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Crossfire - Part 2  

kabayo69titi 52M
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7/29/2021 1:27 pm
Crossfire - Part 2

“Now that I have you all here, let’s get down business. Lydia, your sister has been a very bad and submissive cock sucking, ass rimming Slut and she needs be taught a lesson. As you can see, I have softened her up some. She took 3 weeks-worth of cum down here throat like she was drinking liquid gold. You see, prior to you arriving in town she contacted me about a ‘chance encounter’ with her beautiful sister. She said you were feeling unwanted, unloved, and insecure after the way your last husband treated you. I thought the idea was a little strange yet erotic as hell. Every man’s fantasy, both sisters and keep them in the dark about each other. I figured why not, I haven’t had 2 women at the time and this as close what I experienced on deployment many years ago. I created a dating profile as requested for ‘no strings attached’ encounter and possible ongoing ‘friends with benefits’ language.

When I saw your picture I just knew I had have you. Your sister did as she promised and you took the bait. More like you took my monster black cock like a good little submissive prim and proper housewife. And to top it off, your , Anna, was an added bonus. I mean take a at her; rebellious, sexy, tight young body with some gorgeous tits and an ass that rivals J Lo. So after I bedded you like the good black stallion that I am and filled your mouth and pussy with my seed I went back your sister. She was so turned on that she literally came in her pants just hearing me tell the story. Needless to say, she licked and sucked your juices from my cock. And while she was down , I made sure she ate her portion of my black ass and massage my prostate. Once I was rock hard, I slipped a condom on and fucked her big round ass silly. I had her doggy style and on her back holding ankles spreading her cheeks open for me. I even flogged her ass with my belt and hand. It was some of my best work date. After her flogging and ass pounding, I dragged her the shower where I fucked her big round tits and mouth and rewarded her with another load and a golden shower.

Now Anna, I knew if I came around more often while your mom wasn’t home, you would eventually invite me in for a revenge fuck just get back at her. And Lydia, she didn’t disappoint...the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. More like cherries from a tree. Thirty minus of small talk and then she offers me something drink, when she came back in the living room with 2 glasses of wine, I knew it was a slam dunk. When finished off that bottle wine. I think Anna was nervous about making a move so it was a boost of liquid courage. She excused herself from the room and after a few minutes she back came without a bra and had changed out her leggings into yoga shorts. She knew exactly what she was doing, falling into my trap. We continued with our small talk and I was getting ready to excuse myself to leave, she begged me to stay. She said you were just running a little late and would be home in a little while according to your and tell me wait for you. So she pulls me by the wrist back down the couch and just starts going on and on about the divorce drama and her ‘whimpy 2 minutes of fun boyfriend’.

I just laugh and pretend be into what she is saying. So Anna’s leans back and stretches her arms above her head and her nipples are like burning a hole through the shirt. She knew I was looking at them. I made a sly remark about the cold and she looked down at her shirt. Then out of nowhere, she stands up and pulls her shirt over her head. And just like that, she drops to her knees and starts sucking my cock. My plan was unfolding perfectly. She could since that I was ready to shoot my load. She pulls my shaft from her skilled and talented mouth and leads me to your bedroom. We strip down and she assumes the position on all fours on the bed. That ass was perfect heart-shaped bubbly treat begging to be eaten and probed. So I worked that 24 year-old ass over in every position known to man. She must have cum 4 or 5 times, twice while I was eating her out. I filled her mouth with my seed like dropping change in a piggy bank. And then her pussy just milked next for all I was worth. But she put that talented little mouth to work and I was back in the driving seat plowing her tight ass. I pulled out and she took my 3rd load in her mouth and rubbed it on her breasts and swallowed the remainder. So when you walked in the door we had just finished making the bed up again and flipped the comforter over. We were hanging out in the kitchen to rehydrate because I knew I was going to be fucking you later that night back at my place after our dinner date. And yes, our discreet encounters were made public in the heat of the moment. Anna didn’t care; she turned it into a competition. Whenever you and I fucked, she always tried to one up you by doing something extra freaky.”

“So you see Leah, the next step in what was now ‘my plan’ was to get Lydia and Anna together with me. My threesome fantasy was unfolding like clockwork. So I planned another dinner date for the three of us at my place. I ordered some very nice sushi from my favor place just a couple of blocks from my place. And this is how I met my sexy Asian friend Mia. Mia caught my eye on more than one occasion and she welcomed my advances. I became a twice a week regular and made it a point to be seated in her area as my waitress. After about 2 months of flirting and $300 in sushi, sake bombs, and tips, she accepted my invitation for dinner and drinks.

Our first date wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. She warmed up to me very quickly after 3 dates. On our fourth date she surrendered herself to me. We had an amazing night in bed discovering her body and testing her limits. She eventually came around to my idea of meeting Lydia and Anna. It took some convincing but after I let her try a couple of things on me, she was in the game. So the sushi delivery was arranged and that night went off better than I thought. Did you know Lydia spent more time eating Mia’s pussy than she did riding my cock? I wasn’t complaining at all and it was an Oscar worthy performance.

Anna kept me<b> engaged </font></b>with her scrumptious ass and excellent oral skills. I got to stretch that tight pussy out then Lydia cleaned up my cock. Mia and Anna devoured each other while Lydia took me in her tight mature ass. The night ended with all of three of these beautiful sluts sucking me off and making out, passing my seed from mouth to mouth. So we met again later that next week and devised a plan to expose your scheme. Not as a punishment or a way to get back at you. It is to free you of your suburban vanilla-lifestyle. An awakening of your inner slutty nature, for my pleasure of course. Our little trysts and messages back and forth have been fun but you are holding back. And when you came to me with this no strings attached encounter with your sister I had to my hand. You dealt the cards on this game and so no folding. You showed me your hand and now you get see mine. And I just the jackpot...”

“ be continued....”

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