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Crossfire - Part 1  

kabayo69titi 52M
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7/29/2021 1:25 pm
Crossfire - Part 1

We were at the bookstore in a private room. I put my money in the machine and a video started playing was a curvy white MILF servicing a well-endowed muscular black specimen. You sat down on the couch and when I walked up, you undid my belt and unzipped my pants. You reached in with your cold fingers and release my semi-hard cock and began to stroke it. I cup my hand behind your head and pull your face closer to my crotch. “Open your mouth slave so that I can fill your throat with my cock!” Your compliance to my order is delayed and I force the head on your lips. My grip tightens on your head and your mouth opens, welcoming my long black shaft.

I start thrusting my hips forward working my cock in your mouth as your tongue cradles it. It glistens with your saliva as your lips and throat form a perfect -hole for my cock. The gurgling and slushing sounds reflect the sloppiness of your efforts. Saliva drips from the corner of your mouth and foams up as I quick my assault. Your free hand reaches up and you start massage my swollen nut sack. I slow my pace down and push my cock farther into your mouth. You gag and cough as the fullness of my bbc overwhelms your senses. “Don’t stop now Slut!” I grab you by the hair and force you to lay back with your head on the arm of the couch. Your mouth drops open on instinct as I renew my<b> punishment </font></b>on your face.

The back of your throat opens as my shaft is now almost fully engulfed by your mouth. Your eyes tear up as you gasp for air between strokes as the head hits the back of your throat. My balls are drenched in your saliva from your oral<b> punishment. </font></b>I pull out and rub my balls across your mouth. Your lips cup and kiss them as your tongue whips out to get a taste of my ass. My balls fill your mouth as you suck greedily to pull my nectar to the surface. Your hand reaches out and takes my again. That’s my signal to complete my mission. I return to fucking your mouth for all it’s worth as your tears mix in with your makeup streaks down the corner of your eyes. Saliva just runs from the corners of your mouth onto the leather like couch material. I can feel it now. A few more strokes and suddenly my thighs tighten as my balls heave forward a powerful shot of semen into the back your throat. You choke and gag for breath as my seed to starts to flow into your mouth like a raging stream. Your gulps and gasp for air go unnoticed as my cock is unforgiving in its mission to fill your mouth and stomach with its life giving DNA fluids.

As my fluid injection level starts to decrease, your mouth and face are sticky, sweaty mess. I withdraw my cock your mouth, you sit upright. Your hair and makeup are an unrecognizable mess. Your face glistens with sweat and saliva. Little droplets of my seed cover your lips and chin. You take your fingers and massage it into your face and lick your fingers. You roll your eyes up to me and say “Give me more Master! I need to be punished....I need to serve you. I need to feel you in my ass again.” is a knock on the door. I pull my pants up as you throw your head back on the couch. I walk over and open door. I whisper a few words our mystery guests. Your head pops up attention as you hear what sounds like a familiar voice. My hand reaches out back from the door. As I step back, the door slowly opens, revealing my mystery visitors. Your sister’s voluptuous figure breaks the threshold first with black miniskirt and heels with a white halter top covered by a black blazer. Your face becomes flush red with shock and awe. My attention turns to the door again as the 2nd and 3rd guests enter the room. Your niece, wearing a slutty red dress that exposes the top of her breasts and a matching thong. And last but not least, a lean, fit Asian-American mistress with luscious red lips wearing a black leather skirt and leopard print sheer blouse with black lace bra. As I close the door, I turn around and speak, “Ladies, let the<b> punishment </font></b>begin.” Your eyes widen in disbelief as you try to seek refuge on the small couch. But it is no use, as your carnal nature has now subdued the shy, reserved suburban housewife and your inner, untamed slutty nature takes over.

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