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My Favorite Patient
Posted:Aug 13, 2021 6:37 am
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2021 8:27 am

Today was a good day for Dr. Robinson, because today his favorite patient came in for her monthly checkup.

"Good afternoon Ms. Martinez." The black doctor said as walked into the patient room.

Ms. Constance Martinez is a 35 year-old risk analyst for a finance company in the metroplex. She had long black hair which flowed down her shoulders with smoldering brown-eyes. She was dressed in a black suit jacket with a white buttoned blouse underneath, she also wore a dark gray pencil skirt which accentuated her sexy hips and went down to her knees with pump heels and stockings that were the color as her jacket.

Seeing the doctor enter the room, Constance flashed him a heart stopping smile before speaking.

"Anthony how many times do I have to tell you, please me Constance." She said.

"Very well Constance, I am guessing that you are here for your weekly checkup." Anthony said.

"Of course, I want make sure that I am in tip top shape." Constance said.

"Alright then, you know the procedure." He said with a soft smile.

"Indeed I do." She said.

Getting back on her feet, Constance began to strip off her clothes to reveal her voluptuous body and olive skin. Seeing Constance in her birthday suit caused for Anthony to let out a whole whistle and then a lustful smile.

"I must say Constance, every time I see you you're just getting more beautiful."

"Thank you Anthony." She said with a soft blush in her cheeks.

"Now let me your heart beat."

Pulling out his stethoscope, Anthony placed the end part of the device on Constance's left nipple. Feeling the coldness, goosebumps began swarm all over her body and her nipples began erect.

"Heart sounds healthy." Anthony said before pinching her nipples. "And these healthy as well."

"Mmmmm." Constance moaned. "Don't stop."

"Sadly I must." He said. "Now please crouch and spread open your legs with your hands behind your head."

Getting into the position her doctor desired, Constance began to feel instant pleasure at having Anthony's hazel eyes lingering all over her body. Closely examining Constance's pussy, Anthony found that she trimmed her pubic hair in a shape of an arrow as if it was telling to start playing with the woman's womanhood. Placing his hand on Constance's pussy, Anthony began to slowly rub it causing her to moan.

"Do you like that?" Anthony whispered into her ear. "Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes." Constance whispered back.

Moving his hand a bit faster Constance began to reach climax resulting in her to squirt right on the floor.

"Sorry about that." Constance said as she breathed heavily.

"It's okay, I will clean up later." He said. "Now it's time to your temperature, hop onto the bed for me please."

Getting on top of the bed, Constance got on all fours resulting in her ass to be in full display for her doctor. Grabbing a bit of lube, Anthony began to apply upon Constance's asshole which resulted in her to tightening up a bit. Moving on to insert the thermometer, Constance began to let out a squeal of delight as she felt the thing enter her ass.

"Now I just want you to hold it for a good minute okay?" Anthony said.

"O-Okay." Constance said.

Once the minute passed Anthony went on to pull the thermometer out and see what read.

"Temperature is also exceptional as well." He said. "Now your throat."

Getting into sitting position Constance opened her mouth so her doctor could see into it. Using his otoscope Anthony began to exam her mouth and ears to see if were any abnormalities.

"Seems like everything is fine but just be safe."

Planting a kiss right onto Constance's mouth, the two began to have a sensually passionate kiss before departing their lips. Soon as they did, Anthony headed to the door where he then locked . As he turned around Constance approached him where she crouched down pull down his pants.

"Ohhh, looks like someone is happy see me." Constance said as she saw Anthony's nine inch cock.

Kissing the penis, Constance then wrapped her lips around the penis and started perform a blowjob. Grabbing Constance's head, Anthony began force her head deeper onto his dick resulting in her to joyfully gag. Reaching his own limit, he then released inside Constance's mouth resulting in her to swallow his semen.

"Delicious." She said licking her lips.

Picking Constance up, Anthony began to penetrate her in her womb resulting in the woman to let out a cry of pleasure. With every thrust Anthony made, Constance began to dig her nails deep into Anthony's back.

"Aw yes! me harder Anthony!!" Constance cried out.

Moving her over the bed, Anthony then decided penetrate her right in the ass. Reaching his climax the young doctor began to release inside of Constance releasing his semen to flood into her ass.

"Oh my God, Anthony, that was wonderful." Constance blissfully said.

"I know, I can't wait till your next appointment."
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Oral Test
Posted:Jul 29, 2021 1:32 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:30 pm

I want have you on your hands and knees crawl over me while I sit in a chair. Your breasts are tied and nipples are clamped, appearing as red raspberry’s ready burst with juice. You open your mouth and lick my cock as my hands cup the back of your head. Your tongue licks the base of my shaft and as I push your mouth toward my balls. Your mouth greedily sucks on my balls. I pull your head up and place the swollen tip of my black cock in your mouth. Your mouth widens and engulfs my shaft. I plunge your mouth up and down on my cock as your saliva drips from your mouth and covers my cock. The slick sheen of saliva and the feel of your warm deep throat pushes me into overdrive. I stand while holding your mouth full of my cock. Your eyes start to water as the full girth of my manhood stretches your mouth and throat. You roll back on your knees and place your hands on my ass pulling me deeper into your throat. I start taking long deep strokes in and out of your mouth as your tongue hugs my cock and your mouth forms a perfect oval shape. With one hand, I reach for my belt off the chair and fold it in half. I swat you buttocks leaving a small red welts on your pale white buttocks. I swat you harder while your mouth assaults my cock as you moans of pleasure vibrate on my shaft. I continue smacking your buttocks and your ass glows red with welts. You slide your fingers down to your swollen red lips and start to rub your swollen clit. I drop the belt and return my focus to fucking your juicy mouth. You reach up and start to massage my saliva covered sweaty balls with one hand while fingering your pussy with the other. I take several more hard thrusts and push up on my tiptoes as my seed starts to erupt and flow through the large vein being massaged by your tongue. I slide out some as your lips form a vacuum lock on my black shiny shaft, sucking the seed free my body like a vampire.
Crossfire - Part 2
Posted:Jul 29, 2021 1:27 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:30 pm

“Now that I have you all here, let’s get down business. Lydia, your sister has been a very bad and submissive cock sucking, ass rimming Slut and she needs be taught a lesson. As you can see, I have softened her up some. She took 3 weeks-worth of cum down here throat like she was drinking liquid gold. You see, prior to you arriving in town she contacted me about a ‘chance encounter’ with her beautiful sister. She said you were feeling unwanted, unloved, and insecure after the way your last husband treated you. I thought the idea was a little strange yet erotic as hell. Every man’s fantasy, both sisters and keep them in the dark about each other. I figured why not, I haven’t had 2 women at the time and this as close what I experienced on deployment many years ago. I created a dating profile as requested for ‘no strings attached’ encounter and possible ongoing ‘friends with benefits’ language.

When I saw your picture I just knew I had have you. Your sister did as she promised and you took the bait. More like you took my monster black cock like a good little submissive prim and proper housewife. And to top it off, your , Anna, was an added bonus. I mean take a at her; rebellious, sexy, tight young body with some gorgeous tits and an ass that rivals J Lo. So after I bedded you like the good black stallion that I am and filled your mouth and pussy with my seed I went back your sister. She was so turned on that she literally came in her pants just hearing me tell the story. Needless to say, she licked and sucked your juices from my cock. And while she was down , I made sure she ate her portion of my black ass and massage my prostate. Once I was rock hard, I slipped a condom on and fucked her big round ass silly. I had her doggy style and on her back holding ankles spreading her cheeks open for me. I even flogged her ass with my belt and hand. It was some of my best work date. After her flogging and ass pounding, I dragged her the shower where I fucked her big round tits and mouth and rewarded her with another load and a golden shower.

Now Anna, I knew if I came around more often while your mom wasn’t home, you would eventually invite me in for a revenge fuck just get back at her. And Lydia, she didn’t disappoint...the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. More like cherries from a tree. Thirty minus of small talk and then she offers me something drink, when she came back in the living room with 2 glasses of wine, I knew it was a slam dunk. When finished off that bottle wine. I think Anna was nervous about making a move so it was a boost of liquid courage. She excused herself from the room and after a few minutes she back came without a bra and had changed out her leggings into yoga shorts. She knew exactly what she was doing, falling into my trap. We continued with our small talk and I was getting ready to excuse myself to leave, she begged me to stay. She said you were just running a little late and would be home in a little while according to your and tell me wait for you. So she pulls me by the wrist back down the couch and just starts going on and on about the divorce drama and her ‘whimpy 2 minutes of fun boyfriend’.

I just laugh and pretend be into what she is saying. So Anna’s leans back and stretches her arms above her head and her nipples are like burning a hole through the shirt. She knew I was looking at them. I made a sly remark about the cold and she looked down at her shirt. Then out of nowhere, she stands up and pulls her shirt over her head. And just like that, she drops to her knees and starts sucking my cock. My plan was unfolding perfectly. She could since that I was ready to shoot my load. She pulls my shaft from her skilled and talented mouth and leads me to your bedroom. We strip down and she assumes the position on all fours on the bed. That ass was perfect heart-shaped bubbly treat begging to be eaten and probed. So I worked that 24 year-old ass over in every position known to man. She must have cum 4 or 5 times, twice while I was eating her out. I filled her mouth with my seed like dropping change in a piggy bank. And then her pussy just milked next for all I was worth. But she put that talented little mouth to work and I was back in the driving seat plowing her tight ass. I pulled out and she took my 3rd load in her mouth and rubbed it on her breasts and swallowed the remainder. So when you walked in the door we had just finished making the bed up again and flipped the comforter over. We were hanging out in the kitchen to rehydrate because I knew I was going to be fucking you later that night back at my place after our dinner date. And yes, our discreet encounters were made public in the heat of the moment. Anna didn’t care; she turned it into a competition. Whenever you and I fucked, she always tried to one up you by doing something extra freaky.”

“So you see Leah, the next step in what was now ‘my plan’ was to get Lydia and Anna together with me. My threesome fantasy was unfolding like clockwork. So I planned another dinner date for the three of us at my place. I ordered some very nice sushi from my favor place just a couple of blocks from my place. And this is how I met my sexy Asian friend Mia. Mia caught my eye on more than one occasion and she welcomed my advances. I became a twice a week regular and made it a point to be seated in her area as my waitress. After about 2 months of flirting and $300 in sushi, sake bombs, and tips, she accepted my invitation for dinner and drinks.

Our first date wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. She warmed up to me very quickly after 3 dates. On our fourth date she surrendered herself to me. We had an amazing night in bed discovering her body and testing her limits. She eventually came around to my idea of meeting Lydia and Anna. It took some convincing but after I let her try a couple of things on me, she was in the game. So the sushi delivery was arranged and that night went off better than I thought. Did you know Lydia spent more time eating Mia’s pussy than she did riding my cock? I wasn’t complaining at all and it was an Oscar worthy performance.

Anna kept me engaged with her scrumptious ass and excellent oral skills. I got to stretch that tight pussy out then Lydia cleaned up my cock. Mia and Anna devoured each other while Lydia took me in her tight mature ass. The night ended with all of three of these beautiful sluts sucking me off and making out, passing my seed from mouth to mouth. So we met again later that next week and devised a plan to expose your scheme. Not as a punishment or a way to get back at you. It is to free you of your suburban vanilla-lifestyle. An awakening of your inner slutty nature, for my pleasure of course. Our little trysts and messages back and forth have been fun but you are holding back. And when you came to me with this no strings attached encounter with your sister I had to my hand. You dealt the cards on this game and so no folding. You showed me your hand and now you get see mine. And I just the jackpot...”

“ be continued....”
Crossfire - Part 1
Posted:Jul 29, 2021 1:25 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:30 pm

We were at the bookstore in a private room. I put my money in the machine and a video started playing was a curvy white MILF servicing a well-endowed muscular black specimen. You sat down on the couch and when I walked up, you undid my belt and unzipped my pants. You reached in with your cold fingers and release my semi-hard cock and began to stroke it. I cup my hand behind your head and pull your face closer to my crotch. “Open your mouth slave so that I can fill your throat with my cock!” Your compliance to my order is delayed and I force the head on your lips. My grip tightens on your head and your mouth opens, welcoming my long black shaft.

I start thrusting my hips forward working my cock in your mouth as your tongue cradles it. It glistens with your saliva as your lips and throat form a perfect -hole for my cock. The gurgling and slushing sounds reflect the sloppiness of your efforts. Saliva drips from the corner of your mouth and foams up as I quick my assault. Your free hand reaches up and you start massage my swollen nut sack. I slow my pace down and push my cock farther into your mouth. You gag and cough as the fullness of my bbc overwhelms your senses. “Don’t stop now Slut!” I grab you by the hair and force you to lay back with your head on the arm of the couch. Your mouth drops open on instinct as I renew my punishment on your face.

The back of your throat opens as my shaft is now almost fully engulfed by your mouth. Your eyes tear up as you gasp for air between strokes as the head hits the back of your throat. My balls are drenched in your saliva from your oral punishment. I pull out and rub my balls across your mouth. Your lips cup and kiss them as your tongue whips out to get a taste of my ass. My balls fill your mouth as you suck greedily to pull my nectar to the surface. Your hand reaches out and takes my again. That’s my signal to complete my mission. I return to fucking your mouth for all it’s worth as your tears mix in with your makeup streaks down the corner of your eyes. Saliva just runs from the corners of your mouth onto the leather like couch material. I can feel it now. A few more strokes and suddenly my thighs tighten as my balls heave forward a powerful shot of semen into the back your throat. You choke and gag for breath as my seed to starts to flow into your mouth like a raging stream. Your gulps and gasp for air go unnoticed as my cock is unforgiving in its mission to fill your mouth and stomach with its life giving DNA fluids.

As my fluid injection level starts to decrease, your mouth and face are sticky, sweaty mess. I withdraw my cock your mouth, you sit upright. Your hair and makeup are an unrecognizable mess. Your face glistens with sweat and saliva. Little droplets of my seed cover your lips and chin. You take your fingers and massage it into your face and lick your fingers. You roll your eyes up to me and say “Give me more Master! I need to be punished....I need to serve you. I need to feel you in my ass again.” is a knock on the door. I pull my pants up as you throw your head back on the couch. I walk over and open door. I whisper a few words our mystery guests. Your head pops up attention as you hear what sounds like a familiar voice. My hand reaches out back from the door. As I step back, the door slowly opens, revealing my mystery visitors. Your sister’s voluptuous figure breaks the threshold first with black miniskirt and heels with a white halter top covered by a black blazer. Your face becomes flush red with shock and awe. My attention turns to the door again as the 2nd and 3rd guests enter the room. Your niece, wearing a slutty red dress that exposes the top of her breasts and a matching thong. And last but not least, a lean, fit Asian-American mistress with luscious red lips wearing a black leather skirt and leopard print sheer blouse with black lace bra. As I close the door, I turn around and speak, “Ladies, let the punishment begin.” Your eyes widen in disbelief as you try to seek refuge on the small couch. But it is no use, as your carnal nature has now subdued the shy, reserved suburban housewife and your inner, untamed slutty nature takes over.
Tasty Bunz!
Posted:Jul 29, 2021 1:18 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:30 pm

I kneel down behind you as you position yourself in the bed. Your creamy smooth curvy ass pointed in the air. I give your ass a smack and bury my face between your cheeks. My tongue flings up and down your smooth lips and across your puckered sphincter. I push your cheeks farther apart, my tongue slowly traveling up and down your slit I as I lick it and push my tongue deeper. You close your eyes as the pleasure that was spreading in your body builds. I give you a long lick across your pussy and clit. You moan as I bury it deeper and deeper...my tongue everywhere. I slide my finger into your pussy and tickle your ass while still licking your clit. I take my time driving you crazy...as I can feel your orgasm start to build and slowly release. Your sweet nectar covers my lips and tongue as you dig your fingers grip the pillow and you yell out in pleasure.
Stephanie & Steve
Posted:Feb 17, 2017 2:22 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:30 pm

She replied back to my email after reading my listing. I could tell from her rapid responses that there much needed desires and fantasies to be fulfilled. We exchanged numbers and within minutes, she was calling. She said her name was Stephanie. She spoke in a sweet seductive country tone. She explained that she and her husband had been discussing adding another male to the bedroom. She said they on occasion would watch some online porn and read online stories about MFM threesomes. Her husband had been a little reluctant about committing but she persuaded him. My thoughts were that they had some toys; the feel of another big cock and double penetration raised the ecstasy level exponentially. She admitted having had a threesome while in college but had not shared the experience with her husband. I reassured her that what she confided in me would not be divulged to her husband. She wanted to experience that feeling again but with a big black cock. She said that she enjoyed giving and receiving oral and that she loved doggy style and being on top. I was the man for the job!

We set a date to meet for dinner and drinks to break the ice. It was going to be a long week. She had emailed me a few pictures of them together. They were both corporate America professionals in their early 30s. They both had athletic frames. She had a very nice chest and looked amazing in jeans and a short skirt in the pictures. Her husband was also a pretty handsome guy and looked like he could hold his own if push came to shove. But Stephanie had those beautiful blue bedroom eyes and soft milky skin with dark brown should length hair. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her picture. I fantasized about licking and kissing my way up her legs to her sweet pussy and nibbling on her breast. The thought of her taking my big black manhood in her mouth and deep in her pussy made me hard as steel just thinking about it. I was going to make it a night she would never forget.

The days slowly crept by, two weeks seemed like 6 months. When Friday came, I left work early so I could go home and prepare myself. I was a huge jazz fan so I put on some Miles Davis as I showered and got dressed for our rendezvous. I dressed business casual, black slacks, long sleeve shirt and coat. I texted her that I was leaving home and would be there in 20 minutes. When I arrived at the restaurant, they were already there waiting to be seated by the hostess. She recognized me right away from my pictures. They both stood and we exchanged introductions. Stephanie gave me a light kiss on the cheek. Her perfume and smell of her hair were sweet. My senses danced around, I could feel my manhood start to stiffen just being in her presence. We were soon seated in a booth and ordered dinner and drinks. We exchanged small talk about careers, traveling, current events, etc. Stephanie was seated between the two of us and I felt her hand move to the top of my thigh. She slowly massaged my leg and as we continued to make small talk. My cock started to swell with excitement as she rubbed my inner thigh massaged my manhood. We opted out of dessert and moved to bar for a few more drinks. Everyone was starting to loosen up and Stephanie became more flirtatious. She leaned over and whispered to her husband Steve. He then suggested we all move the party back to their place. We tabbed out and as we walked towards the door, Stephanie again rubbed her hand on my manhood as we stepped out into the night air. In a matter of seconds we were on the road. I followed behind closely so as not to lose them in traffic. It was as if I was a wild animal on the hunt, stalking my prey.

We soon arrived at their home. Once we walked in the door, Stephanie excused herself and disappeared down the hallway. Steve and I made our way to the kitchen and took out a couple of beers and opened a bottle of wine. Steve was pretty laid back and I'm quite sure he was ready to see his wife put on a show. When we returned to the living room, Stephanie had returned. She was wearing a very revealing piece of black negligee. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. We sat on the couch and Stephanie moved in front of me and sat between Steve and me. She leaned in and gave him a deep wet kiss, the whole time using her other hand to grab at my manhood. She then turned her attention to me, kissing me deeply, my tongue attacking hers like a python squeezing its' pray. She then stood and slowly began to undress. That was our queue to strip. Both Steve and I were hard as rocks. Stephanie dropped to her knees and just engulfed my big black cock. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back so I could see her face and watch her lips and mouth work their magic. Steve knelt down and positioned himself behind her and slowly entered from behind. She moaned and briefly took from her mouth from my cock. I grabbed the back of her neck and guide her mouth back onto my black cock. She slurped and sucked as her husband pounded her from behind at a rapid pace. After a few minutes I could tell she had cum. He suddenly pulled out and we changed positions. It was now my turn to ravage her pussy and fuck her deep as I could go. I mounted her from behind and pushed all the way into her until my balls were mashed against her cheeks. She gyrated her hips back and forth against me, moving from side to side. I held onto her waist tightly as I drove deeper into her pussy. She could hardly keep her mouth on Steve's cock as I thrusted into her. I could feel the head of my cock hitting her cervix as she moaned louder and louder with each thrust. I now had a good steady pace going. Sweat was starting to form on my forehead and brow. By now, all you could smell was the scent of sexual escapades. Stephanie was getting closer to orgasm again and I see Steve was ready to blow his load down her throat as well. I gave her several more deep thrusts and released a torrent of hot cum deep into her womb. I could feel her pussy quiver and tighten as she too reached her climax. Steve then belted a muffled grunt that he too was cumming. She slurped and gobbled down his seed as I continued my assault on her hot wet pussy that was now dripping with our combined juices with each thrust of my still rigid cock. I could tell that I still had another one in the chamber.

Steve got up from the couch and positioned himself to see his wife take another brutal attack on her pussy by my steel member. We both stood and she got on the couch on all fours. I climbed on back again with one leg on the floor and my hands securely around her waist. I lowered my mouth and licked her backside as it glistened with a light sheen sweat. I held her ass cheeks open and began to lick from her asshole and nibble on her hot ass. She was grinding her ass into my face in anticipation as what would happen next. I rose up, ran my fingertips up and down her back. I then took one hand and held my cock and pushed deeper into her still swollen wet cunt. She came unglued as I would pull back until just the head of my black cock was inside of her then drive back in deep with a hard thrusts until my balls were almost in her. I had now pushed Stephanie over the edge as my thrusts became more invasive. Steve again took up position in front of her mouth and shoved his cock into mouth. Her moans were muffled as we again filled her with cock. I was now ready to cum deep inside her again. She could feel me swelling up to release another blast of my black seed in her womanhood. She arched her back and grind against me one last time and I exploded in here again like a champagne bottle on New Year’s Eve. My hips and thighs were trembling as my balls emptied my semen deep inside her womb. I collapsed on top her as Steve erupted again in her mouth. We were spent, we collapsed on the couch, breathing heavily as the labor of our efforts filled the room and dripped onto the couch and floor. Stephanie's face was flush red, her hair a matted mess, semen dripping from her chin and down her thighs. I couldn’t help but think what was going to happen when we went to the bedroom. The night was still young and this was just the opening act.

After taking a short break to hydrate and do a little cleanup, we moved the party to the bedroom. I found some chocolate syrup and honey in the kitchen so things were about to get really interesting and sticky. Stephanie climbed up on the bed with Steve and me taking up positions opposite her. We started out with some heavy kissing and fondling of her breasts and fingering her pussy. I reached over and grabbed the chocolate syrup and handed it to Steve. He pulled the top up and turned the bottle upside down. The syrup slowly dripped from the bottle onto his cock. Stephanie took her hand and started to rub the dark sticky syrup up and down his member. I took the bottle and started squeezing it out onto her hard nipples, drizzling a trail down to her smooth crotch. She had already started licking and sucking at Steve's 'chocolate treat' like a lollipop. I started chewing at her nipples like a newborn out of the womb feeding. Steve had wrapped his hands around her head now as he assaulted her mouth constant long strokes.

I was now positioned with my head in between her legs sucking on her swollen clit. The taste of honey and her woman juices combined together sent my taste buds on magical journey. I licked and nibbled at her lips as I eased my fingers in and out her, covered in her juices. I could hear Steve shouting that he was coming as he gripped the sides of her head. Stephanie moaned and ground her hips as I could feel her orgasm trickle out onto my fingers and waiting lips. I too had pre-cum forming at the end of my engorged meat stick. Stephanie released Steve from her mouth as I lay on the bed next to her.

She grabbed the honey and squirted it all over my cock. She immediately began bobbing her head up and down on me, her saliva mixing with the honey, sweat, and pre-cum that hard formed on black cock. She rubbed and massaged my balls in her hand as she flicked her tongue back forth over the head. She pushed my cock up and took one of my balls in her mouth, sucking and nibbling them like pieces of hard rock candy. She released my cock told me that she wanted me to mount her and take me deep into her ass while she rode Steve. We switched places for what was about to be a night she would never forget.

Stephanie mounted Steve's cock and started bouncing up and down on his rigid meat stick. I positioned myself between Steve's legs, pulling her ass cheeks apart. I ran my tongue and fingers across her asshole, moistening it with my saliva and honey mixture from having eaten her out earlier. She took one hand, pulled her ass cheeks aside and over shoulder shouted, "Put in my ass and fuck me baby! Fuck me hard and shoot your load deep in me!" I took some honey and my saliva and coated my steel rod and her tight brown hole. She reached back with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart as I slowly pushed inside her tight sphincter. She threw her head m back, moaning as I inched my way deeper into her. I could feel Steve's cock in her pussy as I pushed further into her. Steve and I slowly started to thrusts into her, our strokes in concert with her moans and pleas to fuck her harder. She was now at our mercy, her body now lost of all inhibitions, no self-control or means of escape from our constant pounding. I could feel my seed boiling deep in my scrotum, readying it to be fired into her like a nuclear warhead from its silo. Steve's staying power was right there with mine as he sucked and nibbled on her breasts, kissing her patiently in between thrusts. He too was ready to blast his load in her.
Suddenly Stephanie's whole body began to quiver as she announced she was coming. It was going to be a waterfall. I could tell because Steve and I were now like two wild animals having our way with her. I was now moving in out of her ass at a good rhythm. Suddenly, Steve grabbed her hips and thrust upward into her, spilling his seed deep into her womb. I was next as Stephanie continued to grind her hips up and down, back and forth against my groin. I let loose with strained, breath taking grunt and deposited my load deep in her ass. She collapsed on top of Steve as I continued pumping every last drop of sperm from my big black cock. One last thrust and I just held it there as her sphincter squeezed me for what was left. I collapsed on her back, her body sandwiched between Steve and me, our manhood still trickling with seed into her. It was like an outer-body experience; having ravage a beautiful, seductive woman with her husband at the same time. We rolled off each other with Stephanie sandwiched between us and drifted off to sleep. Our bodies depleted, our animal urges quenched, her fantasies and desires satisfied...until next time.
Oral Obedience
Posted:Feb 17, 2017 1:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:30 pm

I stand up and grab a handful of your hair, pulling you to your feet & lead you to the bathroom. I turn the shower on force you inside. "Get down on your knees and suck Master's black cock!" You drop to your knees & wrap your lips around on my cock. Your warm inviting mouth starts to move back & forth on my shaft. You hold my cock up and lick my shaft from the base to the tip like an ice cream cone. I grab your head with both hands & start to pump your mouth, long deep strokes. I can feel you gag for air as my cock fills your mouth, your lips creating an airtight seal. You reach down and start squeezing your nipples with your free hand as the other massages my bloated chocolate balls. I can feel my seed starting to boil in my sack, the pre-cum starting to ooze its way up to the head. I quicken my assault on your willing mouth, your chin dripping with saliva, your cheeks flushed from servicing your Master. I can see it in your eyes, the thirst to taste my manly juices. To let my seed fill your mouth and trickle down your throat into your stomach. And then I erupt, my knees start shaking, my balls tighten as my seed starts to erupt like a dormant volcano. I pull out, holding my cock as you your mouth remains open under the head. My seed drips into your mouth, coating your lips and covering your tongue with its saltiness. I continue to milk the shaft, ensuring you get your creamy treat. Your mouth engulfs my cock again, covering the shaft with the mixture of your saliva & my seed. You suck the last drops from my spent rod, feverishly massaging my balls for the liquid gold that you crave. "Keep sucking slave...the next load is going in your big round ass!"

You continue sucking my cock as the seed trickles into your mouth. The head still throbs as your tongue massages the thick veins underside. I grab your hair pull your mouth my cock.. I step out of the tub with my hands still twisted in your hair. I lead you into back into the bedroom and force you onto the bed up on all fours with your ass hanging over the edge. I guide my swollen cock to your waiting asshole. "Pull your cheeks open so I can pump this juicy ass!" You obey immediately, your fingers pulling you open. I squirt lube and rub it onto my cock and then down the crack of your ass. The thick lube trickles down over your waiting brown-eye like tears. I position my cock onto your inviting brown hole & slowly push forward. Your fingers grip tighter on your ass as you moan, "Oh shit, fuck my ass Master! Give it to me good!" I continue to slide deeper into you, my balls now almost rubbing against your creamy smooth ass. Your ass grips my cock tightly as I start to pump my cock into your deep brown cavern. I slap you on the ass hard, leaving a very visible red hand print. I lean forward now with my weight pushing deeper into you as I dig my toes into the carpet and the mattress for balance and leverage. "How do you like this black cock up your ass? Is this what you wanted baby? You want this black cock to spill seed deep in you?" my voice breaking the sounds of your moans and pleading as I fuck you harder now. I pull almost all the way out and then drive hard back into your ass. Your moans now turn into whimpering as you place your face into the covers and let out a scream.

I shift my weight back on my heels as I take a few more deep thrusts before I announce "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" You let go of your cheeks as I give one final deep thrusts. I can see the scratches and imprints of your nails from squeezing so tight to hold yourself open for my big black cock. It feels like I have shoved my balls into your well-fucked asshole. Your arms collapse underneath you as my cock is still buried in you. I slowly pull back and let my cock slide from your well-fucked ass. Your ass is still pointed in the air, glistening with sweat. I massage your cheeks with both my hands and give you another big smack on the ass. Now my hand prints cover both your cheeks. You reach back and pull your cheeks open again and slightly start to pucker your asshole. I watch as the muscles contract and my seed starts to trickle down onto your swollen pussy. I move to the side of the bed and lean down face to face with you. "Did Master fuck that ass good for you?"

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