. He looked over the pages of notes on his legal pad and was glad to have that research done. He would worry about how to pitch the idea of a rooftop garden to Delmonica’s later. Stretching the crick in his neck and rubbing his forehead, Jackson decided it was time for a break. Besides, he had already gone through twenty some odd ounces of water, it was time to step away for a moment.
He hadn't fully dried his hands after washing them, so he wiped the back of them on his shirt as we walked back into his office. He picked up the remote and turned on the tv, grunting as the talking heads from the cable news network started yammering. All the promise and uplifting vibe he had from his conversation about green roofs over the past few hours was too good a feeling to lose. The chaos and vitriol spilling from the screen was a buzzkill, so the channel switched over to an 80s music channel.
Jackson couldn't help his reaction as he missed all but the last few bars of a Journey classic. Def Leppard helped alleviate the disappointment and restore the feel good mood he was in. He held the volume button down as the volume climbed before he placed the remote on the desk. No one was home so he could be a little loud for the next few hours if he so chose to be. Cracking the window for a moment, it felt good to let in some fresh air. The AC was nice on the hot summer day but the air there on the second floor was a little stale. Jackson took a sip of his ice water and watched as Kendra appeared out from their patio doors. Jackson couldn’t help but notice how her the white cover up thingy that she was wearing, accentuated the summer glow of her skin. He wondered how long she had been out there. Was she just now getting out there and had just gone in and come back out or was she just now outside for the first time. Damn even at this distance it was easy to see the shape of her. It was a good thing he hadn't seen her until now, she was always a welcomed distraction to him. He would have been distracted all morning and not made any of his calls. Another cool sip of water pushed past his lips and slide down his throat as he contemplated that thought.
He stood there watching her make her way to the pool. He knew he should look away and get back to work or go make himself some lunch, but as always she held his attention without even trying. Her sun kissed bronzed skin seemed to glisten in the sun. She was so much more than just a beautiful woman, but there were times like this where she just took his breath away and captivated his soul. The memory of holding her, the feel of her soft skin was just to delicious to ever forget, and seeing her like this stirred up all those thoughts and feelings. Jackson pinched the bridge of his nose trying to return to reality and walk away from the window. It was a valiant but futile effort. Helplessly, he watched as as her white cover up slipped off her shoulders and fell onto the patio chair like a piece of paper falling off a desk onto the floor. Her hot pink bikini hid just enough of her to showcase all of her. Even from the second story window her curves were unmistakable.
Jackson knew music was on, but nothing registered as his lungs sharply inhaled when she reached behind and unhooked her top. The world seemed to stop as she stood there topless with her back turned to him. This couldn't be real, this had to be his vivid imagination sending him into some pervy daydream. He wanted to run his hands over her skin, feel her back sail under his fingertips and palms. Feel her skin melt like water and soak his soul. Hear her soft moans as his thumbs and the heel of his palms pressed and massaged her back, neck and shoulders. He wanted to be behind her, brush those blonde locks away from her neck and kiss her just below her ear as his arms encased her in his embrace. Let his hands fun free of their own accord as his lips softly compressed against her skin. His entire being needed to feel the energy flow between them., feel her lean back against him and relax at the enjoyment of his touch. Hear those soft coos of pleasure as she melts into the moment. His mind was a raging inferno of lust filled thoughts, wanting the comfort and craving the wicked. Jackson could feel his heart racing. She glanced over her shoulder as a playful smirk could barely be seen. It was almost like she was looking for someone behind her, like she was looking for him to be behind her. She was more likely just ensuring the coast was clear. What on earth was she doing she had to know he was home. Did she not see his car in the driveway or hear the music? How often has she done this before and he never knew? He wanted it to stop, but needed her to continue. He has to be imagining all this, it couldn't be, it wasn't real. Yet it was real and more real than his imagination could have ever conceived.
He knew it wasn’t too late to turn away, so far all he had seen was her in her bathing suit and her bare back. He had seen her bareback before, like when she wore that metallic silver dress to Mitch and Joe’s anniversary party a few years ago. Nothing he had seen yet had crossed any line. He should go fix a sandwich and forget about how he wanted to be down there to please and pamper her. To adore every inch of her and bring her to such pleasure she would cling to him as her body spasmed and quaked. Walk away, walk away now screamed the voice in his head. But he couldn’t pull his eyes off Kendra as she slid the bottoms of her bikini down over the full curve of her hips and onto the patio where she stepped out of them. The voice in Jackson’s head was telling him how he was going to hell, that this was such a bad idea because he would remember every moment of this and the replay would play in his mind all the time and the guilt and temptation would be ravenous beasts that would grow every time he closed his eyes and saw her like this. Turn away, turn away.
The voice could say anything because Jackson’s whole being was invested in this and didn't even know his conscious was talking. Instead he couldn’t help but lean closer to the window as if to get closer to her. He watched as she ran her fingers thru her hair, leaning her head back slightly as she tousled her hair to loosen it, so it fell more naturally. How could he stand there objectifying his friend. How could he not watch and not be fully aroused feeling his swollen desire straining against the fabric of his underwear and shorts, begging to be set free, desperate to want t feel the tight liquid heat inside his best friend. The moans she made the night he slept over echoed in his head. He wanted to go down there this moment and see if he couldn't make her moan that way again.
Watching Kenda shimmy out of her bikini bottoms was a sight to behold. She bent over at the waist showcasing her heart shaped ass as she picked up the bottoms. Jackson let out an audible whimper as her breasts hung and swayed free before she stood back up and placed her bottoms upon one of the poolside chairs. She had those thighs, damn those thighs. Sculpted, soft, yet powerful. The kind of thighs that gripped you when they welcomed you and you felt the heels of her feet against the small of your back. Those silky thighs that caressed your cheeks as you savored her sweet essence before those thighs clamped down hard around your head when the thunder rolled through her. Jackson suddenly gasped for air, as his entire being had been so focused on K, that it forgot to breathe. He was a prisoner to her in a way she would never know. His heart was booming against his chest as he fought the dizzy lightheaded lust filled stupor his head was swimming in. In an instant her feet left the deck and her body slid into the water. She swam the length of the pool and returned.
Her delicate fingers wrapped around the shaft of the ladder and she pulled herself up out of the pool. She slowly climbed out, or maybe his mind was just playing it in slow motion to take in every exquisite detail. The water clung to her like liquid cellophane, as if not wanting to let go. As the water drizzled off her bare skin, she ran her hands over her hair slicking it back and wringing out the excess water. My gawd, no one is really supposed to look that good naked. She actually looked even better with her clothes off. He didn't want to feel this way about his friend how he wanted to bend her over and make her soak him or to bury his face between those strong delicate thighs and see if he couldn't make her writhe in ecstasy. He didn't want to be imagining how good it would be ramming himself inside her. To hear her moan, to watch her breasts bounce with every lovingly violent thrust. This isn't how civilized people act. This isn't how best friends think of each other. He shouldn't be imagining feeling her legs wrapped around him as she clawed at him, needing him deeper and deeper inside her.
Jackson’s nostrils flared as his chest heaved and billowed searching for more air as the fires raging inside were suffocating him. Guilt weighed heavy on him as he felt like some sort of caveman unable to control his primordial urges. He should appreciate his friend for being one of the most amazing giving people he knows. He wasn't supposed to let his mind resort to the bountiful physical pleasures he would feel being in her, part of her. He saw how her strength and confidence hid her vulnerability, how her perfection was simply a beautiful cage. The unflappable strong woman hid the little girl that wasn't comfortable in her own skin, because she didn’t truly know who she was. She knew the persona but not the amazing person that hid inside her. Kendra was far more than just a gorgeous, gorgeous woman. She was like everyone else, and yet different from everyone else. She needed an excuse to be herself, not this persona her parents sculpted and she leveraged. She yearned to be who she felt she was and he suspected was afraid it was too ugly for everyone else’s perception of her.
He shouldn’t be lost in a world where he was down there with her, wishing to be the one pleasing her like only he knew how. His conscious chimed in, ok now I really should just go and make some lunch or do anything but what I am doing now. Jackson was cemented in place. He literally was unable to pull his eyes off her as she seemed to be walking towards him. She had a towel in her hand, why didn't she dry off and cover up? Every step she took, made the pounding of his heart in his ears that much louder. He felt the boa constrictor of lust crushing his lungs making it harder to breathe by the second. Look away, walk away his inner voice told him. It was all in vain, his body was nearly frozen in time as her slow motion walk lasted for days. The way the water sparkled in the sunlight, he wasn't sure if he was watching reality or some 80s campy teenage rom-com movie. His heartbeat pounded in his chest and ears like cannon fire. It was then he realized he had unknowingly been gripping and stroking himself through his shorts. He could feel himself twitch and throb with every step she took. This was insanity. No his mind betrayed him, it was paradise and more ethereal than the summer night sky. He felt so alone and yet so connected.
Now what was she doing? His conscious tried to distract his id with logic, only succeeding for a moment. The sexual energy vibrated in every cell of his body, controlling his body and his thoughts. Watching her lay down the towel made all thought and logic disappear, as the voyeuristic actions watched reality bend and fold before him. The towel was turned facing the late morning sun, but it was basically like a landing strip towards his second floor window. With the way the sun burning in the sky above him, he knew there was no way she could see him. He shouldn’t be doing this, this nearly obsessive admiration was degrading her. She was his friend, she was one of the most amazing people he had ever met. But now she was that unbridled desire, curves that needed to be followed, lips that needed to be kissed, passion to be stretched and filled. This wasn’t his best friend before him, it was millenniums of pent up base needs and programing that feed his limited thinking. She was his fantasy made real.
J’s fingers dug further into the pine window sill, as his knuckles whitened while trying to maintain control of his body and not succumb to the unending need blossoming within. Guilt, shame, failure to be a good friend and a gentleman that society demands, all acted as weights in his mind making his head hang down. He shouldn't do this, he needed to be better. He should have been greater than even this perfect temptation. Yet there he was watching her as she laid down on the towel. Sunburst water droplets glittering on her skin. Her body was flawed like every other human, but was perfection to him simply because it was hers. The physical attraction was a mere catalyst to the connection he craved. It wasn’t just about pleasure, it was being part of her. To not only be welcomed by her, but accepted and wanted, that’s what Jackson wanted. He craved her in a way that affected him on every level of him.
As she laid down on the towel she had a look like she was ready to to be ravaged. Jackson’s gaze was already devouring every inch of her. The ache and throbbing he felt was borderline painful. A few of the water droplet had gathered and rolled from her bronzed skin. Jackson didn't even feel the automatic response of his tongue softly flickering like he was trying to catch those drops of water in his opened mouth. There she laid helpless and powerful all at once. The sun washed over her skin almost steaming the water off her every curve. Unable to understand what he was seeing Jackson couldnt think he could only watch as her hand slid across her belly. Her slick wet skin looked so soft he ached for that to be his hand enjoying her. He gulped hard as her hand slide up her body and squeezed her breast. From this distance he couldn’t quite tell if she was rolling her nipple between her fingers or simply squeezing but his mind was spinning causing to forget how to breathe. Jackson was still alert enough to watch her other hands slide between her thighs that she parted slightly.
Her fingers slid up and down her most delicate of places. Jackson could just sense how her body respond to her own touch which forced a few drops of precum to dribbled down his engorged shaft. Jackson continued to watch in amazement of how her delicate fingers knew just the right touch as her legs fell outwards making herself all the more free. Jackson frantically fumbled for the remote. He knew she would be making those same sounds that had been haunting his mind since the sleepover. He should stop, but there was no stopping now. He could see her middle finger tease her. It circled and darted teasing her only to pull away. Slowly Kendra’s body found a rhythm from a beat playing in her soul. She could feel her clit sing as her fingers circled and danced around her. Her hips slowly rocked in delicious syncopation to her heartbeat. Jackson whimpered as he watched her as her fingers disappeared into her mouth as she gave into the temptation to tasted herself. Jackson couldn’t take it anymore and gripped himself and moved in time with her. Stroking and squeezing, his hand mimicked just like he imagined it felt like deep inside her.
The windowsill creaked as it bore more of his weight. His body was heavy while his soul soared. He started pumping his hand faster as Kendra continued to rub her clit and plunge her fingers inside her. He could barely hear her soft moans. Yet he could hear just enough to bring back those memories of listening to her, through the bathroom door, on the night he slept over. He continues to time his strokes to be in sync with her fingers.he desperately wanted It to be his cock that she felt as her fingers dove deep inside. Her hand still clutched her breast as her two fingers dover erratically and quickly in and out of her. He watched her hips wiggle, rise and fall with the tempest of her need. All the while his hand glided over the velvety soft steel of the swollen ache he had. His hand delicate and then firm, all to match her movements. Hel could feel his skin shift and slide back and forth with the tension of his hand. His breathing was strained as his body boiled in the fires of lust. His hand following the contour of him as her fingers dove in and out of her. She pinched and pulled her nopple and he couldn;t stop the precum to leak out the tip of him. He watched as the first orgasm rocked through her. He couldn't help but groan as we watched her convulse and spasm as the pleasure shook her. His hand instinctively repeatedly squeezed around him. Her body clenching and releasing at a frantic pace like neurons firing. Her breasts quaking as her fingers twirled around her clit. Her mouth wide open screaming a silent moan that barely constituted a loud gasping breath. The ferocity of her passion silenced by the intensity of her pleasure. It was one of the most beautiful things he had ever witness and his body tingled with an unleashed need. In his mind It was her tight burning hot pussy that was grabbing him, pulling him into her.
Jackson looked down at her as her eyes were closed but her body open. Time and time against he pushed into her. Each time her moans grew a little louder. Kendra’s body rocked with each of Jackson's thrust. They both needed him deeper, and deeper he tried to go. Her fingers dug into his back like a climber clinging to a mountain. His lust drunk eyes could barely see the world, but captured every bounce and jiggle of her breasts. His body would slam against hers time and time again, and the concussive impact would ripple through her and dance within her breasts.
“Yes fuck me.” was said in the voice of a vixen and in her actions as a succubus as she tried to pull him in even more. All civility was gone this was all about pleasure now and a unbridled need. She moved unimpeded beneath him, as he moved effortlessly in her. The repressed want, was already built to a crescendo even before they touched. This would not take long, for this moment had taken forever. Over and over again he watched he every move. Over and over again he felt her grip him just right as he watched her move beneath her. He closed his eyes as his mind reeled at how god she felt. How she was a fantasy made whole.
Her hands ran down the contours of his flexed arms that bore his weight as he loomed above her. Her fingers hooked into the waistband and tugged at his shorts that were hanging just low enough for his cock to be free.
“Take them off J, I want all of you.” It was part command, part plead. Either way Jackson eagerly complied. Shimming out of his shorts and underwear he kicked them aside and moaned as he pushed back inside her. It was all too intense, too much pressure. There was no tease, no foreplay. This wasn’t a long scenic drive more like the launch of a rocket. They fell into a rhythm in an instant like two lovers attuned to each others frequency at the very first touch. They both craved each other, they both needed that liberating release. He thought the first time would have been more build up, more exploration and touch, but it was self evident they both just needed to bathe in each others passion. He was so close and started to pull out so he could relieve the pressure and want that consumed him. She pressed her heels to the small of his back. She needed him as much as he wanted her.
“No no no please. Cum in me I need to feel you please.”
The sensation of feeling her pulling him back in melted his control. Harder and more feverently he thrusted. She rocked her hips hungrily as she took the full length of him over and over again. Their bodies slammed together with such beautiful brutality it shock each other’s reality.
“Please” her voice was meek and she was obviously cresting on the first wave. He pumped as if he was racing death itself.
“Pleeeeeeeease” she begged “Cum inside me NOW.” Her body shuddered and spasmed around him as the totality of it all overtook her body and soul. She cried out as her back arched, her toes curled, and her body clenched and pulsated. It was too much for Jackson. His eyes squeezed shut as he fought against his own body's desire to let go. Hearing her like this, seeing every breathtaking inch, witnessing her beautiful surrender, he broke. Jackson let out a guttural grunt as his body won out and exploded. She gripped and milked every drop from him as each surge was smaller than the one before. Yet he kept pumping into her, emptying everything he was, into her.
Jackson opened his eyes as the beads of sweat ran along his eyebrows. He was ragged and out of breath and completely spent as another bead of sweat rolled down his back like a rogue ball bearing. His t-shirt clung to him. His mouth agape his chest heaved as air struggled to squirm into his chest. His body was heavy as it plummeted from the high. The muscles in his neck struggled against the weight of his head, as if every ounce of his energy had been drained from him. Even his eyelids felt like five pound weights, but he struggled to look out the window. He needed to see her. He needed that small miniscule connection. He needed this to be a shared experience even though it wasn’t. He wanted this to be more than lust filled desire manifested in moment of uncivilized weakness. His longing wasn't sexual, it was a kindred, kismet yearning. It wasn’t a longing, it was an ingrained preordained need to be what ever part of her life he could be part of. She laid there in the afterglow. Her hand over her eyes and forehead as if trying to hold in a thought. Even at this distance he could see her breasts heaved up and down as her body tried to breathe once again. He wanted to be there holding her caressing her.
Jackson was still uncertain what the hell just happened. Hell, fitting he thought, because that's where I am headed. How on earth could he face Kendra now and not think of how the water dripped from her skin as she emerged from the pool. How those breasts bounced and swayed as she walked. How her nipples were designed to be pulled into his mouth and suckled. How his hand should feel the silky smooth power stored in her dancer's head crushing thighs. How could he see her beautiful face and not imagine kissing her lips let alone not remember that beautiful look of surrender as she came loud and hard. How her body reached as her fingers delved into that sweet wet…
Reality snapped back into his mind and he surveyed the rather large mess he had just made. He peeled off his drenched shirt and made his way down the hall to the bathroom to wash up. Returning clean and dressed he cleaned up his mess and again chastised himself for being such a pervert, for being so weak. He cleaned and disinfected the area removing all trace of what had just happened there. He washed his hands yet again and went back to the office. He couldn’t stop himself for looking out to see if K was still there. He felt a sharp pain of disappointment when her backyard was empty. My god was she gorgeous, and sexy, and damn so naughty.
The phone ringing broke Jackson out of his rambling daydream. The ringtone told him it was Kendra. He audibly snorted as his conscious controlled his actions. Dude you are sooooo fucked, was the taunt that echoed in Jackson’s head. Shut up, god he hated that guy sometimes. Quickly he answered the phone before the fourth ring.
“Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy” What the hell he thought, when did I become the Fonz. Shaking his head and clearing his throat he tried to compose himself. “Hey K, wazzup?” Whazzup? He chastised himself for being such an idiot. First the Fonz now I’m a frat guy from the 90s. One of these days he hoped he wouldn't be such a spaz around her.
“Hey hun, have you had lunch yet? I have some chicken salad chilling in the fridge but made way too much and don't want it to go bad want to join me ?”
A slight sense of panic set in. Does she know I could see and hear her? A millions thoughts, fears, and emotions overloaded his mind. “I uhhh” his conscience told him he should make an excuse. Things had been great with her since the dinner after the sleepover. Sitting there having pizza and talking and then her curling into him as they watched the movie. Having her fall asleep against him was so beautiful to him. He was so relieved he hadn't ruined that friendship. He knew he needed to answer so his brain was everywhere so it responded with its base programming of telling the truth. “I haven't eaten yet no.”
“Okay. I will see you over here in five then. When you get here we can decide if we want to stay inside or go have a picnic and eat out on the grass. Bring your swim shorts too, it is hot out. See ya soon hun.”
Stunned and still trying to process all that happened in the last twenty minutes, he hung up the phone. Grabbing his swim shorts and washed up again for good measure. His body was on autopilot as he made his way out the door and across the lawn. What the the fuck just happened? He found himself standing in front of the door and reflex made him knock. Kendra opened the door in her hot pink bikini with her white cover up opened.
Wrapping her arms around him in a big hug, “Thank you hun I just hate throwing good food away.”
Jackson’s brain still wasn’t fully caught up and was in a bit of a stupor, but his body knew enough to wrap his arms around her and return the hug. Sensing her standing on her tiptoes so she would fit against him just right his arms instinctively supported her against him. He felt her squeeze him, felt how her breasts flattened against his chest. Her whole body seemed to be pressed against him. The sensation was just too intoxicating. She was way too close, yet still too far away. He found himself not wanting to let go as she slowly ended the hug.
“Come on in hun”.
Like a mindless drone he followed her in, the whole time his Jiminy Cricket was busting out laughing at him. Serves you right, his inner voice gloated. “You are sooooo screwed, oh and Jackie says hi.” Jackson’s lips sneered for a moment as he tried to shut up his inner monologue. His inner voice cackled one more parting dig “Good luck not picturing her cumming or imagining fucking her on the back lawn as you eat your lunch. Oh by the way am sure she felt that semi you got going on there.” Jackson really hated that prick sometimes.
Iron and Silk
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“Undress.” There was no malice in his baritone tone, just a simple command. He gathered what he needed as she complied. “Lay down.” She knew how crazy this tone he used, made her. The controlled unemotional, almost sterilize clinical nature made her unsure of what to expect. She knew that was the point. Sir always did what he thought was best for her, she trusted him implicitly. But her mind couldn’t help but wonder what wonderful thing laid before. She laid back against the ramp He had placed upon the bed. She looked over the cadre of silk ropes and handcuffs he had placed in the spot next to her. Her eyes wide with excitement and unsure what delicious memories awaited her.
She watched him as he stood there, still in his suit. Pulling out two scarfs he wrapped them around both her wrists like bracelets. He ran the back of his fingers along her cheek. “Beautiful.” He smiled for a brief second as he tilted his head to gather one more memory of the moment. Grabbing both of her hands, he extended them above her head. He fastens the handcuffs over the silk scarves around her wrists. Even through the silk she can feel some of the bite the cuffs give. She sees the carabiner in his hand and hears it click, as it secures the handcuffs the the wrought iron headboard. He walks around the bed and reaches over her to grab one of the silk ropes and pulls it from the pile like a single strand of spaghetti. Dragging it over her bare belly she bites her lip to stifle a moan. His soft strong hands run down her leg thigh to ankle. He wraps and ties the silk rope around her ankle before securing the rope to the leg of the bed. He reached over her again and grabbed a second silk rope and started dragging it along her stomach but stopped and started walking around the bed. The rope followed him slithering down her thigh before falling between and running over her before sliding over to the other leg. He repeated the tieing over her leg to the bed. There she was reclined against the thirty degree angle ramp, her arms and legs bound, a sacrificial offering to His will and whim. She watched as he took care of the remaining items in the pile laying next to her. She couldn’t slow down her heart rate as it thumped against her chest. She needed His touch, she needed it now.
He ran one of his fingertips along her lip as he studied her. The fingertip flowed down her form like a solitary raindrop. Rolling down her neck down her body swirling around her nipple . One raindrop turned into four that floated along her stomach before evaporating away from her body. The iron clanged as the silk restrained her arms and legs as his light touch tickled and delighted. His hands loosened the Windsor knot his tie was wrapped in. The tie slips up over his head and finds its way over her head. He fixes her hair as she rests her head back against the ramp. Leaning in close he stops short of a kiss as she feels the silk glide against her neck as His tie is now worn by her. She sees the flash of softness in his eyes as he backs away. He adjusts the tie so it lays straight down her center line. He grabs her phone and a few swipes and taps she has several pictures waiting for her when she was freed from this beautiful trap of iron and silk.
“Beautiful.” The way he said it, the way he looked at her, for a moment she actually felt beautiful not the conglomeration of self perceived flaws she imagined in the mirror every day. She felt a sense of pride that in some small way she pleased Him. His acceptance of her was a need she learned the moment they first kissed and she saw how His eyes looked at her. She was His which is why she may struggle, she was happy to be captive to His want. She wanted to pull Him close, she needed more of Him. His attention, His pleasure. she needed Him. She wanted to rip off that dress shirt and those slacks and be the vessel for His pleasure.
He traced his tongue along her lips and pulled away as she tried to lean in and steal a kiss. The iron bit through the silk and into her wrists as she tried to lean forward and have what He was denying her. Running His hand up her body, He eventually held her just below her jawline as if to choke her. He slowly turned her head to the side exposing her neck, keeping His hand is position under her jaw. He leaned in and let His breath heat her skin before placing three soft kisses down her neck. He hovered above her. Her nipples grazed his white dress shirt as the fabric of his slacks rubbed against her like the wind on a new spring day. He slid down to the foot of the bed and looked up at her. His smirk cause a slight movement in her arms, letting the iron reverberate it’s intent. He kissed her leg and looked up to see her intently watching His every move.
Leaning in close He lets his facial hair graze against her skin. Turning His face just so and His hair slides up her inner thigh, allowing her the primal softness. He delights in the clang of the carabiner rattle against the iron spindle of the headboard and the subtle twitch of her leg bound by the silk rope. Her arms seem to be seeking freedom to do whatever was denied while she is forced to await His will. Her legs quaked and strained against the silk ropes as He dragged His face down her exposed thighs. Her legs couldn’t handle the soft bristles of his facial hair running against the grain, like thousands of tiny fingernails being dragged against her thigh. The sensation was an uncomfortable delight to her tender skin. He looked up at her and watched her breasts heave as her breathing had already become strained.
Again she felt the softness of His hair sailing up her thigh, yet this time it continued. Over her waist, up her body, up her breastbone. Turning His head he dragged his chin up over her nipple, to which she bucked and gasped at the new sensation He gently raked her nipple back and forth with the edge of his teeth. Just barely capturing her nipple between his teeth he slowly lifted His head, forcing her nipple to follow. The sharp moan was the cue to continue on. He flicked her nipple just once with the tip of His tongue before she felt the fabric of His clothes once again slide over her bare skin. She felt most of His weight settle onto her pinning her body to the bed. The tip of His nose nuzzled into her. The warmth of lustful breath against her skin made her body crave Him more. She could feel the wetness He was causing and she wanted to do anything He wanted, anything to feel and please Him. Her breathing was shallow as the heat of the breath melted her. She wanted to feel Him kiss her neck but didn’t think she could handle that at this moment without losing control. Her back arched slightly and she let out a moan as His teeth nipped her earlobe.
When she opened her eyes He was there. She knew the question is His eyes.
“Yes Sir I need you” .
Again nary a word was said but she replied to the unspoken question.
“I am yours Sir.”
She could feel His want thru the fabric of His slacks as it pressed against her thigh. Her eyes rolled back and closed as she felt His fingers run up the length of her swollen lips and circled her clit.
“Please” she begged. Immediately she knew she wasn't supposed to have begged so quickly. The loss she felt as He rose from on top of her, hurt her deep within. He knelt between her legs and run his hands over her thighs The touch that was relaxing and electric all at once. Scooting down he laid down and pressed His cheek against her inner thigh.She felt a warm soft cushion of wind swirl over her thigh, followed by a playful nip . Tiny kisses trailed up her thigh, closer and closer to the heat and wetness of her rampant desire. There He paused. For what felt like an eternity all she could feel was the warmth of His breath washing over her sex. The unrelenting assault of only feeling His breath made her want to squirm but the iron and silk prevented that luxury. He turns His head slightly so He can look up at her. She looks down at her tormentor wanting so much more. Watching she sees His tongue slowly extend and she buck when she feels it against her. He pulls back and leans back in and kisses her softly. The His tongue runs up between her lips and circles her clit once...twice...three and four times. Just like that the sensation is gone as her body is a bundle of potential energy humming to be set free. Suddenly she feels His face is pressed against her as His lips and tongue explore and taste her for two shuddering breaths before He stops. Licking His lips He pulls away and kneels between her bare thighs. Her eyes pleading for more. Her body screams as her heart rate triples as she sees the devilish smirk cross his face. She is bound by iron and silk and forever captive to Him. And so the game begins.
Naughty Neighbors - POV Stories
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I apologize for the extreme long-winded nature of the stories. Two of the largest pieces I have ever written I think. The two stories I posted are the same night seen through each character's eyes. These are first drafts so I do apologize for any cross contamination of thoughts / internal dialogue in the wrong story.These actually are more a back story for a whole series of stories like this have been brewing in my head for about 2 years. So these are a bit longer and a little more tame than some of my other stories, to (hopefully) build the tension in the relationship and highlight the difference between information known to self and known to others. As always feedback is always appreciated.
Naughty Neighbors - Sleep Over - Jackson POV
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Jackson was enjoying the quiet tranquility of an empty house when the phone rang. Pausing the action movie that was playing on the cable network channel, Jackson answered the phone. Jackie was calling to let him know she, Jocelyn and the boys had made it to her mom’s and were all settled in. Jackson was rather happy a meeting had given him the excuse not to have to go to her mom’s. He liked Eileen well enough but just could only take so much of her before wanting to scream, there was no way he would survive a whole week there. Jackie asked that he wash the pan he used for the Kraft Mac N Cheese tonight and not let it sit. She knew him well enough to know that was exactly what he had made himself for supper and that he was probably eating it right out of the pan rather than dirty a bowl. Jackie went over the honey-do list she had given him before heading out and they exchanged the normal I love you and miss you. Before hanging up. Jackie reminded Jackson that Pete and the boys were gone for the next two days so he should check on Kendra a few times if he could. and not to “drool to much while you do it” was the parting tease.
Sure he thought, check in on the hot neighbor while she’s home alone, that won’t seem creepy or pervy at all. Jackson listened to the teasing coming from the other end of the line. Dammit Jackie was having way too much fun with this. She knew how attracted he was to Kendra and how Kendra was one of a handful of people in his life that ever made him nervous. He said he would and he knew Jackie had told Kendra to probably check in on him to make sure he hadn’t turned the house into some bachelor hermit hole or something, They said I love you one more time before they hung up for the night. Jackson unpaused the movie and picked up his pan of Mac N Cheese and proceeded to finish eating his supper.
Jackson had actually washed the pan of Mac N Cheese and was halfway thru the second movie of the action film series he had seen a dozen times when his cell phone rang.
“J” there was a pause on the other ended. “It’s K” As if the her honey sweet voice wasn’t enough to tell him exactly who she was, let alone the caller ID on his cell phone. She was also the only person to ever call him J and not Jack, Jax, or Jackson. “Something’s wrong, I don’t....something doesn’t feel right.”
Jackson could hear the amplified sound of live music drowning out a ton of noise. “K where are you?”
“I’m at...I’m at Reverb.”
“Ok do you see Pete. Sorry, not your Pete, but is there a good looking ex-military type bartender there?”
“Yeah, I think so let me get back over to the bar.”
“K stay on the phone with me.”
She slightly slurred “Ok sweetie” as she stumbled and meandered her way through the crowd to the bar. After about a minute and hearing her stumble into someone and apologize he heard, “Ok am at the bar, and the cute bartender is here.”
Jackson felt a sudden flash of jealousy at hearing Kendra call his friend cute. But he pushed that thought out of his mind. “Ok get his attention and hand him the phone for me please.”
“Pete, hey bud it’s Jackson here.”
“What’s up? You calling cause you are still sore from the ass whoopin’ I gave you on the court or something?”
“Ha, hardly and we will see what happens on Thursday am pretty sure I scored 18 on you last week but that’s not the reason I am calling. The lady who handed you the phone, she’s my neighbor.”
“Bro, shut the fuck up, THAT’s your neighbor? You lucky fucking bastard she’s smokin’”
Jackson tried to play off the exchange and just barreled on. “I need you to keep an eye on her she doesn’t seem herself I am wondering if something didn't happen to her or something.”
Pete tried to not get defensive and knew Jackson knew he ran a safe environment
so he asked Jackson to hold on. Jackson could hear Pete put the phone down, followed a few seconds later say fuck. “Bro I am so sorry there is definitely something wrong.”
“I’m on my way can you keep a close eye on her please, her family is out of town and I am the only one that can come get her. I should be there in like twenty. Thanks bud, I owe you can I talk to her again please.”
Jackson’s heart sank a little hearing the meekness and dazed confusion in her voice.”K...K..I am here I need you to do me two very very big favors. I need you to stay exactly where you are, stay with Pete the bartender. Second I need you to stay on the phone with me. ok?”
“Anything for you sweetie”
Jackson chalked up the whole ‘sweetie’ thing to Kendra flirtatious manner coming thru the drug induced haze. He grabbed the keys to his car, a bottle of water from the fridge and made the twenty two minute trip in fourteen minutes. The whole drive there Jackson had done his best to keep Kendra talking about anything so she didn’t wander off or anything. Jackson tried to calm himself as he pulled into the parking lot. He gave Dave, who was working the door, a fist bump and made his way into the club without stopping. Jackson could see Pete swatting men away from Kendra like they were flies buzzing a carcass. Jackson, was usually very polite and would meander thru a crowd like a salmon swimming upstream. Tonight he was a bulldozer just cutting a path to the bar.
Kendra’s face lit up when she saw Jackson. “J!” she yelled. Reaching out to him. “dance with me sweetie.”
Jackson took her hand but held fast. “K. I need to take you home”
“Whoooah slow down sailor.” she said chuckling and probably sounded a lot more funny and seductive in her drug dazed head than it did in reality.
Jackson’s whole body stature relaxed and became more serious. “K” Kendra continued to pull at his hand and wiggle a little dance while giving a playful pouty puppy face that made Jackson want to do anything she wanted. “Kendra.” Even in her compromised state she could recognize the concern and serious tone Jackson was uncharacteristically showing. Jackson signed the letter K to speak over the raucous music and get through to her. “K. it’s time to go home.” Suddenly, Kendra just threw herself into a big hug and held onto him. Startled at the unexpected reaction, Jackson slowly wrapped his arms around her as she buried her face into his shoulder. His voice was low and soothing. “It’s ok K, I got you, I got you.” He felt like an ass for enjoying how amazing she felt against him and in his arms. He loved how she felt. Every time they had touched in any manner, it was always electric. And therein lies the problem. He tried to ignore how soft, warm, firm, feminine...don’t do it, Jackson, his conscience interjected. He tried not to enjoy the feel of her body pressed to his and focused on being a safe haven and shield for her. They stood there for a few moments before Jackson let go and gently took her hand in his. He leaned over the bar and gave Pete a fist bump. “I owe you, buddy”.
“Bro no problem am so sorry, you know I run a clean club.”
“Pete I know no problem, not your fault.”
“As far as I can tell, it should pass in about eight or so hours.”
“Thanks, buddy and see you on the courts Thursday, maybe you will learn how to play defense by then,” Jackson said in a light hearted tone.
Jackson held Kendra’s hand in his and led her out to his car. Opening the door he helped ease her into the seat without her falling or bumping her head. Kendra was pretty out of it, so Jackson buckled her seatbelt, made sure she was all situated and shut her door. Sliding into his seat he started up the car. He had made sure on the ride over all the music was off and the A/C was on low so not to blast her senses. Unscrewing the top of the bottle of water he had put into the car, he slowly presented it to her. “K, hey K” rung in the car as he tried to pierce the fog that had overtaken her. “K, I need you to take a sip of this please.” After a few moments of cajoling her, she broke down and had a sip. She was out of touch with her senses and the world, so Jackson quickly grabbed the bottle of water before it ended up all over her.
“I’ll just take that thank you” he said as he tries to match the momentum of the water in the bottle. Turning right out of the parking lot onto Henderson, he started the trek home. Jackson tried not to let himself be distracted. Yet, even in this state she looked amazing. The blue dress clung to her curves in ways that would break any man’s heart and resolve. The window hole in the dress gave a clear view of her ample cleavage and also showed the subtle bounce and jiggle at the car’s every movement. It didn’t help that it seemed like her cleavage sparkled in the streetlights and what little moonlight there was. Jackson figured he would be going to Hell for the thoughts that small jiggle and bounce created. That image would be tattooed in his mind for the rest of his life. Her bronzed smooth thighs poked out from the hem of her dress. Somehow they too seemed to glisten in the waning moon’s light. They looked so soft, smooth as glass. Like you could just rub your cheek against them and feel their feminine ferocity. Why did his neighbor have to be so sweet and so damn sexy? God, he was so going to Hell. He wasn’t sure how it was possible but from the very moment he met her, it seemed like he had known her forever. He felt connected to her instantly and a little saddened that he hadn't known her longer. She probably wasn’t as petite, or whatever ladies called themselves when she was in college. She was undoubtedly a knockout back then but was the type of woman where motherhood only accentuated her already generous curves and made her even sexier. She was “that” girl. You know the one that ate hot dogs chased by a beer, instead of the kale smoothie, and looked like she walked off some Cosmo type magazine cover. All the boys wanted her and Jackson was sure all the girls hated her in school, not because she was mean but she made everything look so damn easy. Most didn't see her drive or how hard she actually did work, they simply saw she almost always got what she wanted.
She looked so peaceful there nearly asleep in the passenger seat. His body and mind were turned on but his heart was saddened seeing her so vulnerable. She was such a strong woman and only made herself vulnerable to those she chose to let in. Anger manifested itself as Jackson squeezed the steering wheel. How dare someone try and deny her that part of herself. Kendra made a soft sound or muttered something so softly Jackson couldn’t make it out, but did bring his focus back to her. I mean seriously, who looks that good when they are basically passed out She looked so innocent and peaceful. Yet she also looked like she was ready at any moment, to straddle his lap and rock his world like he had been trying to deny dreaming of for the past seven years. Nice move d-bag he chided himself. Checking out the defenseless lady, real class act buddy. Tonight was going to be one of those nights where he really hated that inner voice. Shaking any logic or reasoning from his mind Jackson drove back at a normal pace. He wanted to get her home but not so fast that the drive would make her nauseous. She was quiet most of the ride home. Her body trying to find balance and functionality in her altered state. Kendra lifted her head from its resting position. “J?”
Without thinking he placed his hand on hers to reassure her he was right there. “Am right here K we are on the way home, what’s wrong.”
“I don’t feel good.”
The meekness in her otherwise sweet yet strong voice cut Jackson to the bone. “I know K, you’ll be home soon. And I will be right there with you.”
She smiled a drunken smile as her eyes closed once again. She placed her hand on top his, Jackson felt a jolt of electricity shoot through him like a thunderstrike. “You are so sexy J”. Jackson chuckled, as he was pretty sure she meant sweet but he would take it as he wondered what on earth was she on.
Pulling into Kendra and Pete’s driveway, he gave Kendra a gentle nudge. “You’re home” Jackson quickly unbuckled and ran around the front of the car and over to her door. He opened it as she groggily looked up at him. Her face had lost a lot of color, and he could see just how sick she felt. It took a moment but he was able to help Kendra to her feet. She could barely stand and nearly fell when Jackson leaned down to grab her purse. After two failed attempts to take a few steps Jackson stood there basically propping up Kendra, running thru the chess moves he would need to do in order to get her safely inside. Pulling her close to him she instinctively wrapped her arms around him even tighter. Jackson shut her car door and tried to ignore just how good she felt pressed against him. She was so soft and the tighter she held him, the more he could feel her breasts flatten against him. He dug out his keys and slid the key ring onto his finger. Wriggling his hand into the loop of her wallet he let the wallet dangle freely from his wrist. “Up we go” he said almost more to himself than to Kendra. He scooped her up into his arms and felt her curl into him. Damn if feeling her head resting against his shoulder and her hand on his chest didn’t feel better than he could have ever imagined. And he had definitely imagined it many times over.
Jackson was some how able to fumble his way to get the key into the lock and unlocked the front door. Guess it paid to have a copy of each other’s house keys he randomly mused to himself. Taking several steps into the house as Kendra clung around his neck, Jackson stuck his foot back behind him and swung the door shut with a gentle swift kick. Luckily the lights in the main entryway were on so he didn't have to mess with any light switches. He took a deep breath as the stairways before him, taunted him. One more deep breath and he was ready to attack the stairs when the world seemed to stop. Kendra shifted ever so slightly, but it was a tectonic shift in Jackson’s state of mind. Kendra nuzzled against his shoulder and wrapped her arms a little tighter around him as she found comfort in him
“Jackson my hero. Thank you hun”. she whispered.
Jackson’s heart exploded. He no longer felt like he was carrying her, but holding her. He was pretty sure he was going to burn in hell for what he was feeling at that very moment but he didn’t care. All he could think about how this all would feel after an intense love making session. The wild white hot passion he knew that must burn inside her, the feel of her amazing body, and then to hold her afterwards and give her a sense of connection and safety. He had long fantas...fucking concentrate his subconscious interrupted. With that wet blanket to motivate him, he tried to ignore the feel of K’s body against his and took each step one at a time until they reached the landing at the top. From there, it was a short 15 feet down the hall to the master bedroom. Twisting his way thru the doorframe, Jackson was able to get into the room without banging some part of Kendra or himself against the door frame Jackson tried his best not to just flop Kendra down on the bed, and was semi-successful in that endeavor getting Kendra into a sitting position on the side of the bed.
Even in the relative darkness, Kenra’s normally bronzed and glowing skin seemed so pale as she teetered back and forth on the side of the bed like a metronome. Jackson searched for the lamp switch and finally found it and clicked on some light. God she looked so pale and weak he thought. He was sad and yet enraged that, his friend, such a strong willed lady was reduced to some damsel in distress. Normally, she was the type of woman that not only fought and slayed the dragon herself but liberated the dragon’s cache of treasure and turned is hide into this season’s must have fashion. Once again he shook his head trying to refocus his meandering mind.
Almost as if on cue, Kendra shot up and raced around the bed and into the master bath. Jackson recovered from the initial shock and followed her in as she had assumed the praying porcelain position. Jackson frantically tried to gather up as much of her hair as he could as he saw her whole torso heave and lurch. He gently rubbed her back as he knelt there beside her holding her hair as he listened to that unpleasant symphony of a body rejecting whatever it was that ailed it. Continuing to rub her back he tried to reassure her that everything ok.
“I’m so sorry” Kendra said through her labored breathing.
“It’s ok K, it’s not your fault, it’s ok”
“I never wanted you to see me like this..”
“It’s ok. You may be superhuman K but you are still human nothing to be worried about I just want you better is all.”
Her lungs continued to expand rapidly as her breathing was still out of sync. “You are so swe..”
Her sentence was cut short as she snapped her head back around to be over the toilet and the next wave of expelling the toxins commenced. Jackson stayed there holding her hair as she heaved. After what was only a few minutes, that seemed like half the night, Kendra settled down onto her feet as she knelt there on the cold tile floor. Jackson let go of her hair so it could fall freely. He reached over and flushed the toilet as Kendra tried to determine if that was the last of it. Looking around Jackson grabbed a little Dixie cup and grabbed the mouthwash. She was in no shape to brush her teeth but this would help. He poured some of the mouthwash into the cup and set the mouthwash down and put on the cap. Squatting down beside her he ran his hand over her hair. “K” Kendra was still disoriented. Jackson let his hand slide down to between her shoulder blades.and gave a gentle rub to get her attention. “K, I need you to do me a favor ok.”
“Anything for you sweetie.” Her words were true but her tone was weak.
Jackson hated her sounding so, he wasn't sure what to classify it as, fragile? He presented her the Dixie cup of mouthwash. “I need you to swish this around in your mouth and spit it in the toilet. don't drink it. Just swish and spit ok.”
“Come on J you know a real woman doesn't spit.”
Jackson tried to let that drunken tease and giggle go unnoticed, even if it did feel like she was dragging her nails down his back. After several moments as Kendra waited for her fog riddled brain to catch up to Jackson’s nonresponse, she took the cup and swished around the mouthwash and spit it out. Kendra started to stand, making Jackson spring into action. “Easy, easy, easy now K.” Jackson stood and slowly helped Kenra to her feet. They shuffled over to the bed where Jackson had to pretty much catch her as she just flopped onto the bed backward. .Jackson cursed himself for the thoughts that surged inside his mind. Her body was on full display. Even as she laid on her back the hole in her dress was like a giant target or spotlight for her deep cleavage. The dress slid up showing even more of her thighs. Damn this was cruel and unusual punishment. He couldn't count the number of times he had fantasized about kissing his way up those thighs. This is so wrong he thought, he needed to distract his mind and focus on her, be the friend, not the smitten teenage boy she always reduced him to.
“K is there something I can get out for you to change into?.”
“Yeah.” was the utterance she stated, as she laid there on her back with her eyes closed.
Jackson continued his way back to the bathroom to flush the toilet again and turn off the light while still keeping an ear out for Kendra. Jackson completed his tasks and when he turned back into the bedroom he heard the cutest little snore. His head and shoulders slumped as he kind of regretted his luck. He knelt down in front of her and eased her shoes off, and swung her legs onto the bed. Now the search for something for her to wear began.
Jackson didn't want to start snooping through the dresser like some teenage boy on a panty raid. He opened up the doors to the walk in closet and searched for a light switch. Eventually, he found the switch and felt like a fish out of water. Everything had its own place but he didn't even know where to start to look. Kendra’s clothes and shoes lined the left hand side, but they were all dresses and casual attire followed by some cute tees, jeans even nearly half a dozen swimsuits, but nothing suitable for sleeping. Pete must have some giant t-shirt or something. Jackson scanned the closet. Gawd damn does this man only own dress shirts and polos, seriously dude. It was bad enough the man looked like some 6’6” live action Ken doll the dude doesn’t have to dress like some Men’s Warehouse or Old Navy commercial all the damn time. Has he never been to a concert or own a graphic tee? Jackson knew he couldn’t let her sleep in that dress, yet there was nothing apparent that she could wear that would be even slightly reasonable. No... he said to himself. His shirts had always been big, he had a good four and a half to five inches on her. No bad, bad idea, he continued to fight with himself. She can’t wake up in my shirt, what the hell would that look like. Me half naked, her in my shirt and she has no real memory of the night before. Noooo, that wouldn’t be awkward at all. Now wasn’t the time for sarcasm from his conscious. She would be covered enough, her dress wouldn’t be ruined, he would be there to explain and he could go get dressed the second she woke up. No this was a bad idea. Jackson rubbed his forehead as the pros and cons fought it out inside his mind. What the hell was he doing? Jackson hung his head, knowing what he needed to do and was so unhappy about it.
Jackson peeled off his t-shirt and immediately felt that sense of apprehension and almost shame like that first time he had to shower with all the other boys on his jr high basketball team. That sense of shame was quickly pushed aside by a cocktail of sadness, calm, and a hint of rage as he saw how helpless yet beautiful Kendra looked laying there. Jackson knew how one-sided his feelings were. Could he call them feelings? Was it just attraction and lust? That’s all he let his conscious mind think it was, despite all the empirical evidence showcasing there was a much deeper bond between the two. It was a case of what will never be and he was so happy and lucky to have Jackie. This was something...Jackson spotted the clock on the bedside, 12:21. No wonder his mind was rambling. With t-shirt in hand, Jackson knelt down beside Kendra.
Placing his hand upon her shoulder Jackson gave a gentle shake. “K” There was no response. “Kendra...hunny.” Thank god she wasn’t awake to hear that he thought. Giving another nudge “K”. This time she stirred and opened her eyes, though but the look of things she had no idea where she was or what she was doing. She was definitely on something that put her in a haze and compliant.
“I’m tired” and she started to roll over onto her side.
“No, no, no Kendra.” Giving another nudge. “Kendra I need you to change into this. Put this on I will be right outside the door ok?”
Kendra started to roll over again and basically passed out asleep. Jackson knew all this frustration he was feeling, was really just guilt. Guilty for thinking the thoughts, guilty for not being a better husband and friend. Guilty that he wasn't there to protect Kendra, Logically, she was a woman that needed no man to protect her and he shouldn't feel guilty for not preventing this when he wasn’t even there. That still didn’t stop him from feeling guilty in some way. Taking a deep sigh he knew he would have to be the one to help her change. “Kendra, you need to help me, hun.” He slowly lifted her up into a sitting position.
Jackson draped the shirt over and pulled it down with her arms not yet inside the sleeves. Honestly, he was glad to have that cleavage out of sight, it was way too big of a guilty distraction. Reaching under the back of the shirt he was able to easily find the zipper to the dress but was momentarily thrown off when he felt something super smooth. What was that? His mind recognized what it was for Jackie did the same thing when she dressed in dresses or jumpers. Slowly pulling down, the zipper followed her spine all the way down until it stopped at the small of her back. Jackson tried to rouse Kendra one more time, unsuccessfully. He was able to push the dress off her shoulders thru his t-shirt. Jackson spent the next five minutes slowly and very carefully, blindly trying to slip her arms thru the straps of her dress underneath his t-shirt. Jackson was so nervous, deathly afraid of accidentally touching her someplace he wanted to but shouldn’t. The dress was clinging to her as if it did not want to let go, though he couldn't quite blame it. The terrifying thought of her waking up as he is there undressing her while he doesn’t have a shirt on slammed into his brain and freaked him out a little bit. He had come this far, there was no stopping now. After about 10 minutes or so he was able to get Kendra on her feet. He was able to get the hem of his shirt down to about the same length as the hem of her dress. Of course the skin tight dress continued to cling to her like static cling. Who wouldn’t want to cling to those delicious curves for as long as one could. Jackson shook his head as if disapproving of his ungentlemanly thoughts. Eventually he was able to slide the dress down, past the curve of her hips and thighs, till it fell to the floor. Several more moments he was able to coax Kendra’s arms into the sleeves of his t-shirt.
God that was a pain in the ass he thought. That was as much of a hassle as it used to be trying to get the changed into their pjs after they passed out in the car from a long day at the fair. A wave of guilt crashed over him for having those feelings. K didn't want this, she never asked for this. Look at her, she’s defenseless You care about her more than you care to admit. Look at this amazing woman she deserves better. Yes this was awkward, but she’s the victim here jackass, not you. Gawd, I really fucking hate that voice sometimes.
Easing Kendra back into a sleeping position he finally noticed she was still wearing makeup. Not quite sure why she was wearing it she was just as beautiful without any on. He was glad he didn’t wave to waste any of his time plastering that stuff on his face every day. He also knew it was sometimes a form of self-expression or helped them feel pretty or whatever, but was not something one should sleep in. He walked over to Kendra’s vanity hoping to find some sort or wipey thing or something so he didn't have to use a warm washcloth. Luckily there was a pack of what said they were facial wipes right there, so he grabbed them.
Kendra was out cold. Jackson used his fingers to gently brush her hair away from her face and ears so he could finish getting her ready for bed. Taking a deep breath he reached down and grabbed the backing of the earring with one hand and the earring with his other. Feeling as squeamish as he did that first time he baited his fishing hook with a live worm, he tried to remove her earring as gently as possible. His hands were practically shaking by the time he actually took off the earring, and proceed to get the other earring and placing both of them on the bedside. He pulled one of the wipes out of the packet and started trying to remove the makeup from her beautiful face. He used gentle strokes at first as he slid wipey wrapped fingers across her forehead. He wasn’t quite using enough pressure so he slowly increased it until he learned what was the right amount of pressure to use. He continued to wipe her eyelids, cheeks, chin, nose, and jawline. Grabbing a new wipey he paused not wanting to do this next part. He didn't want to know what her lips felt like, the temptation was just something he didn't want. It would be a splinter in the back of his mind trying to bury itself deeper till his dying day. Temptation wasn’t about fantasy or the unknown, it was about knowing just enough to give those fantasy details that make them real. Huffing through his nose like a bull, Jackson did what needed to be done. He removed the lipstick and the rest of the makeup along her neck. The soft cooing sounds she maybe did not ease Jackson’s mindset or conscious. It was done and she was out cold. He tucked her in and basically sat there on the end of the bed for a few minutes to make sure she didn't wake up or start throwing up again.
Taking the pillows from the other side of the bed he gently placed them behind her back to help keep her on her side. The coast seemed clear so he quietly made his way down to the kitchen and started to look for a tupperware bowl. His quest didn’t take long, he had cleaned up after dinners and parties here more times than he could remember and knew pretty much where everything was. He filled up one of her insulated bottles with some ice water, scribbled a couple of notes on some post its and a notepad and headed back upstairs. Jackson spent the next fifteen minutes prepping the room for the morning. Finding a hanger he hung her dress so it wouldn't get all wrinkled and would be ready for the dry cleaner, set out the aspirin and water bottle on her bedside with notes instructing her what to do in the event he wasn’t right there or was there but asleep on the floor. Settling down the bowl next to Kendra, she stirred and looked up at him. Her eyes were barely open as she asked him to lay down with her for a minute. There was a weakness, a vulnerability in her face Jackson had never seen before. She asked again please, as she confessed she was scared.
Jackson knew what a horrible idea was but he couldn’t let his friend suffer just because he can’t keep his fantasies in check. His duty to look after his friend overrode the morality of his conscience. She probably wouldn’t remember him holding her in her own bed but she would feel some safety and comfort right now by being there for her. That was worth the inner turmoil and guilt he would feel going forward. ‘Don’t act like you wouldn’t just love to hold her’, the devil on his shoulder mocked. Walking around to the other side of the bed he moved the pillows he had propped up behind her back and laid down on his back next to her. Gently rubbing her back to comfort her. he felt extremely blessed and uneasy about touching her, let alone touching her in her bed. Kendra kicked off the protective blanket between the two of them and rolled over to lay her head upon his chest. Adrenaline shot through his body making his skin feel hot as he tried to calm himself despite how good it felt to hold her. He kept telling himself, this is just one friend helping another friend that’s all. She laid her hand upon his bare chest and snuggled a little closer. Jackson had to bite his lower lip to stop himself from gasping at how sinfully good she felt. She seemed to just fit perfectly in his arms. The softness of her hair cascading over his chest was a sensation he couldn’t explain, it just felt good. You are just friends, you are just helping out a friend this means nothing, you’re married, she’s married, she doesn't see you that way, she's out of your league. Over and over his mind droned on, beating him with the reality it perceived. She won’t even remember this, don’t make it out to be something more, you’re sexualizing an innocent situation. Kendra rolled even more into Jackson and draped her leg over his. Jackson melted like the chocolate in a s’more when she ran her smooth thigh up and down his leg as she searched for the best place to lay her leg.
Jackson sucked in a breath and held it while his mind was rocking back in forth in the fetal position chanting “I’m going to hell, I’m going to hell, I’m going to hell” over and over again. The mind fretted as the body rejoiced. Her soft silky skin was the magical fulfilling comfort like a warm wood stove during a New England snowstorm. He could feel the entire length of her body against him, feeling every curve, everything. Every slight movement her breasts would brush and graze against him, it was all so perfect, all so terrifying. Kendra snuggled and adjusted ever so slightly, and even though Jackson figured he was simply projecting, he swore she was smiling. She was just finding comfort, it was instinct he explained to himself This had nothing to do with him, just the comfort he was providing. Her hand slowly stroked his bare chest and Jackson felt every cell, every nerve ending firing and detonating. Without realizing he was doing it, he softly played with her hair. Every time she cooed or happily settled into him, Jackson found a flash of joy. This was so wrong his inner voice kept telling him while his body kept reminding him how heavenly it all felt. No this isn’t that his logical practical side protested. He’s comforting his friend and his fantasies and desires was resorting to a base primal need response. He simply needs to be a friend. Jackson had be trying to suppress those thoughts he couldn’t afford to entertain. Trying to shut off his brain Jackson focused on comforting her, listening to her breathing, and taking satisfaction that for the time being she was ok.
Jackson’s eyes burst open with his body recognizing the person he was holding wasn’t Jackie. Panic flooded his body as he was able to barely suppress the fight or flight response. His mind flashed the nights memories in the span of a few nanoseconds. He had simply fallen asleep as he was watching over K. Gently easing himself out from underneath her, he tried to ignore how natural and good it all had felt. He tucked the pillows back down beside her as he slipped out of the bed. He would be lying to himself if he were to say part of him didn't want her to have just rolled right over, straddled him and made him her lover. Wiping his face to wake up and stop the rampant dreaming he seemed to be doing tonight, he proceeded to the bathroom. Looking at the disapproving face in the mirror Jackson turned on the cold water.
There was a sound that pierced the quiet of the darkened room. Instinctually, Jackson turned off the water and peered thru the door to see if K was stirring or needed help. She was still asleep when the next moan came, quickly followed by another. Tingles ran down Jackson’s spine. She was obviously dreaming and having a rather hot time with it. Jackson shut the bathroom door because her moans resonated within him to the point the moans vibrated in his bones. She sounded, even more, divine that one could ever imagine, and it was just too much to handle. What sort of cruel punishment was this he pleaded to the purveyors of kharma. Her moans grew louder and the throbbing he felt seemed to make his whole body pulse. He turned on the water hoping to drown out the erotic noises rattling his soul. The sensual desire she expressed in the most intimate sounds caused an ache that was torture in how he was denying himself. He needed relief and every time he closed his eyes he pictured how her body moving and twisting in pleasure as whatever she dreamed about was ripping the moans from the passion she held within. The swollen urge had gone from desire to a painful need. Jackson could bare the thought of stroking as he listened to his best friend in the next room. He wanted to be looking into her eyes as he pinned her down and watch her moan as she gripped him tight every time he plunged deep into her. Cupping his hands under the faucet and splashed cold water over his face soaking his bangs. It did nothing to cool the sweat and heat his need burned and radiated from him. The sounds of her grew in volume and intensity. God he could almost feel her on jim taking every inch of him in. The gym shorts offered little resistance as his cick lurched and twitch like a junkie needing a fix. His fingers dug into the countertop so hard it felt as if the granite was going to crumble in his hands like peanut brittle. The sounds finally subsided and stopped, but his discomfort stood defiantly, lingering, needed as he bent his chest heaved like some hulking animal. Splashing more cold water on his face, he just let the water drip from his face as he tried to center himself. This didn't happen. No one ever needed to know. K definitely didn't need to know I heard what I heard. Least thats what the voice in the mirror told him
Grabbing a towel he wiped down his face and folded the towel over a few times before turning out the light. Slowly opening the door Jackson listened to make sure there were was nothing but silence left in the air. It was as if he was sneaking in after curfew. Jackson as quietly as possible opened the bathroom more, just enough where he could slip through. Making his way to the end of the bed on his tip toes. he knelt down onto the floor. Taking the towel he laid it down as a makeshift pillow and laid on his side. He took a deep breath trying to clear his mind as best he could. Breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Peace soon filled him, slumber was right behind.
The creak of the door hinge pierced Jackson’s slumber and instincts roused him to alertness. Jackson started sitting up when a white hot poker was jabbed against his neck, He grabbed his neck and could feel the stiffness curse him for staying in that position all night. He gently tried rubbing and turning his neck to loosen the muscles that seemed to be locked into position. Finally able to move his head with only a sense of soreness and not pain, the next order of business was to remove the cotton someone used to wipe out his mouth with. He grabbed the towel and wiped the corner of his mouth. Nothing sexier than drool i tell ya, dumbass. Jackson rolled his eyes. Apparently, Jiminy Cricket had turned into wise-ass mode he thought to himself. Annnnnd now I am talking to myself in my head as I stand half naked in my best friends house, nothing weird here. I need coffee to make sense of this madness. Jackson quickly made the bed and threw the towel in the laundry hamper before proceeding downstairs. He really wanted to just sneak out but that wouldn’t be fair to K, so he started up the coffee. He looked around to see if there was anything easy he get or make for breakfast. She might not even want breakfast, he would ask when she came down but was still good to look and see what all the options were.
It wasn’t long until Kendra smiled as she made her way into the kitchen. Smiling and averting his eyes he quickly poured her coffee and stirred in the hazelnut creamer. She was still wearing just the t-shirt, his t-shirt. The shirt did nothing to hide her curves and highlighted her soft, smooth, powerful thighs. Purposefully avoiding eye contact he handed over her coffee without an exchange of words. He tried to avoid looking at her in some insane notion that they could ignore the proverbial elephant in the room. There was a sudden flash of heat as he tried to hide his blushing. Hearing K calls him hun as she thanked him for her cup of coffee, triggered something within him like it did every time she called him hun. He liked that sound of her voice calling him hun, as if it meant something. It was a familiarity that he undeniably craved. It was more than just physical attraction. For some inexplicable reason, from the very moment they met, her opinion mattered to him. Hearing her call him hun was a kind of tether and connection of his world to hers.
Jackson’s mind cursed to itself. What was it about women in men’s clothes that was just so damn sexy. Was it the way the fabric clung to the curves of a woman instead of drape along the angular lines men. Was it how it showcased the sculpt of their thighs and gave a hint of, yet still hid the promise of what things might be. T-shirts were built for functionality and comfort for men. Yet those same exact t-shirts, proved to be sexy and fashionable for women. Maybe because he was functioning on about three and a half hours of sleep, but the mystery of how women just automatically made everything sexier, was an ageless riddle that would remain unsolved, at least for today. Shit, I could have just as easily thrown one of Pete’s giant tent of a dress shirt on her. That would have made more sense. Why didn’t I think of that last night?
The kitchen was eerily quiet as they both sipped their coffee, both of them over-tired from a long night. Jackson tried to avoid looking at K as she leaned back against the counter. He could feel her eyes on him, which was both arousing and terrifying. Part of him wanted to explain everything and apologize if he over stepped but that would only be rehashing what he wrote in the note and would trigger a discussion he really didn't want to have.The silence and the guilt was a weight he struggled with and needed even a momentary relief.
“Would you like some more coffee?”
“No I am good thanks”
Jackson wasn’t quite sure why she randomly smiled at that, but let it go.
“How are you feeling?” was the best follow up question he could come up with in order to keep the silence at bay. Kendra did not immediately reply. She was tired after all, and the longer he stayed the more uncomfortable he felt and assumed she was feeling the same. He looked up from his coffee to look at her. She looked gorgeous. Dammit, why did she have to be so amazing. He watched as Kendra returned from whatever mental sojourn she had just been on .
“I’m sorry hun, what?!”
Another tingle surged through him as she called him hun. It was so stupid how much hearing her say that affected him. He tried to rapidly push those thoughts aside, and again asked how she was feeling.
“My head is pounding, and I’m a bit groggy but doing ok. What exactly happened last night?”
Jackson so didn't want to ever have this conversation, which is why he wrote the note, but couldn’t hide his concern or the small pain he felt seeing her hurting. He just wanted to make everything better and hoped he didn't forever screw up their friendship. He never felt so naked before, and literally not wearing a shirt didn’t help matters. The ability to form complete sentences in his mind waged war between the embarassment, lust, and guilt he felt.
“Did you carry me into the house last night?”
Jackson’s mind got a brief case of whiplash at the sudden random question, and desperately wanted to downplay the entire evening. “I helped you inside.”
Glancing up from his coffee mug, Jackson saw her looking directly at him.
“Did you did carry me in or did I imagine that.”
His gaze turned to the marble pattern of the island. He wanted to trumpet not only, yes he did it but also, confess how much he enjoyed having her in his arms. Confess how worried and angry he was someone had tried something so despicable to her. Tell her how he wanted to be one that she could rely on day or night under any circumstance. This sudden flood of selfish desire, turning her struggle into all about him and his wants left a bitter taste in his mouth. Jackson wanted to find any excuse to be able to just leave the situation. Looking into his nearly empty mug of coffee his voice started soft and trailed off. “Yeah I carried you, you couldn't really walk it was nothing, just trying to help. I...I’m sorry.”
He watched her fidget for a moment and tried not to watch the beauty of those thighs in motion. The image of bending her over the counter. pulling her hair as he slammed into her over and over again, flashed into his mind. Seeing her knuckles whiten as she gripped the countertop. Watching her breasts sway with each torrid thrust. How he wanted to be inside her, show her how reckless and wanton she made him feel. How he wanted to be the one that made those sounds and moans like she did in her sleep last night. His inner voice screamed at him for being such a pervert and ruining the most important relationship in his life, outside his direct family. Who was he kidding. She was a good friend, but only because they were neighbors. She was sweet and simply tried to help include the shy quiet guy whenever there was a party or something. He had already traded up with Jackie, K was far out of his league as well. That sort of lightning strike doesn't happen twice on any level. Oh my god his head screamed, Jackie. Guilt flooded his entire body like a scorching inferno. How could he be thinking these things when he’s married to such a wonderful woman as Jackie. How on earth could he limit such an amazing woman as Kendra to a simple act of raw pleasure. He pushed back on the chair and started to stand.
“K...you’re my best friend. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me I would prefer if it was me that was uncomfortable. Please I should go and start my chores.” He just wanted to go hide before he did or said anything he couldn't take back. Before he could even react he felt her soft hand on his and the world stopped for a moment. He was at ease, unabashedly comfortable in the familiarity her touch generated. Her touch had distracted his mind and his arms instinctively wrapped around her as she wrapped her arms around him. There was an exciting calm that warmed its way down his spine and into his soul as he felt her close.
The inner voice was awoken by the internal clock that said this was the limit of a friendly hug anything more was something more. She felt so good. She made him feel so good. Which was why it was time to end the hug. Relaxing his arms he started to slip out of the hug only to feel her double down and hold him tighter. A surge of adrenaline and endorphins flooded him as he felt the softness of her body and the passion in embrace. He could feel her breasts smashed against his chest like some ship of the line crashing on the island breakers. The not just want, but need, to be inside her erupted. He didn't just want to fuck her. No, he wanted to be part of her.This was also wrong but felt so right. His mind valiantly fought to keep his body’s arousal at bay. He had to find a way out of this, but K wasn’t letting go. She just held him with no spoken words, but volumes of thanks and emotions were conveyed in her touch. She seemed to be making herself vulnerable to him and show she cared. That she wasn't going anywhere. He felt like an open book with her and it scared him. He let himself feel her emotions and state of mind that are all too often ignored in a hug but are always present. He stopped just feeling the warmth of her body and felt her. A sudden peace and joy enveloped him as they connected. He felt another fortified castle wall fall to her as he held her there in silence.
He felt her delicate hand cradled the back of his head before her fingers danced through his short summer length hair. Her fingernails gently grazed over his scalp and the tingle ricocheted and reverberated throughout him. He felt his desire twitch and lurch against her. There was no doubt she could feel him hardened and needing but she didn't retreat. Mortified and embarrassed his flight defence kicked in as he tried to step away so she didn't feel how swollen and hard she had made him. Instead of letting him go she just held him tighter. The more he struggled the more of her rubbed against him, only adding to the desire. Why wasn’t she let him go? Why wasn’t she offended by feeling his throbbing want pressed up against her. Couldn't she sense nothing would make him happier then to pin her down on the floor shove himself forever deep inside her and look into her eyes as he fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Yet through all that she just held onto him tightly, not allowing him to run away.
“You’re the only one I would have trusted with something like this J.” Her words were nearly muffled but could be heard and felt against his chest and shoulder. “You have always been there for me, even in the times you never knew how much I needed you. You have always been my hero in one way or another. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to have you as my best friend hun.”
Jackson simply melted. It felt like an army of engineers were frantically trying to rebuild the wall that had just been penetrated, but their efforts proved to be in vain. He stopped trying to escape and simply pulled her in and held on for dear life. There they stood for what seemed like a million heartbeats. For a moment, he felt accepted, warts and all. He didn't feel worthy but accepted this gift of lucky fate and simply enjoyed every facet of these moments. Slowly the hug dissipated and they returned to the real world. She kept her hand on his chest as his eyes looked down and peered into hers. He instinctively smiled as she smiled up at him. He was surprised but happy when she kissed his cheek.
“I know you have a bunch of stuff you need to do today and I don’t want to keep you but I had to say thank you. Jackie wanted me to make you dinner tonight. Something about not wanting all the mac and cheese gone or something? “ Jackson chuckled at typical Jackie as Kendra continued.. “What would you like for dinner? I can make you something or we could just order a pizza and watch a movie. You wanted to see that new Tom Hanks one right?”
Jackson hadn’t quite bounced back to reality yet and was still catching up, waiting for the words to register in his brain. “Uh, um, no, no. Pizza is fine and you don’t have to go to any trouble, you don’t need to have to entertain me I can find something.”
“I’d have to answer to Jackie if I didn’t have dinner with you tonight and no one wants to face that little spitfire’s reckoning now do they. Beside I need to properly thank you for being such a gentleman and being my best friend after last night. Won’t you let me do that for you hun?”
Trying to hide the joy he again got from hearing her call him hun and the prospect of spend one on one time with K, he tried to focus on the plans. “Ok what time should I come over? Is there anything I should bring? Want me to run to the store and pick up something?” He enjoyed watching her laugh, she was so beautiful when she laughed, hell she was always beautiful but it made him happy when he saw her laugh or smile.
“Hun it’s not exactly me having dinner for you if you do all the work. We’ll just do pizza, beer, and a movie. Bring your swim shorts if you want we can go swimming later if you want. Just dress in some shorts and a t. Ok? Nothing fancy just your normal weekend stuff, not your dress shorts, just be you. Come over whenever I’ll have the pizza here at 6:30.”
Blinking a few times Jackson tried to catch up to what the heck was or did just happen, his brain needed more than the three plus hours of sleep he got.
“Ok, I just come on over whenever then.”
Slowly he made his way to the door feeling slightly confused and yet still turned on as Kendra followed.
“See you later hun, thank you for everything.”
“See you soon K, thank you.”
He would never tire of her calling him hun. Watching her over his shoulder she shut the door as he walked across the driveway and onto his lawn. Picking up the weekend paper off the driveway and saw the local gossip spot him in between her work on her flower boxes. He hoped she hadn't seen him walking topless out of K’s house. on his way back to his house.
“Morning Ms. Rudzinski.” He wasn’t sure if the wave of the gardening spade in her hand was a good morning or I will bury you in my backyard as you sleep, but whatever. There was something off about her that always troubled Jackson. He wasn't quite sure what it was. It wasn’t just the gossiping she did, something in the way she soaked in every detail. Maybe she was like some sort of German spy years ago. Ha he chuckled at the thought that maybe she had been some sort of secret spy that sold sex for secrets. Dear Lord could you imagine such a fantastical story from such a lady who dispensed condescension as easy as most smiled. Jackson smiled and headed back into the house hoping the thought of Mrs Rudzinski as some sort of spy would keep his mind off K and how amazing felt as his body still tingled from her touch.
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Kendra was happy to have the house to herself. It was so rare an occurrence where she felt like Kendra and not “Mom” or “Mrs. Williams”. She stood there, in their walk-in closet, wearing just her bra and thong trying to decide which dress to wear to the bar Sarah and Jeanie kept raving about. Why not be a little sassy tonight she mused and suddenly she knew just what to wear. She hadn’t had an excuse to wear this dress since Pete’s work’s dinner party two years ago. She swung the bottom of the dress out and gave it a look over before picking up the hanger off the rack. Looking at it, she was excited about being able to wear it again. The lush royal blue sleeveless party dress with peek-a-boo cut out was sexy and classy. Stepping over to her rack of shoes she picked out her noir lace-up gladiator peep-toe sandals with two-inch heels. She loves how this outfit made her feel. She couldn’t wait to slither into this luscious second skin. Now for the accessories, she thought. At first, she figured she would stick with her diamond stud earrings for a sense of refinement but where she was going to keep her hair down she figured something with some length would be fun. Next, she wanted something sparkly and bold. Contemplating a necklace she decided she would go without so it wouldn’t compete with her cleavage. Opening one of the drawers Kendra looked over the assortment of bracelets and accessories and decided on a pair of gold and silver bangles, her gold watch and a pair of ‘dangly’ earrings, as Pete called them.
The routine of hair, make up, and just getting ready in general was old habit. Taking her zip up ribbon, she feeds the safety pin thru the eye of the dress’ zipper and closed the pin. Stepping into her dress, she could feel an attitude wrap itself around her. Pulling the dress up over her curves was liberating. There was no hint of Mrs. Williams or Mom in this dress, this was all Kendra. Reaching behind, she grabbed the safety pin ribbon and zipped up her dress. She had no idea what she would have done without that life hack all these years, it made wearing dresses so much easier. She contemplated taking the safety pin off but instead tucked the ribbon down the back of her dress because she didn’t want to wrestle with her dress when she got home tonight. Running her hands down her body smoothing out the wrinkles in her dress she couldn’t help but wonder if men ever feel sexy just by getting dressed. There was something about feeling and looking good and somewhat intoxicating knowing some heads will turn simply because she walked past them. She readjusted the dress and fidgeted with her breasts until everything was settled and aligned they way they should be. She slipped into her heels and slid the bangles onto her wrists and switched out her stud earring for the pair she picked out. Walking over to the full-length mirror she actually enjoyed the light clattering of the silver and gold bands. She took a look in the full-length mirror and something just didn’t seem right. She twisted her wrists quickly and decided the bangles were just too much. She slid the bangles off her wrists as she walked back over to her vanity and instead picked up the gold watch. Clasping the watch on her wrist she took another look in the full-length mirror. She looked and felt sexy and sultry. Tonight she wasn’t some married suburban house mom, or semi-retired owner / businesswoman, tonight she was all woman.
Kendra was in the process of tidying up, when the doorbell rang. Kendra had wanted to lay out the nightgown she was going to wear to bed, so it was one less thing she had to do when she got home, but was forced to go answer the door. She checked her watch, the driver was early. She did a quick mirror check and couldn’t help run her hands down over the dress smoothing out any tiny wrinkles. Her hips instinctively wiggled ever so slightly as her hands ran over them. Not only did she feel sexy, she felt sexy to the touch. Tonight was going to be a long overdue evening. The night of Kendra she thought and chuckled to herself. Grabbing her purse she quickly made her way downstairs.
Forever the social butterfly Kendra couldn't help but strike up a conversation with her driver. The twenty or so minute ride was spent learning how Steve was doing this as a second gig to save money to buy an engagement ring for his boyfriend. How Steve met Dominic at a concert and it was love at first sight. Kendra gave him her company’s business card in the event Dominic said “Yes” and they were looking for a new place together. Arriving at the bar she tapped her phone to pay the fare along with a decent tip, and shut the car door behind her. As she showed her license to the security guard at the door, she felt his eyes linger over her silhouette and curves a bit longer than he did most others. There was a subtle rush or empowerment she felt knowing this security guard was taking extra time checking her out, not because his job required him to, but that his basic animal instinct was to savor the sight of her. Making her way inside Kendra saw how busy the place was. The bar had a definite buzz to it and was impressed the music upstairs didn’t interfere with the fun of the bar downstairs. It didn't take long for Kendra to get the rather cute bartender’s attention. She ordered one of the special fusion drinks and was on her way upstairs in just a few minutes. She had no doubt she would find Sarah and Jeanie dancing up a storm. They had both found freedom, and maybe a bit too much freedom since both their divorces were finalized. The lights, music, and the amount of people just letting loose was a definite sign it was Friday night and people were ready to start the weekend.
It didn't take long to find Sarah and Jeanie. They sat and drank their drinks for several minutes until Jeanie squealed at the song selection of the live entertainment. They followed Jeanie out on the dance floor and let the music wash over them like rain and course through their veins. Kendra felt a connection to the past. It had been forever since she danced. She felt young and free. It wasn’t long before the ladies drew the attention of wolves on the prowl. Song after song, suitors of all shapes and sizes tried to work their way into the ladies circle in a wanton scheme to work into them. Jeanie couldn’t help but to flirt and grind up to the most recent beautiful piece of meat that danced too close for acceptable social standards. Jeanie’s sexual awakening had blossomed over the past several months. It had been nearly two years since the divorce, over three since the separation. Tonight was as much as having fun with the girls as it was in hopes of finding a delicious tryst to appease her ever growing hunger.
Kendra enjoyed seeing Jeanie breakout from the confined shell she had lived in for the past eleven years. She also worried about Jeanie and hoped she was being careful. Sex and emotions are two ingredients that could easily lead to the other. Sex rarely ever was “just sex”. Kendra knew her public image was one of refined beauty and elegance, and that her friends would never suspect let alone understand her and Pete’s open marriage. She knew first hand how casual sex could easily lead to something more unexpectedly. Hell her world changed seven years ago when she has her new neighbors over for supper that first night they moved in and she hadn’t even slept with him. Sex can lead to emotions, and emotions can lead to the desire of sex being a manifestation of those emotions. It all was a delicate balance. What wasn’t a delicate balance was the paws that were suddenly grabbing her hips. She smiled as she turned around to greet her unsolicited suitor. Holding up her left hand she twisted the wedding band on her finger as a polite ‘back off’. In a semi-petulant manner, the without a bone held up his hands as if it was a half hearted apology. The smile on her face hid the anger burning inside her at this man sized boy’s attitude. She turned to face him. Leaning in closer to him to make sure he could hear her over the music she wanted to make sure she had his attention. His eyes were laser focused on her breasts and peek-a-boo cleavage and she pulled her fingers up from her chest to her face leading his vision to where it needed to be. “You know, you would have much better luck if you actually introduced yourself to the lady BEFORE you put your hands on her. Dancing is not consent.” His face barely hid the bitter snarl his lips wanted to form. He muttered “bitch” as he turned and disappeared into the forest of people. Hell, that was worth getting dressed up and going out, she thought. The little man couldn’t think with the right head and he was going to remember that bitch that put him in his place for once. That thought tickled her to her core as she turned back to her friends and danced to the beats and sounds of the music.
The ladies found a table as the band took a break between sets. Kendra decided to brave the bathroom while Jeanie went to get some more drinks. The bathroom was actually really good for a club and she didn't have to wait more than five minutes to actually use it. Washing her hands and drying them off she made her way past the line that had grown longer than when she went in. She had no longer sat down it seemed and heard Jeanie’s man meat blabber on about his less than enlightened look at politics before she was being dragged out to the dance floor. She took a quick drink and had to shake the taste from her mouth. The drink was way too strong and Kendra was glad she only had one quick drink of it as she was pulled out onto the dance floor. It wasn’t long before Kendra had to sit down because of a growing headache. Sitting down at their table the sights and sounds of the club seemed to blend together. It became harder and harder for Kendra to focus on anything let alone see Jeanie grinding on her new playtoy. The flashing lights and the feel of the bass thumping against her skin made her belly queasy. Something was off and she needed to go home. The girls were having too much fun and there was only one person besides Pete she would trust with something like this. She fumbled around in her clutch for her phone. Everything was harder. Blurry vision, disorienting lights, marbled sounds, delayed reactions and poor motor skills all plagued her effort to corral her phone.
Finally able to hold the phone, she tried to focus her eyes and pressed the contact number. She didn't want to admit to herself she was a little scared and found herself thinking, please be there I really need you right now. The phone picked up and before they could say anything she blurted out “J”...there was no sound on the other end of the line. “It’s K. Something’s wrong, I don’t....something doesn’t feel right.” she couldn't tell if she was slurring her words or if her hearing was just off. She hoped she didn't sound pathetic or scared, the last thing she wanted to do was to have him think less of her. Then again she knew he wouldn’t but that fear still lingered. She tried to make out what she could and started looking around the dance floor for some guy named Pete when Jackson let her know it was the bartender downstairs. She tried to navigate the crowd and the noise and do as J asked. She bumped into a few people as she had a hard time walking. Informing J she had flagged down the cute bartender. She was suddenly so very tired and rested her arm and then her head on her arm, on the bar top as the cute bartender talked on her phone.
To her surprise, there was J standing before her and she was filled with energy and excitement about the fun they could both have dancing the night away to the house band playing upstairs. “J!” she yelled. Reaching out to him. “dance with me sweetie.”
Jackson’s hand was tender and unyielding. “K. I need to take you home”
She wanted to really vamp up this playful chance, “Whoooah slow down sailor.” She continued to wiggle and dance while holding his hand, trying to entice him to dance. She was a little disheartened he didn’t seem to want to dance with her her or respond to her playful flirt. He continued to hold her hand, but didn't budge.
She was up to the challenge to make him let her in and have a good night while they were both out on the town. She gave her best pouty look, letting her body and face beg for his compliance better than any words could. Something in the way he said her name made it easy to tell that Jackson was serious and concerned. She still pulled at his hand wanting to take him to the dance floor, she wanted to feel him against her. Two moving as one. Yes, she definitely wanted that. She watched him sign the letter K and knew he was serious. They both only used this silent communication to check in with each other when one really needed some help at a party but couldn’t ask for it.
“It’s time to go home.”
She was trying to think of how to sign the letter j to tell her she did need some help but her head was so foggy she couldn’t quite think straight. Suddenly realizing how in trouble she was and how awful the night could have been, she threw herself into her hero’s arms. She squeezed him tight out of a need for safety and joy at the amount of knowing how much he cared. His arms slowly cocooned her from the world and she buried her face into his shoulder.
His voice was low and soothing. “It’s ok K, I got you, I got you.” She pressed as tightly against him as she could. She needed to feel safe, and as always, when she truly needed something, J was there for her. She needed that feeling for a few moments more. She slowly let go and magically her hand fit into his. In this brief breath of time, she would follow this man and do anything he wanted. The lights and sounds of the bar were muffled in her head, as if she was listening to the world from under water. She tried her best to keep her swaying balance as her equilibrium rocked back and forth like a teeter-totter. Jackson’s hand was her guiding force. Somehow she found herself sitting down in the front seat of J’s car. She got a blast of how good he smelled as he leaned over her and buckled her seatbelt.
She was so tired and sick to her stomach. Jackson was saying something as she felt herself drink from whatever was in her hand. Suddenly it was gone from her hand. Her mind couldn’t quite recognize what the sound of the car starting was. Leaning her head against the window all she could sense was the way her body seemed to vibrate. Her whole body seemed in turmoil until she felt his hand on her’s.
“Am here K, we are on the way home, what’s wrong.”
The touch of his hand and how the concern in his voice touched her heart, she felt the urge to confess. “I don’t feel good.”
Her eyes remained closed as the world was just too much to experience right now, she could still feel his caring concern. “I know K, you’ll be home soon. And I will be right there with you.” She turned her head towards where she thought he was and smiled before letting her head rest against the side of the car.
The word home seemed to come from Jackson’s mouth but didn't fully register. She was so tired she just wanted to stay here and rest. She could sense her body being manipulated, but everything felt so heavy and dead she just let the world happen. A sudden sense of comfort filled her as the warmth of a body cradled and protected her. Her head fits perfectly against his shoulder and let her hand rest against his chest. She could feel her dream was with J. She couldn't quite make out what he kept mumbling but felt as if he was carrying her away to some hidden lovers spot. Feeling him carry her up the hillside, shimmy through the path between the tall oak trees until he set her down on the soft meadow. The two worlds of the meadow and her bedroom collided as the knots in her stomach started to spasm. She bolted to the bathroom and made it to the toilet just in time as her body heaved and expelled. After the first round finished she could hear and feel Jackson’s comforting words and touch. She felt so embarrassed he would see her so drunk and have to be there while she threw up. Remnants of mint hung in her mouth as the sound of the toilet helped her to her feet. She was back in the meadow as the tall grass beckoned her to lay down and sleep in the warmth of the spring sun. She could feel Jackson’s presence but was just in such a haze all she wanted to do was lay down.
Feeling Jackson’s presence leave her she reached out and grasped the wrist of the legacy memory of him. She needed to feel safe and asked the memory to stay. The soft depression of the bed beside her was a welcome addition to the desolate island she had been on. His skin felt so good against her. Curling into his arms her head found the perfect spot upon his shoulder and chest. Her hand meanders and explored his chest as her eyes remained heavy. With every breath, she inhaled him. It was foreign and familiar all at once. She pressed in closer needing more of her to be able to feel this dream. She felt how her breasts pressed and rested against this corporal dream’s side. How his arm shielded the world from her and welcomed her in. Turning into him more, her leg slide up and down the power stored within his thighs. Just the sensation of their skin touching was delicious and when her leg found the most comfortable spot she felt protected and safe. She held onto this dream as sleep overtook her.
The relaxing peace she felt before now seemed like the dream had evaporated into the ether. What it left behind in the wake of feeling welcomed and wanted was a sense of need. The meadow she had been laying in had now turned in a giant king sized mahogany four poster bed, regal sheets and gossamer curtains. She wanted to be the queen and the damsel. The dream path she took made her want to feel her knight’s aggressive primal desire. Save me, claim me her body screamed. His hands held her shoulders down as his blue eyes pinned her in place. This was no place for chivalry she pleaded, please J lose control show me what you hide away. She moaned out loud as she felt the full weight of his body compressing her as his kiss was drenched in lust. His lips mashed with hers in a frenzied quest for each other. She wanted to wrap her arms around him and force him into her she needed all of him. His usually tender hands held her captive as his lips left hers and drank passion from her tender neck. Her knight released one arm and she grabbed the back of his head as his hand squeezed her breast. His thumb running up the slope of her breast until he held he nipple captive. The electric current surged through her body as the mild pain was the euphoric rush. Her back arched as his lips took her nipple into his mouth and felt the pull his lips could generate. His lips pulled and tugged at her relentlessly as his other hand released her shoulder and slid down her body until he found out just how wet she was. She groaned as two of his fingers pushed their way inside her. His fingers thrashing in and out of her at a fervent pace. Her consciousness was asleep but her mind and body felt alive. Her hand slid down on top of his urging him on. Yes, she needed more. She tried to roll over on top of him, be his queen. Instead, she found herself on her side. She barely had time to moan as her body clamped down on him as his hardened desired stretched and filled her in the most intimate way. They moved together and her hand coiled in the bedsheet as she felt herself shudder as muscles contracted, spasmed, and quivered. Her skin was slick with passion and sweat. Exhausted and sated she fell into the void where her body shut down and would not stir until it was time to wake.
Waking up in the middle of the bed, to the semi familiar scent of Jackson, confused Kendra’s foggy mind more than the normal unsettling routine of waking up. Sitting up her head starts to pound and vibrate like some sound amp at a rock show. Last night was all such an unknown. She was pretty sure she had gone out dancing with Sarah and Jeanie but that’s basically where her memory ends. There was something about Jackson, maybe? Her head just couldn’t focus or remember. At least her eyes were able to focus, as the early morning sun poked past her blinds. It took her mind several tangents to piece together why the house was so quiet and why she was alone in bed, Pete and the boys were on their trip. She notices a glass of ice water sweating on Pete’s bedside table. The post-it note with the words Drink Me scribbled on it was a bit perplexing to her. The words and the water made her realize she must have swallowed a pound of sand last night by the way her mouth and throat felt. she scooted over to Pete’s side of the bed and grabbed the glass of water off the coaster, noticing there was a second post-it note on top of the bedside table. Take Me apparently referred to two aspirin laying on top of the post-it note. She was very thankful for those with the way her head felt. She hadn’t felt this hungover in over a decade, heck not since before the boys. Rubbing her forehead and temples Kendra tried to piece together the night before, but nothing came. All she could remember was that dream she had. The dream had seemed so real, but she knew it couldn’t have been because she didn’t feel that delicious kind of sore. If anything she was feeling even friskier than normal. For a moment her mind struggled with how she kept getting that subtle reminder of Jackson’s scent, but the thought disappeared as quickly and randomly as it had arrived. It was then she noticed that all the other pillows from the bed had been propped up behind her. This morning was making no sense at all. Maybe. a shower would help wake her up and jog her memory. Jog, oh I am so not going for my walk today chimed her rambling mind. Kendra realized first she needed to go pee and maybe shower and coffee, or coffee then shower.
The sudden snore she heard coming from the bottom of the bed made Kendra practically leap out of bed as instincts, rather than logic controlled her reactions. She cautiously went around toward the end of the bed and peeked to see what caused that sound. She was relieved and further confused at why Jackson was at the end of her bed. She walked around to get a better look and maybe find some clues to what the heck was going on. There he laid curled up on his side in nothing but a pair of shorts and socks. He had turned a towel into a makeshift pillow and seemed to be sleeping soundly. She took a moment and watched him. He was so very cute like this she thought. She could feel the frisky creeping up in her as she suddenly wanted to feel his half naked frame pressed against her. To understand the feel of his bare skin against her. Her sojourn into the erotic was derailed by the question as to why was J half naked at the end of my bed? Kendra fidgeted with her bra as the leap had made it shift and it was pinching. Question number two occurred to her, why did she go to bed wearing one of her good bras last night. That was about the time she looked down and realized exactly where Jackson’s shirt had gone and why she kept getting faint whiffs of him. Questions started to pile up, like how on earth did I end up in J’s shirt, what exactly happened last night and why can’t I remember. This was all too much this early in the morning she thought. On top of that, she really needed to go pee now but didn’t want to use her bathroom with J right there.
Kendra grabbed the folded piece of paper with Read Me scribbled on the front and quietly made her way out of the bedroom. She instinctively cringed a little bit as the bedroom door creaked as she was pulling it to a nearly shut position. She made her way down to the boys’ bathroom. Jackson was sleeping and the bathroom was far enough away that even if Jackson was awake he wouldn’t have been able to hear her pee, but that didn’t stop Kendra from running the faucet just in case. Several moments passed before she cursed herself. Why on earth was the only part of her that was shy was her bladder? She took a deep breath and listened to the water. She opened up the folded up piece of paper with the Read Me on the back of it. Jackson had left the note to briefly explain the situation and apologized profusely about everything and went on to explain how she ended up in his shirt. He specifically called out how he put the shirt on over the dress before helping her out of her dress and he didn't see anything or do anything inappropriate. She could almost hear his nervous and apologetic tone in his writing. She never once doubted J was anything less than a gentleman, he definitely wouldn't have slept on the floor all night if he had done anything.
Her mind relaxed and the faint aroma of Jackson lifted up off his shirt and into her awareness. It was part of the frisky feelings she had but a small part of he had wished she had woke up next to Jackson, part of her wished that dream had been real. Finishing up in the bathroom she was her hands and headed back down the hall. The bedroom door was open and the bed was made, but Jackson was nowhere to be found. Making her way down the stairs she could hear Jackson moving in time with the melodic sounds of morning in the kitchen.
There was a boyish charm to how nervous J sometimes got when it was just the two of them. Kendra could always just tell how J felt, there was an unspoken connection between the two of them and maybe that was part of the attraction to him. Everyone saw what he did not who he was. She saw the sweet, almost shy, side that everyone else did. But most people only saw that part of him. They didn't see the raging passion fire that continuously burned inside him. They didn't see the fear not being noble and sacrifice he put himself through as if it were some sort of penance. There were so many layers hidden behind that face that brandished a smile as easily as the sun rises in the East. Even if Jackie had never told her, those first few weeks they knew each other about Jackson attraction to her and that why he may come across as shy or nervous around her, Kendra already could see that. She somehow felt like she had known J for years they moment they had met. He was so much more complex in his simplicity than any man she had ever met. He was part sweetheart, part lost puppy, part lion in sheep’s clothing, and part modern remnant of Renaissance and chivalry. There had been so many moments between the two of them that to him probably just seemed natural things to do had forever endeared him to her. There she finds him, shirtless gathering things about the kitchen when he must have been so tired and uncomfortable. Through it all, he had put her needs above his own.
The dream lingered in her thoughts because it had felt so real, she wanted it to be real. She wanted it to be real and to do it again. Sitting there she crossed her legs as se feel the heat of wanton desire well back up again. She couldn’t push away the thought of finally feeling Jackson stretching her just right. She wanted to know the type of lover he was. She wanted to look into those eyes of his feeling and piercing his soul, as his body claimed hers. She was willing to bet every last dollar he was an attentive lover. The way he always did the busy work at parties, even if they weren’t his and Jackie’s party. He was always kind of a wallflower and would quietly go around picking up after everyone while everyone else was having fun. He was either very timid and attentive or he must be the perfect alpha that just took and claimed his prey. The sudden thought and image of Jackson bending her over the table right here right now were so intense it made her whole body come alive. Her heart skipped a beat as her toes and fingers tingled and curled at the thought of him pulling her hair and just fucking her like some primitive caveman would. That his need for her let loose his id and the civilized man devolved into a seething bundle of energy and lust. Would this shy man ever become the hungry hunter. Right now she ached to be his prize.Just rip your shirt off me and fuck me like there is no tomorrow, her body and mind screamed.
Kendra cleared her throat and took a sip of her coffee as her body tried to hide its sudden ache of needing to feel him. “So what are your plans today?”
“Oh I have to mow and Jackie left me a honey-do list that should take me till mid afternoon to finish. Then who knows. How ‘bout you?”
Kendra was having some fun watching him subtly squirm. He was trying to hide it but him sitting there bare chested in just his shorts and her in his t-shirt was definitely making him uncomfortable. It was adorable, and she hated to admit it but flattering, because she knew his reserved nature and his obvious attraction to her sometimes made him self-conscious around her. But he was always there when she needed him. It wasn't arrogance or vanity in the way she saw herself with men. Most boys growing up, and men later on, always saw the pretty face or “great tits” but kind of lost the woman within the body. In a sharp moment of self-clarity, she realized that maybe that’s why sometimes she liked dressing in such a seductive manner. She did love the attention but it might have been a defense mechanism to filter out those who only saw her body and not her. Jackson was never once, one of “those” guys. Taking another sip of her coffee, she smiled at Jackson. She had to hide the smirk behind her mug as she watched him smile in return while averting his eyes. There was that subtle micro expression. That almost schoolyard, boyish charm of his was endearing and addictive. The blush that appeared and disappeared in a fraction of a blink of the eye. That uneasiness of not exactly sure what to do when a pretty girl paid him any attention. It was endearing, adorable and honestly made her feel like she wanted to be the one to corrupt him.
Jackson wasn’t the prettiest, or sexiest man she had ever met, but he was the sweetest and most real. He was so reserved almost to the point of being shy. The more he tried to hide in plain sight the more of him she had seen over the years. The one that quietly went around parties, even ones he didn't host, and quietly picked up and made sure everyone had what they needed whether it was a drink or a slice of birthday cake, or whatever. He had become a quiet constant in Kendra’s life, never asking for anything but always there ready to give. Her mind quickly let that thought trail into the gutter with the theory at how he was probably that way in bed. How attentive, selfless and giving he probably was. She had a vision of seeing him looking up at her from his knees. She bit her lips as the thought of feeling his lips upon her bare thighs coursed electricity through her body. Kendra nodded in agreement to whatever Jackson was saying but all she could see was how his lips moved. She could almost feel them between her thighs as she imagined running her fingers through his hair. Feeling him bury his face between her thighs as she stood there in the kitchen with him.Those soft kissable lips learning her body completely focused on her. Kendra swallowed hard as she felt his tongue find her for the first time. Her hand instinctively grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face to exactly where she needed him.God yes he was attentive and selfless as he knelt there moaning at the sweet savory delight of tasting her. Not just tasting her she thought, but consuming her and not stopping until she came, imagining hearing his delight in her sweet reward for his service to her. Would that appease the inner beast she saw inside this sweet man before her. Would she need more, would she have to be the tigress that claims him to make him hers. Would taking her break something inside his hardened exterior and bring out the primal caveman in him. Yes, would he bend her over the counter and pull her hair as he pounded her into submission. The size of him stretching and filling her to the point she had to swing her leg onto the counter for that delicate combination of needing more space while allowing him deeper access till she squeezed him so tight she could feel his cock twitch and erupt inside her.
Kendra tried to stop her mind from wandering and refocus on the reality of now. Her body made her aptly aware of just how lost in her mind she had been. She could feel the wetness and heat she had generated imagining having Jackson’s handsome face right there. Her nipples ached and felt like marbled pebbles, but was hoping between the bra and the flow of his shirt, it wasn’t noticeable. Then again part of her did want it to be noticeable, more important part of her wanted Jackson to notice and approve.
Jackson’s voice broke her train of thought. “Would you like some more coffee?”
“No I am good thanks” Kendra tried not to chuckle since it should have been her asking him. He was sitting down and she was literally now leaning against the counter right there next to the coffee maker. She watched him nervously take a sip of his coffee and look in the bottom of his mug for something to say or do. It was flattering how awkward and nervous J sometimes got around her, but she also had a twinge of sadness at that piece of himself he always held back from everyone. She didn’t want to be everyone else to him, he was so special to her. It was odd but she saw J and Jackie as two sides of the same coin, the proverbial Jackie’s yin to his yang. Yet with J she always felt they were two puzzle pieces that fit together. Kendra felt a flash of heat wash over her as the thought of J fitting inside her just right as those two pieces fit just right to make one complete piece. She tried to push that thought aside since her body was already turned on. Why was she so horny this morning?
Kendra realized J was looking at her and apparently had asked her something.
“I’m sorry hun, what?!”
She saw that little twinkle in his eyes that usually no one else ever cared to notice. Just so happened, that twinkle would blink every time she called him hun. She figured he didn’t want to like being called hun, but she knew it made him smile on the inside, which was exactly why she did it. Try as he might to hide himself from everyone else and shy away from the spotlight, she always saw him. She saw what a good man he was and how he always seemed to put others first. There was something about him, a kindred spirit. But also seeing everything behind that impenetrable wall and wishing he could see what she had seen in him since that first time they met when she invited them over for supper that first night.
Jackson’s words actually registered this time and she had the ability to actually answer. “My head is pounding, and I’m a bit groggy but doing ok. What exactly happened last night?” Kendra felt a slight pang in her chest as she watched the concern weigh upon his shoulders as she J seemed to struggle and try to think of the words before saying them. Flashes of the night popped into her stream of consciousness like microwave popcorn first starting to pop, randomly and erratically. His face didn’t show any of his emotions except concern, but she could just feel him. It was strange, she had noticed it and felt it ever since he did that cute little routine with his boys after supper that first night. There was a connection that they had that she couldn’t quite explain. It had only grown stronger over these years. J was truly concerned like any friend would be. She could sense his embarrassment, sitting there exposed to her gave her a sense of closeness most never really knew of him. He was a different person when they were together, he seemed more comfortable and yet so uneasy with her more than everyone else. She always assumed it was that comfort and vulnerability that sometimes made him nervous. She had seen him without a shirt dozens of times, heck he has been in this very kitchen without a shirt after a swim in the pool. It was the intimacy of morning coffee that seemed to make him try to hide his fidgeting.
“Did you carry me inside last night?”
She thought she saw some micro expression flash across his face. It wasn’t fear per se she thought, almost like he didn't want to embarrass her.
“I helped you inside”
Looking directly at Jackson, she saw the answer on his face but for some reason, she wasn’t sure of, needed to hear him say it. “Did you did carry me in right or did I imagine that.”
J seemed to be purposely avoiding eye contact and she really wanted to see his answer in the pools of oceanic blue. His voice was soft and low and it started to trail off. “Yeah I carried you, you couldn't really walk it was nothing, just trying to help. I...I’m sorry.”
J would be the only person she knew that would apologize for helping. She really wanted to comfort and thank him. She wanted to jump into his arms, give him a peck on the cheek and give her big teddy bear a huge hug. The sudden flash of what she really wanted, flushed her cool skin with a white hot intensity. She wanted to tackle him, straddle him right here on the kitchen floor and fuck him like there was no tomorrow. She wanted to feel his hands and lips on her breasts as her hips rode and ground into him. She wanted to give him all of her and take him as hers. Kendra was suddenly aware at just how horny she was this morning. She had to fidget and rub her thighs to quell the ache that was building inside her. Jackson seemed to get even more uncomfortable and shift in his seat. Could he tell how horny she was or was it something else?
Jackson interrupted. “K...you’re my best friend. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me I would prefer if it was me that was uncomfortable. Please, I should go and start my chores.”
Kendra was saddened by the tone in his voice, he seemed beyond embarrassed and was pulling away from her. There was an ominous sense she got, the he wasn't pulling away just in the moment, but permanently. She took two quick steps forward and placed her hand on top of his hand. There was a rush of excitement and comfort in the feel of him. She felt him soften to her touch before logic and the nervous guilt kicked in. She wrapped her arms around him as she stepped into his space. Her eyes closed momentarily as she felt his arms welcome her in. She leaned into him more and felt his brain start to take over his body as he tried to wiggle away. Kendra simply held on tighter not letting him deny them this moment. She needed to thank him as much as she needed to show him she was here to stay. That he couldn't resurrect those ramparts he used to keep everyone away from the true J. She wanted him to feel and understand how good they felt together, that he was safe to be him, with her. He needed to know how much she meant to him and how a few moments in his arms, filled her whole day with joy. He tried to stop hugging in a vain attempt to escape, but she wasn’t going to let go. Eventually, he embraced the embrace and they stood there silently as one.
She slowly dragged her fingernails over the back of his head and immediately felt his body react. There was no resistance in the gym shorts he was wearing. She could tell he was embarrassed, or knowing J, probably felt guilty for being human and having natural desires. He tried to pull away but she didn’t let him. She held him close and savored every nano second she could feel his arousal. Part of her wanted him to just pull down those shorts, push her panties to the side and fuck her right there in the kitchen like her desire was on an endless loop. She ached to feel his cock inside her, needing to feel that connected to her knight in shining armor and have him act like a biker bad boy. She didn't care how or where, bend her over the counter, push her down to the floor, take her on the kitchen table. She needed to know him in the sense in only two lovers truly did, She didn't just want his cock, which felt so glorious against her in this moment, she needed all of him inside her. She needed to feel him forever part of her.
He continued to try and break the hug but Kendra held on tight. He could wiggle, he could relax his arms in a nonverbal queue he was done all he wanted to, but she wasn’t letting him go. He didn’t know Kendra and Jackie had talked about all this over two years ago, and he didn’t need to know that yet. Kendra just needed to feel him close in this moment.
“You’re the only one I would have trusted with something like this J.” Her words were nearly muffled as she buried her face into his chest and spoke into his shoulder. “You have always been there for me, even in the times you never knew how much I needed you. You have always been my hero in one way or another. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to have you as my best friend hun.”
She could hear the stained glass falling off his exterior veneer and shattering all around them. He stopped trying to squirm his way out of the hug and simply pulled her into him. She felt a warmth overtake her as his resistance turned to welcoming and protection. There they stood for what seemed like a million heartbeats. The world had long disappeared and she felt as if, J had finally let her in, even if just for these moments. Slowly the hug dissipated and they returned to the real world. Keeping her hand on J’s chest she looked up into his eyes. She smiled as she thanked him once again. She placed a small peck on his cheek before settling back down off her tippy-toes.
“I know you have a bunch of stuff you need to do today and I don’t want to keep you but I had to say thank you. Jackie wanted me to make you dinner tonight. Something about not wanting all the mac and cheese gone or something? “ Kendra kind of shrugged at that one figuring it was an inside joke or something. “What would you like for dinner? I can make you something or we could just order a pizza and watch a movie. You wanted to see that new Tom Hanks one right?”
She could tell Jackson hadn’t quite bounced back to reality yet and was still catching up, waiting for the words to register in his brain. “Uh, um, no, no. Pizza is fine and you don’t have to go to any trouble, you don’t need to have to entertain me I can find something.”
Running her finger down his arm she could hear and feel the crackle of electricity surging like a tesla coil. “I’d have to answer to Jackie if I didn’t have dinner with you tonight and no one wants to face that little spitfire’s reckoning now do they. Besides I need to properly thank you for being such a gentleman and being my best friend after last night. Won’t you let me do that for you hun?”
She delighted once again in seeing that flash of satisfaction Jackson got every time she called him hun.
“Ok what time should I come over? Is there anything I should bring? Want me to run to the store and pick up something.”
Kendra chuckled. “Hun it’s not exactly me having dinner for you if you do all the work. We’ll just do pizza, beer, and a movie. Bring your swim shorts if you want we can go swimming later if you want. Just dress in some shorts and a t. Ok? Nothing fancy just your normal weekend stuff, not your dress shorts, just be you. Come over whenever I’ll have the pizza here at 6:30.”
She watched him blink several times as if she had somehow overloaded him and his brain was rebooting. She couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute he was being.
“Ok, I just come on over whenever then.”
Jackson slowly made his way to the door and Kendra followed.
“See you later hun, thank you for everything.”
“See you soon K, thank you.”
She shut the door as he walked across the driveway and onto his lawn. Time to use her newest purple bullet. She desperately needed relief and planned on keeping J’s shirt on the whole time. She was going to be seeing him in just a few minutes. Maybe the sounds of his mowing will drown out the sound of her playing, At this point, she didn’t care as she quickly climbed the stairs. She slipped out of her panties as she made her way to her bedside drawer. She got a full blast of J’s scent as she pulled his shirt up off over her head. A rush of freedom was felt as she unhooked and removed that infernal torture device most call a bra. She felt J’s soft strong hands flow over her skin as she put his shirt back on. As she laid down she could feel his presence there with her. She had been wet since she woke with a hunger that had nothing to do with food. Closing her eyes the purple bullet began to purr. There were those blue eyes of his looking up at her from between her thighs. She felt his tongue touch her just so and she couldn’t temper that initial loud moan. Her free hand clutched and squeezed her breast as an intense wave of delight jolted through her. “J” she cried out. She was primed and ready. This wasn’t going to take long. She needed the release. Question was, how many times would she feel Jackson bring her over the edge this morning.
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Waiting On a Break
Posted:Jun 26, 2017 5:17 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2020 3:53 am

** Disclaimer the fictional situation in the story may originally present to be more intense and/or darker than some are comfortable with. **

She brought over
his tiramisu
and a new fork,
and set it down gently
before him.
“Is there anything else
I may get you sir?”
“No thank you Tina,
just the check in like ten minutes.”
“Thank you.
Just let me know
if there is any way
I can be of service.”
He let the fork
sink its way down through
the dessert before him
as he watched the sway of her hips
beneath that black skirt,
as she walked away.
That’s really
what he had wanted for dessert.
He took his time
finishing his dessert.
The bill arrived.
It seemed expensive
but it was a finer restaurant
so he shrugged it of
and did the math for the tip
and put it all on his card.
He tucked
the copy of the receipt
in his pocket
and placed ‘
a Susan B Anthony dollar coin
in with the bill and tip.
Several minutes after
the gentleman had left
Tina came over
gathered up the bill
and started to bus
the table
and pocketed the uncommon coin.
It was another twelve
or so more minutes
before Tina had her break,
but wasted no time
to head outside
when the time came.
She navigated the mayhem
of the chaotic kitchen
and stepped out
the back door
and into the alleyway
to call her boyfriend.
She had
no longer shut the door behind her
when she felt
her body slammed up against
the metal door.
The iron vice
around her throat
was soft and yet powerful,
as her eyes instinctively closed
from the sudden force.
Her breathing was shallow
as air tried to fight its way past
his grip.
“Do you do that flirty cocktease
with all your guests.”
The statement
was more a growl
than question.
“I bet you have a boyfriend
don't you.”
Tina could barely swallow
past his iron clad grip.
It was to hard to speak
so she simply shook her head yes.
Her chest began to heave
as it struggled for more air
as her eyes were wide
trying to foresee the unknown events
before her.
“You are just a filthy little
who would do anything
for a few extra bucks
on her tip.
Does your boyfriend know
how you sell yourself
a few extra bucks.
Where’s your boyfriend now.”
Tina’s eyes narrowed
and bore into the customer.
“You need to be taught a lesson.”
Grabbing the cell phone
in her hand
he let go
of her throat
and used his other hand
to grab her ponytail.
He dragged her out into the alley
around the dumpster,
basically tossing her out
like a piece of trash.
There she stood
watching this man
she had served dinner to
just a while ago.
Now she was trapped.
She was surrounded by contrast.
The aged rough facade
of centuries old brick
stood behind her.
Stack of wooden pallets
barricaded her
to her right.
A dented metal dumpster
blocked her
to her left.
This seething pile
of bone and muscle
bore itself
before her.
“You need to be taught a lesson,
But good.”
Gripping the back of her neck
he steered her to face the dumpster
and bent her over.
pushing up her black skirt
he saw her bare ass
barely covered by a thong.
“You fucking cock teasing .
Only a would wear a thong
to work when wearing a skirt.”
He took both hands
and yanked her thong down
past her knees.
Tina’s body
vibrated with energy.
It was confused
as to what
to feel.
Was it fear,
being desired,
or shame as merely
a less than human object
to be used.
This can’t really be happening can it
she thought to herself.
She could hear her customer
rambling on and moving behind her.
Her skin was flush
as adrenaline surged thru her.
The cool city air
made goosebumps
over her skin.
Cars and people,
yelling and horns
told the tale
of life in the city.
She gripped the cold metal dumpster
when he
covered her mouth with his hand,
leaned in close
and said
“Not a single fucking word bitch.”
She felt the wetness of her body
betray her.
She watched people walking by
oblivious to what was
going to be happening to her.
Her eyes bulged
as her groans
muffled against his hand.
Her juices
helped ease his way in
as now she felt him
slowly stretch her.
There was a momentary relief
when she realized
he was at least wearing a condom.
That only refocused
her awareness
of the pleasure
she was giving him.
The heat of her own breath
remained trapped against her
as his bear paw
smothered her mouth.
His pace
was rushed.
There was no tender moment.
He simply
hammered into her
as he made her
choke down
her own moans.
Her knuckles whitened
at the intensity
of her grip
on that dumpster.
The years
in the alleyway
chipped away
at its paint,
much like
his brutal intrusion
clouded her resolve
as to what was right and just.
She could hear
their bodies slamming,
smacking together
as the heat of the lust
broke the damp dim light
of the alley.
She could feel
how her body responded
and almost craved
to feel his release.
She could feel
the tremors
start to rumble and shake.
He was hitting
all the right spots
she didn’t want to explode,
not here
not in the alley
not at work
and in these shoes.
Dear god
would her other customers
be able to smell the sex
on her
when she returned?
Her arms
worked as shock absorbers
preventing her
from being fucked so hard
she was pinned
and slammed against the dumpster
like a tree branch
against the window
in a severe thunderstorm.
She felt his whole body twitch
as he let out
a loud groan.
She felt the twitch of him
inside her
as each wave surged thru him
in what would have filled her
to the point of overflowing
had it not been for the condom.
She couldn’t stop
her body’s reaction
and she clamped down on him
as her body quivered around him
and she practically screamed
into the palm of his hand.
He stayed inside her
and continued
to cover her mouth
till they both were able
to breath again.
He grunted
as he slid out of her.
He peeled the condom off
his now semi-hardened shaft
and tossed it in the dumpster
she had been holding onto
to brace herself.
She started to turn around
and reach down
to pull up her panties
when she first heard
the smack
and then felt the fire
his hand caused
against her bare ass.
It seemed like a sonic boom
that the couples and commuters
who walked past the alley
not twenty-five feet away
should have heard.
But the din of the city
drown out all noises
in an urban melody.
The spot on her ass
burned as she stood paralyzed,
unsure of what to do.
He leaned in close enough
that she could smell
the tiramisu still on his breath.
“If I had wanted to see your face
I would have fucked that
pretty mouth of yours.”
She stood there waiting
for direction.
Her thong hung
down around her ankles,
felt like convict shackles
binding her to his whim.
Her grip
on the metal dumpster
had originally warmed
to the heat of her touch.
Now the metal monstrosity
chilled her to her very core.
She could look down the alley way
watching the passersbys
scurry to and fro
as she had to stay put
stuck in this humiliating moment.
“God you are such a .
So wet and filthy.
Can’t believe you got your nasty juices
all over me.”
She could hear him moving around
as a strong blast of old onions
and wilting lettuce
from the dumpster
assaulted her sense of smell.
She watched the handkerchief
he had used to clean up
fly over her shoulder
and into the dumpster
as her juices
continued to cascade down
her thighs unabated.
“I know where you work.
I know where you live.
You will not tell anyone
about this.
Got it.”
The loud concussive smacks
of his hand
against her bare ass
rippled thru her
and set her skin ablaze.
“Yes, yes yes” she pleaded
hoping the begging
would make him stop
after not answering him
quickly enough.
“I won’t tell anyone, ever”
Tina blurted out.
She could feel the redness
of her cheeks
as the inferno raged
on her skin.
She watched
as someone walking by
the end of the alley,
looked around
the street and buildings
unsure of what
they may have heard
or if it was just the ghosts
of the city
playing tricks on their senses.
They paused for only a moment
before carrying on their way.
Whenever I come to this restaurant,
you will always be my waitress,
you will always serve me.
Her yes was immediate
having learned her lesson
just moments before.
“Do the people
who own this restaurant
know what a you are?”
She stuttered out a no,
unsure if the was the answer
he wanted to hear.
She heard the zipper of his pants
and the buckle of his belt
He tossed
a rolled up
brown paper grocery bag
there just several feet
from where he left her,
like the filthy piece of trash
discard in a no name alley.
She waited till
he made it out of the alley
and disappeared
into the night.
Her legs were trembling
having been in that position
and fighting against
the fabric of her panties
that practically bound her ankles
for what felt like a lifetime,
but in reality
was probably only about ten minutes.
The cool night air
felt good,
almost soothing,
against her bare ass
that still burned.
She leaned down
and looked thru
the brown paper bag.
On top
was a short handwritten note.
Hope that the reality played out as well as your fantasies and this was as good as that parking garage was last week, Hopefully I didn't take things too far. You need to let me know if I do take it too far, or not enough. We can talk about it later. You are probably late getting back from your break now get back to work daddy needs a new pair of shoes. Will see you when you get home. Thank you for sharing all this with me.
Love Ya,
~ Greg
Tina smiled,
as she put the note
back into the bag.
She found
a travel pack of wipes,
a hairbrush,
hand sanitizer,
and a clean pair of panties.
She quickly
used the wipes
to clean herself up
and made herself presentable.
She took her cell phone
out of the bag
and clicked on
the image on the screen.
She watched
as he invaded her
over and over again,
and hearing her muffled moans.
He had recorded
part of their play.
This was something
she would have to revisit later.
She paused the video
and put the phone back into the bag.
She smiled as she pulled
on the handle
of the heavy metal back door.
He really did seem to love her,
and she definitely knew
she loved him.
Posted:Jun 17, 2017 11:00 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 11:46 am

I usually find my inspiration in a single thought, image or turn of phrase and the story grows from there. This latest piece was inspired by my friend SapioGurl -
she writes some delicious filth and is one incredible lady far more than just a beautiful lady. Here is a link to her wonderful blog and the super sexy pic that led to the following story. ("For Those of You Whose Membership Doesn't...") For Those of You Whose Membership Doesn't

Ron shut the door behind him after another typical workday, of another typical workweek. “Hey babe, I’m home.” It always made him chuckle a little bit at how Ward Cleaver that must have sounded like. Taking off his shoes and setting down his bag just inside his office he made his way down the hardwood floor towards the kitchen and living room. He saw some groceries on the island and figured Cheri must have just arrived home herself.
“Hey hun.” Ron started looking over the items. “Is this what we are having or do you want me to put this stuff away?” He mused at how she always seemed to enjoy cooking and cleaning like some golden era of television wife. The way she like to be used was definitely a lot more blue light district and not at all wholesome family television. She was an attention , his little fucktoy. It felt like a lifetime ago since they started carrying on this way. Serving him, being the homemaker cooking and cleaning despite also carrying on a hectic and irregular work schedule. It was counter intuitive that such a put together and respected lady wanted to have all of her used and treated as nothing more than a means to an end. It was an odd pairing of emotions when he treated her in such a way. Watching her tear up as he fucked her mouth and made her cry as she gagged on him. But the fire and wonder in her eyes as she did it was beyond beautiful. She was happy and free, and when all said and done and she crawled up into his lap he found happiness. His mind had wandered a bit as he organized all the groceries left on the island. Cheri had been super quiet it seemed.
“Honey” Ron yelled out figuring she was upstairs changing. There was still no response. Making his way around the island he catches a glimpse of Cheri sitting in one of the chairs in the living room. “Oh hey hun I didn’t see you there.” Her face was stoic and focused, There wasn’t malice or angst in how she looked but there was an edge to it, that could pierce any armor that defied her.
Ron couldn't help but swallow hard when he got a good look at her. She was in this little number that defied description, save sin with unadulterated temptation. The black sleeveless dress clung to her every curve and contour. The full collar of the dress accentuated the bare shoulders and gave the dress a sense of refinement. Yet in the fading light of the day peering thru the windows and the soft glow of the overhead lights made it nearly translucent. The material was more veil than attire. The thin black fabric that was pulled taught by her curves, that seemed to test the tensile strength of not just her dress, but his slacks as well. Her nipples were hard and Ron could easily not just the form but the majesty of her breasts. The meandering curves of her form were highlighted as she sat there in the chair, legs crossed as she held a slight off center lean that foretold a tale of what was in store. The black wrapped itself in nylon and ascended up her legs and thighs disappearing somewhere past the hem of her dress. Ron started to say something when just the slight disapproving lowering of her chin made him stop. The constantly cock hungry attention now appeared to be the Mistress in charge.
Cheri hid her delight as the adrenaline surged through her. Her posture exuded control and her stoic demeanor set the tone for the night. There was something heady and intoxicating about the rush of power. It swirled in her head like a single malt scotch in a crystal decanter. With just a look, not a single word uttered, she made her Sir submit. There was an uneasiness that crackled about the room like static electricity before the thunderstorms that blew thru the plains. She remained silent and stationary, using great effort to show no effort. The one that always knew just what to do, just what to say to her, was left fidgeting like a teenage body getting ready to have his physical with the cute female doctor for the first time. It proved to her that while he was always her rock, she was his world.
She reached over to the end table beside her and picked up her empty wine glass and held it up. Ron fully understood what she was saying, without her saying a word. He went into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of wine that had been breathing on the counter. Scurrying back over to her, He took her glass, filled it, and gently handed it back before scurrying back to the kitchen to return the wine. She sipped her wine as the only sound in the house was the sound of his feet cruising across the hardwood and then dampened by the area rug as he stood before Cheri. Leaning back as she recrossed her legs gave Ron the full view of her curves in motion. The black fabric hid nothing save any shadows that light peering thru would have cast upon her curves.
Cheri give Ron a look over, her eyes scan up and down his body as if she were inspecting a new car. The way she motions her head hinted at what she wanted. He had learned the words she spoke when she never spoke a word. Ron slowly unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off. She watched his hands manipulate the belts and undo it, giving him access to the the button of his pants. She took a sip of her wine and let it rest against the back of her throat before swallowing, as his fingers pulled the zipper down. His hips shimmied slightly as he pushed the pants down from his waist over his thighs until they fell to the floor. Ron knew that even though he may be putting on a show, she valued the cleanliness she worked so hard for. Stepping out his pants, he reached down and picked them up.and proceeded to fold them to the best of his ability. He stood there in his underwear and socks as repeated the folding process with his shirt. Cheri hid her amusement behind an unreadable face as Ron scooped up his folded clothes and placed them neatly on the couch. She watched him slide a pair of the brightly colored undies she had bought him for his birthday a couple of months ago. She watched as the sculpt of his as came into view, as she took another long sip of her wine feeling it cascade down her throat. He folded his underwear and placed them on top of the pile. She gleefully watched him balance on one leg and then the other as he removed his socks and placed those on the top of the pile. With his clothes in one easy to take care of pile he resumed his dutiful spot before her.
The male form had always inspired and perplexed Cheri. Growing up she had always wondered how on earth boys could walk with that thing dangling between their legs. Sitting through those boring health classes in middle school on repulsed her. The health sex education films made 10 years before she was even born did nothing to curb her interest in boys but did give her a sense of fear around the evils of what that thing boys had could do to her. High school brought her, her first, and very brief and disappointing, encounter. But she had a taste for it now and would soon discover just how much of an insatiable hunger she had. Her college days taught her about size and shapes. More importantly, it was how some could leave her uninspired and unfulfilled, while others would give her the euphoric high that tingled her every senses and left her with the complex mix of being fulfilled and yet yearning for more. Ron had helped her come to terms with her inner desire to be a cock . He showed her it was ok to embrace her desires. What she did in the bedroom, or a parking garage or changing room or movie theater, didn’t make her a bad person as society told her she was. It made her who she was, and who she was was someone that was loved and adored. So her journey took what was once grotesque, was now where she found beauty. She learned to accept it was ok to have the desires that had been smouldering in her since she was a . That she wasn’t any less of a person for wanting to be stretched and filled and used like a toy. That by embracing her desires she became more, more true, and more complete. Ron was the first ‘grower, not shower’ Before Ron s he had never experienced being with a grower, or if she had she didn’t know it because they were always hard and ready the clothes came off. Cheri found it was a rather peculiar phenomenon on how some guys were like that. Growing up she had always assumed they stayed relatively the same size just swelled and became erect but never really growing on any real scale.
She still found it amusing that watching him grow reminded her of her days when her Dad would take just her to the local diner some Saturdays. How as a little girl she would always ask him to do the inch worm trick. He would take a straw and pounded the end on the table scrunching up the paper wrapper. until it was like a tiny accordion. He would take the straw and dip it into his glass of water put his finger over the end and capture a few drops of water in the straw. She remember the excitement waiting for the magic she knew was coming. She would get so focused and get her face right down to the table as her dad brought the straw over above the scrunched up paper wrapper. He tried to let only one drop fall at a time. Some Saturdays it felt like forever as that first drop clung to the straw defying gravity until eventually it fell. Suddenly that tiny drop of water transformed the paper into this magical inchworm that began to move and grow like it was crawling across the table. After the inchworm stopped moving, another drop fell on another spot on the wrapper and the inchworm grew and crawled again. It was simple trick but as a girl was something she looked forward to every time it was just her and her Dad. Now with Ron she found a similar excitement in making him grow as her own special sexual magic trick.
Ron stood in front of her rubbing his hands together, simply because he was naked and had no idea what to do with his hands. Cheri put down her wineglass on the coaster and motioned for him to approach. Uncrossing her legs, she leaned forward to get a better look. Without looking up she used her hand to motion him to step closer still. He dutifully obliged. she takes her fingertips and places them upon his abs just above his belly button. The sensual soft touch caused a sudden inhale that was barely audible, yet she took great delight in. She let her fingertips meander about then follow that little crease between his hip and pelvis.The mere wisp of a touch upon his skin made his start to grow before her very eyes. It was her own version of the paper straw wrapper magic trick. There was amusement and want within her touch. She found it deliciously wicked to be able to command such a performance. How she was the one that could command this reaction of him. That she her actions could make him show her just how much he wanted her. There was no denying when he was aroused. There was no denying she was the reason why. His offering to her grew and swelled before her as her fingers slide over the powerful energy stored in his thigh. Her fingertips slid to his inner thigh and she could feel the anticipation radiating from him like light from the sun.
Turning her palm up her nails grazed his balls and she heard the gasp as she watched the cock before her dance and twitch with electric pleasure. On any other day his hand would be on the back of her head making her take all of him as she gagged and adored him. But that is not today. Today she was the Goddess, today there was no doubt she is the one who owns him. She knew he was watching her from above and she could feel his lust as she coiled her fingers around his sacrificial offering unto her. Using a delicate touch she slowly stroked him for just a few seconds and could feel the pleasure start to wash over him. She leaned back and grabbed her glass of wine, never once looking up at him to acknowledge his presence, only his offering. She took a sip and then grazed her way the length of his desire. She took a drink from her glass and set it down. Leaning forward she looked up knowing those oceans of blue would be looking down upon her. She took him into her mouth along with the drink of wine she already had in her mouth. The wine seemed to soak into his skin as she took several long sucks before pulling her mouth away. He watched her as she kept her eyes closed as the bouquet of the wine and the musk of him swirled in her mouth and cascaded down her throat..She knew he wouldn’t be able to resist looking down and watching her, so she took her her time to tilt her head up towards him.
He didn't want her to stop as she played the role of succubus in her naughty little black number. Cheri took her hand and slid it down his arm down to his wrist before she gently grasped it, She guided his hand to his wine stained cock and slowly encouraged him to start to stroke his swollen shaft. As he obeyed, and his hand slide back and forth over his slick velvety skin she motioned him to take a step back, He willingly obliged his Goddess. She watched as the fires of passion began to erupt into wild flames of desire as he pumped his hand back and forth with greater need. His eyes burned into her as her nipples seemed to all but tear their way thru the basically see thru fabric. She savored the sight of hm building desire before her, as she took another sip of her wine. She watched with such intensity noting every muscle movement, every sound he made. She started to rub and squeeze her breasts knowing how much he wanted to do that very same thing to her. She watched as there was a dash of jealousy in the ferocity in which he stroked himself for her. Being denied the satisfaction of feeling and enjoying her made him want to explode and deny her the satisfaction of feeling his release. She knew the sounds and the signs of his impending eruption.
“Stop!” Her commandment was met with a saddened grunt as his whole body had braced for the strong convulsion of his muscles in anticipation of exploding. He pulled his hand away and she watched him, twitch and dance as the denied pleasure had no way to express itself. A drop of precum had already formed and covered the head of his wanton need. She heard his breathing try to compensate for the radical change of direction. His chest heaved as his lungs tried to fill back to capacity. She gleefully watched as another drop of precum oozed from the tip like a person trying to squeeze through the elevator doors before they close. He had been moments away from pleasure, a few moments away from relief. Now he stood there, denied. She sat there feeling the vibrations of his need as he body tremored and teetered on the precipice of satisfaction.This unfulfilled pleasure, that had been within his grasp, would be a reminder to him that she was the one in control.
Leaning back she crosses her legs again and his eyes can help but watch those sexy nylon clad legs closed off where his uncontrollable throbbing ached to be buried. Every cell in his body was humming and screaming for release, and yet there he stood unfulfilled. Cheri picked up her book and started to read. She was the proverbial cat that had played with the mouse and had gotten bored. Ron knew this was her not so subtle way of telling him, he had cooking that needed to be done. Cheri did her best to hide her smile as she watched his cute pinchable ass cheeks make their way into the kitchen, The sounds of his washing his hands was followed by the sounds of rustling pans and the eventual sound of cooking. She would secretly glance up from her reading every once and awhile just to watch him work and enjoy the raw pure beauty of his masculine form.
She flicks the side of the wine glass with her nail causing an audible ping. Without hesitation he stops what he is doing and brings out the bottle of wine and refills her glass as she doesn't even bother to look up and acknowledge him. As the wine fills to the line he stops pouring and quickly hustles back to the food sizzling on the stove top. She sat enjoying the sounds of his busy work as she read from her book. Another ten or fifteen minutes passed before the familiar sounds of the dials on the stove being turned off and the clank of the plates on the quartz countertop told her he was serving her meal. He brought her plate out to the dinner table and set it down. He made his way before her and informed her that her meal was ready. She was tempted to give his semi hard state one playful stroke just to torment him some more, but choosing instead to make her way to the table. Following her, he pulled out her chair and pushed her to the table once she was seated. Standing off to the side just barely within her periphery, he waited for her as she ate her meal. Cheri took her time and made no effort to hurry, rather she tried to savor every bite. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ron gently play with himself. She was sure he didn’t even really realize he was doing it but that didn’t matter, Her head snapped towards him to look directly at him. “What do you think you are doing.” It was more a stern rebuke than it was a rhetorical question that broke the silence.
Ron’s head naturally cocked to the side as he tried to figure out the genesis of her question. “Nothing my Goddess.”
Cheri’s disapproving look motioned down towards the infraction and didn't have to say a word. Realizing what he had been doing without realizing, he automatically sought her forgiveness. “Sor-”
She had no patience for his apologies. “Whose cock is that.”
“Mi-” shaking his head he corrected himself. “Your's Goddess.”
“Did I give you permission to touch MY cock.” The constant rhetorical tone of her voice saddened him, leaving him with a sense of disappointing her.
“No my Goddess. I am so sorry Goddess”
She pointed to the ground next to her, like she was making a heel to. He followed his instructions and came to kneel down beside her. There he was forced to not only wait for her to eat but get another up close and personal look at her outfit that was a second skin. He had to be close to those nylon covered legs that belonged wrapped around his waist or neck. He had to be there within grasp of touching fondling her breasts only to be denied that privilege. He had to be so close he could smell the faint scent of the perfume she had put on this morning. He couldn't help the fantasies that popped into his mind as he knelt and waited. How all he wanted to do right now was to bend her over the table, hike up that dress and slam himself inside her, pull her head back by her flowing curly blonde locks and erupt inside her. Ron’s fire and desire singed his skin being so close to her yet denied what was usually his for the taking.
Cheri removed the cloth napkin from her lap and dabbed at the corners of her mouth, before setting it down on the table. Ron spring into action, standing up and helping her by pulling back her chair. He extended his forearm towards her like a railing. she placed her hand upon his forearm and allowed him to her back to her chair. She sat down and Ron darted back to the table grabbing her wine glass and returning it to her as she picked up her book Once Cheri was settled, Ron quickly cleaned off the table and proceeded to do the dishes. After about a chapter of reading, Ron had returned to stand before her, having finished cleaning up after supper and doing the dishes. He waited as Cheri finished reading the section she was on, placed the bookmark back into the book, and set the book down.
Motioning to the area rug Sharon issued her command without saying a word. Ron fully understood and complied by laying down on the rug. Following him over, Cheri stood straddling him with all her feminine beauty on full display for him. She had kept her dress and stockings on but there was no mistaking the sensual beauty of her physical form. She lowered herself down until she was kneeling and straddling him. The widening of her hips made her dress ride up some and allowed her bare thighs feel his naked skin. Cheri wiggled and squirmed over his lap so he could feel that there were no barriers between the two of them beneath her dress. She felt the movement of the earth beneath her as she felt his hardened desire rub and strain against her. Rocking back and forth she could feel herself against him. Feeling her wetness run in parallel to his thickness. Feeling her sweet nectar slowly glaze and soak him as the temperature and her desire build. She placed her hands upon his chest and proceeded to grind herself against him.
“Tell me who you are” she devilishly asked with a wry smirk
“I’m your good boy, Goddess”
She gasped slightly as her constant grinding in his lap made the tip of him hit just the right spot that splintered lightning cause the current to radiate throughout her body. She closed her eyes for a split second to feel the lightning crackle and fade thru the very recesses of her body. “Where do you belong.”
“Where ever you want me Goddess”
She placed her hand upon his chest feeling the heat of his skin under the palm of her hand, How the muscle fibers in his body was pulled taught like a rope stretched to its limits. The pounding of his heart reverberated against her hand and tremored up her arm and into her. Her eyes were ablaze with wanton desire. “Pledge yourself to your Goddess.”
“Lifetimes beyond my very last breath my Goddess, I am yours.”
Leaning forward slightly she looks into those seas of blue staring up at her. Reading his eyes she watched for his reaction within his reply, Her voice was a smoky, throaty with a whiskey deepness, far beyond her normal tentor. “Tell me your purpose”
“I was born for you. To protect you, love you, and always be there for you.”
She didn’t hear the words that belonged in a poorly written romantic comedy movie, all she saw was his sincerity and admiration for her. She didn’t see the man that would use her like a toy and listen to her gag as he shoved himself down her throat. Nor did she see the man that would torment her all day, instructing her on staying on the edge of ecstasy without allowing her to find that relief until she was ready, till the torment of pleasure made her beg permission to finally cum. No, beneath her she saw the boy that would grow up and become the man that stood there on before her that Saturday afternoon and pledged himself to her uttering those words “I do.” She could see that the words he spoke were in fact his creed and how he felt about her. She started to tear up as the reality overpowered the role play. The framework of her confident and alpha construct seemed to crack and crumble before his very eyes.
Ron’s heart fell and shattered as he watched her break from her role because of something he had done. How he unintendedly denied her the type of attention and love that she wanted tonight/ “No no no no no please Cheri I am sorry I didn’t mean to ruin it. Please I...”
“You didn’t ruin it” she sputtered trying to hold back the tears. She leaned back settling onto his thighs as she continued to straddle him. She was unable to move knowing one slightest movement would make the tears fall, forcing her to deal with the fact that they were each other’s everything. Cheri made the mistake of looking down at Ron and seeing the hurt and pain he felt for having let her down. Several tears fell from her eyes as she felt the love he had for her, seeing how he was injured any time he saw her in torment or emotional pain. Several tears fell from her cheeks and onto his chest as the rock of a man crumbled into sand wanting to do anything to make her happy. “Ronny.” Talking while trying to steady her breath was difficult. “I am not sad hunny. I - ” she had to swallow but the emotions evepervesing in the back of her throat. “I am happy. I just love you so much and when I see how much you love me...it just...it just overwhelms me sometimes.”
Ron was trying to be strong as the urge to suppress the welling up of his eyes kicked in. He forced a smile, forever trying to be her strength as she was forever his heart. He reached up to her and placed his hand upon her cheek. His thumb tried to wipe away the trail of tears. His touch was gentle and nurturing as it was a connection to share each other’s strength. She just sat on him as he laid beneath her for several moments just looking at each other as they let the intensity of the moment wane. There remained no sound as the two bodies shared the same orbit of the two souls.
Rons took and interwove his fingers into hers and pulled down towards her as his hands rested against the floor, effectively pinning him to the floor “Fuck me and make me yours please Goddess, I beg you.”
His haunting eyes of blue where the lighthouse beacon that helped her navigate the worst maelstroms of her life. A welcome signal of home. All she ever needed to do was to look into his eyes and know whatever direction they took, everything would always end up being ok . She just now noticed his eyes were slightly misty having watched her teeter on the edge of tears. His eyes begged and pleaded more than any words ever could. She looked down at him and saw he had in fact surrendered. Even in submissive service to her, he always seemed just know what to say and do to make her whole again, Cheri felt her inner Goddess emerge once again. She shifted her weight to be over him to help pin him down. She looked deep into his eyes and started to grind against him coaxing his rigid offering to her back into existence. She felt the strength of his desire as her sensitive lips started to lubricate him. She could feel every bulge and ridge of him as she ground her hips against him.
Greedily he leaned forward and tried to latch onto her breast as they jiggled and dangled before him just out of reach. Quickly leaning forward she put her arms on his shoulders and pushed him back down. They both knew in a real struggle, even with gravity as her cohort, she never really could overpower him. Feigning a raging tempest in her tone her words rattled the walls of the room. “Don’t you dare touch your Goddess without permission.”
Leaning forward had raised her hips just so, allowing his cock to spring free from being pinned.Now he was ready to enter her. Looking up at her, as she looked down upon him, covered her in an aura that was beyond sexy, nearly ethereal. She exuded a power she never showed, but had always possessed. A power she never knew she had until they had unlocked it together all those years ago. It was such a sight to behold when she did decide to let it show. Watching her in control and revel in the sensation of it all ripple through her, was s sight to behold. And now, with him fully erect and free he was in perfect alignment to push up into her and taste in her almighty pleasure. Lifting his hips he moves towards her and feels the tip of him perched at her entrance.
“No” she said as she lifted herself just far enough away.
“Please Goddess.”
“Nooooooo. Beg for me.”
She couldn’t contain her self-righteous pleasure as she watched his desire grow even more by the mere denial of access to her. She could feel his want grow along with his desperation to please and be please, mounted.
“Please Goddess, please I need you. Fuck me please, fuck me Goddess. You’re killing me.”
Leaning back slightly so he could feel her heat against the tip of his need, she played with her prey. She knew he was slick with the sweet ambrosia she had left on him from her incessant grinding. She was ready and aching to be filled and one move, just so, from this position and he would slide in effortlessly and completely. She slowly descended feeling the tip of him part her before kneeling forward denying him once again .
“Oh my god Goddess please please fuck me I need you please.” He begged.
“You beg way too much, it’s unbecoming. It’s time you put that mouth to good use.”
With that she crawled up his body and pushed herself onto his face, suffocating him in her thighs. She kneels forward slightly allowing him some room to breathe. Quickly his tongue goes into service. Se feels the tip of his tongue work its way around and between her folds. He wastes no time in finding her clit and licking up every drop of her. The things she has taught him with that tongue were paying off as the waves of pleasure started to roll through her. She rocked her hips as his tongue darted and delved into her. She could feel the heat emanating from her as the rest of the world disappeared.The more he licked, the more she wanted. Her hips started to gyrate and grind with abandon as his lips latched onto to her and suck. She granned a fistfull of his hair and held him in place as she ground herself down onto his handsome face.There were no choirs of angels or Victorian sonnets of love, this was unadulterated sodomistic lust. She could barely hear his gasps, moans and sounds of his fervent licking and sucking as her head swam with impending endorphins.
“Grab my fucking tits slave.” She blurted out.
His burly hands latched onto her breasts and squeezed. He was rewarded with the sound of her moan.He held onto her as she continued to ride and grind in an increasingly frantic pace. His lips and tongue tried to keep pace as the sound of his sucking and nearly slurping caromed between her taut thighs. His hands endlessly fondling and squeezing her breasts as they bounced in result of her movements. She held a fist full of his hair trying to suffocate him between her thighs as her need to find her release nearly boiled over. Her free hand rested on his and pressed against his hand until she felt her breast completely flattened against herself. She was on the edge as his devotion and service was set to take her over the edge
The echo of his heartfelt words a few dozen minutes ago rang in her ears. She was his Goddess, his everything. Everything was about and for her even when denied her pleasure and made her a useless cumdump. He did it all for her. Her heartbeat exploded over and over again inside her chest. She ground herself against his face feeling her wetness against her thighs and his face. She knew he was covered in her juices and could tell just how much he loved it because it was his Goddess that was doing it. The tears of joy started to stream down her cheeks as her heart over poured itself into the world they created. She was in control, she was loved. The hot salty tears nearly burned her skin as the tremors of her pleasure rumbled within. His tongue was unrelenting, in its assault on her. She feels the pull of his hair in her hand as her hips buck when his tongue flicks her clit. She leans back and wildly thrusts herself against his lips, tongue and face as she cleves one of his hand to her breast. Losing herself in the moment she felt her body tingle and hum with the impending flood of pleasure. She yanked and pulled at his head as she tried to bury him within her. She was on the edge as she felt his other hand dig into her ass pulling her onto him more. Her breathing was ragged as she felt her juices flow from her onto his face and tongue. She felt the tension of the moment just before the world exploded. She was so close, so ready to go over the edge. She was unsure if when the dam would break. So close to the edge. Not sure when she would careen over. His finger pushed into her ass and her body rocked. Her thighs trembled as her very core quivered and her fingers twisted in his short hair holding his face to her. She rode out each crash wave grinding to the pulse of her release. Screaming and moaning her body shuddered at the totality of her release. She knew she was soaking him but couldn’t stop as her body just continued to quake until she collapse onto her hands and rolling off of him and onto her back.
She could barely breathe, as her body slowly came down from the high. She covered her closed eyes with her hand as she tried to find her way back into reality. She didn’t realize Ron had crawled over to her until she felt the sensation of his tongue lick up her thigh. Her body seemed to be vibrating as his tongue cleaned up every drop she had released. Ron stood up and walked to the bathroom as Cheri lay spent on the floor. She was a bit startled when she felt the warm washcloth run up her thigh. Her chest heaved as her breathing was still erratic. Ron took good care of her cleaning her up as she recovered. Ron got up and took care of the washcloth and returned as his Goddess laid there happy and spent. He slowly rolled up her stocking and adjusted her dress to make her outfit whole again. She slowly opened her eyes and saw him looking down at her as her eyes adjusted.
She watched him inspect every inch of her face and felt beautiful. He had dried and wiped away all the tears as well as the traces of today’s make up. She knew this is how he liked her, in her natural form, beautiful simply because she was beautiful. Finished in his cleaning he tossed the face wipe to the side, looked down at her, and smiled. The look said what words could not. He traced his fingers along her face as if seeing her through tactile sight. He leaned down and gave her a small kiss. Her eyes opening to the sight of his and his smile. She couldn't help but smile as she watched him smile at her. Reaching up she touched his face as he had touched hers. Words weren’t needed, but he said “thank you.” anyway.
Moving off to the side he squatted beside her and slide his hands underneath her and scooped her up into his arms. Balancing himself as he tried to stand while picking her up, he found his balance. He took several steps and made it to the couch. From there he did his best to fall as gracefully as he could as he held her in his arms. Cheri let out a small chuckle at the gracefully ungraceful motion of them plummeting onto the couch together. He curled her into his lap and just held her. Cheri gently placed herself into his lap and curls into him like a small being carried to the car after a fun eventful day at grandma and grandpa's house. She ran her fingertips across his forehead and down his cheek as he looked down upon her and smiled. His hand ran across her cheek like water over a river rock. He cradled her head. His words spoken were “thank you” but the words conveyed were, I love you. The roles had been reversed once again, not out of necessity, but because of what their hearts and souls decided. She closed her eyes and just felt his arms cocooning her. There they sat and laid, listening to nothing but holding onto everything. He build a wall around the two of them and blocked out the world. Here she was safe, her she was respected, here she was loved. She laid her hand on his chest as her face nuzzled against his shoulder. This, this right here, peace in his arms, is all she ever wanted or needed. Tonight the roles were reversed, but the unbreakable bond they shared never faltered. The commitment would never be reversed.
Stroke Me Baby
Posted:Jun 9, 2017 8:06 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2017 4:20 pm

I love
your honey dipped words
falling into my ears.
Those words
and what you do
keep filling me
with a surreal euphoria.
Don’t stop baby,
you are so good to me,
so very sweet.
You know
just how to make me
feel so very good.
Oh god
please don’t stop stroking.
You make me believe
that I deserve all of this.
I can feel my chest puff
as the sensation rushes over me.
My head swims
as you continue
your sweet treatment of me.
Is it me
that finds it
so naughty
and so titillating
we are doing this in public.
What will others think
if they hear us.
No no please please
don't stop.
I need it.
Feed me.
Make me feel good
let me know
how you feel.
Grip my soul
tug on my heart strings
and just keep stroking.
More baby.
More, more, more.
Please baby I need it so badly.
Just keep stroking.
Coax me to new heights.
I don’t care
who hears us now.
I can feel the swelling building.
Keep it going,
keep stroking baby.
I am so close please.
Oh gawd baby
you are soooo good.
Who doesn’t love
having their ego stroked
every once and awhile.

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